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Top Best 10 Repellents to Get Rid of Fleas

April 23, 2018
top fleas repellents reviewed

Top Fleas Repellents Reviewed

The wingless creepy insects are called flea which lives in the blood of their hosts. The flea repellents are used to get rid of the same. There are different kinds of flea repellents available in the market. It varies depending on the ingredients used. It consists of oil that sufficiently serves the purpose of killing the fleas as the ingredients are toxic to them. In this respect, you need to use the repellent careful. When it comes in contact with your skin, it might cause infections. With the help of a good quality brush, you can apply them and also use a clean piece of cloth. The presence of the fleas increases in the house when the eggs drop randomly anywhere in the house. More surprisingly, the larvae might remain dormant. Owing to this, even after making the home fleas free, they continue to appear. Therefore, regular watch and constant cleaning should be undertaken once the house has been cleaned of flea to prevent its reappearance. The flea repellents should be either purchased from the retail store, or you also have the option to make homemade flea repellents.

Fleas and Diseases

The fleas are external parasites can cause excessive discomfort for your pet. They can be found anywhere in the environment, and thus it is necessary to prevent the flea from spreading. The commonly known cat flea or Ctenocephalides felis that causes suffering to dogs and cats. Flea allergy dermatitis or FAD is caused by the fleas resulting in severe allergic reaction to flea bites. The FAD can have ill effects on the pets when a single bite is enough to react. The resulting itching or inflammation can result in scratching and further severe damage to the skin.

Apart from this, the fleas also transmit parasites such as tapeworms. It also includes cat scratch fever or bartonellosis to humans. In case of old, ill or young animals, the fleas can remove excessive blood leaving the animal extremely weak.

This parasite and the disease is prevalent in the United States. They arise from humid and warm conditions, and therefore they start to grow in number during the late summer and the early fall time. Though, in some parts of the country, they are a significant issue throughout the year when they are prevalent even during the winter months. Once the infestation has been established, they can survive easily in any condition.

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Prevention of Fleas 

As effective prevention of the disease, there are several flea control products available on the market. You can apply it orally, or you can also get it in the form of tablets. Amongst these, some flea products are only active while treating the adult fleas. But usually, other products are capable of attacking the flea at any stage to stop its life cycle. In case of excessive eggs or larvae of the flea, more than one product is often recommended by the veterinarian to effectively stop the flea life cycle. In case you dog catch flea infection, after treating the dog and the house completely, you also need to treat other animals if any. It is further advised to vacuum rugs, remove old pet bedding and other items to remove fleas from the pet’s environment.

Flea Repellents for Pets

Flea repellents can also be considered as an effective treatment for dogs and cats without causing any side effects. The repellents are proved to be the fastest of the flea control products available in the market. But it is said that the products will prove to be more effective when used in the early stages of the infections. In case your dog is suffering for long, then you have to be careful when applying the repellent on the dog and start with rhythmic movements. It is further advised to apply it after every 30 days. You further need to ensure that your pet does not suffer on account of the improper application of the repellent and for that, you should seek help from your veterinary physician. You should not overuse the product and try to keep the brush clean as you might have to use it often.

Risks Arising out of Flea Repellants

If you have pets at home, you might prefer to tackle the problem with the use of chemical treatments that might incur certain risks. When buying the flea repellant product, it is already mentioned in the box about the minimum age for your pet in order to use the same. The toxic present in the product might prove to be dangerous causing the death of your pet. According to research, it can be said that the product is made up of strong ingredients and a single drop of it is enough as full dosage for the chemicals to start functioning. Overdosage might prove to be fatal for your pet. The chemical in the flea repellent is heavily concentrated, and thus it takes time to flow through the entire body of the pet. Improper dosages might result in instances of frustration in your pet. Other than killing the fleas, it proves to be dangerous for the pets as well.

Other than pets, the products should be kept away from the reach of children. In case they smell it, it might prove fatal. The immune system in small children is yet to develop fully and thus, the neurotoxins present in the product might affect them aggressively. In this respect, flea repellent is recommended as the last option until no such alternatives are available.

Some Symptoms of Dog Fleas 

Among the most common symptoms, it is itching, loss of hair, reddish bumps, flea dirt or flea dropping. Therefore, there are ways in which you can keep your dog flea free this season and some of the steps are highlighted below.

Spot medication

  • – The on-spot medication might seem to work only in the applied area of the pet’s body, but it is very effective. The drops spread over the entire body of the animal through the oil glands. These remain unaffected by swimming, bathing, or rain and will slowly help to heal the disease for several weeks before it is applied once again. The single drop of the flea repellent shall help to block the life cycle of the flea. Before buying the flea repellent products, ensure that you get the appropriate one that perfectly suits the size and age of your pet.

Oral medicines

Need to hire an exterminator? Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.

  • – This methodology can be used along with spot medications. It would rapidly reduce the chance of the flea spreading all over the body of the animal. Sometimes, the medications are added to the food of the dog. While using oral medications, there will be no danger for the children coming in contact with the dog food.

Shampoos for removing fleas

  • – the special medicated shampoos are available which you can use while bathing your dog to kill the fleas. It is one of the inexpensive methods of treating your dogs. It needs to be repeated quite often, after every two weeks. It is on account of the reason that the ingredients in the shampoos will not last long compared to the above-mentioned methods.

Collars to prevent flea 

  • – this is yet another option to prevent or kill fleas. The result of this option varies according to the area of the dog’s environment. While placing the collar around the neck of your pet, ensure that there is enough space under the collar so that the pet does not have any discomfort from it. Also, in case of any excess length, cut off the extra part in case the pet starts to chew it. In this case, also, you need to ensure that you get the suitable size of the collar and it fits the age and size of your pet without causing any discomfort.

Some of the products mentioned below will help you to pick up the suitable option wisely.

10 Best Repellents to Getting Rid of Flea

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1. Bugs BeGone Oil

If you have children at home, then it is preferable to keep this product away from them. You may not like the idea of applying the flea repellant on your skin. But this is a natural product that shall help you to keep away from flea bites. The essential oil present is Lemon Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary etc. These are going to work wonders. The ingredients are also effective who they work alone. Therefore, when combined, they efficiency increases protecting you and your family from fleas.

Bugs BeGone

2. Knockout Area Treatment

This product is highly effective for killing fleas and one of the most wanted products for the ingredients used. It is the suitable one to kill both the young and adult fleas in just one drop of the concentration. Apart from eradicating the fleas from home, it shall also prevent the baby fleas from being born. This product helps to give you protection for the duration of long 120 days. While applying the product, ensure that you hold it 2 to 3 feet from the surface and then you are ready to use it perfectly.

For better effect, it is advisable that the product should be applied to pet bedding, rugs and all surfaces of furniture. It can also be used in vehicles. Therefore, with its multi-purpose usage, it is one of the best in the market.

3. Raid Flea killer 

It has multiple usages such that it can be used to treat fleas in indoor carpets, furniture along with pets’ bedding. This spray can be used even in every corner of the room. It is a potential spray that helps to prevent and kill fleas during all life stages. By using this product, you can prevent the fleas up to four months and keeps away the adults and larvae. According to the good review of the product, a single bottle of the spray is able to protect one room easily. The contaminated surfaces and the corners should be frequently treated with the spray.

Ensure that after spray the product, you should close the door and leave the room idle for some time. Although, it has a strong smell, it is effective in killing the fleas.

4. Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus II

You can apply this product in no time to prevent fleas from spreading any further. It acts fast and the effective ingredients in this product are the best to kill the fleas in just 10 minutes. If you wish to kill the fleas in your garage, then this is the suitable one. It is suitable to function over an area of 2,000 square feet. You will also have no problem in cleaning your house with the help of this product. This alternative is the best option also for the fact that it will not leave behind any smell, stain or sticky material over the used place. It is designed for convenient usage and can be used by anybody without the help of any specialist.

5. K9 Advantix II 

This product is the ideal option for your dog and this is regarded as a high quality veterinary products. The unique feature of this product is its fast action and prevents fleas from biting the animal within 5 minutes of its application. Other products might take more time to start reacting compared to this one. This is an excellent waterproof product. You have to apply this product once in a month and your pet is free from fleas biting.

K9 Advantix II Flea

In addition to this, it contains elements such as imidacloprid and permitghrin.  It is very to apply and the most effectives ones to get rid of lice, mosquitoes and biting flies. Get it soon to protect your pet from fleas biting.

6. Whitemire P I Contact

If you are looking for an alternative that is suitable for your indoor space along with your house, then this is the perfect product. This multi-purpose insecticide uses a natural pyrethrin element as an ingredient that is pretty much effective in killing the fleas. It is also suitable if mites, cockroaches, moths bother you. It comes as an aerosol, and it means that you have to spray over the area. It can be used in the home, vehicle and over pet bedding as well. It is the ideal option for insecticides when the control is needed on an immediate note. Due to the effective ingredients, the insecticides would be killed rapidly as soon as they have been flushed out of the hidden areas. Therefore, it is the best for hidden areas.

Whitemire P I Contact Insecticide

7. Hygea Exterminator

It can be applied any surface that is water safe without the possibility of leaving any stains. In addition, the odor is also not a problem in this case. It helps to get rid of foul-smelling fleas. It is also effective as it does not harm the environment including your pets or children. The powerful formula used is super effective to eradicate the pests on contact by just a single spray and the affected area can be cleaned within very less time. Moreover, the presence of the non-toxic formula is suitable for use without causing any harm to your pets and children.  This, in the long run shall help you from many other additional problems.

Hygea Natural Exterminator Spray

It might become difficult for you to keep away your children from the products and the affected areas. Therefore, buy it today to get the best results.

8. Viper Insecticide Concentrate

It consists of 25.4% of cypermethrin and can be considered as one of the powerful product in killing the insecticide. It works in a clear and fast manner without leaving behind any remnants of the fleas. If you wish to remove the unwanted fleas in your home along with spiders and ants, then this is the suitable option for you to pick up. The insect problem could be readily solved by using this product. It is highly recommended for clearing the parasites easily.

Viper Insect Concentrate

Apart from using it in your home and vehicles, you can also apply it to industrial buildings including warehouses. A single spray would keep the place insect free for 2-3 months. It can be applied around buildings and outer surfaces as well. In order to avoid causing any effect to the environment, you use a small dose of the product while using it for the outdoor purpose.

9. Flea Fogger

This is another powerful flea product which is also known as ‘bombs’. It can be utilized in the least accessible corners of your house. The toxic that is released from the product helps in killing the harmful fleas and prevents the fleas for a significant span of time. After using the product, you should follow the safety rules and leave the house after treatment.

This shall help to prevent and kill the fleas properly. The intense odor is helpful to kill the fleas.

10. Neem Protect Spray

This is a natural flea repellant product that is ideal for human and pets. To keep away fleas and fleas’ bites, you can easily use this product which is a combination of neem and citronella. The natural oil is extracted from the neem tree and it is not only effective in preventing fleas but also effective on your skin. It also helps to treat acne problems.


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