8 Best Flea Sprays – Buying Guide & Reviews

Fleas are a big problem in households who have a pet in the house. But people don’t consider the fact that it is not just the pets but us humans too who need complete safety from flea bites and infections. Fleas that seem to strangle the house with their infection and make attacks on pets, children, and adult alike – need to be given attention and gotten rid of as soon as possible.

If you have just become aware of the fact that indeed fleas are a big reason of diseases for us – it is time to find the best flea spray and use them to get rid of the fleas surrounding the house.

These tiny flies that are not really easy to get rid of can be dangerous if left to monger on the house things. With each passing day, they spread infection around the house causing diseases, flu and more.

The market is loaded with a lot of fly repellents, flea killers, and sprays that help in getting rid of the fleas quickly. But finding the best flea spray for a house can be tricky –  so here is our guide to help you!

Vet Kem Pest Spray
  • FEATURESFast acting
    Long lasting
    Water-based formula
Flea and Tick Home Spray
  • FEATURES Stain-free and odorless
    Lasts longer
    Natural ingredients
Zoecon Precor Spray
  • FEATURESWide coverage
    Long lasting
    Can be used anywhere

Top-rated 8 Flea Carpet Sprays Reviews 2019

1. Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus II Premise Pest Spray

Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus II Premise Pest Control Spray, 16-Ounce

Vet Kem is a popular brand with a revolutionary product that has been people’s choice for a long time now. Making use of the water-based fluid that is channelized as an aerosol spray the Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus II premise pest spray is a good aid to fighting with the flea easily. The simple bottle with a nozzle to work as a spray is an easy formula which treats the fleas even at a distance of 2000 feet.

The Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus II premise pest spray is known to be an odorless formula with non-oily or sticky base and absolutely no stains after the usage of the product. Therefore, when one uses the spray around the house they can be carefree about its presence while killing the fleas and even keeping them at bay for longer. This one also has a carpet penetrating formula which makes it easier to get flea out of the dusty things around the house and is quite safe for the pets too!

  • Fast acting
  • Long lasting
  • Water-based formula
  • Has a wide coverage range
  • Not a chemical free formula
  • Can be unsafe for kids

2. Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Pet Spray (Best Flea Spray for Carpet)

Vet's Best Flea and Tick Home Spray | Flea Treatment for Dogs and Home | Flea Killer with Certified Natural Oils | 32 Ounces

Vet’s best flea & tick pet spray is one of the most natural and chemical-free fleas sprays available worldwide. Vet’s best known for its exclusive range of naturally rich products is one of the best brands to rely on when you want to use natural products in the house. Its stain-free formula works best to be used on carpets, floors, pillows, beds, curtains and other areas where fleas seem to attack the most.

Made with natural essential oils like peppermint and eugenol – this has a natural smell that feels great. It is safe for the pets like dogs and cats too. The use of Vet’s best flea & tick pet spray brings about an easy to kill the fleas while making it easy to repel their entrance for as long as 12 weeks. This is an absolutely great option when it comes to finding products that last longer and serve the purpose just right.

  • Stain-free and odorless
  • Lasts longer
  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe to use at home around children and pets
  • Best flea killer for cats
  • Might not be effective to kill other insects or flies
  • Comes in small packages only

3. Honeydew Natural Pet Flea Spray

Honeydew Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin with Pure Citronella Essential Oil

HoneyDew is one brand which makes use of natural ingredients, herbs, and essential oils to develop products that are good for the houses and personal use too. With Honeydew natural pet flea killer Honeydew has brought about a revolutionary product which is not just bestselling but is also a great aromatherapy in the house.

With the essential oils like lemongrass and citronella, the product is known to kill the fleas at once when in contact and repels its oncoming for as long as several weeks. Customers have had a good review of this product with 100% effectiveness giving a non-itchy, non-greasy, stain-free finish that helps keep the house clean and safeguard against any possible rashes or itchiness occurred from the fleas.

  • Gentle and safe formula
  • Natural ingredients like citronella and lemongrass essential oil
  • Good smell and non-greasy use
  • Stain-free
  • Repels the fleas for long
  • Available in small packages only
  • Does not work for other insects

4. Wellmark International Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray

Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray, 16 oz.

Wellmark Internation – a global brand with a vision to end the difficulties of the households bring the Wellmark International Zoecon Precor 2000 plus premise spray as one of the most sought-after and effective flea sprays that meet the ends easily.

The formula that has been derived from the use of permethrin, phenothrin, and bicycleohypetene as its main ingredients is a chemical formula done with a lot of research to suit different uses in the households. Where on one hand it allows the removing/killing of the flea and its species from the house it also repels the incoming of more fleas for a really long time.

The use of adulticides in Wellmark International Zoecon Precor 2000 plus premise spray makes sure there is prevention in the build-up of the fleas for as long as 210 days after just a single use. With a wide spray of about 2000 feet, the Wellmark International Zoecon Precor 2000 plus premise spray offers a coverage on rugs, pillows, curtains, sheets, floors etc and can be used in office, houses, warehouses etc.

  • Effectively works in killing and preventing fleas
  • Wide coverage
  • Long lasting
  • Can be used anywhere and everywhere
  • No-stain odorless formula
  • Not made of natural ingredients
  • Unsafe for children
  • Small packaging

5. Bayer Animal Health Advantage II Flea Prevention For CatsBest Topical Solution: Bayer Advantage II Flea Prevention for Cats

The cute little package of Bayer Animal Health Advantage II flea prevention for cats is loaded with Imidacloprid and pyriproxyfen which are known for their flea repelling properties. Bayer animal health has developed Bayer Animal Health Advantage II flea prevention for cats especially to target the repelling and killing of fleas that settle on cats.

As the usage is one animal only this one comes in a small tube spray that is light and easy to use without having to worry about its storage. The mild usage of Bayer Animal Health Advantage II flea prevention for cats prevents the cats from fleas and removes them from the cat fur. It is effective to start within 12 hours and the use lasts as long as 30 days. Unsafe for the children but it has been tested to safely use on or around cats.

  • Does not work for other animals
  • Chemical formula
  • Does not last long

6. Virbac Knockout Area Treatment Spray

Virbac Knockout E.S. Area Treatment Carpet Spray, 16-Ounce

Reaching for the hidden fleas around the house, the Virbac Knockout area treatment spray is a useful flea spray that works effectively on rugs, sheets, curtains, upholstery, beddings and even floors. Virbac is a medicinal brand which uses effective ingredients in bringing the best of household care items.

As the fleas mostly settle on the animals too this one is safe to use on the cats and dogs too. Ignoring the unpleasant odor, stainless and safety of use it is a trusted product to pick!

  • Covers a wide area with spray
  • Works in and around the house
  • House safe
  • Effective with the first use on contact
  • Chemical formula
  • Unsafe for children

7. Natural Care Flea and Tick Spray For Dog

Natural Care Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats | Flea Treatment for Dogs and Cats | Flea Killer with Certified Natural Oils | 14 Ounces

Natural Care is a nature inclined brand bringing to its customer a wide range of products that are developed after deriving the best use of nature’s ingredients. The Natural care flea and tick spray for a dog are made from the peppermint essential oil and clove extract. It is a plant-based formula that effectively works towards killing and repelling the further coming of the fleas. Easy to be used around the house like floor, countertops, bed sheets, doors, upholstery etc it is easily one of the most relied and natural products to use for repelling fleas.

  • Best natural flea spray
  • Covers 2100 feet in a spray
  • Lasts long
  • Effective on pets
  • Removes even the flea eggs
  • Available in 14oz bottle only

8. BASF Ultracide Pressurized Flea Insecticide

BASF 671858 PT Ultracide Pressurized Flea Insecticide, 20oz

Made from some adult chemicals the BASF ultracide pressurized flea insecticide is an industrial usage best flea spray available to kill and repel the fleas for longer.

This one is suitable for big houses, ships, offices, theatres and more. Lasting as long as 7 months, the spray is powerful but doesn’t leave any stain or odor when used.

  • Long lasting
  • Odorless and stain free
  • Kills and controls active flea infestations
  • Chemical formula
  • Unsafe for children
  • To we used safely for humans too

These are some of the best flea sprays to get rid of all the fleas in your house or surroundings. Use these and then thank us later.

How we reviewed it

Before you leave for the nearby store to pick up the flea spray to use in the house, there are a set of directions to know so that you pick up the best flea spray that is not just effective but gives you satisfaction too.

As there are lots of brands coming up with their own versions of flea sprays it is the features and properties of the products, their safe use and ease that classifies them to be usable at your house. Here are a few things to remember before you pick one for your home!

1. Ease of use

Buying any product involves usage that should always be easy to do! It is the first and foremost thing to notice in a product.

When using a flea spray for the house if the product involves the usage of the product after careful understanding and mixing of several things there are less number of people who would choose the option to do so.

We need ready products which are easy to use without any processes involved.

For this one should check the product description provided by the manufacturer if they require a certain amount of cleaning or mixing of certain things to develop the product or the usage of it requires additional things on the side, one would not like to purchase the product.

2. Effectiveness

Watching the fleas in the house flying around and annoying you when you try to pick up the product to kill the fleas or repel them – it should be effective enough to suit the purpose.

While there are thousands of brands coming up with their own way of using the sprays and selling them to their customers it is the effectiveness of the product in serving for the purpose that wins the customers.

Look up for reviews and recommendations about the product both online and from your known ones to understand the effectiveness of the product. You should be able to trust that the product will solve the flea problem and get rid of the flies without wasting your time.

3. Repellent or immediate killing

There are several variants of flea sprays available in the market. It is upon the user to choose the kind of product they want to go for!

While the best flea spray for killing the fleas would result in the immediate killing of the flies resulting in their dead bodies lying on the floor to clean by you the flea repellents are the sprays which are repelled by the fleas and cause the flies to run from the area where they are spread.

This can result in them going into deep holes around or run outside the house. The kind of product you buy is the result you get. The best flea spray for the house would be the one which kills the fleas immediately on contact.

4. Lasting effects

For a good flea spray to be chosen it is utterly important to get lasting results from the product. The spray which helps kill the fleas immediately and does provide for long-lasting protection against the routine arrival of the fleas in the house is the perfect one. After all, one does not want to keep killing the fleas every time they spot them. The best flea spray lasts longer in usage with the right defense system that works towards creating a safe environment in the house.

5. Health risks

As the flea sprays practically kill or repel the flies it is important to recognize the fact that they can be harmful to humans too. A lot of brands just make use of the best of products that help kill or repel the fleas in developing the product while neglecting the fact that the children, pets or adult humans too can come in their contact and get harmed in the process. The health of the family here stands as utmost importance and hence one should focus on getting the health risks associated with the product evaluated so that when they use the product they can be assured of good results with family health.

6. Budget

Flea sprays aren’t too pricey to buy from the market. As new brands come up with new formulation there is a chance that brands will try to lure the customers with their unique formulation and charge exorbitant prices because of the greater effectiveness in their products. A wise purchase involves evaluating the contents of the product and understanding the right price of the product. One should not sign up to buy a product that is too expensive for the budget.

7. Chemical free
Mostly the things used in a house should be chemical free to assured a better living. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the best flea spray for the house it is important to know that they should be chemical free too. It is the chemicals in the sprays like these that harm family health the most. With adverse effects on the health with a strong smell or irritation, it becomes difficult to not just use the product but also deal with the after-effects of it.

8. Odor & stains
A clean house requires the house protection items which leave no sign of usage or odor. A good flea spray ideally leaves no stains on the surface of use and is completely odorless. This helps in saving the house from stinking when there is a use of the product while also making the house appear clean. If the flea spray leaves a stain cleaning the marks shall be an entirely new task altogether.

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