How to Kill Spiders Fast in 3 Easy Steps

If you have a deadly fear of nasty crawly bugs or think that the tiny beast spider will come for you in your sleep, you’ll probably want to know how to kill spiders fast. Even the best spider repellents often don’t provide complete spider control.

So you’ll either need to use spider killer sprays or other methods to kill spiders fast.

We’ll discuss a few of the methods that work best for killing spiders, but lets first make sure you know how to identify the spider to avoid any venomous bites that can occur.

1. Identifying Dangerous Spiders

There are spiders that can be dangerous, and they vary by region, so it’s impossible to name every one you might come across in your travels. But there are also common spiders you’ll want to steer clear of.

Learn the Common Types of Spiders

Research your local area to find any of the usual venomous types that may invade your home. A few of the most common spiders that can be deadly are:

  • Black Widow Spiders: The black widow is known to kill their mates. These spiders have a red hourglass on their back and are a shiny black color. Males often have white dots on their chest and don’t have the red in some cases.
  • Brown Recluse Spiders: Found in the South and Midwest, these spiders are a sandy-brown color and they mostly keep to themselves.
  • Redback Spiders: The redback spider is part of the black widow family. They will have a red back and reside in Australia.

There are also the hobo and wolf spiders, which are both venomous.

Study the Webs

Webs can tell you a lot about the type of spider you’re dealing with, but there are so many species that it can get very confusing very fast. A few of the tips that will help you identify potentially dangerous spiders are:

  • Thick, irregularly shaped webs close to the ground may be the web of a black widow spider.
  • An off-white colored web with a loose, sticky appearance is often that of the brown recluse.

The great thing about these spiders is that they have a behavior that is predictable. You can bet on the black widow spider only being around at night because they’re nocturnal. The brown recluse, is a recluse, so they won’t be seen weaving their webs in the middle of the day.

If you want to remove the webs, you can do so during the day. Just make sure that the spider isn’t present when you do the removal. The great news is that if the spider comes to take its vengeance out on you, keep reading and you’ll know how to get rid of them fast.

2. Getting Rid of Spiders

Migrate the Harmless

Spiders are natural pest killers, and they’re often kept alive because they help protect gardens and keep other pests at bay. Due to this, I recommend migrating the spider rather than killing it. You can choose to place the spider on paper and remove it, or catch it in a cup or do something similar.

Drawing picture of two spiders

But when you can’t migrate the spider, it’s time to kill the dangerous.

If you want to know how to kill spiders fast, these tips will help:

  1. Kill it With a Tissue: Grab a tissue or paper towel, squish the spider and flush it down the toilet if possible. You need to make sure that the tissue can be placed in the toilet. If not, just throw the squished spider in the trash.
  2. Step on It: Unless the spider is on a kitchen cabinet or scaling the wall, it is likely on the ground somewhere. Put on sneakers or boots, and step on the spider. It will die.
  3. Trap It: If you can handle leaving a spider under a cup for a few days, you might want to trap it and leave it in place. The spider is likely to suffocate.
  4. Vacuum It Up: A good strong vacuum can be used to kill spiders, but it’s also great at cleaning up webs and removing any potential eggs that a spider has laid. Just make sure to use the hose when trying to kill the spider and allow the vacuum to run for some time to ensure the spider dies.
  5. Use a Spider Killing Chemical: Raid bug spray is a great invention, and you can use it to kill spiders and most bugs. Just keep in mind that this is a chemical-ridden spray, so it can cause harm to animals and humans in some cases.
  6. Use Hairspray: If you have frizz-control hairspray, you’ll find that it’s not quite a spider killer, but it’s one of the best methods when trying to learn how to kill spiders fast. Simply spray the spider, and as the spray hardens, the spider will lose a lot or all of its mobility, so you can squish it with your shoe or burn it with a flamethrower (just kidding).
  7. Corner and Remove It: I’ve tried herding spiders out of the house, and it doesn’t work well. But you can corner a spider and get it to go on a piece of paper or in a bowl, allowing you to then remove it from your home.

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Sometimes, it’s not about how to kill spiders fast – it’s about deterring them from going into your home. I am a fan of spiders, but the moment I see one skitter across my bed, I know it’s time to take steps to ensuring your home remains spider-free.

3. Keeping Your Home Spider-free

If you’re tired of seeing those tiny bug splatters and keep pulling out your wet mop to clean up the spiders you’ve killed, there is a better method.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Bugs don’t want a clean environment, and if you clean often, you’ll keep spiders and other insects far away from your home. Clean daily to:

You’ll want to:

  • Knock down spider webs.
  • Remove debris and clutter.
  • Mop the floor.
  • Clean countertops.
  • Clean in corners and cracks.

Also, check the outside of your home. Remove large wood piles, leaf piles and foliage where spiders can go and hide. Spiders like dark places, and this is where those unsightly webbing spiders like to congregate the most.

Fix Cracks in Your Doors and Windows

Small cracks and gaps are all that a spider needs to come into your home. You’re practically inviting a spider in if you have massive cracks that they can poke their legs through. I recommend checking:

  • Doors for gaps.
  • Windows.

Essentially, you’ll want to close these gaps with door sweeps, caulk or trim.

Break Out the Natural Deterrents

Common household spiders hate a lot of different things, and you can use these natural deterrents to your advantage, too. Sometimes, it’s not about how to kill spiders fast, but how to keep them away from your home.

There are a few things that spiders don’t like, including:

  • Eucalyptus – just plant a few outside.
  • Essential oils – peppermint, lemon or tea tree.
  • Horse chestnuts – no one knows why, but they hate them.

If you have essential oils, you can use five drops of any of the above oils. Add the oils to a quart of water, mix and use this mixture for your cleaning spray. The mixture can be sprayed around your home or outside, and it won’t be toxic to you or your pets – woohoo.

Create Your Own Spray

Cartoon spray on white background

Don’t have money for an expensive can of Raid? No problem. You can make your own spray with just a few supplies:

  • Liquid soap.
  • Pepper.
  • Vinegar.

Mix a cup of vinegar and pepper together along with a teaspoon or liquid soap. You’ll be able to use this spray to deter spiders. You can also add a bit of cooking oil to the mix, but this can cause staining if it gets on the carpet or is used in your home.

If you follow the advice above, not only will you know how to kill spiders, but you’ll work to proactively keep spiders out of your home.

It’s a step to living in a spider-free environment.

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