Get Rid of the Pigeons: 14 Home Solutions and Four Precautionary Measures

Pigeon are originally cliff-dwelling species that seek their habitat in the open places and landscapes. Therefore, they find a hospitable environment in the cities and towns. There are some sites, which they find suitable for nesting like ledges, under bridges, in the houses, etc.

The suburban areas where trash and scraps are lying everywhere, invite them to hunt food. Pigeons also get the privilege of ancestry and relation with humans, and they are not afraid of people that give them strong homing instincts. So they don’t hesitate to nest in the balconies and other open places where they are attracted by food items and vegetable gardens patio plants.

It’s very convenient for these pesky pigeons to invade a house and build nests in the vents and chimneys because a home provides them all the comforts in all the seasons. Once these noisy creatures enter the place, they start creating nuisance in the house. Their shedding feathers bring a lot of problem with them.

Symptoms of Infections Caused By Pigeons

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Nests, feathers, and droppings of these birds carry harmful fungal materials which lead to the serious health hazards for humans as well as for other birds. The three common diseases caused by them are histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. Histoplasmosis is the form of respiratory problems, and coccidia enters the human body which are the parasites and diseases caused by them are fatal. High fever, pneumonia, skin infections, fatigues, and rashes are all the prominent symptoms.

The fungus present in the pigeons’ dropping can easily be inhaled by humans when people clean all their mess. Try to keep the birds away and take precautionary measures when cleaning the wastes. People already suffering from the diseases like cancer and HIV shouldn’t even go near this mess. Likewise, these birds get the lice and worms in their feathers.

Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Pigeons

There is a variety of bird repellents that include ultrasonic pigeon repellent, new technology bio repellents that can keep them away but these are not affordable for everyone, so they seek for other measures that are inexpensive. Pigeons can be controlled by using the solutions at home. There are remedies which are easily practicable and are effective.

1. Trash-Free Houses

The momentousness of clean home by keeping pigeons at arm’s length, cannot be overlooked. These pestilential birds hunt for food no matter even if they find it in trash. Keep your place free of trash to not avert these creatures.

2. Homemade Deterrents/Repellents

There is no need to rush out to market for expensive deterrents or repellents to avert the pigeon existence around you, how about the spices sprinkled on their landing areas? That is a good idea as pigeons get irritated by such deterrents such as pepper powder and chili solutions.

3. Install SpikesHandy tool to keep the birds away from windows

Make the spaces uncomfortable on which they land. That can be done by installing spike strips because pigeons would certainly like to find another place to land if they see these strips.

4. Barriers

Create as many hurdles as you can that can provoke these birds to leave the area. Get the standard room for their nests covered with net and all the holes sealed. Moreover, Pigeons avoid settling on the slippery areas, and you can easily create one by setting up sloped covering.

Fix the traps near all the roosting spaces. Having the wires in your balcony can also thrust them away. They are not immune to bright colors. Placing something sunny that can be seen by them is a splendid idea.

5. Monitor Gaps

Monitor the gaps in your house that provide the possibility of pigeon’s entry through holes and seal all of them so that pigeons cannot get a way to make their nests and create a hindrance. Mostly, the places pigeons uses are attic and chimneys. Close their ways by fitting the steel mesh caps on these holes.

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6. Ultrasonic Devices

These are highly effective bird repellers and cover a large area. These devices produce sound waves that are mute to humans but can be annoying for birds. This method is not harmful to birds as it is only a source of discomfort for them. Birds will surely change their residence with this continuous trouble.

7. Hang Cds and Wind ChimesHanging silver wind chimes to scare pigeons away

Reflective measures can be taken to avoid Pigeons as well. Hanged CDs reflect the sunlight and create a disturbance to the pigeons’ eyes. For that reason, any old or useless CDs can be brought into use. Wind chimes can also be created at home by using the things like tin packs. You won’t have to bear any cost to try these tricks.

8. Water Hose

Pigeons fail to hold back if water is sprayed on them with high pressure. Utilize the water hose in your garden and scare them so that they leave the place and never come back.

9. Sprinkle Honey Solution

Honey is an all-time-available item in any house. Bring it to use to obviate pigeon problem. Spread it at the place where pigeons roost or near the areas of their nests. The sticky nature of honey will create an issue for pigeons to rest at a place as they loathe adhering places. That is a natural way to get rid of this disgusting creature.

10. Use Rice

Use of rice functions well. The rice you would like to use for that purpose should be cooked. Throw some on your rooftop and wait for the pigeons to eat them. They eat rice, but the cooked rice are difficult for them to digest.

11. Get A PetCollage of cute pets on white

Pets like a dog and cat can frighten the pigeons. Pigeons will never enter a territory where they see any cat or dog. Otherwise, you can also create the situation for the pets to prey on the pigeons. You can keep the food items of your pet near the nests of pigeons to give them a chance to catch them.

12. Rubber and Plastic Snakes

Pigeons will never like snakes to be around and eat them. You cannot keep a snake as a pet, but you can go for the alternative. Get your hands on the snakes made of rubber or plastic and place it where pigeons can see them. A plastic snake would be enough to frighten them. That trick will make them fly away to the places and never return.

13. Use Perfumes Or Incense

Different odors can keep the pigeons away. Organic perfumes can be helpful regarding this problem. These fragrances can create an environment that is not welcoming to these birds at all.

14. Use Birds Nets

Catching the pigeons by using bird nests is another remedy. Pigeons’ reproduction rate is high. Their well-established flocks are found everywhere. Keep the birth control baits to invite them in the nets. That trick will serve two purposes; one is that you can catch the bird and the other is to control the production.

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Pigeons seem lovely birds, but they should be kept away as they unknowingly lead to various threats to housing owners. They can damage your beautiful furniture. As it is rightly said, “precaution is better than cure,” therefore, here are some precautions that can be taken to avoid jeopardy.

Avoid Feeding Them

Out of kindness, you feel like feeding the birds or animals. However, when it comes to a pigeon, stop that if you don’t like to be a victim of menace they can cause, as pigeons retreat to the place where they once find the food.

Remove The NestsMan try to remove the bird nest with a shovel

These septic pests make their home where they find a place. If they make a nest in your house, eradicate the nest. However, be careful with that because removing the nest can cause health hazards. Avoid this bird to reside anywhere around you and do not touch the nest with the bare hands.

Maintain Cleanliness

The foremost thing that can be done is keeping cleanliness. Avoid throwing trash like seeds and fruits anywhere that can easily be accessed by pigeons and cause the attraction for them. Remove the garbage and clean the area of your pets on a daily basis and spray repellents in your residence in every nook and corner.

Even a small amount of stagnant water accessible to pigeons can lead to their permanent entry at your place, so better not to create room for these species. Keep the clean water outside your house for birds and clean that on a daily basis.

Seal off Entry Points

Let the pigeons not wander around your residence for entry inside by sealing every point they can find to get in. Pigeons are smart as well as clever enough to find a dwelling point that you had not even thought of.

Identify these holes or entry points and cover them with wire mesh or entirely seal it leaving a place for the bird to exit. Do not leave any area for escaping and that would kill the bird inside.

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