What Causes Water Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them?

What causes water bugs

A water bug is usually referred as a general term used for different species of bugs like cockroaches.  It is the other name for American cockroach. They also have a pair of wings, but they are rarely seen flying. These palmetto bugs are reddish brown in color. Some giant water bugs look a bit fierce, but there is a reason behind this. They pinch and sometimes bite their prey and anyone else who tries to hurt them or disturb them. They have hairy legs which help them to swim quickly in small ponds and streams. To escape the predator, they are capable of playing the role of the dead.

The water bugs are found in trees and places which are warm as well as moist. They use their legs to paddle in the water. These creatures have the ability to spread disease. Doctors believe that children who spend most of the time around the places where water bugs exist are likely to go through problems with asthma and many other allergies. We know they like spending time in the water but still they are not considered to be aquatic animals. These water bugs easily get attracted to leftover food and water. Always try to keep the open areas of your house dry so that it discourages the water bug to live.

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Here are some causes of these water bugs.

  1. water

As their name says, they get attracted to water quickly. They are mostly seen around moist places. You will see these water bugs near to the standing water. For this reason, these water bugs are mostly seen in kitchen and washrooms. They feel cool in moist places. If you see any standing water on your property, then this is the place which is inviting the water bugs to your houses. Even the water leakage in your washroom and kitchen can be the causes of water bugs. Try to fill all the holes of water; this automatically reduces the accumulation of water. The water bugs usually look for places which are damp so try to keep your house dry all the time.

  1. Sweet and starchy food

Slice of yams isolated on a white background.Water bugs also get attracted to sweet foods such as sweet syrups. They enjoy eating things made up of starch. These things include the back of wallpaper, paper or even clothing. They are also very fond of things that are likely to be fermented such as beer and wine. Limit the resources of their food in your houses. If the children are taking snacks in the room, they are preparing the meal for the water bugs to get attracted. Make sure that there are no leftover pieces of any sweet and starchy food in the corners of your house.

  1. Decaying organic matter

When it comes to water bugs, they are not found picky in selecting the type of food they want to have. They will start eating anything that comes to them as a source of food. They are also found where the organic items are decaying especially the trash and bins. Water bugs are also found eating dead and rotten leaves. If there are piles of trash and trash bins near your house, then these are the causes that water bugs are found near your house. They enjoy the infected leaves and decaying plants and materials present at damp places. They usually look for places where they can breed and hide from other things. For this reason, they are mostly looking for moist and warm places to carry out with their living. If they have any source of water even in arid conditions, they can easily survive. They can also withstand the temperatures of 17 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature adaptation explains very well why they prefer living in indoors during the winter season.

How to get rid of water bugs

Some water bugs become a headache, and many homeowners find it difficult to remove them. Here we will elaborate some useful ways to get rid of them.

  1. Clean your property

The woman is doing housework with smile.Give a look around your house and see if there is any standing water or food around. Firstly remove the pet food as soon as possible. These water bugs are usually fond of having pet food as their meal. If there is food in corners clean the holes properly. Clean the inside and outside of your house properly. Store all the food in the refrigerator to avoid attraction of water bugs or any other insects towards the food. The bins must have some tight fitting lids. If the trash is open, then the cockroaches must be wandering around in search of food. Never forget to empty all the bins regularly especially if there are some organic matters present inside the bins. Clear the bins and also clean those areas which are not accessible on a daily basis. At least once in a month move the furniture of every room and clean properly behind it. Removing all the cardboard boxed under the beds and cupboard as they are the best hiding place for them. Carry out the deep cleaning of your kitchen once in a month as well. While cleaning pay attention to areas such as the oven side, the toaster, and areas where these tiny creatures can find stale bread and pieces of crumbs. Once you are done with the household cleaning, there are no chances for the water bugs to come and stay at your place. Keep all the areas dry to discourage the water bugs.

  1. Seal all their entries

Check all the cracks and the pipes and make sure there is no entry way for the cockroaches. You can also use sealant to close any holes in the walls and floors. You need to fill the holes with concrete so that the water bug finds no way to enter or leave. Moreover, you can also caulk the gaps in the insulation or the walls. Seal the entries to reduce the number of water bugs in your house. If you examine any hole or space in doors and windows, you can fill the space with tight fitting items. In this way, the bugs won’t find a permanent way. Pest experts believe the cockroaches can stay a bit longer if they find a better place to live and a constant source of water.

  1. Use commercial repellents

A gallon size of Prestone bug wash.Commercial repellents are very helpful in getting rid of these water bugs. If you are looking for a quick solution for the water bugs you need to mix 500 grams of boric acid in 250 ml of water. Mix the solution well and spray it in the areas where there are chances of presence of water bugs. Repeat this process for about a week regularly.

If you feel that the number of cockroaches is large, then you must look for an effective repellent to get rid of them. A special repellent is used to flee the water bugs away. The repellent contains some poison that can harm the water bugs and its eggs. These commercial repellents are easy to use and can easily be placed around the house anywhere. You need to make sure that this repellent is kept far away from the reach of children. The best place to keep this repellent under the cupboard or on the fridge.

You can also directly buy a water bug spray to spray at the respective places. These water repellent sprays are also used on trees and the bushes to restrict the water bugs entering your home. You can also use some harsh chemical repellents. Moreover, make sure to repair the septic tanks as well to prevent any leakage of water. These water bugs will get attracted towards the water in no time.

  1. Call insect terminator

Even after trying all the above methods you still find it difficult to get rid of them, then the final thing you can do is to call the insect terminator for help. You just need to ask for the service. The experts will be there at your door with all the services you need. The professionals have different ways in which they can deal with the problem of insects and make your home free from all sort of bugs.

Bottom line

These water species love to live in damp places and create a mess in your kitchen and bathrooms. Because they are known to carry disease you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Use some of the techniques and methods mentioned above. However, if you feel helpless, it is time to call the professionals. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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