8 Ways to Control Moth Infestation (at Home)

Many times people may compare moths with butterflies. Yes, they are somewhat similar to butterflies or can be thought of as first cousins and belonging to the same family with few lines of differences amongst them. You can easily differentiate the moths from butterflies by having a look at their antennas. Butterflies have a clubbed antenna whereas moths have feather-like combed antennas which is a major sign of differentiation.  These moths are like drabs and can bother you be fluttering here and there at your home. You can find them scattering near the bulbs and can also pose harm and damage to your goods. Here are few types of moths that you can thud into at your home.

House Moth

These house moths are usually brown in color and about 15mm long. You can find these moths with spots on their bodies, and they feed on leather, feathers, wool, etc. They can travel long distances and are known as scavengers. You can easily find such kinds of moth invading your house and creating a nuisance for you.

2 Types of Clothes moth

These types of moths are about 6 to 8mm long and are usually dark colored. They are rare in comparison to the house moths, but you find such moths in your wardrobes spending a nice time nibbling on them and spoiling it as well.

1. Common clothes moth

These types of moths are also house invaders, and after they invade your home, the next step that they take is into your wardrobe or any other place where they can find a heap of clothes. They feed on clothes and their feeding results into holes in your expensive clothes. They have a rugged look and have wings that resemble the color of straw that are fringed at the ends. They are of the size about 10mm and have a brown colored head.

2. White-shouldered moth

These types of moth have a distinctive character, and that is their white colored head and have mottled wings and have an approximate size of 10mm. These are usually found in places that are cold and feed on food and cause less damage to your clothes.

Where do these moths enter your house?

These pests are highly attracted towards the light, and thus they can invade your home easily. On the other hand, clothes moths have a tendency to be in darker areas and therefore will make their way to your cupboards and wardrobes where they will find themselves a place of shelter as well as a place where they can get their food, and that is your clothes.

How can the moths affect your life?

The moths may not seem dangerous at first sight but, they can cause substantial damage to your belongings. Here are few damages that these tiny creatures can cause to you.

Destruction of your valuable items

There are different types of moths existing in our system, these moths may seem very small in size, but they have the capability of chewing up your items that may be expensive or of utter importance. If your house is infested with moths, then you have to take proper care that your valuable things are kept at safe places if there are chances of you sighting a scene where your essential things may lie chewed up.


If moths have invaded your home, then within few days you can also sight holes at some places. Initially the holes may be small, but eventually, the size may increase, and you may also find the number of holes increasing within a short span.


Clothes are just another thing that these moths enjoy chewing. If you are sighting these moths at home, then it is high time that you pack up all your expensive clothes and robes in your wardrobe. Also, ensure that you make proper pest controlled environment in your closet so that your clothes are not hampered by these types of moths.

Can get you feeling giddy

Butterflies are the first cousins of moths and are pretty beautiful and gentle, but these moths are just the opposite and have a dirty look. Bumping into them can develop in you a feeling of giddiness and make you jump out of your chair if you suddenly plot one of them sitting on you. Not only do they get you an annoying feel but they are also covered up with moth dust which can remind you of your hobo neighbor who never likes to have a bath.

Irritation and frustration

It is not just the damage and destruction that they can cause to your clothes and house but they can irritate you and frustrate you as well. Hitting your face is a hobby that the moths enjoy to do. We are pretty sure that you are not going to like the feel of moths just hitting your face in your room again and again and flying away with glory. Not only are they going to hit your face like an airplane but they are also going to stick some moth dust to your face which is not at all a pleasant thing to handle.

Lay eggs here and there

Kids are adorable and you might be having an open door for them, but in case of the young ones of moths, we really doubt if you have a welcoming door for them as well.  These moths can lay their eggs on their clothes, and you may end up ruining your clothes if you don’t take any proper step to control the moth infestation at your home.

Stick to your night bulbs

Not just your clothes and belongings, the moths can spoil your sleep as well. If these moths spare you from hitting your face, you can always find them crowded on night bulbs and other lighted up places. It can be irritating stuff to see those moths sticking to your night bulbs and making you wonder when it is going to fall off on your head. Thinking about the next step where these moths are going to land may let you have sleepless nights and annoy you for the whole night.

Danger to humans

Yes, you have heard it right, few species of moths can also be dangerous for humans. Some types of moths are venomous and can cause allergies, pharyngitis, conjunctivitis and similar problems to the humans. They have the venom on the hairy structures of the caterpillar body which should not be touched in any case or may cause serious health hazards.

Scare you off

These moths are tiny creatures, but they can get you screaming when you accidentally bump on them. Just imagine a situation when you are walking past a dark room, and suddenly a noisy creature starts crawling on you, scary, right? It can be a weird situation, and you may land up in a freaky situation crying for some help. So it is better that you call out for a company who can work out the pest control magic at your home to free your home form these irritating moths.

8 ways to control moth infestation at home

There are various types of moths in our surroundings, and all of them can enter your home even through the slightest of a gap in your house. May it be a small gap in your window or your door, they can easily let in themselves and get themselves a grand feeling of walking on the red carpet while making an entry to your home. So, in this case, you need to mothproof your home by covering all such openings and adding on mesh screens to every opening that you have in your house to stop these trespassers from entering.

If you are also someone who has faced the same situations due to moth infestation at your home, then here are some ideas that can help you to get rid of your hatred and drive these moths out of your home. Here is how you can manage the moth population from increasing in your home.

1. Using the vacuum cleaner

If moths have invaded your home, then it is time to make your vacuum cleaners handy. If you spot moths, then it is sure that you are going to sight moth eggs as well. So start your vacuum cleaners and clean your carpets, cabinets, furniture’s, all the corners and all other places where you doubt that these moth eggs can be present. You need to clean these places thoroughly so that you stop the growth of these types of moths at your home.

2. The natural lemon peel method

Lemon peels area saviour for stopping the growth of moths at your home. Hearing the word lemon, we must all have got a quench for lemon water. So go make a glass of lemon water in your kitchen and don’t make the mistake of throwing off the peels as you can use them to line up places which are prone to be infested by moths.

3. Washing and regular cleaning of your clothes

We all know that moths are always attracted to your clothes and end up making holes in them. So if you want to save your clothes from being spoiled then make sure that you wash them properly and keep it organized in your wardrobes which is treated with pest control methods.

4. Moth repellents

Moth repellents are another thing that you can use to cut the growth of these silly moths at your home. It may be those traditional naphthalene balls or any other moth repellent balls; both can be an effective way to keep those moths away. You can also go in for natural repellents that is a safer way to keep the moths away.

5. Mint and Eucalyptus leaves

Mint and Eucalyptus leaves have certain properties that can keep the moths away from infesting your house. So few such leaves here and there in your wardrobe will not only give your clothes a fresh feel but will also help to keep these little devils away from your closets.

6. Cedar wood

Cedar wood is another hack that you can use in your home to keep the moths away. If you are smart and alert from the start, then making cupboards and wardrobes of cedar wood will be a good and feasible idea to repel these moths from entering your wardrobes. Cedar wood is moth repellent and either you make cedar wood lined wardrobes or buy blocks of this type of wood and keep it at several places to prevent moths from infesting your place. You can also use hangers made of cedar wood to prevent your expensive clothes from being ruined by these pests.

7. Cloves

Clove is another natural remedy that you can use in your kitchens and wardrobes to keep these insects away. Not only your wardrobes, but these insects can also take a treat time in your kitchens so you should always keep your kitchens clean and store all your grains and food products well packed in containers so that these moths don’t feed on it and spoil the rest for you to consume it at your home. If you find signs of sticky secretions in your kitchen then there are chances that you have these unwanted guests in your kitchen, so you have to be alert and act wisely to solve such an issue. You should also have proper ventilation in your kitchen and dispose of the leftovers and spoilt food if you don’t want these moths to enjoy a gala time in your kitchen. You can also search for a good pest control company and seek their help to control the pest growth at your home.

8. Calling for the professionals

If in no ways you can get your home free from moths, then you can opt for calling the professionals who can work out better ways to do your moth control task. These professionals are well equipped with tools and methods to control the moth infestation at your home. If you call for professionals, then you can sit at ease and sip your cup of coffee and let the professionals work out the desired things for you to free your home from these little devils.

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