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Top 7 Best Bee Killer Sprays That Work Effectively

When we think about home infestations, we usually think of mice and cockroaches, perhaps even termites, but we do not often think of bees. When we think of bees, we think of the friendly honey-making, nature-loving insect. Wasps are the bad ones, right?

They are the ones who sting and annoy us, but bees are friendly. While bees are great for the environment, they can sting and annoy us, and they can infest our homes, causing some real damage if left untreated. The bad news is that hives are very hard to move once a bee has made one. The good news is that there are sprays on the market which can take care of your bee problem for you.

Before we start, it should be noted that this is a problem you can take care of yourself, as long as you are careful. It should also be noted, that an angry bee can be a problem for you. If you are not confident in administering a spray yourself, then you should call in the professionals. They have a wealth of experience and will take care of your bee problem quickly and efficiently.

Demand Cs by Syngenta
  • FEATURESIntegrated with micro-encapsulated technology
    Protection against a long list of insects
    Can be used both indoors and outdoors
Spectracide Carpenter Bee Spray
  • FEATURES Kills on contact
    Foam expands to where insects live
    Spray foam
Bonide 363 Spider and Ground Killer
  • FEATURES10 oz.
    Kills and repels spiders and ground bees
    Snorkel tube applicator for hard to reach areas

Identifying Your Bees

Killing a swarm of bees (or a few troublesome bees) is not as easy as just buying a spray. You should better know what kind of bee you are dealing with before you buy your spray. The more information you are armed with, the better spray you can buy, and the less trouble the bees will give you. There are three main types of bee:

1. Bumble bees

Bumble bees are relatively gentle and will only become angry when provoked. They usually nest in loose materials or sometimes underground.

Bumble bees are large. Their bodies look hairy or fuzzy. They have alternating black and yellow stripes.

Bumble bees are twice as large as honey bees, but the nests they build are relatively small. Bumblebees are not typically aggressive, but they can sting, and when they do, they will not lose their stinger, meaning that they can sting multiple times.

2. Carpenter bees

Carpenter bees are a similar size to bumble bees, but you should be able to identify them by their speed; they are a lot faster than bumble bees.

In comparison to a bumble bee, carpenter bees are not as hairy or fluffy. They are also not as colorful. They have black bodies and a black spot on their thorax (the mid-section of their body).

Carpenter bees nest by themselves. They bore holes in wood (hence the name) and build their nests in there. You can detect if you have carpenter bees by the holes in the wood.

3. Honey bees

Honey bees have alternating stripes of black and amber. They also have small brown hairs. Honey bees are small in size and they are generally not aggressive.

Honey bees build large nests and the nests are inhabited by lots of bees.Honey bees are very beneficial to the world, so it is recommended that you move a nest (which we will talk about later) instead of killing it.

Find a Trusted Local Pest Expert
Need to hire an exterminator? Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.

If it cannot be moved, then you will find a spray which will take care of it.

7 Best Bee Spray Reviews (August 2019, Updated)

1. Demand Cs by Syngenta

Demand Cs by Syngenta

When you first find this spray, you may not think that it has been designed to work on bees. This spray can kill over thirty common pests, including ants, spiders, and beetles. It will also take care of any carpenter bee problems.

There are many products on the market which are specifically designed for carpenter bees, but we found this to be equally effective, if not more effective than those products. This bee killer is 8oz., and you can use this to create up to 100 gallons.

The thing we like about this bee spray is that you can use it for other pests too. The added bonus of being able to deal with multiple pests makes it great to have around.

2. Spectracide Carpenter Bee Spray

Spectracide Carpenter Bee Spray

This is a bee spray which is specifically manufactured for carpenter bees, and it is one which is highly effective in dealing with them. One of the best features of this product is the price – great for anyone on a budget, but still want something which will work well. This spray foams and will kill bees on contact.

When you spray the foam, it expands. This makes it great for getting into hard-to-reach places. Simply spray the foam as close to the area as possible, and it will expand into the area you cannot reach. You can also spray it over the opening to a hive, and the carpenter bee (or wasps) will be trapped. An added benefit is that this bee spray t also works on wasps.

If you have infestations of bees and wasps, then this is a product which is worth getting.

3. Bonide 363 Spider and Ground Killer

Bonide 363 Spider and Ground KillerA great spray for ground bees, which will most likely be bumble bees.

This is another product which is made attractive by its low price, but also one which will work, and has been thoroughly tested.

This is a ground bee spray, which means that it will also work to rid your land of other ground pests such as spiders and ants.

This spray will also take care of wasps and hornets.

4. D-Force HPX

D-Force HPX

This is another great spray for ground bees. The spray comes in a can and uses a synthetic pyrethroid which will damage the bee’s nervous system, paralyzing the bee, and eventually killing it.

The spray can is great for targeting specific areas, allowing you to really target the nest.

5. Raid and Beyond

Raid and Beyond

Raid will take care of your bees, but you may need to use multiple applications for it to be effective.

If you are in the store and do not have time for research, then you can find any insecticide which has a picture of a bee on it or says that it will kill bees.

6. Soap Spray

Soap SprayA soap spray is a great natural alternative to a chemical spray and is better for your home and environment. A soap spray will not be as effective as a chemical spray, as it does not kill the bees through poison.

It kills the bees through suffocation. The spray will still work, but it might need multiple applications. Follow these simple steps to make and apply your own.

Find your soap

You can use dish soap, laundry soap, or liquid hand soap. Try to choose a soap which is used daily on common items as it will not have any specially added chemicals. You are also going to be spraying this in your home or yard, so you want to use something as natural as possible.

Use about 10ml of soap per bucket of water

Use warm water to help the soap form suds. Add the soap to the water and agitate to produce as many suds as you can.

Find a spray bottle and fill the bottle with your mix

Make sure that you have the bottle set to the foaming option, and use an extender if you can. You will be getting close to the hive, and you want to be able to spray into the opening.

The bees will get angry when the mixture is sprayed into their hive. Most of them will be hit by the spray, especially if you are spraying into the entrance of the hive, but some may escape and sting you. Wear protective clothing and cover as much of your skin as you can.

Wear a long-sleeved top; use a hat and scarf to protect your neck; you could also wear protective goggles.

Check your approach and escape route

If something goes wrong for any reason, such as dropping the bottle and the bees swarm, then you will want to get out of there quickly.

Spray the mixture into the hive

Also cover the hive to prevent bees from colonizing it in the future.

7. Vinegar Spray

Another natural spray which you can use is vinegar spray. Mix equal parts vinegar and water and place in a spray bottle. Wear protective clothing and apply this spray at night when the bees are sleeping. You can also spray this on nearby plants and flowers to deter bees from visiting your garden.

Moving a Hive

bee hive

If you find a honey bee hive in your home, then your first instinct should be to remove the hive. This is a process which is best not undertaken by yourself.

You should find the contact information for local beekeepers and call some of them. They will have information to your which could help in your decision to remove the hive or to kill the bees. They may even want to come help you move the hive and may do it for free if they are concerned about the well-being of the bees.

If you cannot get any help from beekeepers or there are none in your area, then you may want to call the local pest control. They may be able to remove the hive for you, or they may have information which could help you.

Bee Removing Tips

  • Spraying a hive with a chemical is only one part of getting rid of bees. There are many things you can do to help yourself when dealing with bees both before and after spraying.
  • Spraying with a chemical should be the last resort. If you cannot move a hive, or deter the bees by some other method, then you will have to spray them. It is better to live in a bee-free home, than worry about a little chemical on your property.
  • Once you have sprayed a hive, and sufficient time has passed to ensure that all the bees are dead, you should remove the hive and the dead bees. Removing the hive will ensure that it does not decay in your house and smell. Vacant hives can also be occupied by another swarm. You want to ensure that you do not leave a place where future bees can live.
  • If you have tried to kill bees and remove a hive, but it has not worked, then you may need to call in the professionals. This can be costly, but it is a small price to pay to not live with a colony of bees.
  • Make sure to clean up thoroughly after the bees. If you had honey bees in your home, then they may have been producing honey. That honey could have dripped from the hive and damaged ceiling, wall, or floor material. Be prepared to replace any parts of those.
  • Bees are best dealt with during the night when most of them are sleeping. Always wear as much protective clothing as you can.
  • Do not try to remove a hive yourself if you are allergic to stings. In fact, a good practice is to have a second person close by no matter what. You never know what you are going to run into, and you always want to put safety first.
  • Never try to seal up a hive. This may seem like a good idea as the best will eventually die, but bees are intelligent creatures and will soon find another way out. This may mean bees flooding into your house.


You may never have to deal with a hive in your home, business, yard, or car, but if you do it is a real pain in the neck. One bee in your home is bad enough, but multiple bees are a nightmare. Thankfully, a solution is at hand.

There are many professionals who can help you and effectively get rid of a hive, but they can cost a lot of money. As you can see from our guide, a spray is relatively inexpensive, and once you have the spray, you probably already have everything else you need.

Tackling a beehive is easy if you know what you are doing and take a few simple precautions. Remember, safety first. Always.

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