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What is the best bug killer around – How do you know which one?

December 13, 2017

Bed bug killer sprays are very effective when it comes to killing bed bugs.  They’ve also got a couple of advantages such as:

  • Generally being very effective, able to kill the bugs on contact in a short space of time
  • Relatively inexpensiveA bottle of spray can cost anywhere between $20-$60, even though in some instances you have to use more than one bottle.
  • They are easy to find, to buy them and to use them
  • Many options to choose from which can come in 3 different methods:
  1. Professional exterminator method
  2. Sprays with natural ingredients in them (green products)
  3. Pesticide sprays with chemicals

Most of the above methods will come with their own set of pros and cons. There are plenty of options to choose from, which is great. But the problem lies in choosing the one that is the right choice for you. How will you possible know which spray will work for you, and there are so many different products to choose from? There’s a huge array of products but a short list of the ones that really do work.

The bed bug problem is also on the rise - that is for sure. They are popping up everywhere in people’s homes and in other large institutions as well. In some place, bugs are becoming a problem in epidemic proportions, across the States and Europe; in fact everywhere across the world. Natural manufacturers are trying to meet the need, coming up with different products and spray, but sadly, not all of them work like they claim to. For instance the FTC - Federal Trade Commission has laid charges against a few companies for have made false claims and led people up the garden path. This is an agency whose principal focus is to promote consumer protection. Their aim is to eliminate and prevent anti-competitive business practices.

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The thing is, bed bugs are also becoming harder to eliminate; they are kind of developing a resistance to any kind of chemical pesticides. There are claims that the natural ingredient bug killers also aren’t able to do the job effectively enough either. But there are a couple of good ones that are worth mentioning and these are listed here below, particularly recommended for use in the home. Read all about them and decide for yourself.

Best 3 Bed Bug Killer to Choose

One university, Rutgers University, did a research study on the different types of bed bug solutions, both natural and synthetic. They wanted to see which one was the most effective. They tested 13 products, one of which was EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray. This one performed the best, able to kill  100% of bed bugs in a space of 10 days.

best Bed Bug Killer


  • 1% Geraniol
  • 1% Cedar extract
  • 2% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate


  • A natural product, so safe around children and pets
  • Affordable price
  • Not a bad smell, in fact quite pleasant
  • Proved very effective


  •  Unfortunately it will only kill what it is directly in contact with it

Bed Bug patrol is another bed bug killer that was tested by the Rutgers University study. It proved to perform very well, showing a 92% mortality rate of bed bugs within a 10 day period.

Need to hire an exterminator? Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.

effective bed bug killer


  • 0.003% clove oil
  • 1% peppermint oil
  • 1.3% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate


  • Natural product, which is wonderful as it is safe around pets and children
  • It is also not expensive
  • It was found to be very effective


  • Some found it has a strong unpleasant kind of smell
  • Unfortunately it also only kills what it comes into contact with 

This product was tested by a team from the Ohio State University. The tests revealed that the JT Eaton 217 killed bed bugs with a 100% success killing rate in 8 days. Apparently this product proved itself to be considerably better than all the other evaluated products that this university tested.

amazing bed bug killer


  • 1.5% Pyrethrin
  • .75% Piperonyl butoxide
  • .30% Permethrin


  • High effective
  • Even offers residual protection


  • Not a natural product
  • Not a great smell

It is important to realize though with bed bug sprays etc. that they only kill the bug that the spray comes into contact with. The fact is that people just cannot always see the bugs that are in your home. There are sometimes really only the tell-tale signs that bed bugs are present. It’s because they are so tiny and also they like dark warm places, hiding behind walls, in future, in carpets, mattresses and heaps of other places.

What are these tell-tale signs that you have bed bugs?

  • They leave dark rusty looking bits of excrement around on your bedding, your mattresses and even on your walls
  • If you wake up with itching skin, it could well be that you have been bitten by bed bugs
  • Look on your bedding if you have any blood stains on your bedding or mattress – that should make you a bit suspicious
  • You would notice a moldy kind of sweet smell around which indicates bed bugs are living close to you
  • See if you notice bedbug shells and nymph skins lying about
best bed bug

Sometimes you need to combine products with other bed bug products

Yes, bed bug sprays can be effective, but sometimes proving to be only the most effective if you combine them with other treating methods, maybe like the professionals for instance, or by steaming or vacuuming or using diatomaceous earth. Sometimes if you don’t use extra kind of methods, you might not reach the hidden bed bugs and then unfortunately they just keep of reproducing and replacing the ones you’ve got rid of.

Let’s look at what the professionals have to offer:

It is certainly possible to get rid of bed bugs on your own, i.e. if you take the right approach. Some people don’t recommend you try and get rid of bed bugs on your own, unless you simply just do not have any other choices. But hiring a professional who has the right experience as well as success rate is considered also to be your best bet. Why so? Because as mentioned above, bed bugs care exceptionally difficult to get rid of. Sometimes, it just makes sense to call in the pros, saving you stress and headaches.  These guys have access to the right tools and techniques that are considered very effective, getting rid of the bugs quicker that you could on your own.

Another thing, you could spend a lot of money trying to do it yourself, and then not even be sure whether you have got rid of the problem entirely. Then you try again. You could even be making mistakes in what you are doing and then you just repeat the same mistakes over again. If you believe there are bed begs in your entire house, then the professionals usually have specialized equipment to get rid of the bugs, equipment that only a pest control professional can use.

Top priorities in a professional company

  • If you are going with the professionals, make sure they are pros. Believe it, not all exterminators are professionals. Also when it comes to bed bugs, you need to find experts who actually know their stuff when it comes to bed bugs. How do you choose? You just have to really do your homework, trusting your gut that you get the pros. Look out for any red flags, meaning you need to ask questions and check their answers with the true facts.
  • Don’t just take the first pest control company. Compare at least 3 professional exterminator companies before you choose the right one for you.
  • They need to be reputable and that means they need the right credentials. This means they need to be licensed bug-control operators, needing to be members of National Pest Associations.
  • Don’t necessarily go with the most expensive one, believing that’s the best one. But before making your decision based on cost, make sure the company you choose meets the basic requirements and has proof of success in their business of exterminating bed begs.
  • Check and find out what their success rate is, and if they provide guarantees and provide inspections which shouldn’t just take mere minutes to complete.
  • Ask them to give out names of satisfied customers and if they can’t, that should be a red flag for you.
  • They should do a good inspection to determine whether you actually do have bed bugs in your home. If they do an inspection in just a couple of minutes, they would not have done a thorough job.
  • Don’t allow anyone to just start treating your home if there is no evidence that you have a bed bug infestation. The pros will explain to you information about bed buts, what their method of treatment will be, duration and costs, etc.

Best decisions will bring best solutions for best results

That being said, if you are searching for insecticides to kill bugs on contact, a good idea is to consider the 3 given as good examples above. It should be remembered that DIY insecticides on their own probably won’t get rid of bed bugs entirely, particularly those products that do not continue with killing the bugs after the sprays have dried. If you can’t afford the experienced professionals, the above are recommended. It is your choice entirely what you choose, as well as the products.

It is also important too, that you don’t encourage bed bugs. In order to live an anti-bedbug type of lifestyle, you need to clean up your home and be neat and clean, making use of a variety of all-natural products to keep your house clean. Cleanliness can and does repel and kill off pests such as bed bugs. You need to sweep, mop and to vacuum regularly. Surely that’s worth it!

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