How to Control and Remove Coyotes in the Garden (2018)

How to Control and Remove Coyotes in the Garden

Coyotes have been living in the forest, but in the recent times, they have started entering the human space. Many people in different parts of the country have spotted coyotes in their yard, gardens, fields and on roads. Though they have inhabited parks, they also move into the residential and commercial areas, especially during night times. There are a few types of coyotes, which love to live in cities. These animals prey on rodents, birds, cats, dogs, and other small mammals. In addition to eating meat, they also hog on juicy fruits and vegetables. The best part of these animals is that they can adapt to any kind of weather condition easily. They look alike to that of wolves and dogs. The diet of this animal, includes rodents, fruits, chicken, sheep, vegetables, remains of killed animals and garbage. Though they do not pose a serious threat to humans, you need to stand tall and make it run away when you spot them. The best part of having coyotes is that they keep the rodent population under control.

Coyote Removal and Control


If you do not want to see coyotes in your residential areas, then you need to devise ways to control coyote. These are nightmares for farmers and residential property owners. They would be in search of their prey in yards and garden areas since this is the ideal place where the pet owners keep their pets and garbage bins. When they invade your premises, they will damage your livestock, crops, and pets. The worst part is that these animals would kill poultry and livestock more than what they actually can eat.  It is sometimes a necessity to remove coyotes from your urban, suburban or rural areas due to their aggressive behavior. There is a misconception for people that these animals are dangerous like wolves. The actual fact is that these animals will only attack pets and that too very rarely, but they do not pose any threat to humans. Coyotes will dig the garbage bins, eat food that is left for pets, dig the yard and would live in those pits under the porch.

There is no special diet that is followed by this animal. They eat everything to survive. Though there are serious measures taken by the countries to control the population, still these animals are migrating to other places and growing their population. Though it is impossible to get rid of these animals completely from urban areas, there are a few measures that you can have a try.

How to Keep Coyotes Away your Garden Naturally?

Keep Coyotes Away
  • Do not keep food sources in the garden: The Coyotes love to eat any food that is available handy. So, it is recommended to keep the food sources away from your property to divert these animals from your place. If you are keeping cats or dogs as pets, and have kept the food and shelter of these animals outside, then it is better to bring them inside. In addition, you need to keep your pets inside when it is turning dark. Also, you need to take proper measures to control the rodent population, since when coyotes sniff the smell of rodents, they would enter into your premises. There are different methods available to keep rodents under control. A few ways to eliminate food sources include:
    • Keep food for pets inside your home rather outside
    • Cover the food of pets with a lid
    • Do not keep the food on the ground
    • Have fencing around your yard or garden. The fencing should be 5 to 8 feet tall to avoid the coyotes from jumping into the garden area easy to reach the food source
    • If you have livestock on your property, you need to keep them secured in a fenced area. You need to make sure that the fencing erected for livestock should be highly durable and strong so that coyotes could not breach it
    • Keep garbage bins clean
    • Regularly clean the garden to keep it away from mice and rodents which are actually the favorite food of coyote.
  • Use odor deterrents: There are different types of natural odor deterrents that are used like wolf urine, rags that are soaked in ammonia, mothballs and other deterrents to which coyotes are allergic to.
    • Mothballs: These are perilous and would deter the wild animals like coyote away from your property. However, coyotes being a large creature, it is hard for them to control just with mothballs. The chances of keeping a hungry and aggressive creature away with mothball are little unpractical but would work at times.
    • Ammonia-soaked rags: This causes discomfort and sometimes would injure the animals. You need to use this liquid carefully, since ammonia may contaminate water sources. However, this would work wonders in keeping coyotes off your property.
Ammonia-soaked rags

However, these deterrents will not work as effectively as traps and fences, and they cannot assure to keep your property away from coyotes. This is just a temporary solution to remove or control coyotes. You can keep these odor deterrents near the food sources to keep coyotes away from them. Furthermore, you need to keep spraying these deterrents to get rid of coyotes. However, doing this would take a lot of time of yours as well as money.

  • Make a place to keep garbage bins: Many residents do not like to keep garbage cans in their home, as this spreads the unpleasant smell inside. Also, keeping it outside would let them tow till the garbage truck easily. Rather than dumping the trash outside, you need to put the trash in the truck early morning. This helps you to avoid coyotes from getting attracted to the garbage food outside. Though, you can put a garbage can outside, but without a proper lid, it attracts coyotes. Once you dump garbage, you need to clean the cans thoroughly to keep the pleasant smell that would attract the attention of coyote to your bin.
  • Do not have any hiding places in your home: You need to maintain the yard in proper shape to keep coyotes away from entering your property. Trim the weeds and unwanted trees from your garden to keep it neat and clean. You should never leave a place where coyotes can hide food. Do not keep piles of wood in your garden. You  need to dispose of the bushes and cut branches immediately after trimming. If you have many trees in your garden, then keep trimming them from time to time. If every inch of your garden is visible to you, then it would be easy for you to spot coyote that has entered into your premises.
  • Keep your garden noisy: You need to keep motion activated sprinklers and lights in your garden so that it would scare coyote as they enter into your garden space. When they suddenly hear any noise or lights turning ON, they would immediately run away. Coyotes do not like to stay in the places that have bright lights. If you keep the property well lighted, it will not let them dare to enter your property. Though, they dare, you can easily notice them.
  • Use odor traps: You need to use odor trap very carefully since coyotes smell any human odor on the trap and then avoid coming to that place. In fact, they would run away from that particular place. To catch a coyote, you need to dig up a hole and place the meat in the hole to entice coyotes. You need to check the traps from time to time to remove coyote and move them to a safe location; it is trapped. However, it is illegal to keep traps in your areas without the permission of your state civic body. You can take the help of wildlife experts to remove and control coyotes in your area.
  • Fence your property: If there is no fence for your property, then it becomes easy for the animal to enter into the premises. When coyote notices a fence for your property, then 9 out of 10 animals would not dare to enter the premises. However, make sure that the fence you are installing is strong enough. The fence should be of a good height so that animals would find it hard to jump into the premises. However, when you add coyote roller to the fence, then you do not need to construct the fence taller. The coyote roller equipped to the fence makes it harder for the coyote to jump into the fence. To get this fencing done, you need to spend a good amount of money. You can also try laying electric fence over normal fencing. When an animal or person tries to trespass the premises, it gets an electric shock. On the other hand, having an electric fence is a menace to your pets and livestock too, so installing this fence would not be a good choice.
  • Clear bird seeds: Bird seeds are not the favorite food of coyote, and if they do not find anything else in your premises, they would prefer eating this food. You need to keep your garden area away from these seeds.
  • Hazing: It is frightening to see a coyote entering your premises, especially in the urban areas. Hazing is the best way to teach the animals to stay off your premises and sow a seed of fear by preventing them from entering your space. Hazing is a way to disturb predators by creating noises that are made by humans. The best thing is that hazing will not pose any threat to animals when is done in a careful manner. One of the ways to do hazing include:
  • By loud and wave your arms. When you do this gesture, it would threaten the animals and they would run away from you. You need to keep yelling until the animal is away from your eyesight. You need to be confident enough when you are hazing at the animal. You can also make other noises like horn sound, whistles, and bell sound to scare coyote. You can use hoses and sprayers using which you can spray water on the animal. This animal does not like water to be sprayed on them.
  • Predator urine: You can buy the urine of coyotes from the stores. By soaking the balls in urine and placing in certain areas in the garden would keep the garden free from animals.
  • Buy pet food: Pets and their food also attract coyotes. You need to keep the premises clean and avoid cats and dogs from roaming freely on the premises during night times.
  • Bloodmeal: This is the byproduct of many meat packing plants. This is prepared by drying the blood of animals. This dried product would be placed in the garden area or other places where there are high chances of a coyote roaming. Generally, animals do not like the smell that is spread from this dried blood.

Undeniably, it is a difficult task to get rid of coyotes. However, the above are a variety of solutions that you can use to frighten coyotes and keep them off your garden area before it attacks your family and pets. These solutions would make your property unappealing to coyotes besides frightening them.

How to Keep Coyoto Away your Garden Naturally?

Keep Coyoto Away your Garden Naturally

Coyote Removal and Control of coyotes is a challenging and difficult thing. Moreover, it incurs a high cost. Basically, in rural areas, people spotting coyotes would shoot, or trap them, but in urban areas, there are a few removal techniques used. These removal techniques are well-known only to skilled and qualified people who would remove a coyote from your places by abiding by laws and ordinances. There are removal companies who use the right tools to trap coyotes and move them to another location. The best thing is that the removal experts will not use any kind of harmful chemicals that would re-infest your place.

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