All You Need to Know for Rodent Proofing Your Home

Before starting with all the safety measures to adopt for rodent entry, let us first understand what rodents are. Rodents come in the group of pests which can prove to be harmful for you and your property. These rodents have high hands in contributing to foodborne diseases and other health issues. They can contaminate your food by adding on pathogens and other virus and bacteria that they carry on their body and can make you ill and admitted in the hospital. Not only this they can also damage your belongings and even cause severe accidents such as house fire. They are also capable of introducing ticks and fleas to your home as well which can also cause serious health hazards. There are various types of rodents and can cause great losses if not eliminated from your house as early as possible.


Your house can be prone to mice infestation at any point of time according to these monster’s wish. If you have even the slightest of an opening at your home, then these rodents can make an entry to your home and share your home with you. The danger of mice infestation can always scare you off in your dreams and area source of risk for your health as well. Here are few types of rodents that you can find in your home.

*  House mouse

House mouse

This house mouse is one of the common rodents that tops the lists of rodents invading houses. You can find these house mouse running in your house and are highly adaptable to all kinds of environment. They are regarded as the thieves of your home, and if you find something missing at your home and the last day if you just spotted a house mouse at your home, then you probably know who has stolen your belonging. They are so miniature in size that they can squeeze themselves and make an entry through a hole which is as small as a one-fourth of an inch. They multiply very quickly as they can reproduce six to seven times in a single year. These kinds of a mouse are not black, but dusty grey in colour and have a slender body built. Irrespective of their size, they have the ability to bring out fear in your spines due to the damage that they can cause using their sharp teeth.

*  Deer mouse

Deer mouse

The deer mouse is just another type of rodent that you can spot mostly at farms and agricultural lands. This mouse mostly feeds on seeds and grains thus find shelter at houses which is nearby such agrarian lands. These mice can cause serious diseases by spreading the virus and have a history of causing multiple death in America due to spreading of Hantavirus. They can be risky for both pets and humans as well and should be kept away from your property if you don’t want to fall prey of any such diseases spread by such rodents. These rodents have a brownish red colour and are also known as white-footed mouse due to the white colour of their legs. Their heads are slightly bigger than the house mouse and have white chest and feet and a dual-toned tail.

*  Roof rats

Roof rats

Roof rats are just like stray rats and find their place of shelter wherever they can have access to some food and grains. These rats are black in colour thus are also known as black rats, and you can spot them in your attics, ceilings, etc. they have sharp teeth and can cut almost anything that comes their way. If you find some nibbled wirings and open wires in your electrical fittings, it is none other than these black rats that have played their mischief. It is essential to get rid of such rats otherwise your house can be posed to danger as they can gnaw your electric wires and short circuits and house fire.

Characteristic of Rodents

Rodent characteristic

Rodents are mammals and found in almost all parts of the world and are warm-blooded. They have sharp teeth which are used for chewing, and they can chew almost all things that they can find around. Though they are small in size but their teeth can cause huge destructions. They can adapt to all types of climates thus are found in abundance ion every corner of the world. They can even sneak through the smallest of a hole or a small outlet present in your home. They can be really harmful for human beings as their saliva, fur; droppings can cause serious health hazards for humans. They can also spread deadly diseases such as plague and can weaken the immune system of a human body. Talking about agriculture, they can harm the crops leading to a lower level of food production and decreasing the overall profit and production of the agricultural sector.  You can also find oversized rodents which can be really hard to tackle on your part. Thus it is always advisable that you call for a pest management company so that they can get the best solutions to free your house from such dangerous virus and disease spreading mammals.

How to identify that rodents are invading your home?

Rodents invade identification

Rats and mouse are the most harmful types of rodents that can incur great losses to your home. Here are few signs which can assure you that you have mice infestation at your home

•  Mice droppings here and there near your cupboards, sinks and kitchen platforms are sure shot signs of mice invading your home.

•    If you find foul smell coming from hidden areas, then it can also be a sign of mice infestation as these mice have a habit of carrying food and saving them for their use. the foul smell of stale food can also be a sign of mice intruding your home

•       Shredded papers, fabrics and nesting materials

•    If you find chewed food packages, then no doubt it is an attack by the mice roaming around free at your place.

•    If all of a sudden your kitty has started acting funny and is turning in a hyper-excited mode, then there are quite chances of a rat being somewhere nearby

•    Urine marks are also a symbol that you are sure to trace a rat soon in your house.

•    Squeaking and unusual noises coming from some corner of your house.

Reasons as to why a mouse tops the list of rodents invading homes

There are many reasons as to why a mouse enters your home. Here are few of them:

- Poor sanitation conditions

Poor sanitation conditions

Poor sanitation not only causes health hazards but can also result in mouse nesting in your home. Poor sanitation around your place of living can be a situation where such rats can find their source of living- food, and water and can further encourage them to create a place for themselves in your house. The rats and mice are attracted towards unhygienic places, and you very well know what mess they can create inside your house after roaming around filthy places and then entering your house. You can find rats and mice jumping in your society’s garbage bins and gutters and just try to imagine the sight when they enter your home after having a joyful delight at these filthy places? Not only will they dirty your home but can raise chances of contamination of your eatables and drinking water. So be careful about the sanitary conditions in and around your home so that you don’t allow such rats to breed and gain shelter in your house.

- Change in temperature

It is not only due to mistake that you may make but also the environmental conditions which can get a mouse sneaking into your home straightway to find a place of shelter. Hot and humid climate can also get the mice family exploring your house to seek some shaded and cool shelter within.

- Junkyard

If you have accumulated a good amount of junk stuff at your home or in your garage, then you are unintentionally inviting the mice family to be your guests for a good treat. Unwanted furniture, plies, paper, craps and all such junkyard stuff are things that can entice these rodents to enter your home for free.

Precautionary measures to take at home

clean houise

If you plot any type of rodents roaming around in your house, then it is high time that you start taking precautions and take every possible step to drive out these black headed monsters. Here are few precautionary measures that you should take at your home to keep yourself safe.

*  Storage solutions

Once you encounter rats in your home, then you have to ensure proper storage solutions at your house. You have to make up your mind that all the food that you have in your house have to be well stored to keep them out of reach of these destructing animals. You should use proper lid containers and cans to store your food and water so that in no case there are chances of any kind of contamination. Even the peeled vegetables and fruits should be immediately kept in the fridge when not in use. You should take proper care that your sinks are well cleaned and are not left in a messy state so that these rodents do not start making their dining room at such places.

*  Close all the openings

If you find any holes or openings in your home, then seal it properly because they can enter even through a tiny hole. So all such gaps should be packed and sealed so that the entry and re-ntry of the rodents do not take place in your home.

*  Remove unwanted cardboards

Cardboards serve as a source of attraction for all types of rodents. So if you do not want these rodents to make their home in your home, you should mandatorily remove all such unwanted cardboard sheets from your home.

*  Call for regular check-ups by professionals

Any evidence of rodents roaming in your home is a call for contacting a professional to visit your home and to clear up the mice infestation. They will not only help you to drive away the rodents from your home but will also help you with the precautionary measures that you should imply any such future rodents invading your house.

Reasons to call a professional for driving out the rodents

Professional rodents exterminater

•    The professionals are experienced and have knowledge about the habits of the different types of rodents and have certain measures of getting rid of these rodents.

•    They have all types of rat traps and baits that can help you to catch the mice inhibiting your home at a quicker pace. If you cannot take the sight of these mice at your home, then these exterminators are the ones whom you can look up to for seeking aid from these devils.

•     The professionals also help you out with pest control measures that you can adopt at your place of residence to stop the reappearance of these unwanted guests.

•    They will thoroughly perform the inspection of your house and come up with the best possible ideas and solutions to mouse proof your house.

•    These professionals exactly know the rate of success of catching a mouse according to the location where they place the baits. Thus there are higher chances of vacating these irritating little creatures from your house in a quick span. They examine the track and path of the mouse and accordingly place the traps so that you have higher chances of trapping a mouse.

•    The professionals make use of such methods that are safe and does not cause any allergic or any other health hazards to your family mates.

•    The professionals are very keen and have an eagles eye to spot out the entry and exit areas of these rodents, and on spotting the place, they get them sealed to prevent further entries.

So whenever you feel a pain in your neck in controlling the unwelcomed status of these rodents at your home, you can always look up for a pest control company nearby your house to do the needful.

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