Pest Control Insects – Listing The Various Pest Control Insects (2018)

Listing The Various Pest Control Insects

You must have heard about pest control services helping out various people to get rid of different pests from their house. Pest control services are really important and becoming more widespread all over the world. Pest control services deal with the control and elimination of different kinds of insects which attack various properties belonging to the people in different parts of the world. Pest control methods are of various kinds which help people to eliminate different pests that are prevalent in their house or another form of properties. There is an innumerable number of pests that are spread all over the world and affect different regions depending upon the weather, habitation and other external factors. Therefore, pest control services and methods are different in separate regions because of the kind and type of tests that are present there. Since there are many beneficial insects it is never a problem to implement them and use them to combat the harmful insects.

However not every insect that you encounter are harmful and causes damage to your property and therefore it becomes important for you to identify and understand which are harmful and which are not. But without proper guide and listing of such insects, it is not possible for you to know about them. The insects which are not harmful and help us to control the pests have been termed as “Beneficial Insects”. There are several beneficial insects present in our earth and therefore we must have ample knowledge about them so that they can be used to combat the harmful insects. In this article, we will be looking at some of the most important beneficial insects which are used by pest control agencies effectively. But first, let us have a look that why we should use the beneficial insects and how different beneficial insects have been helping us with their amazing facts and capabilities for fighting harmful insects from our property.

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Advantages of Using Beneficial Insects

In the recent years, the use of beneficial insects has been on the rise because of many kinds of advantages. Here are some of the most important advantages that you can get by using beneficial insects to combat the pests which attack your property.

  • No Usage of Chemicals- insecticides and pesticides have the harmful amount of chemicals and toxins in them. Therefore, it can have a drastic effect on the soil, crops and also over all other living organisms which are not even harmful in a particular area. Hence, using beneficial insects is a much sustainable and eco-friendly way to deal with the pest problem.
  • Saves a Lot of Money- chemicals are really expensive to fetch. Due to the usage of pesticides over time, the harmful bugs have also become resistant to them. So it is of no guarantee that even after using these chemicals your property will be free from them. So your money will be at a pure loss if the chemicals are not effective at all. But that is not the case with beneficial insects because there is nothing much a pest can do if a predator hunts them down.

So these are the two most important benefits that one can get by using

List of The Beneficial Insects Which Actually Help

Now that you know about the advantages of using these beneficial insects, you would like to know more about them. In the list which is in the section below, we have discussed what are the most important beneficial insects that are present on this planet and how they have successfully helped us to control harmful pests for a long time now. Let us have a look.

1. Praying Mantis

praying mantis

 when we are talking about beneficial insects which help us to combat the harmful pests, we cannot miss out on the most important insect which has been doing the task successfully for so long. The praying mantises are found in almost all the continents except Antarctica and have been effectively used to kill a huge number of harmful insects. The praying mantis is a very versatile and powerful predatory insect which has a lot of useful instincts which work all the time and especially when it is going to hunt. They can measure up to 16 cm, making them one of the largest mantis species. It can turn its head 180° to have a better view of its surroundings, can listen to ultrasonic sound waves and also camouflage in the habitat. All these help the mantis to hunt down a large number of preys in no time. It usually hunts caterpillars, different types of moths, beetles, and crickets which are half of its size or smaller than them. However, cases have been reported when the praying mantis has also attacked preys which are almost their own size. A single mantis can hunt down around 200 pests every day which makes your task very easy. Their favorite habitat belong tall grasses, bushes, shrubs etc. Due to their green colored body, they can also easily stay hidden in such an environment.

2. Ladybug


ladybugs or also known as lady-beetles are very effective beneficial insects which help to eradicate an area from a significant amount of pests. They are small in size and not more ⅜ inches in length. Ladybugs are easily identified because of their special body pattern. They have a red body cover with black polka dots over them. However, they can also be orange or totally black in color. A single ladybug can eat up to 5000 aphids in their lifetime. Ladybugs are common all over the world and especially where the climatic conditions are suitable for them. Pretty amazing, right? Therefore, an area which has been badly infested by aphids, spider mites or mealybugs, can be easily cleared with the proper release of ladybugs. These beneficial insects are attracted by Dill, Dandelion, Fern-leaf Yellow etc. and usually found in or around these plants. The larvae of the ladybugs are also beneficial because they too, like the adults feed on the eggs of these pests. Therefore, among all the other beneficial insects, ladybugs are very important.

3. Spiders

Red Back Spider

 many people consider spiders as the pests. Well, they are true to some extent but not all the spiders and not all the time, do they affect us and our living space. They also contribute to help us in many different ways. Pest control agencies have made good use of them in fighting a growing infestation of pests in your area. Spiders are ferocious in nature and can track their preys from long distances as well. They are physically very active and they make sure to dominate their prey. Roaches, Earwigs, Mosquitoes, Flies and Clothes Moths are some of their favorite preys which they hunt both indoors and outdoors. They can be effectively used for fighting pests especially indoors because they can climb even to the trickiest corners. Spiders are also effective in killing spiders as well. So if you do not want spiders to linger around your house, then using the beneficial spiders to combat them will be the right way to eradicate them. Other pests which spiders can hunt effectively include bed bugs, aphids, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and fruit flies. Since spiders can effectively kill mosquitoes and flies, they effectively eradicate different types of disease as well. Since spiders can live up to 2 years it will be a good investment to use them for a long period of time.

4. Ground BeetlesGround beetles

beetles are one of the most important beneficial insects that have been used for many years now for combating pests. Ground beetles are sturdy and versatile insects which are also great nocturnal predators as well. Ground beetles are of different colors like brown, black etc. They live on the ground mostly and mostly around mulches around composites. They are also very intelligent in creating tunnels beneath the ground to trap their preys and hunt upon them. Ground beetles are of various size and therefore they can hunt preys which are almost their sizes or smaller to them. Ground beetles can effectively hunt at night because they can see in darkness and have special senses which help them to detect their prey. Plants like Evening primrose, amaranthus etc. are the favorite places where ground beetles perch and hunt their prey. These beneficial insects hunt upon insects and pests like slugs, caterpillars, Colorado potato beetles, cutworms mostly. There are harmful beetles which also destroy your pests, therefore, to combat them ground beetles are the best way. Pest control agencies have implemented different ways in which they can put these beneficial insects to use. Ground beetles are very common in almost all the continents and therefore they can be easily bought from any online websites and other insect dealers who deal with beneficial insects for combating pests.

5. Aphid Midges

Aphid midges

 as the name suggests these beneficial insects are mostly hunters of aphids. Aphids cause a huge amount of damage to crops and plants over a concerned area. They are generally present in huge numbers and are responsible for constant damages if they are not eradicated from the area. Aphid midges are slender and delicate flies which have soft wings as well. They can eat up to 60 species of aphids as well. Pest control services have brought interesting ways in which they can be used and implemented to combat a growing infestation of pests especially aphids over a particular area. They are voracious hunters and have aggressive nature. A single aphid midge can eat up to 70-85 aphids every day. They are usually ⅛ inches long and adult aphid midges produce a lot of eggs which give birth to new generations throughout the season. Since the pupa of the aphid midges which are usually orange in color, go through several stages before finally reaching the adult stage you will need to take proper care of them. Aphid midges are however tender which makes them really weak if they are under a predator’s eye. Therefore, you will need proper care and methods to deploy them over a particular area which is affected by aphids. So as you can understand that why pest control services are really interested in using these beneficial insects in their methods in different ways.

6. Braconid Wasps

Braconid Wasps

 wasps have been used by pest control agents for a long time for eradicating different kinds of harmful insects which have affected a particular region or property. Braconid wasps are one of the most ferocious and intelligent predators beneficial insects. One of their most popular and effective way to kill pests is by implanting their eggs inside the pests which eventually makes the prey weak and kills them. Braconid wasps are very small and generally less than 1/2-inch-long but they can fly really fast which makes them effective to hunt pests. Braconid wasps are of different kinds but most of the species are predators in nature and therefore they can be widely used by pest agencies. tobacco hornworm, tomato hornworm, caterpillars, aphids are some of the most common preys on which they hunt upon. People also buy braconid wasps eggs and develop then to adult stages in-house as well. They are widely available and can be bought from numerous different websites and also insect sellers. Braconid wasps a good way to combat the growing pests which are difficult to combat using other insects. Some of the most common plants and crops on which they perch are Fern-leaf Yarrow, Common Yarrow, Dill, Lemon Balm, Parsley. Therefore, pests which attack such plants are going to be attacked by them effectively.

7. Green Lacewings

lifestyle of the lacewings

 green lacewings are one of the most important insects which are used to combat pests. These beneficial insects are available in almost all places and they can be easily used to combat different pests like aphids and other pests. The scientific usage of green lacewings has been easily observed and therefore they are used by the people all over the world. The word green lacewings have been coined because the insect is totally green in color. The green lacewings are delicate and tender insects which mostly hunts aphids and other insects like whitefly, leafhopper, mealybugs, caterpillars of pest moths. They are small in size but can effectively hunt down aphids and other important pests. Dill, Angelica, Golden Marguerite, Coriander, Dandelion are some of the most common plants on which they perch upon and hunt their prey. A single green Lacewing can easily consume almost 150 aphids in their lifetime. Aphids can mate and reproduce easily but their lifespan only lasts from 3-4 weeks. There is a very interesting thing which you must note here is that the larvae of a Lacewing is also very effective in killing the pests because they are also voracious and they can kills pests as effectively as the adults can. Therefore, you can also buy the eggs or nymphs of the green lacewings and help your property from getting further infested from the harmful pests. So if you are planning to eradicate pests and especially aphids, then using the green lacewings are the best way to do so.

Final Verdict

If you have read the list that we have made on pest control insects, you will come to know about many new pests that exist and cause potential damage to a lot of things. At the same time, there are several which you are already familiar with. No matter where you live and what conditions you live in, these harmful pests can easily affect your living space. But you must never take the critical risk of neglecting to eliminate these pests. They can cause devastating damage to crops, plants and other substances, also affect human health severely. Many people even die every year due to lack of pest control services that they did not take and due to the diseases and harmful effects which the pests had around their living space or in the property they work in. But these harmful insects can be easily fought against and they can be removed or completely eradicated from certain areas which have been badly affected by an infestation.

Pest control services are available readily at very affordable rates and to control any kind of infestation. They have the right set of tools and equipment which will help them to eliminate different pest outbreaks effectively. The pest agents are professionally trained and knowledgeable on how to treat and eliminate a particular type of pest. They have the right methods and techniques to deploy the insects so that they can fight insects effectively. All the insects which have been stated on our list have amazing hunting and killing capabilities which make them so much beneficial. The only thing that you need to take care of is the fact that you use them wisely and strategically so that they do not harm other insects which are beneficial or harm themselves. Our list will help you to identify the best beneficial insects which are used for the sole purpose of fighting different kinds of pests. All the insects which we have mentioned are easily available with different websites and dealers who sell beneficial insects for fighting pests.

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