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Best Repellents to Eliminate Rove Beetles from Your House

By Irina / October 29, 2018
Best Repellents to Eliminate Rove Beetles 

Another member of the Staphylinidae family, Rove beetles is one out of the 3000 North American species which have been helping gardeners for years to maintain a garden free of insects and other plant-destroying pests. These tiny pests, which measures to around 1/8th of an inch feed on dead plants and other small insects which are responsible for the ransacking of your garden. The unique characteristics of a Rove beetles are that they raise their lower body like a scorpion when they get frightened or disturbed. But these beetles are unable to sting or bite and prefers running on the ground despite having a pair of wings for flying.

There are plenty of effective rove beet repellents which are available that comes in a variety of forms such as sprays, ultrasounds and traps. Chemical to non-chemical solutions, there are plethora of rove beetle repellants which are available. So, for making things easier for you, we have thoroughly researched and made a list of the best rove beetle repellent for you. Keep on reading to find out more about them.

Best Repellents to Get Rid of Rove Beetles

Ortho Home Defense Termite & Destructive...
Orange Oil Technical Grade Cold Pressed...
Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Pest Repellent...
Ortho Home Defense Termite & Destructive...
Orange Oil Technical Grade Cold Pressed...
Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Pest Repellent...
Ortho Home Defense Termite & Destructive...
Ortho Home Defense Termite & Destructive...
Orange Oil Technical Grade Cold Pressed...
Orange Oil Technical Grade Cold Pressed...
Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Pest Repellent...
Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Pest Repellent...

Last update on 2019-06-20

1 Ortho 0200010 Home Defense Termite & Destructive Bug Killer

Last update on 2019-06-20

Ortho Home Defense MAX Termite and Destructive Bug Killer Concentrate (Trenching) is one of the best repellents that you will get in the market which is designed to provide protection against damaging beetles, bugs and other pests. This liquid preparation has 2.4% Bifenthrin which is its active ingredient is often considered as one of the most powerful insecticides designed by Ortho. It is one of the most effective solutions against termites, Carpenter ants, and other wood infesting beetles. It also provides protection from home and lawn pests such as the beetles, German cockroaches crickets, house flies, spiders, ticks, earwigs, fleas, wasps, and more. It can be used for giving a trench treatment on the lawns, around foundations, wooden piles, outside buildings, and fences. One use guarantees for up to five years from a bug-free home.

How to use:

  1. Using a sprinkler and add 3.2 oz. to 1 gallon of water for every 2.5 linear feet.
  2. Apply the weakened arrangement in the trench at a rate of 4 gallons for every 10 square feet for every foot of profundity. Apply half volume of the weakened item with a sprinkling can result in the trench.
  3. Apply another half to the inlay as the trench is refilled.


  • An affordable way to ward off Rove Beetle
  • A strong odor of naphthalene is also effective in repelling other pests like rats, skunks, and other critters


  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to fight the strong ‘distinct’ odor

2 Pure Cold Pressed ORANGE OIL Concentrate – 32 oz (D-Limonene)

Last update on 2019-06-20

Chilly Pressed Orange Oil is a sustenance item that is extracted from the citrus peel amid juice extraction. No chemical or environment harmful product is utilized amid this extraction subsequently saving the honesty of the oil. This oil is a fixing in organic product flavors, botanical aroma mixes and an assortment of family cleaning and cultivating items. Chilly Pressed Orange Oil contains more than 90% D-Limonene. D-Limonene is an exceptionally powerful biodegradable dissolvable and degreaser, which is extracted from the peel of oranges. It is 100% natural and non-harmful. Because of its alluring citrus smell, adaptability, and perceived as protected by the FDA, it very well may be utilized securely and adequately in an extensive variety of items.

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  • On pack contains 32oz which is more than enough to clean off every corner of your house
  • The smell of these repellent being compared to the other repellents such as the lavender, cold pressed orange oil is more pleasant smelling


  • Doesn’t kill the Rove Beetle and pests as after some time, these crawlies get used to the scent

3 Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Repellent Control 2018

Last update on 2019-06-20

Have you at any point utilized a fly swatter or a bug critic or perhaps any other wearable pest repellent to dismiss creepy crawlies?

You can bid adieu to them, with a natural, without poison and genuinely effective arrangement; The savvy gadget guarantees to keep flying and other slithering guests out.  Just fitting it and turn on power; LED Bulb light will turn on and will begin discharging ultrasound waves that this crawlies find fantastically irritating and can’t withstand; After that, they leave and never return! Ultrasound sonar convenient AC controlled smaller than a normal machine with a night light – this fantastic sonar product can spread its irritating sound for 2200 sq. Ft. Area.


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  • They are pre-baited
  • long lasting
  • The sonar is sturdy and robust and can remove many pests
  • It can be used around children and pets without causing them any damage


  • There have been some issues regarding the sound which some users claim as it is not strong enough to attract the critters

4 Advance Termite Bait Cartridge II (6 pack) 

Last update on 2019-06-20

Is it time for you to refill your bug and beetle killing weapon? Then look no further than this which is one of the most effective bug attractor and killer that you will get in the market. The cartridge exhumes a fragrance which attracts the preys towards the killer.


  • Effective in getting rid of Rove Beetle
  • Pheromone attractant is already in the glue; you don’t need any food as bait
  • Has more than one design to choose from
  • It helps stop the cycle of cross-contamination of your food, thereby preventing future infestation


  • These traps are only effective in killing adult Rove Beetle, and you still have to look out for eggs and larva

5 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller | Ultrasonic & Ultrasound Pest Repellent

Last update on 2019-06-20

Successful against all nuisances: Moth, Mole, Mouse, Rat, Mosquitoes, Lizard, Gnat, Rabbit, Roaches, Squirrel, Possum and the sky is the limit from there.

– Non-poisonous and Eco-accommodating: natural, compound free, no smell.

– LED nightlight.

– Dual microchip: twofold power, twofold assurance.

– High execution and malty recurrence ultrasonic waves.

– Effective inclusion zone: up to 1200 sq. Ft. Per unit.

– Easy to introduce, no settings are required.


  • It catches a variety of species of Rove Beetle
  • It works over long periods
  • It can be used for hanging in the air as well as on the ground
  • It is not toxic


  • The main issue of this product is its design which needs to be carefully hanged for getting the desired result.

6 Talstar Pro Termiticide Insecticide Bottles 16 oz.

Last update on 2018-11-29

Talstar Professional Insecticide from FMC which have Bifenthrin 7.9% as the primary ingredient of its composition is one of the most popular insecticides that you will get in the market. It is safe, eco-friendly and cost-effective as it can be used for pest control as well as in termite treatment Pros:

  • Extremely effective in keeping the closet, drawers, storerooms, etc. moth free
  • You can also use this cedar moth repellent kit to keep the outdoor utility cabinets critter free
  • The aroma of cedar essential oil soothes the indoor environment


  • The scent appears to dissipate over time
  • Do not apply thee chemicals on to delicate fabrics like velvet, silk as they could easily be snagged

Identifying a Rove Beetle

The most common infestation ground of these Rove Beetles are the moist places as it is the preferable ground of these bugs to lay their eggs. It has more than 45000 species of it spread all across the globe. Being such a widely diverse species, the exact way to identify one of these beetles when you see is hard to tell as each species have its characteristics. But, there are some common characteristics which all the species possesses. The most commonly found features of rove beetles are:

  • Short front wings: These give a perception of being them a poor flier, but they are very tricky. When needed, the pull out their long wings which remains hidden under the short wings and fly off swiftly.
  • Large Heads: Another common identifiable feature of the rove beetles is their large head and their prominent eyes. They have long bodies which look similar earwigs after the pincers are removed. Most of the rove beetles come in black, grey and brown color. Some of these rove beetles even have grey markings under their abdomen.

Are They Harmful to Humans?

Identifying a Rove Beetle

Though these rove beetles can’t bite or sting these beetles, carry strong toxins in their blood which is known as pederin which can cause great irritation if they come in contact with the skin or eyes. By any chance, if you or your little one have stepped onto and crushed these beetles, they will relive these toxins which will come in contact with your skin which can lead to irritation and even blisters which stays for around 10-15 days. Coming in contact with the toxic fluid of this Rove Beetle can even lead to conjunctivitis and severe rash or dermatitis. The initial symptoms of infection include the appearance of the red patch on the surface of the skin followed by a burning sensation, itching, and painful irritation. These toxins can spread to the other parts of the body too. So, these Rove Beetles are harmful to a human when they come in direct contact.

How to Protect Yourself from These Rove Beetles?

The best way to brace you from the harmful chemicals of these rove beetles is to avoid getting in contact with these beetles. If you find a beetle on your skin, then wash or blow off these beetles from the skin. If you believe that there is an infestation of these beetles, then wear a long sleeve to minimize the exposure of skin.

Monitoring the Infestation of Rove Beetles

If you want to have control over the infestation of these rove beetles, the first and foremost things that you will need to monitor is the life cycle of these beetles. Once these rove beetles have infested any moist part of your house, the first things that they will do are start laying eggs. The females have a cream or white-colored eggs which comes in a variety of sizes such as round, pear-shaped and the most common place they lay their eggs is near to a food source which usually are rotten wood, soil or the plant matters. Since these eggs of these beetle are too small to catch a glimpse of easily, one needs to check minutely for the presence of any such larvae. The larvae of a rove beetle are usually flat and are placed under the leaves or the soil. With a whitish body and brownish heads, it is quite easy to identify one. The Pupa on the other hands has an appearance which can range from whitish to yellowish. They have three pairs of long legs and a segmented abdomen along with a visible antenna. The pupation usually occurs in the debris of the decomposing plants or the soil. But once these beetles grow into an adult, they become highly active. They are night predators and are an excellent hunter in both larvae and adult form. The most common diet of these beetles includes butterflies, bees, bark beetles, aphids, mosquitoes, and mites. These beetles range from anywhere between small to midsized insects, but there are also some large species which have the capability to hunt a caterpillar, snails, and slugs. Some other species of these Rove Beetle lives on carcass or dung where the feats on maggots.

Once you have identified that there is an infestation of rove beetle in your house, the best things that you can do to eliminate these beetles are

Eradicate the Infestation Source

Eradicate the Infestation Source

Rove Beetles infest your house when you an infected plant or soil in your home. Thoroughly check the plants to find out which plant is infested as well as check for other plants and soils too for infestation.

  • A Thorough Cleaning of the Affected Part

Cleaning is essential, and there is no limit on how thoroughly you need to clean your house. You will need to-

  • Eradicate and dispose the diseased plant
  • Check all the moist surfaces
  • Dispose anything that is moist. The Rove Beetles will lay their eggs in corner, which includes the underside of the leaves. If you are tired after failing to remove the infestation from the infected side, then the best thing you can do is throw away the source.
  • Choose all the plants and soil and inspect all the cracks and the corners by utilizing a toothpick or a pin to check for the presence of any larvae or eggs.
  • Carefully wash the inner side of the cupboards or the pantry using a solution made of soap water followed by a thinned bleach solution.
  • Wipe the external of the defers, pantry and cabinets with a fusion of peppermint oil, water and white vinegar kill eggs and deprive the Rove Beetle.
  • If you have an adjustable shelf, then it is highly recommended to use a needle or some toothpick to check out those little holes. It is one of the best ground for the Rove Beetle to lay eggs.
  • If you have utilized a vacuum cleaner lately for house cleaning while the infestation, make sure that you swap the bag immediately and carefully clean the vacuum.
  • Clean your trash bin using a sterilizer or chemical.
  • Treat Suspect Food

If you suspect that any of the plant or soil is infected or any other moist part of your house is turning into a breeding ground for this termites, you need to immediately thoroughly clean the area with ant termite solutions or soap water or any other solutions that will kill the termites and prevent its growth,

  • Minimize Light in the Affected Parts

If you have located the main infestation ground of these termites, then the first thing that you need to do is minimize light in that area during the night which will kill the larvae.

  • KeepYour Calm

In case the Rove beetle infestation is serious, then it can take several months to get cleared of the larvae, eggs, and Rove Beetle around your house. In case you have restocked your storeroom, wait for some time and periodically examine the area.

Building Barrier for any Further Infestation of the Rove Beetles in Future

  • The best way to keep these termites out of your cabinets is, and inside the cabinets for determining any infestation of these beetles in the earliest stage as the earlier you can detect them, the easier will be for you to control.


The infestation of Rove Beetle is not as harmful alike the other termites. They help to maintain the garden by killing the pest and other small insects which can cause havoc to your garden. But, despite being a harmless beetle as they cannot sting or bite, but they do possess toxin chemicals inside their body which when come in to contact with direct skin can result to blisters or painful rashes which stay for several days.

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