Top 7 Best Bed Bug Killers Worth To Buy (2019)

If you’re starting to see signs of bed bugs in your home, it’s time to take immediate action. Bed bugs are masters of hiding, yet they’ll often stay within 8 feet of their food source: humans. Bed bugs eat your blood at night, and while these bugs are not known to cause any serious health issues, we do recommend buying the best bed bug spray and taking additional control measures.

When infestations are allowed to grow, they can become uncontrollable even for the best bed bug killer.

Today we’re going to review the best products on the market in 2019 that are effective and well-reviewed. When applied properly, these products will be able to curb the infestation and allow you to live a life completely free of bed bugs.

But if they do not work, you will want to call in an exterminator.

Since a bed bug can live for up to a year, there’s little chance of these pests leaving on their own. 

These products will help you deal with even the most difficult infestation.

Our Top Pick: Ortho 0202510

Best Bed Bug Spray: Ortho 0202510Ortho offers the industry’s best bed bug spray. This product is non-staining, can be applied directly on the bed bugs and will require you to dampen the area to offer three-week bed bug prevention.

This product features:

  • Application wand
  • 1/2-gallon size
  • Non-staining formula



Top 7 Best Bed Bug Killer

Best Bed Bug Spray: Ortho 0202510
  • FEATURESUnscented formula
    Doesn’t stain
    Lasts for up to three weeks
  • FEATURES 100% safe to use
    Highly researched and studied
    100% efficacy
Best Powder: Harris Diatomaceous Earth
  • FEATURES100% effective
    Comes with a duster
    Works even when extermination does not

1. Best Bed Bug Spray: Ortho 0202510

Best Bed Bug Spray: Ortho 0202510Ortho’s 0202510 comes in a half-gallon bottle that has an easy spray wand. Even the most resistant of bed bugs are not match for this product. And when sprayed on the carpet, you’ll protect your home for two weeks at a time.

The spray offers a non-staining application, and it will kill any bed bug eggs it comes in contact with.

When spraying, make sure that the applicator is sprayed away from the body at a distance of 8 to 10 inches. You’ll want to continue spraying until the applied surface is damp. Spray in any areas that you see bed bugs, but do not spray on the following:

  • Pillows
  • Clothing
  • Bedding

If you want to spray on these delicate items, I recommend going with one of the organic options below. Some users have effectively used this product on their mattresses, but you’ll be using an insecticide that should not come in contact with your skin.

A tip that all users have is that you’ll want to spray heavily enough so that the surface of the fabric looks damp.

When applying in crevices and corners, make sure to be very generous with your application. You need to spray enough for the spray to reach the eggs and any bed bugs that you see.

The product is unscented, so you won’t have to worry about the smell taking over your home.

  • Unscented formula 
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Lasts for up to three weeks
  • Doesn’t kill fleas well

The one drawback is that this product doesn’t kill fleas as effectively as the manufacturer suggests. If you want to kill fleas, go with another product. But if you want to kill bed bugs,this is one of the best sprays that you can purchase.


2. EcoRaider

EcoRaider EcoRaider is very potent, and if it came in a larger size, we would have chosen this over the first Ortho product we reviewed. When you choose this product, it comes in a 16-ounce bottle and will be able to kill bed bugs quickly.

This product is so effective that it was mentioned in the Journal of Economic Entomology as the only natural bed bug killer that has a 100% efficacy.

Field tested, this product will work well to kill any bed bugs you’re dealing with. Kill eggs, adults and nymphs with one single product that is proven to work wonders. When you use EcoRaider, you’ll also be able to enjoy residual protection for up to two weeks after the product has dried.

That’s a long-lasting product.

What really impresses me about this product is that it has been tested by universities and professionals. You can see all of the tests proving that this product works, and you can safely spray your:

  • Bed frame
  • Headboard
  • Mattress

You can safely spray this product on linens, and it will not stain. The key ingredients include Geranol, sodium lauryl sulfate, monooleate, glycerol, cedarwood oil, water and silica hydrate.

It would seem, based off of reviews and the product’s description, that this product is 100% safe around pets and children. If you’re a parent, you know just how deadly some of these harsh sprays can be.

EcoRaider keeps the harsh ingredients out of their spray so that you can confidently put an end to your bed bug infestation.

  • 100% safe to use
  • Highly researched and studied
  • 100% efficacy
  • Smell you either hate or love

A lot of consumers claim that this product has a terrible smell. But there are a lot of reviewers that also claim that this product smells great. The smell doesn’t lend to the efficacy of the product, so even if you don’t think it smells good, it will work wonders on killing bed bugs.


3. Best Powder: Harris Diatomaceous Earth

Harris Diatomaceous EarthDiatomaceous earth (DE) is one of the most effective bug killers on the planet. It’s an organic compound that is made from fossilized algae. You can use this product for pests of all types from fleas to ants, but it’s one effective way to kill bed bugs, too.

What makes this protect even better is that it comes with a duster.

The duster is very important because you’ll be able to get DE in all of those hard-to-reach places where bed bugs hide. There are multiple size options available, too:

  • 1/2-pound
  • 2-pound
  • 4-pound

I recommend the largest size for a home. If you live in an apartment where harsh chemicals can permeate throughout the building, DE is another great options. Since this is an organic compound, kids and animals can safely come in contact with it without any adverse side effects.

With that in mind, you would not want to have a pet eat an entire bag of this product although it will not kill them.

DE has worked even in times when the exterminator failed to kill bed bugs.

If you want to use DE on your mattress, I recommend buying a zip cover for the mattress. You’ll be sprinkling the DE on the mattress, zipping up the cover and trapping all of the bed bugs inside. This will keep the bed bugs from being able to feed and will trap them with the DE that will kill them.

Remember to remove the cover and wash it when you’re done on hot.

  • 100% effective
  • Comes with a duster
  • Works even when extermination does not
  • Messy

The only complaint I have is that powders tend to be messy. You’ll need to vacuum or clean up the powder in the future, but it will still work very well to kill bed bugs. You’ll also receive a duster so that you can apply the DE easier (a nice bonus over other powder products).


4. Best Bed Bug Trap: Harris

Best Bed Bug Trap: HarrisHarris offers the best bed bug trap, and this is an early detection trap meant to alert you when you have an infestation that needs to be properly controlled. The trap is not the best option for killing bed bugs, so I do not recommend this as your lone bed bug killer.

Pesticide-free, there are no chemicals used in this product.

The idea is simple:

  • Fold the trap
  • Insert the tba holding it together
  • Bugs jump on the glue and get stuck

That’s it. Four traps are included, and you’ll want to place the traps at all four of your bed posts. Bed bugs will stay within 8-feet of you while you sleep, and a trap at each posts allows for the utmost in trapping power.

You can also choose to slide the trap under furniture or bed if you choose.

While effective at early detection, you will have to discard the trap and use alongside a spray or fogger. There’s no terrible smells or concerning chemicals when using this product. If you haven’t identified which infestation you have, the glue trap will be a great option for you.

  • Comes in a four-pack
  • Very cheap
  • Offers early detection
  • Not highly effective at killing infestations

One bed bug may go into the trap and others may ignore it. The trap will work to trap the bug in the glue, but it will not work on the large scale needed to get rid of an entire infestation. Keep this in mind when using this product and you will not be disappointed.


5. Most Potent: Harris Bundle

Most Potent: Harris BundleIf you want to cover all of your bases, you’ll want the Harris bundle. This is the ultimate in bed bug control, and it’s like having your own exterminator on-call whenever you need them. This package has everything:

  • Spray
  • Glue trap
  • Powder

You’ll even receive a bite relief gel which will stop the bed bug bites from itching so bad. This is the ultimate package, but it does contain pesticides which will be harmful to animals and children depending on which product you use.

The 32-ounce spray is one of the toughest in the industry and will provide 16-weeks of residual protection.

Traps can be placed at bed posts, and there’s a four-ounce bottle of powder which you can sprinkle on impacted areas to kill more bed bugs. It’s truly the ultimate bed bug killing kit, and for a serious infestation, it may be your best option.

You will pay more for this bundle than buying an individual product.

When using this product, you’ll want to use each product in a specific order. The powders, for example, will not be effective if they’re used first and then the liquid spray is applied. Powders ought to be used last, after the spray has been applied and allowed to dry properly.

There is even a spot treatment option for cracks and crevices, so you’ll be able to properly treat areas that a single product may not be able to treat.

The label does have all of the instructions listed so that you can apply your elimination and prevention methods to put an end to your bed bug infestation.

  • Comes with 4 products
  • Comes with bite relief
  • Covers all bases
  • Expensive

Again, you’re purchasing a massive bundle, and bundles cost more money. Aside from this one minor complaint, this bundle works exceptionally well and offer up to four months of residual protection. From the early stages of detection to complete eradication, this is a product bundle that does it all.


6. Best Fogger: Hot Shot 95911

Best Fogger: Hot Shot 95911Hot Shot offers a product that kills both fleas and bed bugs. This three-count pack allows you to treat three rooms with one purchase. The main ingredient in this product is Nylar which is designed to prevent insects from growing into adults.

Each can will be able to treat an area of 2,000 cubic feet unobstructed.

This means a can will be able to treat an entire master bedroom or living room with ease. You will want to read through the instructions thoroughly to ensure that you use your fogger properly. You will not want to be in the same room as the fogger, and you will need to remove all pets and children from the area, too.

Hot Shot will be able to reach common hiding places, deep inside of cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide away.

You’ll want to place the product in the middle of the room so that it is most effective.

Foggers tend to work for some people and not others. It’s very important that you thoroughly clean all of your bedding, clothes and other items or areas where bed bugs hide away. Hot water will be able to kill bed bugs.

But you have also remove any of the debris or items under your bed or in your closet where bed bugs hide.

The goal is to leave no hiding place remaining so that the fogger can reach the bed bugs and kill them effectively.

  • Covers 2,000 cu. ft.
  • Kills fleas and bed bugs
  • Reaches into cracks and crevices
  • Hit or miss with some infestations

You either love foggers or hate them. Some foggers will kill off an infestation as well as an exterminator, but other foggers will not work well. Hot Shot’s products often work well, and you have a three-pack to give the product a try in most rooms in the home.

Remember: you need to treat the entire home and use preventative measures, such as cleaning linens and other key items where bed bugs tend to hide.


7. Harris Toughest Bed Bug Killer

Harris Toughest Bed Bug KillerHarris is the last product on our list, and this is a very expensive option otherwise it would have been listed much higher on the list. This is an odorless liquid spray that is said to be the “toughest” spray against bed bugs.

And it comes in a gallon bottle, so it will be able to treat large spaces with ease.

Harris offers residual killing powder, so you can spray today and the product will continue killing bed bugs for weeks to come. The product has been designed to fight back against bed bugs that have become resistant to traditional pesticides.

Fast-acting, you can spray bed bugs directly and they will die almost instantly.

The EPA has approved this product to be used in homes with pets and people, but that doesn’t mean that anyone or animal should come in direct contact with this product. 

Apply the product, and it will offer 16 weeks of residual killing power after the first application. Completely odorless, you will not be able to smell this product so long as you use it as directed.

Potent and effective, eggs will also die when they’re sprayed.

When spraying, remember to remain 8 to 10 includes from the surface. The nozzle has an “off” and “on” position to prevent accidental spraying. If you plan on using powders, be sure to spray first and allow to dry before using the powder.

You will be limited to using this product on mattress folds, edges and seams only.

  • Large size allows for extended treatment area
  • Spray attachment is convenient
  • Offers 16 weeks of residual protection
  • Can’t be used on entire mattress

The only con of this product is that it cannot be used on the entire mattress. But most sprays, aside from the organic ones we reviewed earlier, cannot be used on an entire mattress safely.


Types of Bed Bug Killers

When trying to find something to get rid of your bed bugs, you’ll come across a variety of different products. Which is best? It really all depends on your usage and your home. If you have pets or the bed bugs are all in your bed, you’ll want to use powders over some harsh sprays.

The following types of products can be found online:


Sprays can come in two main forms: insecticides and organic sprays. The organic sprays will take longer to work, but these sprays can be used around animals and children without an issue.

When using a spray, you’ll find those with harsh chemicals should not be applied to your bedding or clothing.

The main reason to avoid spraying these items is:

  • Staining
  • Health concerns

Sprays can contain harsh chemicals, so if you have bed bugs in your mattress like a lot of people do, you’ll want to use an organic spray on your bed. These sprays are good for contact killing.

But you will need to cover the entire room with spray including furniture. I know someone that had bed bugs hiding in her headboard, and it took quite a few months for her to realize that these pests kept coming back because she missed spraying the headboard.

There are also sprays that have a sort of foam component.

Foam is a good option when spraying in cracks and crevices. The foam will expand to reach the interior of these small spaces so that the eggs and adult bed bugs can be killed.


Foggers are going to be the best all-around bed bug killer. Foggers will come in a can form, and you have to set them off in the room. What happens is that the fogger will release an abundance of spray that will cover the entire room.

The fog will get in the cracks and crevices that you normally miss.

When using a fogger, you’ll often have to use them in multiple rooms in the home to kill off the infestation. It’s a fast and easy way to kill bed bugs, but you also have to consider the immense amount of poison that you’re releasing into the room. 

The poison will get on everything, so you’ll need to cover many items, such as your bed or electronics.

You cannot stay in the room at this time, and in most cases, it’s recommended that you use the fogger when you’re not home. Pets and children should also be removed from the home so that there’s no risk of exposure to these toxic substances.

When you’re dealing with a very severe infestation, foggers should be your go-to option.

This is one of the most potent bed bug killers on the market.


If you don’t want to use chemicals that are harmful, powders may be a good option depending on the type of powder that you choose. Diatomaceous earth is a very potent powder which is all-natural and will not pose a risk to your health or your dogs. 

The powder can be sprinkled anywhere in the home, but when it comes to powders, they’re difficult to get into those hard-to-reach places where bed bugs hide away.

You’ll need to dust the area often to be able to really notice an impact on the bed bug infestation. If you want to sprinkle some of this powder on your bed, you can without worrying that it will have a harmful impact on your health or irritate your skin.

If you choose other forms of powder that are not Diatomaceous earth, you will need to read the warning label carefully to ensure that it can be applied on your bedding.


Traps are also available, and while a lot of people recommend them, and we do above, you have to consider that the traps will not provide as much protection as the other items on our list. These traps are glue traps that can be used to catch bed bugs that are crawling around.

But the bugs are trapped and will not be able to move.

The bugs you catch will suffer a long death, but you’re not going to have any poison being spread to the other bugs. Traps can be used alongside another form of control listed above, but I wouldn’t recommend traps as your only line of defense.

Even Harris, the manufacturer of the glue trap we discussed above, states that this product should be placed near bed posts and is best for early detection of bed bugs.

If you have to choose just one type of bed bug control from the list above, I recommend the fogger or spray options. These options will be most effective, but if you have a serious infestation, use everything.

I would recommend using repellents, traps, sprays, foggers and even powders for a serious infestation.

Bed bugs are very intrusive, and they will multiply quickly. If you see one bed bug, it’s time to take measures to kill off the infestation before your entire home is overrun with these pests.

How to Best Apply Bed Bug Spray

If you want to apply spray, you need to make sure that you’re doing it properly. A lot of people will use sprays directly on bed bugs to kill them instantly. You’ll want to do a few things to make sure that  you’re using your spray safely and in the most effective way possible:

  • Read the safety instructions or usage guidelines to prevent any injuries or mishaps when spraying.
  • Always spray from a distance of 8 to 10 inches from the surface.
  • Turn your face away from the spray to avoid inhaling the spray.
  • Wear a mask or eye protection during an intense spray.

These sprays can be harmful to children, pregnant women and animals. You’ll want to keep the spray away from areas where pets and children may be present.

When spraying, you’ll want to be very generous with your application.

A lot of sprays will want you to spray enough to dampen the surface of a carpet. When you dampen the surface, it will allow the spray to penetrate into the carpet and kill any bed bugs that may be roaming around inside.

Reapplication is also important, so you’ll want to apply every few weeks or as directed.

Products that we recommend can last for up to three weeks on the surface of carpet or furniture. This is an exceptionally long period, and it will be the best avenue to kill off bed bugs that continue coming back.

Sometimes, you’ll notice that bed bugs have formed a resistance to the spray that you use. These sprays will be completely ineffective, and the only way around this immunity is to use another form of bed bug control or a different spray that has a different active ingredient.

If the infestation continues and you cannot seem to put an end to the bed bugs, use a fogger or other measure.


Where do bed bugs hide?

The CDC has a great article on where bed bugs hide and live, and you’ll find that these pests will hide in the smallest, most difficult places to attack. The CDC claims that bed bugs will hide during the day primarily around your bed (the place where you’ll want to treat first).

Bed bugs can travel 100 feet at night, but they will often stay within 8 feet of a person sleeping.

When applying your bed bug killer, you’ll want to make sure that you treat these key hiding areas very well:

  • Bed frame
  • Dresser
  • Tables
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Headboard
  • Footboard
  • Behind wallpaper
  • Mattress seams
  • Box springs

Clutter and objects around the bed are also key hiding spots for bed bugs. If you remove the clutter and objects, these pests will have less area to hide.

How long do bed bugs live?

If you see bed bugs and think that they’ll just die off on their own, you’re wrong. These pests will live for up to one year, so if you see one, don’t think it will die any time soon. If the bed bugs are not feeding, they can still live.

Newly hatched bed bugs can go weeks without feeding, so you may be able to avoid bites at this time.

How often will they feed?

Bed bugs may come out one night and then stay in hiding for 3 to 7 days. These pests have adapted to be in a digestive state together, so you can expect to have a cluster of bites once to twice per week.

The bugs are feeding off of your blood, but the good news is that they do not transmit diseases.

Why are my products not killing the bed bugs?

Bugs are starting to form an immunity to a lot of chemicals and insecticides. These immunities will cause all of your bed bug control to not work. One suggestion is to look at the active ingredient in the product your using and choosing another product that contains a different active ingredient.

The key is to try and find an ingredient that the bed bugs have not formed an immunity to as of yet.

If you’ve tried a slew of products with no success, you’ll want to call in a professional pest control expert that will use a very potent form of control. The professional will have chemicals that are harsher than what you can find in the store and online.

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