11 Best Bug Bombs to Kill Bed Bugs

Bugs can really be frustrating through their activities of biting and sucking people and a lot of them are carriers of one disease of the other and this is why they need to be eliminated as soon as possible around us before they cause far too much harm than we are willing to bear.

In case you are determined to end your bug problem, there are various options that can be explored and one of them is the use of a bug bomb. Bug bombs ensures that every bug that comes around your vicinity are eliminated and what this guarantees is a safer environment for you, your family and your pets.

Bonide Propane Insect Fogger
  • FEATURESMade of sturdy nylon
    Propane insect fogger
    Effective on mosquitoes, flies & moths
Black Flag Electric Insect Fogger
  • FEATURES Kills and repels mosquitoes
    Treats an average 5,000 sq foot yard
    Easy to use
Beethoven Total Release insecticid
  • FEATURESTreats up to 3,000 square feet
    Active fixing: Etoxazole
    Offers solid control of vermin


Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

Bonide Propane Insect FoggerEco Defense is an all-natural bed bug killer that is organic, so it’s safe to use in your bed, near children and near animals, too.


  • Kills on contact
  • Natural ingredients
  • Money back guarantee


11 Best Bug Bombs Help Control Bed Bugs

Various bug bombs are available in the market and amazon particularly. Below are some of the best available in the market from which you can pick the one you feel best suits you:

1. Bonide Propane Insect Fogger

Bonide Propane Insect Fogger

Bonide takes advantage of hazing because it has been discovered that to a great degree it is a powerful strategy for bug control and this is the reason why fog is built up in this line of warm foggers.

At the point when utilized as a part in conjunction with Bonide Mosquito Beater, Bug Beater and/or Fly Beater Barn and Stable Insecticide Fogs, FOG Rx machines create thick mist that pervade foliage, breaks, fissure and other concealing spots, rapidly crumbling creepy crawly populaces, leaving a sheltered, bug free condition for individuals, pets, plants and domesticated animals and the impressive thing is that it is without pesticide deposit.

This creepy crawly fogger is made of sturdy nylon and highlights a translucent bowl to enable you to perceive any unused bug spray. Free your yard of mosquitoes and different creepy crawlies with the bonide propane open air bug fogger. The simple trigger activity administers infinitesimal particles that vanish rapidly, leaving no dynamic deposit.

It delivers a thick mist that pervades foliage, splits, cleft and other concealing spots, crumbling creepy crawly populaces and leaving a sheltered, bug free condition. The self-beginning ignitor switch makes a start that lights the radiator curl, producing the warmth important to make the mist.

Essentially load with an item intended for warm hazing, for example, bonide mosquito mixer flying bug haze to clear regions of flying creepy crawlies for quite a long time. This compact and lightweight bug fogger is successful on mosquitoes, flies, gnats and moths and can be utilized at picnics, open air occasions, campgrounds and for planting medicines. Shield your family and finishing from irritating bugs with the bonide propane outside creepy crawly fogger. Propane canister excluded. This product is rated 4.3 of 5 on amazon.


2. Black Flag Electric Insect Fogger

Black Flag Electric Insect Fogger

Black flag 190107 Executes and Repels Mosquitoes and Biting Flies with an amazing level of effectiveness. Once you apply this product, you can be rest assured that mosquitoes and gnawing flies will not even be seen anywhere close around you for up to 6 hours.

It is interesting to note that this is the same powerful framework utilized by experts to execute mosquitoes that may convey the West Nile infection.

Applying this product is easy and quick because within ten minutes, you can treat a normal 5,000 square foot yard. Completely mist bushes, ground covers, and thick foliage where mosquitoes rest.

Nightfall is the best time to Fog when the breeze has faded away, before the mosquitoes rise up out of their concealing spots.

This product is safe for both People and Pets! Individuals and pets can enter the regarded zone when the haze vanishes. No other mosquito control item is as powerful or temperate as the Burgess Mosquito Fogger.

How to use the product:

Stage 1: Lock Trigger
Bolt the trigger by sliding the yellow catch to one side. This will counteract inadvertent pumping. You however have to be careful because you can draw in the trigger, as it isn’t bolted.
Stage 2: Fill Reservoir
Place fogger on a level surface. Expel the extensive yellow supply and fill just with Black Flag, Repel, or Cutter marked Fogging Insecticide. Whenever full, safely fix the repository to the fogger. You must however ensure fogger pump is free from flotsam and jetsam before setting in bug spray.
Stage 3: Plug in
Utilizing a legitimate check additional rope, connect the fogger to an advantageous outlet. Ensure you use just 3 wire, 10, 12 or 14 check additional lines reasonable for open air utilization. Never vanquish establishing highlight.
Stage 4: Preheat
With fogger on a level, non-combustible surface, it is critical to preheat the fogger for no less than 2 minutes. On the off chance that this isn’t done, the bug spray may not give the coveted outcomes. Press the trigger once every 3-4 seconds for the ideal dry, white haze

Keep the breeze at your back and stand 5 feet from where you are treating. Crush the trigger gradually and consistently every 3 to 4 seconds. Each pump will discharge a billow of mist. Give it a chance to float into the coveted area among profound foliage, finished zones, or profoundly lush zones where mosquitoes get a kick out of the chance to cover up.

You must take note that the adequacy of the bug spray is reliant on the temperature of the fogger – making it vital that you preheat the fogger for 2 minutes. While misting, each time you are pressing the trigger, the fogger pump is driving the bug spray through the warmth leading loop.

The warmth immediately vaporizes the bug spray creating the mist. On the off chance that the haze is thin and yellowish, the bug spray is excessively hot which implies you require, making it impossible to expand the directing rate to chill off the bug spray. In the event that the mist is dribbling from the spout, the bug spray has not had an opportunity to achieve the ideal temperature; in this way, you should diminish the pumping rate.  4.5 rating


3. Beethoven Total Release insecticide

Beethoven Total Release insecticide

BASF comes highly recommended as it is rated 4.5 of 5 on amazon. Beethoven® TR miticide/bug spray, with the dynamic fixing etoxazole, is another aggregate discharge airborne from BASF. It gives control of bugs, including the two-spotted arachnid parasite, and smothers whiteflies. Likewise, Beethoven TR offers fast and simple application, exhaustive scope, astounding plant wellbeing and adaptable reentry times.

This extraordinary aggregate discharge definition is likewise an incredible Space Mix™ join forces with other BASF add up to discharge bug sprays, including Attain®, 1300 Orthene®, Tame®/Orthene, Pyrethrum® and Duraplex®, giving producers another simple to-utilize pivot choice for considerably more noteworthy control of nursery bothers.


  • Treats up to 3,000 square feet (50,000 cubic feet)
  • Use on business nurseries on bedding plants, cut blossoms, hanging containers, foliage, pruned plants and ornamentals.
  • Active fixing: Etoxazole
  • Beethoven TR offers solid control of vermin, including two-spotted bug bugs and whiteflies (concealment)


4. Fogging Concentrate

Fogging Concentrate

ULD is a top quality bug exterminator and it is rated 5- star on amazon. ULD BP-100 is a hazing concentrate that can be utilized as a part of ULV hazing hardware for treating a wide assortment of creepy crawlies and also some other ordinary hazing or showering frameworks.

Since BP-100 is an oil based arrangement which can also likewise be utilized as a part of warm foggers, propane foggers, and warmth foggers. ULD BP-100 has a wide treatment name enabling it to be utilized as a part of numerous territories for some, bothers, including sustenance taking care of regions.

It is important to note that there should never be a time when you should use the product without reading the label!

Dynamic Ingredient:

1% Pyrethrins 2% Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO) 97% Inert Ingredients

Target bugs:

Angoumois Grain Moths, Ants, Boxelder Bugs, Cadelles, Cheese Mites, Cigarette Beetles, Confused Flour Beetles, Crickets, Earwigs, Fruit Flies, gnats, Granary Weevils, House Flies, Indian feast Moths, Mosquitoes, Rice Weevils, Roaches, Spiders, Tobacco Moths, Wasps and Waterbugs

For use in:

Restaurants, Food Service Storage, Cafeterias, Dormitories, and Preparation Areas, Grocery and Convenience Stores, Homes, Motels, Office Buildings, Hotels, Health Care Facilities, Schools and Universities Application: Used in ULV foggers, Thermal foggers, Propane foggers and other customary showering and misting gear Yield: Can be connected undiluted or you can weaken it to have under 1% Pyrethrin.


5. Eco Defense bed bug killer

Eco Defense bed bug killer

Eco Defense is rated 4 of 5 on amazon because it is no doubt a specialist bug terminator. Try not to let Bed Bugs invade your home and put you and your family in danger. Eco Defense Kills grown-ups, eggs, and sprites FAST before they have an opportunity to attack your home or property.

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer executes Bed Bugs straight up when they come in contact with it. It eradicate bed bugs in your home by utilizing an exclusive mix of Natural, Organic, and non-harmful fixings to Kill Bed Bugs on Contact.

Eco Defense eliminate bed bugs cost effectively because you will have no compelling reason to enlist an Exterminator utilizing risky synthetic substances and pesticides around your family. Eco Defense Bed Bug Spray was made and is at present utilized by proficient exterminators so you know it definitely works!

This product is 100% child and pet safe and this is because it does not utilize Chemicals, Pesticides, or Poisonous Ingredients. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer was defined to Kill Bed Bugs while being 100% safe around your kids and pets and this is one of the reasons why it is highly rated by previous users on amazon.

You can be rest guaranteed that when utilizing any Eco Defense item quality and trustworthiness of fixings is absolutely critical. Put the Natural, Organic, and Non Toxic Ingredients to work today and see bugs be on the run. You can be certain that you will derive 100% satisfaction from the usage.


6. Flying Insect Killer

Flying Insect Killer

This is a highly rated in sect exterminator rated 4.3 of 5 on amazon. For use with Black Flag and Burgess Foggers, this EPA enlisted product is a scentless bug spray and is sheltered and viable for murdering mosquitoes as well as other infection transporters such as dark flies, deer flies, horse flies, gnats, moths, insects and ticks. When used, the mist vanishes rapidly and will keep treated territories bug free for a considerable length of time.

It is a 64 Oz specially detailed for Black Flag creepy crawly, it does not require any blend equation, all you have to do is simply pour it in and watch flying insect killer murder mosquitoes that may convey West Nile Virus, gnawing flies, regular house flies, stable flies, dark flies, gnawing midges and some more!

It can be utilized effectively outdoors too, it is ideal to use before patio picnics, grills, open air parties, pool parties and exceptional occasions. It executes mosquitoes, flies, and other recorded creepy crawlies without any offensive odor.


  • No-blend recipe, simply pour it in and begin
  • Can be utilized outdoor
  • Black Flag bug spray executes mosquitoes that may convey West Nile Virus, gnawing flies, normal house flies, stable flies, dark flies, gnawing midges and some more!
  • 64 Oz
  • Specially figured for Black Flag creepy crawly foggers


7. High Pressurized Fly Bait

High Pressurized Fly Bait

Pt Alpine pressurized fly lure is an answer that is prepared to be used to murder flies in an extensive variety of conditions. This new equation gives bedeviling properties which will help in carrying flies into the treated region.

It gives a snappy kill a demonstrated goading recipe for 30 days on non-permeable surfaces. Pt Alpine might be utilized as a part of mix with fly light items, for example, vector plasma, vector plasma one, and the vector great for fly populace decrease.

It is a quick acting bedeviling splash that is a very versatile fly item that can be utilized as a part of both private and business settings and can be connected as territory, band or spot treatment applications.

The item applies quick and dries clear with no chaos, and leaving no smell. For the most ideal avoidance for flies, utilize the pt. Snowcapped pressurized fly goad and coordinate it with other fly control items, for example, remaining or contact splashes, fly traps alongside deplete cleaners. New size change from 20 oz. to 16 oz. can.

Application: point can toward target territory from a separation no more distant than 12 in (30 cm) and press down. Make a light application at a rate of 2 ln ft./sec and stay away from running off or trickling from focused zone. Region medications are successful where flies gather, perch and feed. Or then again zones where flies are probably going to assemble or plague.

Try not to apply draw in zones that are every now and again cleaned. This item won’t hold fast to surfaces that are dusty or oily. Reapply when trap arrangements are not any more unmistakable as well as reinfestation happens. Utilize a water-hosed paper towel to evacuate undesirable snare positions and afterward dispose of in waste and make sure you read all that is written on the label before use.


8. Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger

Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger

Createch USA Inc. is a main maker and industry master inside the hazing and atomizing machine industry because they develop items that are intended for flexibility and have been demonstrated dependable for an assortment of utilizations inside modern, business, city, farming, ecological and private destinations.

Tri Jet ULV is one of their products and it is a frosty Non-Thermal fogger so the arrangement will turn out as a ultra-low volume fluid fine fog as opposed to a gas like it would with a warm fogger.


9. MDXconcepts Bed Bug Killer

MDXconcepts Bed Bug KillerMDXconcepts is not a fogger, but this is a product that I highly recommend. Your fogger will be able to reach those hard-to-reach places where bed bugs hide away. But when it comes to continually controlling bed bugs, you’ll want to take a multi-angle approach that uses a variety of bed bug killing measures.

Even the best bed bug fogger may miss a few bed bugs in your home.

But MDXconcepts offers an all-natural, organic formula that will be able to kill bed bugs in all stages. This product will eradicate:

  • Eggs
  • Nymphs
  • Adults

Stain-free, you can spray this exterminator on your pillow covers and bedding. Spray directly where you have bed bugs, and the spray will remain effective for hours. What’s really nice about this option is that you’ll see results fast without using harsh chemicals.

The spray is a formula that contains:

  • Vinegar
  • Peppermint oil
  • Spearmint oil

If you see bed bugs, use the spray and it will kill them on contact. Spray all of your bedding along with your headboard and footboard to be able to eliminate bugs that are hiding away.

When you go to use the spray, you’ll want to follow a few tips to make your spraying more effective:

  • Shake the can very well before usage to ensure that the ingredients are mixed well
  • Spray in all of the areas that you’ve seen bed bugs
  • Spray where eggs are likely laid which may include:
    • Baseboards
    • Bedding
    • Carpets

MDX works so well that a lot of people will travel with the product in their bags. The goal is to spray all bedding when traveling to make sure that bed bugs die and don’t make their way into your clothing or suitcase.

All it takes is a single bed bug to start infesting your home, so it’s better to be safe than sorry when traveling because bed bugs are a serious risk.

Since you cannot take a bed bug fogger with you into a hotel, you’ll find that this spray is the next best option.


10. Ortho 0202510 Bed Bug Killer

Best Bed Bug Spray: Ortho 0202510Ortho offers precision bed bug killing power, and even when bed bugs are resistant to parathyroid, this product will work. The unit comes with a wand to help you get into hard-to-reach places, and it offers maximum defense against fleas, ticker and bed bugs.

When you apply this liquid, it will remain on the carpet for two weeks, killing any bed bugs that try to escape.

Anywhere that bed bugs hide, they’ll die thanks to this product. But it won’t just kill adults or nymphs. When you use this killer, it will also be able to kill any bed bug eggs that may have not hatched.

If you’re worried that this product will cause staining, it will not.

You can be confident that you can use Ortho on any surface without causing damage or staining in the process. Keep in mind due to the product’s ingredients, it’s not recommended that you treat the following areas:

  • Bedding
  • Clothing
  • Pillows

The manufacturer recommends that you use this product anywhere that you witness bed bugs aside from the three areas above. When using this product, you’ll want to keep the spray approximately 8 to 10 inches from the surface when spraying.

The goal is to spray until the surface is lightly damp.

Offering a continuous spray wand, you’ll be able to treat your home faster with a product that dries quickly and will remain active for up to two weeks. During this time, any bed bugs that come in contact with the treated area will die.

Unscented, this is the perfect option to treat entire carpets, closets and even bedrooms without leaving a harsh smell behind.

If you do plan on using this product on the mattress, make sure that all of the bedding has been removed. Clean all of the bedding in hot water and then place the clean bedding back on the bed before sleeping. If you suffer from any form of irritation, you will want to cease usage of the product on the mattress.


11. Hot Shot 95911 Bed Bug Fogger

Hot Shot Hot Shot’s bed bug fogger controls both bed bugs and fleas, so it offers double the killing power. The unit comes in a three-count, so you’ll have more than enough foggers to kill off bed bugs in several rooms of your home.

And when you use this fogger, it will ward of reinfestation for up to seven months.

Nylar is one of the ingredients in this product that works as an insect growth regulator. The ingredient will work well to stop fleas and other insects from developing into their adult stage. One single fogging can will be able to treat 2,000 cubic feet of space.

If you’re using the fogger in a small room that is 5 feet by 5 feet, you’ll want to open the doors or windows to allow the fog to travel into another room.

When the fog is trapped in the room, it will require that you open a window to air out the space. Rooms bigger than the size mentioned above will be able to have the fogger used without much of an issue.

Designed for indoor use, you can use this product in the following areas:

  • Rooms
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Boats
  • Apartments
  • Kitchens
  • Garages

Rooms as large as 16 ft x 16 ft can be treated with a single can. Fog is able to reach into cracks, crevices and other areas where bed bugs like to hide. You’ll want to remove all clutter from the room when treating, and be sure to wash all of your bedding and clothes on hot.

If you live in an apartment or other attached dwelling where bed bugs are common, you can use this fogger for preventative measures, too. When used properly, you’ll be able to kill off an entire flea or bed bug infestation with one treatment.



Sanitation Synopsis: The Commander Tri Jet ULV Fogger is incredible for clouding biocides and disinfectants for motivations behind sanitation. The tornado spout scatters disinfectants up to 30 feet, empowering snappy coatings for an assortment of utilizations. Extraordinary for infiltrating hard to achieve crevices. Common Applications Include: Cargo Containers, Food Processing Plants Schools, Daycare, Warehouse, Cruise Ships, Hospitals, HVAC Ductwork, And Veterinary Clinics.

Bug Control Synopsis: The Commander Tri Jet Fogger is a fantastic unit for taking care of an assortment of nuisance control needs. The unit can apply both water and oil based bug sprays and fumigants and is regularly utilized as a part of private, business, rural and modern settings. Normal Applications include: Stables, Barns, Kennels, Warehouses, Apartments, Residential Homes, and Restaurants and under all structures.

Scent Control Synopsis: Eliminate smelly, sewage, manure and smoke smells by clouding the fitting scent control items. Extraordinary item for rental autos, lodgings and pet hotels.

Shape Control Synopsis: Mold remediation and aversion in expansive or difficult to reach spaces. This fogger equitably fogs form control items by soaking the air in the encased condition, which uniformly coat all surfaces. Awesome for Concrobium Mold and Mildew Control.

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