Swallow: Complete Guide & Top 3 Efficient Repellents (4 Ways to Get Rid Of Barn Swallows)

Swallow are the most abundant and familiar bird species. They have a glistening blue head and a taint lower body. They dart over field very uniquely. It has a long and deeply forked tail, and its wings are pointed and curved. The male swallow has the shallowly forked tail. The female bird is also similar to the male bird in appearance. The difference lies in its tail streamers which are shorter than of male. The breast band of male swallows is much shorter, and their body structure allows them to have a very efficient and fast flight.

Distribution and Habitat

The swallow birds are mostly found in open fields and marshes. They prepare nests in trees, but they use their nests only for roosting and breeding. In its breeding season, it breeds in Southeast Asia, North America, and Asia. They are also interrelated to human habitation. Many people have their proper barn swallow nest as they consider these birds as a real charm for them.  They can even have easy access to artificial nesting or structure near humans. These creatures like to nest in tree cavities. They usually do their nesting in old trees, and that already have cavities. They also lie free in open areas and sometimes prefer treeless areas. They also build mud nests building above the roofs of houses.

Diet and FeedingThe swallow feeds the baby birds nesting

Swallows depend on insects mainly. But they occasionally arrest other small animals and eat them. When their prey is scarce, they usually go for plant foods. They have a habit of eating from dawn to dusk. Their diet includes all kind of flying insects like dragonfly, mayfly and tree bugs. These species catch their prey in the air and then twist and turn them to have a firm grip. They also sometimes attack insect swarms. In winter season they feed in the form of large flocks. In spring the feeding is done in a small flock.


Swallow birds usually breed in mid of March and April. They perch close to their nest holes. The male does the fluttering flight and bowing himself. The mating takes place only one week before the egg-laying process begins. When the swallow birds are breeding, they consume high calcium items such as fish bones, egg shells, and loons. During the breeding season if the female swallow dies her place can be replaced by another female swallow to ensure successful breeding.


The mates call each other with different sounds of chirp and gurgles. These sounds also appear in their songs. These swallows also give out aggressive chatter and shrieking alarms that can sometimes annoy the human. They also produce amorous ticking sounds.

Do Swallow Cause Problems?

Swallows are also known as barn swallows. They are the tiny birds that can be found in almost all the areas of the world. These swallow birds can build their nest only in 24 hours. Their nests cause various issues to the nearby homeowners. The nests cannot be removed unless or until the eggs get hatched. Although the primary field of swallow birds are trees, they sometimes build mud nests on top of human-made houses. They cause damage to the property and disturbance to the routine human life. Their dropping can irritate the humans and also cause different health issues. The cleanup requires a lot of time.

Top 3 Efficient Repellents to Drive Them Away

1. Bird B Went No Nasty Nest swallow Deterrent

Get rid of swallows before and after

The Bird B repellent helps to keep the swallow birds away from houses and buildings. The bright filament vertical lines are hanging from a plastic plate. It is almost invisible if observed from the ground level. This repellent also has holes for nailing and easy attachment. They will escape from this place and find a new one. It is designed in such a way that it prevents the swallow birds from building their nests. Bird B Gone no nasty Nest swallow Deterrent repellent does not physically harm the swallow birds or any other wildlife. It is very easy to install and setup. Simply peel it off and stick in the required area.

2. Birds No More Bird Spike

Bird Spike offers a most effective solution to help you in getting rid of the swallow. This is renowned for being the permanent solution from pest bird infestation. You need to observe where these swallow birds tend to land and then install this bird control in places such as rooftop edges and chimneys. You can also place them at somewhere you think the birds visited frequently. It is a guaranteed repellent to make the swallow never come back again. This repellent can be kept indoors as well as outdoors.

3. Bird Repellent Tape

Bird repellent tape is also known as a multi-sensory attack that is used to scare the swallow birds. It is a sound tape that makes a sound when it flaps and moves in wind or air. It not only scares the swallows but also irritates them and encourages them to leave the treated areas. It is the most extremely effective known bird scare tape. This repellent tape is easily available at any nearby superstore at cheap rates. It is a long lasting solution to get rid of swallows. It works very simply and easily. The sunlight reflects the material of tape and irritates the birds. When it moves to, and fro in the wind, it makes char metallic sounds. This tape repellent is mostly used in open areas such as farms and other agriculture sites. It is also used to protect your property and agriculture fields from the destruction of other birds.

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How to Get Rid of Barn Swallows

Barn swallow nest

Are you tired and annoyed of the barn swallows and their nest near your house or on top of your roof? You must be well aware that how annoying and distracting noises these species produce. These sounds are specially made at night. If they are on your property, then they distract you a lot and create a mess with their dropping. Besides all this, potentially fatal diseases also come along which can cause health problems. They usually become a nuisance for the people residing beside them.

Swallow bird nest removal

Swallow bird nest removal is a unique way to get rid of swallows. These hanging blocks prevent the swallows from getting access to their nesting sites. The swallow will try not to wade between these blocks, and they will try to move towards a much peaceful place. It is the best swallow control method. Because of the adhesive strip blocks, the installation is very simple and easy. It is virtually invisible to most of the people. If you want to temporary install this nest removal, you should keep the position of a deterrent for about two or three inches away from the wall. It must be fastened by the mounting and adjustable holes provided. If you want to adjust the bird removal permanently, it must be positioned about two to three inches from the wall and should be gently pressed into the gable.

Install Netting

You can also install bird netting to get rid of barn swallows. They are 100% effective and have long lasting effect. With the help of bird netting, you can not only get rid of barns but other birds as well. It helps you to provide security and protection to any areas of your property. Bird netting method is the ideal method for zero tolerance zones. Of course you need a permanent solution because the nests and dropping of swallows also breed bacteria.

Deter swallows with ultrasonic repellents

Some ultrasonic repellents have proved to be very efficient against both small and large birds. The repellent helps you to avoid any damage to your property and garden. The ultrasonic repellents make sounds of high frequency. The voices and sounds confuse and irritate the swallows, and they get scared and run away. Use of these repellent force the swallows to go and find a more peaceful place to live in.

Add Visual deterrents

If you are looking for maximized and efficient results, you must use the combination of deterrents. It is also the most effective way to scare the swallows. It will also prevent the swallows from returning. And building their nests. There are many benefits of using this repellent; it prevents the spreading the diseases all around. It chases the swallow them to flee away. When birds see such deterrent, they tend to move away quickly. It is ideal for using in outdoor areas for a better result. It can be used in open areas such as gardens, pools and other fruit gardens to avoid any damage. This repellent is also available at low cost and easily available in any market. However, it only keeps the swallow birds away within a particular range of space. When you place a strange and unusual deterrent in the garden or place where these swallows reside, they will try to move quickly.

Top 3 Barn Swallow Repellent

Bird-X Bird Blazer
  • FEATURESRemote control included for access anywhere
    Covers up to 10,000 sq. ft.
    State-of-the-art, fully registered
BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller
  • FEATURES 110v or 220vAC or 12vDC
    Safe, humane, and effective pest control
    Covers up to 1-acre of property
Visual Scare Horned Owl Pest Deterrent
  • FEATURESEffective
    Long lasting
    Real looking

Swallows are mostly attracted towards farms, but they are never welcome to destroy the farm. They love searching for a massive amount of insects to their meal. Here are some repellent mixtures that can help you.

1. Bird-X Bird Blazer

Bird-X Bird Blazer

Bird-X Bird Blazer is a device that is used to control and frighten the birds in no time. This device uses fast beam laser technologies and different interval of color combination. Birds will hate this color combination and try to find a much calmer and quieter way to live and go for roosting. It is among the best indoor laser repellent devices. This laser is available in three different alarming colors which are easily detectable by swallow birds. These colors also continuously change to avoid acclimation.

The best part about this device is that it can be controlled and accessed via remote and handheld devices. This device also works day and night. It is a very eco-friendly solution to getting rid of swallow birds. It also works best in semi-enclosed spaces. The device works very silently and efficiently. It is recommended to use this repellent in small spaces such as tunnels and storage sheds. It prevents the entry of swallow birds and avoids them to make a mess on the property. This is one of the best bird control methods.


2. BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller

Outstanding Bird-X BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller helps you to get rid of swallow birds by emitting various sounds. The device sound can be of different ways like birds singing and crying. These sounds produced by the device will confuse them, and they will flee way from there and never return. You can place this BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller where you think the swallows visit frequently. This is an eco-friendly and simple way to get rid of swallows. Moreover, the device is easy to use and operate.


3. Visual Scare Horned Owl Pest Deterrent

Top Owl Pest DeterrentVisual Scare Horned Owl Pest Deterrent is a physical structure of an owl which can be kept in the garden or anywhere outdoor to scare and get rid of these swallows. The owl can be of a scary and frightening shape that can force the swallows to flee away in no time. Visual scare aides are the most effective swallow control methods.



Swallows are small and tiny creatures that are the environment pleasant. But their presence can also annoy and disturb the humans living nearby. If you want to get rid of them without physically harming them, then use the devices mentioned above.

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