Easy Ways to Get Skunk Smell out of the House

Skunks have been entitled as the foulest smelling animal because they possess the highly developed anal scent glands. Animals like rats, chimps, cats, and dogs have anal scent sacs or glands that give off pungent aromas when they feel stressed, anxious, fearful or when they tend to ward off predators. When your pet becomes the victim of the skunk odor, possibly, that must be the most horrifying thing you could have ever imagined. However, do not panic! It is not the time to get hyper rather it is a time for you to act wisely. To get rid of skunk odor is not something so easy to deal with but you can certainly take several measures to ensure the odor is warded off your house. Skunks usually don’t come inside the house and sprays off. The most common scenario will be your dog scaring the skunk who happened to be in your neighborhood. If this happens, regular visit to the vet can help you deal with this situation. At such crucial time, it is important to be with your pet because they can’t express the signs and issues they have been facing physically and mentally because of the skunk odor.

You may have come across many easy ways to get skunk smell out of the house but make sure that it is not only good for the house but also for the people and pet residing in there. There are some home remedies and mixtures that have ingredients to which your family member or pet could be allergic to. Hence, it is important that you speak with people who have used such solution earlier. When you get the skunk smell, it is important to act fast. Your dogs don’t really understand the fact that the odor not just makes them a victim but its smell spreads around every corner of the house.

Dealing with the Skunk Smell at the house

Before you take any action on the skunk smell that took place in the house, it is important that you first understand the root cause of the problem.

  • First thing first, your dog has become a victim. You must treat him with the right mixture or the shampoo that is specially made to get rid of this problem. Also, look for the surrounding and be sure that the skunk has already left the place. If not, use all possible ways to get rid of the skunk from your area. Otherwise, even after you make so many efforts, if the skunk is nearby your area it may release the odor and all your efforts will go in vain again.
  • Understand that keeping your dog in the house even for a minute long can make the house fragrance vanish. If you are wondering how to get rid of skunk smell, then understand the fact that you need to first get rid of the smell form your dog. The stench hung can stay for long and it is always important to deal with such frustrating issue the moment you find it.
  • At times, if you think that you can’t keep your skunk victim dog outside, then try to keep him in a room where the windows and doors are closed so that the pollution does not get spread to the rest of the area.

*  Check your Dog entirely

  • Since it is your dog who has become the victim; it is important that you check all the symptoms and signs if he is showing any. There is a possibility that your dog’s eyes must be getting irritated or he might be feeling itchiness in his body because of the skunk spray.
  • If you notice any kind of redness in the eyes of your dog or they seem to be irritated, then rinse them off cleanly with water. You can also put some eyes drops made of the saline solution for better visibility. If you think the redness is still growing, then immediately take him to your vet to make sure that the visibility does not get affected. It is also important that you look for the bites or scratches that your dog must have done to himself.
  • Skunk odor is not the only thing that should worry you. Understand that skunk is a high carrier of rabies virus. So if you see your dog bitten, scratched, and bleeding, immediately take it to the vet.

*  Taking care of your dog without causing any wrong effect

  • Once you are done with all the checkup, your next job is to make sure you clean the fur of the dog with a mild shampoo or the mixture of baking soda powder and water. Scrub this mixture on the fur thoroughly and then rinse it off with the shampoo and water.
  • Tomato juice may seem to be an effective solution but this traditional approach doesn’t eradicate the problem from the root. Rather it just blocks the odor for a while and makes you use to the smell because of which you feel the odor has gone.
  • While applying any kind of mixture or shampoo to your dog to deal with the problem, it is important to use gloves. Make sure you wipe down your dog neatly and also rub the shoulder and neck area as those are the places which are more prone.
  • Wash your dog as many times as you can but make sure he doesn’t catch with cold. Dry him off immediately and apply the dog spray that comes with a nice fragrance.

Quick Tips to Help your Dog

There are many shampoos that are specially designed keeping this issue in mind. Talking of which Skunk off is one such mild shampoo that you can use for your pet.

  • Since it comes with ingredients that won't harm your pet’s eyes, using it should not be a problem for you.
  • Miracle Stain and Odor Remover is another solution that you can try. There is no mystery ingredient present in it. It is all made from the natural enzymes and water that focuses on eliminating the messes that your dog is likely to make. It is the best option because the moment you wash the dog; the skunk smell goes off.
  • Go for a biodegradable option, which you can use it not only on the pets but, also on the carpet and tiles where you think the odor must have hit. It is safe for the environment and for your pet.

Home remedies for the Skunk Odor

To deal with skunk smell can often be frustrating, as the annoying smell does not go away so easily. But hang on! You just can’t give up so easily as there are few things that you need to take care of. Talking of which, at home when this stink starts spreading, it is important to understand the right way to deal with it. You might have searched across and tried tons of options that were shown online but the good news is there are some non-recommendable list as well that do wonders-

  • Mouthwash
  • Pepsi
  • Fruits
  • Women’s douche
  • Lemon Juice
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo

These are the non-recommendable options that probably no one will tell you, but these options have proven to be an effective solution when it comes to tackling skunk odor. It is proven that applying these solutions to the affected areas can bring down the odor in control. But if you want to get rid of such problem permanently and quickly then the following easy ways to get skunk smell out of the house can certainly help you out.

To remove the unbearable odor is the first property. Of course, after you check your dog and treat him with the right application, you might feel that the horrible stench still has not gone. Well, it is high time for you to treat the house. Not only the tips given below can help you get rid of the problem for long but you can also protect your house from such similar future encounters.

*  Determine the Exact Location

To get rid of sunk odor the first thing you need to do is to find out from where exactly is the odor coming from. It is important for you to understand which corner is the smell coming strongly. Once you find the area, then your job to clean starts from there itself. Understand the fact that if your pets have become a target of the skunk spray then clean then first and do not let them enter the area from where the odor is coming the most.

*  Wash the clothes that have been sprayed

It could not just only be your animal that has become the target but clothes as well. That is why it is high time for you to deal with this problem. You understand which item is needed to be washed and how to take care of the same. Wash these clothes separately and once they get dried off, put them in a good scented drawer of the wardrobe separately.

*  Floor covering must be washed too

To avoid further risk, you need to apply the spray remover solution on the floor covering. Choosing the biodegradable option can be effective since it is safe for the environment, household things and living beings of course. If your pet must have rubbed on the furniture area at the time when the skunk odor got to him then you need to wash the carpet the moment you found it. Try washing the affected thing outside your house so that the door is washed off completely.

*  Taking care of the surroundings

The tips mentioned above are to make sure that the things of your house that must have been attacked by the skunk odor gets removed. Now your job is to also make sure that you actually take a good care of the surroundings and environment to make it odor free. For this, below tips can help:

*  Use the good fragrance based sprays

If you think the odor has increased quite a lot, then you can choose the door damage spray or buy the filters or air condition units. If filters seem to be the expensive option, you can go ahead and choose the environmental friendly air deodorizer on the routine basis. This will help you get the odor subside from the air and hence, you can breathe smoothly. Keep in mind that the skunk spray is quite a lot strong and the effect of deodorizer may take some time.

*  Turn on the fans

The air circulation in the home plays a crucial role in removing the odor from the house. Turning on the fan be it the wall fans or the ceiling fans would actually make it easy for you. It will also help to recycle fresh air out of the house and this way you can actually breathe clean air without that pungent smell looming around. Also, if you have exhaust fans in the kitchen and the bathroom, make sure that you turn them on as well. It will throw out the contaminated air from your house and help in maintaining proper ventilation.

*  Fill up and place the vinegar bowls in the target areas

It is not just a childhood tale but yes, it does work. Vinegar, if you mix it with water and put it in the bowls at affected areas, then it can immediately control the odor as it starts absorbing the particles that contribute to such odor.

*  Open all the doors and windows to welcome the cross ventilation

Other than turning on your fans and exhausts fans, the next thing that you need to do is make sure that the windows, doors, and all other possible ventilations enclosures are also open. It is considered an effective way using which you can get rid of the pungent smell. Keeping all your windows and doors open ensures that natural air flows in and out of your house, making the air inside the house fresh.

There are also professional companies who avail their services regarding such issues. In case, if all your options fail, then it is smart to call a professional.

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