Top 6 Best Fruit Fly Traps of 2019

If you have fruit flies or gnats flying around your home, you know just how obnoxious these flies can be. Fruit flies tend to swam the moment your bananas go bad on the countertop, and unless you use the best fruit fly trap or best fruit fly killer, they will stay in your home until all of the fruit is gone – and several days after.

The good news is that you can use a gnat trap as a fruit fly trap, so if you’re dealing with any of these pests, one trap type will suffice.

Fruit flies have a rapid life cycle where they can produce offspring in 10 to 12 days, yet these flies die rapidly, too.

If you want to be able to get rid of your fruit fly problem, the products we use below will kill fruit flies fast.

Top Pick: Garsum Sticky Trap

Garsum Sticky Trap ReviewGarsum stick trap is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and it’s also the best gnat killer, fly killer and mosquito killer. This product is disposable, and it’s a form of natural pest control that has no vapors or odors to worry about.

You can also place this product in your garden or flower pots thanks to the butterfly-shaped design.


  • Multiple piece product
  • Natural pest control that meets organic standards
  • Works on all flying pests

Top 6 Best Fruit Fly Traps

Garsum Sticky Trap
  • FEATURESMultiple pack options
    Glue is UV and water resistant
Trappify Sticky Trap
  • FEATURES Double-sided design
    keeps flies stuck in the trap
    Works on a variety of flying pests
Terro Fruit Fly Trap
  • FEATURESAttractive design
    Fits in with any kitchen decor
    Lasts for 30 days or more

1. Garsum Sticky Trap Review

Garsum Sticky Trap ReviewGarsum’s sticky traps are affordable and effective. This is our top pick for a reason: these traps really work. The traps come in packs of 12, 24 or 48, and they offer a form of natural pest control. The traps are bright yellow in color, and the glue is designed to draw flying insects to the trap.

You’ll find that the traps emit no vapors or smells, and they are shaped like butterflies or flowers.

If you place these traps in planters or a garden, no one will be able to tell the difference. Easy-to-use, all you need to do to get started with these traps is:

  • Peel off the glue covering
  • Place in your desired location

Safe, you can confidently use these traps in your kitchen or even in an organic garden. The glue is water-resistant and UV resistant, so there’s no need to worry about them becoming ineffective when left out in the rain.

Each pack also includes a digging tool to help you easily place your traps.

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  • Multiple pack options to allow for full home coverage
  • Glue is UV and water resistant
  • Organic so no need to worry about cat, dog or child safety
  • Bottom would benefit from a stick or stake

Garsum’s trap works, and the one minor complaint that I do have is that when using this trap, the company’s product would benefit from having a stick or stake attached. The stake would make it much easier to place the trap in the ground.

A simple method when trying to place the trap that I found was to use a magnetic clip. You can attach the clip to a stove’s range or other metal component in your home.


2. Trappify Sticky Trap Review

Trappify Sticky Trap ReviewTrappify’s stick trap is also an easy-to-use product, and it’s very similar to the last product that we reviewed. This package comes in a 25-pack, and it is a disposable glue trap. You can use this trap to catch the majority of flying bugs, including:

  • Gnats
  • White flies
  • Mosquitos
  • Fruit flies

You’ll also find these double-side traps in a 12-pack, but for a serious infestation, the more traps the better. All you need to do to begin using this trap is to remove the trap from the stack and place it in a key location.

The majority of users will place the trap in a:

  • Garden
  • Houseplant
  • Kitchen

What makes this trap different is that it comes with a bendable, green hook that allows you to easily hang the trap on plants or other items.

The extra-strong adhesive will capture even large pests, and you’ll find that this product is pesticide-free. The traps also come in a cute butterfly design, and they can be used indoors or outdoors.

Pets are 100% safe around these traps, too.

Upgraded, these traps are water-resistant and UV resistant, so you can leave them outside over the long-term to catch flying pests.

  • Double-sided design catches more fruit flies
  • Strong adhesive keeps flies stuck in the trap
  • Works on a variety of flying pests
  • Glue gets stuck to your hands

One small complaint that I have with these fruit fly traps is that the glue will get stuck to your hands when using them. It takes quite a bit of washing and scrubbing to remove the glue. If the glue does bother you, I recommend trying gnat spray or fruit fly spray which are both contact killers.


3. Katchy Indoor Insect Trap Review

Katchy Indoor Insect Trap ReviewKatchy’s indoor insect trap is different than the glue traps we reviewed earlier. This trap is designed to use UV light to attract fruit flies. When the flies are attracted to the light, they will go above a fan that pulls the insects into a sticky glue board that they cannot escape.

The unit offers triple trapping power, and it is 100% safe to use around kids and pets.

The trap is non-toxic and odorless. You can place this trap anywhere:

  • Bedrooms
  • Garages
  • Offices
  • Picnic areas
  • Kitchens

Plug the unit into the wall to operate the fan, or if you want to avoid having to use a wall socket,you can attach a power bank to the unit. Even a USB power source will suffice.

When using this trap, keep in mind that it works best when it is used in a closed, dark area.

One single trap will suffice for a 320 square foot area. The UV wavelengths are 365 nm to 395 nm. The company is so confident that you’ll love their product that they offer a one-year refund if it isn’t effective.

You also have the option to put the unit into “automatic” mode which will go on when flies are around.

  • Fan offer higher fruit fly elimination
  • Automatic and manual mode options
  • Comes with multiple glue pads to get started
  • Less effective at killing gnats

If you’re using this trap primarily to get rid of fungus gnats, you’ll be disappointed. The trap works well with a lot of flying pests and fruit flies, but for some reason it is less effective at capturing gnats.


4. T Box Fruit Fly Trap Review

T Box Fruit Fly Trap,Gnat Trap IndoorT Box’s fruit fly trap is a newer product, but it’s a product that is highly effective. The trap comes in a 10-pack, and it’s designed specifically to capture fruit flies and gnats. You’ll find that a fruit fly attractant has been added to the trap to attract fruit flies to the glue,

Non-toxic, you can use this trap in commercial spaces or even in a restaurant without fear of getting your patrons sick.

All you need to do to use this trap is:

  • Remove it from the packaging
  • Place the trap on a stable surface

When you’ve eliminated all of your fruit flies, you can discard of the trap. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and the trap can be used indoors or outdoors.

Customer service is very fast to respond to questions or concerns.

This trap is not effective against flies or other pests, and the manufacturer clearly states this on the product’s packaging. Efficient and not polluting, the trap is very strong, so you’ll want to keep it away from areas where birds or other wildlife may come in contact with the trap.

If you want to make the trap even more appealing, the manufacturer recommends that you use food to attract your flies.

Even a dab of honey or maple syrup will be more than enough to attract fruit flies. The food can be placed in the middle of the trap to offer the best trapping surface possible.

  • Comes with an attractant
  • Highly effective at killing gnats and fruit flies
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Doesn’t work well for other flying pests

The manufacturer claims that this product doesn’t work for capturing other flying pests, and this is not 100% true. The glue is very strong, and it’s recommended that the trap not be placed in an area where birds may land on it.

But the problem is that the attractant has been specially formulated to attract fruit flies.

If a traditional house fly or other flying pests lands on the trap, it will get stuck in the glue.


5. Kensizer Yellow Sticky Trap Review

Kensizer Yellow Sticky Trap ReviewKensizer offers a dual-sided sticky trap that comes in a yellow color and spans 6” x 8” in dimensions. The trap comes with twist ties, and it works extremely well to capture a variety of flying insects, including:

  • Gnats
  • Whiteflies
  • Fruit flies
  • Aphids
  • Thrips

Most flying insects will get caught in these traps, and you’ll have more than enough traps thanks to the 10, 20 and 30 pack options. Flying insects are proven to be attracted to the trap’s yellow color, and eco-friendly materials ensure that the trap is friendly to use in gardens, near pets or even in the kitchen.

The trap is not designed to trap mosquitos, and the trap can be used indoors or outdoors.

According to the product’s guidelines, you can place traps every 25 square feet for the best results. You’ll want to use these traps early in the season to catch any adult pests before they have a chance to multiply.

The traps work well to reduce the current insect population, but the traps are not designed to kill off an entire population. If the adhesive touches your skin, you can use vegetable oil to remove it.

While the product states that the product will not work for fruit flies, a lot of users claim it has been the best product they’ve used to kill fruit flies. Any flying bug that comes in contact with this adhesive will have no means of escape.

  • Large surface area to capture more insects
  • Multiple trap pack for large infestations
  • Dual-sided for better capturing power
  • Does not contain an attractant

My one complaint with this product is that it does not contain an attractant. The presence of an attractant would make this product attract more flying pests and kill them in the process. If you use a trap with an attractant, you’ll find that it works much better to attract flies to the adhesive.

But with that said, the adhesive is very powerful and will keep any flying bugs that land on it stuck in place.


6. Terro Fruit Fly Trap Review

Terro Fruit Fly Trap ReviewTerro’s fruit fly trap comes with a two-pack or two, so there are four traps in total. The trap is designed to safely eliminate fruit flies so that once they enter the trap, they’re unable to leave and multiple.

Fast-acting, the trap is non-toxic and lasts for 30 days.

When placing this trap, it’s best to leave it near breeding areas where it will not be disturbed. Shaped like an apple, this trap can be placed inside of a kitchen without your guests or anyone else noticing what the trap actually does.

The trap cannot be shipped to New Mexico or South Dakota, but it can be shipped anywhere else. Terro incorporates a food-based liquid lure into the trap’s design to attract more fruit flies into the trap so that they can get trapped and die.

Once the fly enters the trap, they will not be able to escape

  • Attractive design to attract fruit flies
  • Fits in with any kitchen decor
  • Lasts for 30 days or more
  • Loses effectiveness in 2 – 3 weeks

Terro’s trap works well, but it does begin to lose its effectiveness rather quickly. You’ll find that the trap is less effective in two or three weeks than when you first placed the trap. This may be an issue with how long the trap has stayed on the shelves, but it’s difficult to say for sure why the trap is less effective than competing models after a few weeks.


Top 6 Best Fruit Fly Traps of 2019

If you have fruit flies or gnats flying around your home, you know just how obnoxious these flies can be. Fruit flies tend to swam the moment your bananas

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