10 Best Indoor Bug Zapper Reviews (Feb 2019, Updated)

At the end of a hard day’s work, most of us just want to come home, relax and then get a good night’s rest, ready to face a new day again. But often we are deprived of a good night rest because we are faced with visitors from the insect kingdom – bugs and insects of every type you can imagine come out at night and give us a hard time. It can be downright gross if we are entertaining our friends and a fly or something similar lands in the icing on our cake! Our sleep can be disturbed by the buzz of mosquitos, and worse to even contemplate, bed bugs!

We need to look out for indoor bug zappers for the home, ones that zap these pests that cause us sleepless nights with their incessant buzzing around. Some are even targeting us, settling on our skin, causing itching. Some are even carriers of disease.

If you want to get a bug zapper to control bugs in your home, then don’t go and buy an outdoor zapper, if you like the look of it. If you need one for the indoors, then you must select an indoor bug zapper. Each one is designed for indoor or outdoor use. There are simply heaps of products available on the market and they all lay claim to being the best on the market. But actually, there are only a few that really do what they say and we are going to some of these for you. Take your pick:

Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect KillerBest Insect Killer
  • FEATURESPowerful insect control
    Simple installation
Eliminator Electronic Fly and Bug ZapperBest Fly and Bug Zapper
  • FEATURESHygiene & safe
    Large area coverage
    Chemical & odor free
Pest Sentry 20 Watt Electronic Bug ZapperBest Electronic Bug Zapper
  • FEATURESModern design
    Extra long power cable
    Long life and durability

10 Best Indoor Bug Zapper Reviews

1. Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

This brand comes from North America, an excellent brand with much knowledge in the control of pests. It is the reason why their indoor bug zapper is so popular to users.It comes with ultraviolet bulbs. These attract all kinds of insects, which when they make contact with the electronic grid, die on the spot.

It comes with a protective guard too, which will prevent people or pets from touching it, making it safe for people and pets, but not for bugs.

Dead bugs die and end up in the trap which you just have to empty out. This is all the maintenance needed, because the electric grid is self-cleaning.

You can hang it up with its wire chain or you can put it on a table.

You do need to change the ultra violet bulbs though, 2 of them, because they have a limited life span. So when you buy your zapper, throw in a couple of extra bulbs as well. They’re not expensive.

This zapper is also chemical-free, and it’s just perfect for indoor use. People love using it in their kitchens, at the office, in hospitals and restaurants too.

It has quite a buzzing kind of electricity noise.


2. Eliminator Electronic Fly and Bug Zapper – Best Option in 2019

Eliminator Electronic Fly and Bug Zapper

What you get here is an electronic device that is pretty powerful. It attracts insects which die instantly when they come into contact with the metal grid provided. This is an electrically charged metal grid.

You can wall mount this zapper, thereby keeping it out of reach of pets and children.

It works around the clock – during the night and day.

It has a tray where the dead bugs end up which is easily removable for cleaning and getting rid of the dead bugs. The electric grid doesn’t get clogged up either.

This zapper is also odour and chemical free with no maintenance required. You just plug it in and leave it to do the rest.

It needs two 10-watt UV bulbs which you replace when necessary.

Even though it is an indoor zapper, it actually works well outdoors as well and it is effective enough to work in an area as big as 5000 sq. ft.

3. Pest Sentry 20 Watt Electronic Bug Zapper

Pest Sentry 20 Watt Electronic Bug Zapper

The manufactures of this great bug zapper are Jubilee Coast International. Being an international company, they sell their effective killers all over the world, meant for commercial and home use. The manufacturers especially focus on manufacturing and distributing insect repellent and killing devices in order to keep your homes, backyard, and garden free of different pests, mosquitoes, and bugs.

Their indoor zapper is made from high-quality materials, made to last long.

It comes with a protective outer covering which offers safety for animals and humans.

It is very easy to maintain as well. The pests end up dead in the removal tray which is washable, easy to take out and put back.

One ‘con’ might be that the light bulbs seem to need to be changed quite often, but apart from that, it does the trick, killing insects immediately as they make contact.

There are no chemical or toxins associated with this product and no nasty smells.

It is simply just easy to set up, and it’s just a pity that with its lovely modern design it is only fit for indoor use.

It does have a slight buzzing sound as well and you can only get in the one color which is black.


4. Hoont Powerful Indoor Electric Bug Zapper – 20 Watt

 Hoont Powerful Indoor Electric Bug Zapper – 20 Watt

Hoont is the manufacturer of this very capable bug zapper, able to deal with areas up to around 6000 sq. ft. Hoost’s main aim is to offer outdoor lighting and also their insect killing products. No matter what you looking for in that line, they no doubt will have what you’re looking for.

It is ideal for indoors, coming with a chain making it easy to hang up on the wall.

The Hoost zapper comes with 2 high-voltage ultra-violet bulbs. These attract the bugs to it and once lured there, the high volt electrical charge kicks in, killing the bugs immediately. This product is safe for children and animals because you can hang it out of their reach. It cannot kill humans and animals but it can leave you with a nasty burn.

People love it because it is so easy to maintain. It’s got the washable removable tray where the dead insects will fall, until you remove them. Even the electric grid is easy to be cleaned, with no clogging or contamination. A word of caution though, be carefully when changing the bulbs or when cleaning the zapper. It should be switched off at least for an hour before cleaning. You don’t want to get burnt.

It sure is a great investment though, keeping your home free from pests while you are enjoying life – it’s the reason it is sought after because it’s used in schools, hospitals, restraint and the like. There are no toxins or chemicals to deal with, it’s easy to set up and it can stay plugged in around the clock.

Comes in black and white.

5. Aouber Electronic Insect Killer

Aouber Electronic Insect Killer

  • A very compact device, this ranks as a highly popular indoor insect zapper, coming in at just 3.9×2.55×2.75 inches. So easy to carry, compact enough to take with you on your travels; pack it in your suitcase.
  • This nifty little insect killer contains no chemicals for use.

It has LED lights which attract the bugs, killing them instantly, in its strong, silent way.


6. PestZilla™ Robust UV Electronic Bug Zapper

PestZilla™ Robust UV Electronic Bug ZapperPestZilla is a great protection from all kinds of flies and bugs that wander around your indoor space. It has an electrically powered metal grid that attracts bugs and eliminates them instantly, producing a zapping sound.

It is very powerful and able to cover spaces that are up to 6,000 square feet in surface. The UV bulbs attract insects to the device, so you don’t have to use chemicals to get rid of them. This is a safe and fast way to get rid of various bugs.

It is suitable for homes, kitchens, schools and hospitals, or any other space that needs effective pest control, including commercial and industrial use.

Some bugs are simply too big and walk away stunned, while the others are too small and manage to get in between the grids unharmed.


 7 .VIVREAL Bug Zapper

VIVREAL Bug Zapper

This device uses blue light to attract and send all kinds of insects to their death, thanks to the high voltage of its metal grid. You can use it any time of the day or night to get rid of insects such as mosquitoes and flies.

It contains no chemicals, sprays, scents, or any other feature that can be harmful for you and your family. On top of that, it has a very clever design, featuring a drawer-style collection tray, which allows the easy and fast cleaning of the device.

This device uses light bulbs that are not standardized, so you may experience some issues when trying to replace them.


8.Fenvella 2018 Newest Indoor Bug Zapper

Fenvella 2018 Newest Indoor Bug Zapper

This bug zapper also utilizes the power of UV light to attract and kill various insects. It produces a minimum amount of noise, so you can rest without any interruption. The maintenance is easy, thanks to the removable collection tray at the bottom of the device.

Also, replacing the bulbs is effortless as well, as it requires no special tools. It has a stable 360-degree coverage and spreads its light in all four directions.

This means that it will work great in your home and office, but it is also suitable for larger areas such as schools, restaurants, hotels and hospitals. It can stay on the ground or you can hang it on your wall.

Be careful though, as the tray tends to be loose and may fall out once the device is hanged.


9.Elivern UV Insect Killer

Elivern UV Insect Killer

This is a lantern-like bug zapper that is made of advanced and strong materials. They are also fire-resistant, which makes this device safe and durable. Flying insects are attracted to the bright light it emits and are instantly killed by the built-in electric element.

There are no chemicals involved, which makes it safe to use around children and pets. It is an ecological and economical solution to keep your home bug-free.

This zapper should be hanged around 1.2m above the floor for the most effective coverage. Although it looks like a lantern, it is suitable for indoor use only.


10.Fomei Mosquito Killer Bug Zapper

Fomei Mosquito Killer Bug Zapper

This mosquito killer attracts them by spreading black light in all directions. It comes with a hook on top so that you can easily hang it wherever you like. It operates quietly and won’t interfere with your resting time.

This is an extremely safe device, as it contains no harmful chemicals and has a ring wall to protect your family and pets. However, the power cord is rather short and the device should be hanged above ground for maximum protection.


How Does Bug Zapper Work?

Bug zappers are electronic devices specially-designed to attract and kill various types of flying insects. They were first introduced to the market in the 1930’s.

Since then, the design has been improved to become more user-friendly, although the principle and method of killing bugs remained the same. Every bug zapper consists of the housing, light bulbs, wire grids or screens and a transformer.

Many of them also come with a removable tray to collect the insects, which makes maintenance fast and easy. The exterior housing is usually made of plastic, sometimes metal.

The materials used are usually carefully selected to be fire-resistant, durable and completely free of harmful chemicals. It defies the shape of the device, which may be a cylinder, big cube, or may resemble a traditional lantern.

The exterior also offers protection, so your children and pets won’t be harmed if they try to reach for the grid inside of the device. The light bulbs are fluorescent and are the main part of the bug zapper, which attracts insects by the mercury, neon, or ultraviolet light.

Insects see this light much better than the part of the spectrum that is visible to us and feel the irresistible need to come closer to the device. The transformer takes the 120V electricity from the plug and amplifies it until the charge in the grids and meshes reaches at least 2,000V.

As there is a small gap between them, it completes the circuit when the insect reaches this space. The powerful charge runs through its body and the bug is killed instantly. These devices are so powerful that they are able to kill up to 10,000 bugs a night.

They then fall to the bottom of the zapper, which is also important as it keeps your home clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner or simply remove the tray from the bottom to get rid of last night’s catch. After that, your device is nice and ready for another round.

How to Choose the Best Indoor Zapper

Figure Out What You Are Looking for

First of all, figure out which types of insects you are facing with. Do some research on the characteristics of the area you are spending your time in and purchase a device accordingly. You have to remember that not every insect will be attracted by the UV light.

On the other hand, some insects may be just too big or too small for the device. This is something you should keep in mind as well before you place your purchase. Next, you should find the design that is right for you.

The main thing is to go for a device made out of durable materials that are not prone to damage and are not coated with chemicals that can be harmful for your health.

Because the bug zapper will go inside of your house, office, or will be a part of some other interior, it is also very important that you choose a design that will fit nicely into the space.

Depending on the regional properties, a determining factor for your purchase may also be the option for the device to run during the day and night with equal efficiency. It is also very important that it won’t cause shorting or that it is not prone to overheating.

This is why it is very important to read online reviews before you make a definite decision.

Think About the Area You Need to Cover

Because different indoor bug zappers range in size and intensity, you really need to think hard about the size of the area you need to cover before you place a purchase.

Some of them direct the light only in one or two directions, while others cover a whole 360-degree range. Also, keep in mind that the higher the wattage of its light bulbs, the bigger the range of the device’s protection.

When you decide on the range you need to cover with efficient bug protection, look into the characteristics of your preferred models. Narrow down your selection and choose the most efficient one.

Look At the Main Features

Power supply is also another determining factor, as various models work on different types of plugs. With that in mind, the most common models are the ones that can be plugged into your regular outlet.

However, there are also other varieties that work on batteries or can be attached to a solar panel. The next thing you should look into is the device’s portability.

Depending on your needs, you might prefer the one that stands on the ground, or a model that can be attached to the walls or the ceiling.

Either way, if you wish to bring the bug zapper on the road with you, look for the lightweight varieties that don’t take up a lot of space, but are as efficient and powerful as the other, more robust models.

Define Your Budget

Decide how much you wish to spend on a bug zapper and look for models that fit your budget range.

Look for the most cost-effective solutions, but keep in mind that the price is usually a good indicator of the product’s quality.

However, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions either and assume that the most expensive device is the best. Always study the features and properties and read online reviews before you buy the device.

In most cases, there is another model with the same or similar characteristics out there. Chances are high that you can find the cheapest solution to your bug problems if you look hard enough.

Consider Additional Features

Sometimes, additional features such as a built-in chemical bug repellent can compensate for the inadequate bug zapping range.

However, be aware that this is not the best solution for indoor use, as these substances can be harmful for your health after a long period of time.

In addition to that, you should look for models that have a protective cover if you have children or pets. This will prevent them from touching the electrically-charged grid and get hurt.


Search for models that are easily cleaned and maintained. They should collect the dead bugs and allow easy access for regular cleaning. On top of that, look for models with standard bulbs that are easy to replace, with no special tools needed.

Electric indoor zappers contain no harmful chemicals

Because insects are to be found everywhere, it is difficult to source products to use that don’t cause any harm to our pets and loved ones. Some of the products have chemicals and toxins in them which is dangerous to the environment apart from animals and humans. That’s why electric indoor bug zappers are so popular, because they are highly efficient and harmless for dealing with pests in the home and at other indoor places.

Most indoor zappers can be used 24/7 to keep homes clear of insects, they are all easily maintainable and don’t require hard work at all to keep them going. Overall, they’re just a good investment if you want something to keep your indoor spaces clear of pests.

Whichever bug zapper tickles your fancy, as long as the bug doesn’t tickle you!

Indoor bug zappers rely on light to attract the insects to their doom. Research goes a bit further these day around insects and their pheromone sensitivity, leading some scientists to suggest incorporating some pheromone emissions into the bug zappers. That means that today’s bug zappers are becoming even more sophisticated. Now you can also look for zappers with some Octanol in them, but these are more for luring in mosquitos. You also get quieter models than others, and some come with timers that are programmable on them. It’s your call. It’s just the lighter way to control pests.

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