Chinese Mantis – Fascinating Facts About Chinese Mantis

Chinese Mantis as Biological Pest Controller

There are over 2000 species of mantis and most of them are used by the agriculturists and farmers as natural pest controller. Chinese mantis is a popular natural pest control assistant that has helped farmers and people to a greater extent when it comes to controlling the infestation.

With urbanization, people have started to build houses and properties in several parts of the world. Many of these areas are most of the time affected by harmful insects and other pests which can cause extensive damage to your property and also bring harm to the people living around you. Therefore people have started to take the help of pest control services because they are the ones who can actually eliminate the threat of harmful pests effectively.

Pest control services are becoming increasingly important and advanced with passing years. Since their demands are rising, the companies are looking for better and much more effective methods which will help them to treat an area which is affected by harmful pests. Here are some major benefits of taking the help of pest agencies.

Chinese Mantis as Biological Pest Controller

1. Effective Methods

 when it comes to deal with harmful insects you must be sure that the methods which are being used are working effectively. The pest control agencies are fully aware of the different ways in which a particular threat is going to be treated. Therefore instead of neglecting a pest threat or treating it yourself, it is the best way to make sure your property is free from pests.

2. Experienced People

the pest control agencies have professional and well-trained people working who are knowledgeable about the ways a certain situation can be treated. The right supervision will help you to get rid of the pests forever or else you will be constantly plagued by the pests at different times.

3. Safe and Professional Tools

the tools and equipment which are used to treat the pests are absolutely brilliant and do not possess any kind of threat to the people or your property. The workers are also well trained to handle them and make full use of them to eliminate the threat. The pest control agencies are also licensed under legal certifications which assures you that their methods are absolutely safe.

4. Overall Satisfaction

 getting plagues by pests can really be irritating and constantly affect your mood. Therefore when the pest control agencies apply their effective methods and eliminate the threat, they will guarantee full satisfaction on their part. Thus, you will get an overall satisfaction by hiring them.

So as you can see that there are so many essential benefits of hiring a pest control agency. If you are plagued by the attack of pests and concurring a loss to your property then you must not neglect the infestation and immediately call for the pest control services. These will companies will make sure to provide you with the best possible services so that you can get full satisfaction out of their work.

Different Types of Pest Control Services and The Benefits of Biological Method

Chinese Mantis Eat Pest

With advancement in science and technology, humans have been able to develop different types of pest control services. In the recent years, there has been a massive development in the pest control services and there are no two major ways with which companies are helping their customers with- Chemical and Biological. Both the type of pest control services are effective in their own way, however, there has been a surge in the biological treatment lately. People have been more willing to adopt biological methods to keep their pest problems because of many helpful reasons. Here are some of the most important benefits of it.

1. More Environment-Friendly

 biological pest control methods have been proven to be more environment-friendly because they do not deal with harmful toxins are chemicals. Usually beneficial insects and other natural ways are used to treat the pests with the help of these methods. This ensures that the plants do not receive a high amount of toxins and also protects the soil from eroding due to the corrosive effects of the harmful pesticides.

2. Helps to Attack the Targeted

when you are trying to treat a certain area which has been affected by harmful pests you must also keep in mind that there are certain helpful living beings which are present there as well. Certain beneficial insects and other natural predators also help you to reduce the number of pests significantly. But when you use insecticides these insects are also affected and they die. Therefore, the biological method helps you to target a specific pest and deploy effective methods.

3. Much More Sustainable

 biological methods and much more sustainable when compared to chemical methods, because biological control helps to promote the survival of certain beneficial insects that help to control pest population in a certain area. But using chemical methods hamper their growth and do not let them survive for long periods of time.

As you can see that the benefits of biological control have been so much popular because of these particular reasons. Reasons which we have mentioned are really important because they will help you to get more out of your investment in the long run. There also eco-friendly and do not possess any kind of threat to the environment. Therefore, biological methods must be your first option when pest control is needed. One of the most effective ways is to use beneficial insects in biological method and one of these insects is the Chinese mantis.

Knowing More About Chinese Mantis and Their Characteristics


As we have mentioned in the above section, the biological methods are one of the best ways to treat your pest affected area, there are several ways by which to can do so. One such amazing way to control a pest is to use the beneficial insects named Chinese Mantis. In the world, there are over 2300 species of Mantis and one of them is the Chinese Mantis. The Chinese Mantis is used for many purposes and also for casual domestic reasons. The Chinese mantis is a very common species of mantis which is found in Asia but nowadays it can also be exported to all parts of the world. It has been demoted with the scientific name of Tenodera aridifolia. They were introduced in America during the last 1600s and since then they have been present there for centuries. Chinese mantises are voracious for food and will eat on the insects present in the garden or field they are present in. Let us discuss in details about the Chinese Mantis in the coming sections.

1. Appearance

the Chinese mantis is easily identifiable not only because they are very popular and common in different parts of the world but also because they are brown in color with a green tint on their wings. Their body does not hold any particular or unique features like dots or patterns but they have simple and solid color. A Chinese Mantis when fully developed, can reach a length of 9 cm. You can differentiate between the adults and the nymphs easily because the latter does not have any wings or special appendages. When compared side by side, the female Chinese mantis is much broader and large than their male counterparts. The females are also much heavier. You can also distinguish between the male and female Chinese Mantis by comparing the length of the antennae. Males have much longer antennae than the females and therefore this a distinct difference between their appearances.

2. Behaviour

 Chinese Mantis is usually pretty dormant and quiet in nature when compared to other mantis species like the Praying Mantis. Chinese Mantis will not physically get involved too much if it gets ample amount of food nearby. They will not walk or stalk their prey for long distances which many other mantises do. They do not get physically active unless it is absolutely necessary for them. They are also not ferocious or aggressive in nature. The mantis tends to attack preys according to their size at different developmental stages. So if you are looking for a mantis which is as aggressive and active like the praying mantis, then the Chinese mantis is not the perfect choice. However, they can pose defensive postures and body structure which will scare of the other predator’s beings. One major problem of Chinese mantises is that they are cannibal in nature. If you release too many Chinese mantes in one area or keep them very close to each other’s proximity there are high chances that they will attack each other.

3. Environmental Conditions

mantis nymphs

 proper environmental conditions are very much important for the full development of a Chinese mantis from an egg to a complete developed Mantis adult. If you are trying to domesticate or taking care of the mantis for other reasons then you must keep in mind certain temperature and humidity conditions necessary. It is very easy to take care and maintenance and the easement is when compared to other species of the same insect. Chinese Mantis do not require regular checks in the temperature and humidity, which helps you to concentrate on other things and not constantly keep a check on the insects. However the ideal temperature for keeping a Chinese mantis is 25°C, but a temperature range from 22°C to 30°C is also perfect. During the night, the temperature can be kept at around 17°C so that the mantis can develop properly. Many people don’t know this that the Chinese mantis can die at a temperature below 10° C. Another good feature of the Chinese Mantis is that they do not require a good amount of humidity around their habitat. The mantis will surely develop in a faster way if kept in the proper and well-ventilated area. Since the Chinese mantis is a very delicate and tender insect, you must make sure that the temperature regulations are under control and should be according to what we discussed. Any kind of environmental issues can cause severe damage to the developmental stages of the Mantis.

4. Captivity

 the Chinese mantis is very friendly insects which can be kept in captivity for domestic uses. It has been observed that these insects are not very afraid of the humans and can adapt to their captivity very quickly. However, when you are trying to keep them in your house you must make sure that you store them in a well-ventilated place which gets a good amount of air and sufficient sunlight. The temperature in which they must be kept has been mentioned in the above point and make sure that you try to regulate within this range. One can easily train these insects for casual purposes like feeding on the human hand and to perch upon the hand as well which is not possible with many mantes.

5. Proper Care

 when you are trying to domesticate the Chinese Mantis you must make sure that you take proper care of it or it will not survive. Humus told the Mantis in a proper enclosure which has good ventilation for the healthy passage of air all the time. You can also add some substrate which will not mould but will absorb any water present within the enclosure. Place some small twigs and branches inside the enclosure for the mantis to perch or hang upon. The container in which you are going to keep the insect must be 2-3 times bigger than the insect’s original size. This will give it a better quality environment for survival. Since every mantis requires a different temperature you must keep in mind to regulate the ideal temperature for keeping a Chinese mantis is 25°C, but a temperature range from 22°C to 30°C is also perfect. Provide the mantis for proper food if you are planning to domesticate it or else make sure you deploy it in an insect-infested area.

6. Breeding and Reproduction

 to ensure that your Chinese Mantis leaves behind a new generation, you must influence suitable conditions for breeding and reproduction. If you are planning to breed a Chinese mantis by yourself, you require most importantly a male and a female for physical interaction. Both the adults must be fully grown for about 2 weeks. Since the Chinese mantis has a cannibalistic nature, you must make sure that both the insects have eaten a lot or else there is a high chance of one attacking the other during or after reproduction. Once the physical mating has been done, separate the two insects or else they will attack. The female mantis will now produce the fertilized eggs for the rest of her life. Ootheca or foam-like egg sacs will be produced and in a single egg sac, you will find 30-100 eggs. In her life time, a female Chinese mantis will be able to produce 3-7 such egg sacs if she receives all the right conditions and food. The egg sacs will be required to be kept under the same conditions which we have mentioned for the adult mantis. It will take about 6 weeks for the eggs to hatch if you provide necessary conditions, and you will see the Chinese mantises coming out of them. However, if you want to release them into nature, make sure you do not do it in winter. Many people would also want to postpone the hatching of the eggs and to do so, keep the ootheca under a temperature of 8°C. However, it has been observed that the ootheca remain safe during winter, unlike the hatching eggs.

If you have read the article till this, you are now aware of the various details and information related to the Chinese Mantis. We have also mentioned how you can provide the necessary conditions and other regulations which will influence the growth of more Chinese Mantis. These insects are very tender and delicate in nature, therefore, the perfect living condition and habitats will help you to let them survive for a long period. Just like other insects, these Chinese Mantis are also very dependent upon the nature and habitat around them.

Final Verdict


Pest control services have been very much popular in the world because of the growing problems of harmful pests in different regions. Even though the Chinese mantis is not a very aggressive or ferocious natured insect like the Praying Mantis, it can be used to eliminate small threats in a small area. These insects are absolutely friendly to human presence and possess no particular threat to the people who take care of them. We have mentioned the particular the proper ways and methods in which the insects can be taken care of and also how you can keep them in good captivity. So if you are willing to use the Chinese Mantis for pest-related services or just domesticate them for no particular reason, you must read our article and then invest in them. If you fail the provide the necessary conditions and other regulations you will get a huge blow because the insects will not survive. We hope this article will help you to get the most out of your investment in Chinese Mantis and you will have a nice time in developing them into fully developed adults.

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