How to Get Rid of Chiggers? (in House, in Yard/Lawn, on Body)

How to get rid of chiggers in your house

1. Do the house cleaning with the hottest water

If you think the chiggers openly move in your house, then you must clean your house with hot water. It will aid to remove all the germs and infections from the house. Moreover, try to clean your house with hot water and soap. The hot water must reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Clean each and every corner of the house carefully. Hot water will help you to throw out chigger infections and germs.

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2. Bathe pets regularly in warm water with flea and tick shampoo

If you see that your pet has moved towards the chigger location, you must immediately bathe your pet. Usually, pets are considered the reason for chigger infections. Make sure your pet do not move towards any place where chiggers reside. Make your pets get a bathe in some soapy water if you think he has been in contact with the chiggers. The warm water along with the soapy solution will assist to avoid chiggers and stop them being in contact with the body of pets. Try to evenly rub soapy water on the body of pet to prevent any disease or infection.Young smiling woman vacuum cleaning the carpet in the living room.

3. Vacuum your home regularly

Chiggers usually appear during warm summers and springs. During these seasons you must vacuum daily. Vacuum on those areas of your house where you think that there is the possibility of these creatures existence. It can be under the sofa, chairs and behind the curtains. Clean your vacuum and do it once again. Furthermore, you can use small attachments of vacuum to clean between cushions and the large pieces of furniture. You can also use the carpet shampooer along some soapy liquid to wash carpets and rugs in the living room.

How to get rid of chiggers in the yard/lawn

1. Mow your grass regularly

Chiggers are well known to hide in the weeds and the tall grasses. If you keep pulling the weed and keep the grass short, you will see effective results. By removing these, you are actually removing all the shades and the moisture from where the chigger thrives in. The sunlight and the fresh around in the environment will not make a good atmosphere for the chiggers to live it.Woman mowing with lawn mower in the garden.

You should at least prune the trees and extra branches once a week. In return, it would lessen the humidity levels in the atmosphere, and more sunlight will filter in that area. You can also keep on doing these rehearses all the year. When the weather warms up, you will see that no more chiggers are left over in your lawn or garden. In addition to that, try to keep the length of grass short in your garden, it will help to keep the chiggers away.

2. Spread diatomaceous earth over your lawn

If you are looking for some natural pesticides to treat the chiggers, you can take this help from diatomaceous earth. It is a natural product which is designed to get rid of these chiggers. All you require to do is sprinkle this product at the hiding places you will see that soon the chiggers will leave the place.

3. Avoid chigger hosts from entering your yard

The most well-known and famous hosts of the chiggers are reptiles and amphibians. If you first make these hosts leave your property chiggers will automatically leave. It is because they would only keep an eye on their foodstuff. To dispose of chiggers and its hosts you must remove all the water sources near your house.

In addition, if you remove foliage and shrubbery, you may be a reduction in the number of chiggers around your house. If you are securing put a lid on the trash and dustbins and set up a fence around your house, you may easily avoid chiggers.

How to get rid of chiggers on your body

1. Avoid stepping into tall grass

Green tall grass leaves over white sky background.Avoid moving in areas where tall grass is there. While walking in parks and picnic areas try to move aside the tall trees. The lawn field can be risky as chiggers tend to hide in these fields and tall grasses. They hide there in the dark so that no one can catch or kill them.

If you get brushed up by tall grasses, you should immediately take a bath with hot water. Chiggers hide in tall trees because they find this place comfortable to hide with plenty of shade all around. Tall grass is the best protection for them. If you avoid moving in such areas, you will avoid any sort of chiggers around you.

2. Keep your skin covered

If you are on a picnic or any other outdoor area where you require to encounter the tall grass, you must avoid being in touch with it. Avoid touching the tall grass by covering your skin. Go for long sleeves or long pants to avoid such situation. Opt any sort of tightly woven fabric or any fabric which is loose. The chiggers are very thin, and they can easily find their ways in small gaps. If you are wearing clothes will smaller gaps you are giving the chigger tough time to get into.

3. Close off all openings in your clothes

Chiggers are very small creatures, and they can easily hop into your clothes by crawling. Try to seal off all the opening towards your skin. That is one of the best things to do to avoid chiggers get into your skin. Always tuck your shirts into your pants so that the chigger finds no way to get into it. Moreover, wrist your sleeves with a rubber band to avoid any gap or opening.  If possible try to wear clothes with zipping not with buttons.

4. Sprinkling sulfur powder in your socks and shoes

Sulfur powder on white background.Some items have really strong odor such as the odor of sulfur powder. It has a strong tendency to drive the chigger away from your skin. Simply sprinkle some sulfur in your shoes or socks, and you would see no chigger will dare towards you. For more prevention, you can also sprinkle some sulfur into your shirt.

5. Brush exposed skin every 30 minutes while outside

Chiggers are very famous for biting exposed skin areas. If you see chiggers hanging on your body, you can use a brush on your skin for about 30 minutes. You would notice that all the chiggers hanging will go out.

6. Avoid sitting or lying on the ground

It is not necessary that chiggers will be available all the time but always remember prevention is much better than treatment. If the grass is almost taller, you should avoid sitting there to evade any interacting with the chiggers. There are chances that they might expose the open skin areas and bite you.

7. Chemical repellent and insecticides

  • Use of repellent containing diethyltoluamide (DEET)

Young boy spraying insect repellent on skin in the garden with spray bottle.It is one of the best repellents to kill the bugs and insects. It is very effective to use against chiggers and numerous other mites. You simply need to apply this repellent to the exposed part of your skin such as on hands, legs, and arms. It lasts hardly for four hours.

You should avoid using this near the sensitive parts of your body such as your mouth or eyes. Furthermore, avoid using it directly on the skin, you can use it on the skin which is covered by clothing. Focus on the instruction and the direction while you apply. Some repellent is very powerful, they can damage your clothes and can have an adverse reaction.

8. Try permethrin treatment for your clothes

Permethrin is also very effective and powerful repellent against triggers. If you are looking for an effective repellent, you must go for this. Only you require to avoid using it on your skin and clothes. The best thing about this repellent is that it can easily last for a week even if you wash your clothes twice a week.

It is best recommended to use this repellent at least one day before you wear clothes. You can apply this repellent on both the side of your clothes. You should focus on opening such as cuffs and waistbands before putting on, the clothes let the repellent dry.

9. Call a professional pest control operator

Even after taking all the measures, you might still find difficulties in disposing of chiggers, the last thing you can do is call the professionals. The pest control professionals have some strong chemicals that are very powerful and destructive. The professional exterminator will surely help you out on this issue. However, even after this treatment, you must look after the infected areas for about two weeks. You must daily wash those areas with hot water in order to avoid any sort of infection through chigger.

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