What Can You Use as Dog Repellents ?

Dogs are the friendliest pets to have around the house but not all people are fond of dogs around them. These canines have this natural habit of sniffing the things around, chewing on things they find and do the treasure hunt everywhere. While it is definitely a good trait to have someone check on things around us – its sometimes frustrating to find dogs scrape up the beautiful furniture we brought with much love or eat up the plants that we planted we care. Some houses and gardens are best left alone by the dogs and hence we need some really good dog repellents to keep them away.

How do dog repellents work?

Dog repellents are actually available in varied kinds which make the dogs uncomfortable in several ways so that they stop coming back to the same place. Where a bad odor can make them run away from certain places, some bitter food items can make them stop chewing on random things around the house. Repellents are actually the things that are most commonly disliked or unsuitable to dogs in general. When the dogs come near these things, sniff them or chew on them, they immediately repel and leave them. This tactic works in bringing safety to the things we want to save from the dogs.

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It is recommended that one should check the use of best dog repellent in a small amount before it in full form around the house for the best safety of the dogs. While the best dog repellents brought from the market should be marked safe for the dogs it is important to keep the use of home-made repellants to minimal for the best health of dogs.

What can you use as dog repellents?

There are several home-remedies and marketed products available to be used as dog repellents. These are:

  • Cayenne spray

Cayenne or hot pepper spray is one of the best dog repellents readily available in the market. This has a concentrated mix of cayenne pepper which can be sprayed on furniture, floor, gates, and even some plants to safeguard them from the pets. As the cayenne pepper irritates the nose, eyes, and throat of the dogs – when the dogs sniff it once they won’t return back to the same place again for long. The irritation will not cause allergy but just keep the dog uncomfortable if they sniff it again.

Cayenne spray

  • Essential oils

Essential oils have a strong smell which pleases us a lot. But there are certain essential oils which act as an irritating smell to the dogs and hence can be used as natural dog repellents. The cinnamon essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil or the apple essential oil can be easily used as a dog repellent for the house. Just mix one part of these essential oils with ten parts of water and spray it on things that you don’t want your dogs to touch or sniff.

  • Citrus juice

Dogs have averseness towards anything that is citrus. So be it lemon juice or the oranges they will always turn over by the smell. You can use this to your advantage and prepare the lemon juice spray which acts as a natural dog repellent while being very cheap on the pocket too. Just squeeze in some lemons and also scrape the lemon zest to collect in a bottle. Add some water to it and spray it around the places you don’t want your dogs to visit. You can also add them to your floor water while cleaning to keep them from entering the house. Works as a perfect measure to keep your dogs away from your expensive furniture or clean floors.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar with all its sourness is a natural dog repellent. This works perfectly when you want your dogs to not come across certain things. Soaking some cotton in vinegar and keeping them at the right problem areas bring about the odor of vinegar around that area. This will make the dog smell it from far while making them averse to reaching this place. This trick helps keep certain food items or corners to be prevented from dogs hunts!


  • Mustard oil

Easily available at home and perfect to use – mustard oil is the best home remedy to keep dogs at bay. Use mustard oil on things that you want to keep away from the dogs. As the strong smell of mustard oil is hated by dogs they won’t come near it anytime soon. This works well for the food items, furniture, and even plants.

  • Dog poop

Dogs have this tendency to repel from their poops and don’t come near them. This can be a great help to you for making them stay away from certain places. Just replace the dog poop from the place it was done to the place you want to repel the dogs from and you are sorted. For yards and gardens, it is the best way to repel the dogs as soon enough the poop will disintegrate and mix into the soil without requiring any more effort from your side.

What are the types of dog repellents?

There are mostly three types of dog repellents available in the market!

  • Odor repellents

 These are strong odor substances which emit an odor unsuitable for the dogs. The strong smell of these repellents makes the dogs uncomfortable, irritated and sometimes intolerable for them to come across it anymore. As a result, when the dogs sniff these odors they tend to stay away from it in future.

  • Taste repellents

 Certain food items and their taste are not appealing for the dogs to the extent that they discover it from far and don’t come near them. These are certain fruits, vegetables, oils etc which can work perfectly for you. When the dogs lick them on certain surfaces – they shall repel and not come to lick it again.

  • Motion repellents

 Technology has led to the development of certain motion repellent devices which cause a vibration effect on the dogs when they cross the area where the motion repellents are active. This makes them stay away from the place. However, these repellents are not recommended for the safety of the dogs.

I hope this article will help you in answering all your questions related to dog repellants. Do let us know for any queries that you have.

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