How to Get Rid of Crows(in Attic, Yard ,and Balcony)

Crows are the black, jet birds everyone is familiar with. The most common bird is found in all sorts of habitat. These birds are present worldwide in all the continents except Antarctica and some areas of South America. They are the most stubborn and clever birds to deal with. They produce loud and hoarse voices. Their nesting period lasts for up to 35-40 days. Young crows help the mating pairs in protecting the nest and feeding their little crows (new ones). Crow roosts in high numbers are increasing from hundreds to thousands when they are in their nonbreeding phase especially in winters. They usually gather around places with huge food sources and dumped garbage. They are omnivorous by nature and feed on almost everything like nuts, leftover food stuff, small insects and other birds. They live in open places where they can settle on trees and have an ample supply of food.

Issue with CrowsBlack crow with big opened mouth

  • Crows are highly damaging to your crops especially seedlings of corns.
  • They can grab the chicks from the bird’s nest and feed on them.
  • These creatures damage your household stuff and your cars in open space parking lots.
  • They can cause severe diseases like encephalitis (an inflammation of the nervous system), causing drowsiness, headache, and fever which ultimately leads to coma and further death or other respiratory diseases through their feces.
  • Their droppings can encourage the growth of histoplasmosis fungus in the soil which leads to the diseases in people working in places which have an accumulation of these droppings.
  • West Nile virus was also found to be associated with crows when such a crow was infected very few of them survived, and most of them were found dead. People thought that it could spread to humans through a crow but studies were carried out and it was concluded that this virus spreads through mosquito bites which have previously bitten an infected bird.

3 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Crows

1. Creating an Unfavorable Space

How to get rid of birds
  • Removal of Food Resources: By removing food and water resources.
  • Trapping and Removing: By keeping the bird’s seeds in a pot and making them used to it. And after sometime keep the same pot in homemade crow trap to catch them.
  • Block Access to Areas: Repairing the cracks or holes in walls or broken windows.
  • Dump the Garbage: Throw trash in a tightly sealed container as crows can easily tear up the plastic bags. Try to keep them as sealed and intact as possible and keep them out of their sight especially in the daytime as they stopover the garbage.
  • Usage of Flexible Bird Nets: Protect your gardens by flexible bird nets so that small birds can easily eat insects and your garden can be protected from large birds.
  • Installation of Bird Feeders: Install bird feeders which can feed small birds and can easily detect the large weight birds and prevent them from eating it.
  • Install Nest Boxes: Put nest boxes of small sizes so that you provide a place for smaller birds access and where crows cannot feed on hatchlings. Remove the ledge or perch so that crows cannot stand by and peep their heads.

2. Eliminate Nesting Areas

  • Trimming Down Branches: Trim down the dead branches of trees to prevent the crows from roosting upon them.
  • Bird Spikes: Bird spikes in the form of strips or bunches can be installed on roof or fence lines to prevent the crows from standing near the property. They are the most successful barrier to the huge open fields against birds. They are made up of stainless steel or polycarbonate and are also named as mechanical repellents or roost stoppers.
  • Bird Gels: Bird gels can be used. These gels contain non-toxic, sticky, transparent substance which prevents the crows from roosting or establishing their nesting sites. They are invisible to the birds and prevent them from landing on surfaces like window sills, beams, statues or ledges.
  • Reduction of Lights: Try to reduce the outdoor lights as much as possible as crows are attracted to wide lightening areas.
  • Disrupt Their Arrivals: Disrupt their arrivals in early winters and usually before dusk so they cannot choose their roosting place.
  • Bird Netting: Bird netting can be installed in wide open spaces. It works in the form of bird pest The netting comes in various sizes and shapes. It helps in protecting crop, buildings and fish protection. It’s an immediate solution which acts as a barrier to large birds like crows.

    Objects to scare crows away

3. Scarring Away Crows

  • Fake Animals: String fake owls, fake snakes or fake dead crows upside down to deter crows. These are referred to as effigies.
  • Laser Lights: Laser lights can be used to deter the crows from roosting.
  • Shiny/Reflective Objects: Add reflective or shiny objects around your property like aluminum tins, old CDS from your hardware store or shiny bird tapes which act as a visual deterrent for the crows.
  • Scary Sounds: Make loud sounds by banging the pot, yelling loudly or clapping hands.
  • Fashion Tools: Make scarecrows in brightly colored dresses using your fashion tools.
  • Fluttering Sounds: String up some blank CDS or tins and let them flutter in the wind and make some loud noises to scare them

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Control Strategy: How to Repel Crows without Bothering Humans

There are limited but effective new skills to repel crows without bothering humans in a silent to human but effective to crow:

  • Balcony guard is an electronic device simply installed It protects you from the annoying crows and disturbance of other birds.
  • Ultrason X is a 4-Speaker system and covers huge It produces high volume ultrasonic alarming sounds which are used to irritate the crows and other birds.
  • Bird pests are friendly to human, safe to use and which do not pose an adverse impact on the society, for example, BIRD-X.
  • Taste aversions are in the form of a liquid like bird stop or for the birds. They are harmless to humans and acts as an invisible barrier to irritate the crow’s trigeminal system. They reduce the health risks along with it decreases the nuisance for the society.

4 Best Selling Detterents You Can Trust

1. Holographic Reflective Bird Deterrent Repeller

Holographic Reflective Bird Deterrent Repeller

It comes in few forms like holographic bird scare guardian owl; holographic repel strips or holographic bird tapes. It is naturally effective and easy to install in open spaces like gardens, orchards, yards whichever area needs protection. All these perform the same function of creating flashlights and making irritating loud, sharp sounds acting as a repellant for crows. They deter the crows by using all their senses:

  • Visual scare: scaring the crows by changing reflections of the materials around the property.
  • Sound scare: irritating the crows by making fierce metallic sounds.
  • Physical deterrent: blocking the pathway for birds physically.

These are referred to as pyrotechnics.

2. Natural Enemy Scarecrow Rotating Head Owl

It is an efficient device which is used for scaring birds by rotating its bob with the breeze and acting as a presence in anyone’s garden, yards. It works on solar cells and the wind. The device is proved to be as an effective repellent for crows.

3. Visual Scare Feather Scarecrow

It also works as an excellent deterrent for crows when hanged upside down and also for other small birds when hanging right side up. It mimics the natural ones as they are made up of real feathers and is completely indistinguishable especially under sunlight.

4. Bird B Gone Bird Chase Super Sonic Bird Deterrent

It records the distressful predator sounds in large volumes in an ultrasonic form which are broadcasted in every ten minutes to repel the birds. It can be easily installed in the major open spaces like courtyards, backyards, golf course. It scares the crows away and acts as an efficient ultrasonic crow repellent.

How to Achieve Success in Crow Control EffectsCrow on traffic lights and old town in Bangkok

Synergistic Approach

There are different methods which are preferred by various individuals and vary from person to person. But we have to be very careful in achieving our success after attempting proper bird control strategy. We need to be synergistic in approach that is we are supposed to handle things in an integrated manner using ultrasonic, visual scares, loud scary sounds, bird gels and electronic devices. As crows are brilliant species, so we need to handle them in all aggressive forms. Last option which can be considered is to blow them away if it’s legal in your country.


Crows are noisy and troublesome birds. They are the common birds found everywhere in every habitat especially roosting on fruit trees, corn fields, open areas like a golf course, backyards, parking lots and garbage dumps. Getting rid of these creatures is a tough ask, but with time many new approaches are available to deal with these nuisance creatures.

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