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Proof that it works – A Proof Bed Bug spray review

December 1, 2017

Look, there are quite a few bed bug repellants on the market; you can have your pick of them really. But some are better than others and this one, Proof Bed Bug spray has come through as an excellent quality product, and its plant based. Being plant based means it’s an environmentally friendly product, safe to use with enough of a powerful ingredient to kill bed bugs – dead.

Some people are skeptical when it comes to a product that has natural products, believing that it’s only the real chemical poisons that can do the job. But Proof claims it is able to eliminate bed bugs naturally. Some want to try it simply because it’s an environmentally friendly product – they want something safe like this in a house where there are pets and children, plus adults of course. Let us have a look at what Proof Bed Bug spray is all about so we can make up our own minds about this product, plus you can look at reviews from what other users are saying about it to make up your own mind.

Some who have tried Proof Bed Bug spray say it acts more like a repellant than a killer. There are others that say that there is only one guaranteed way that you will get rid of bed bugs and that is to get in the professional exterminators. That might be true, but before doing that, it is a good idea to prove Proof first, you might save yourself some pennies too.

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So what is the natural ingredient in Proof that they claim works against bed bugs?

It’s call Neem oil. It’s probably not the greatest bed bug killer around. But it is known to halt the reproductive circle of bed bugs. But people are wondering if it has the capacity to actually kill the bed bugs though, to actually control the infestation.

Has Proof been thoroughly researched to prove that it has what it takes?

  • To begin with, it’s an EPA registered product. And that doesn’t come just anyhow to a product. Before pesticide products are registered with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), they are given an EPA file-symbol. This comprises the company number with a series of letters that represent the product numbers.
  • There has been heaps of time, resources and energy that have gone into this product to validate the findings, to make sure that what is inside the bottle or box, etc. matches what is mentioned on the label. And Proof has passed that!
  • Not only that, Proof is effective. This has also been validated by entomologists as well as research scientists from top USA universities, as well as independent labs. Heaps of top pest management companies swear by the Proof product.
  • It is true that the typical chemical pesticides are losing their effectiveness. ‘Super bugs’ are arising that are proving that they are becoming immune to chemical pesticides. These same companies above are choosing to make use of Proof because they have been proved to work so well.
  • In a nutshell, it has been years of research of an EPA registered product to produce such a fantastic product such as Proof. They have delivered a product that is effective in killing bed bugs, the eggs and bugs that are chemical pesticide resistant – and they do it 100% effectively.

How does Proof work?

* Proof is applied directly onto furniture, bedding, other surfaces, even laptops.

* For a residual treatment, you apply Proof to fabrics and surfaces to prevent and kill bed bugs where it can last and still be effective for up to 2 weeks.

* All treated areas need to dry completely before you use them again.

* To get the best out of Proof, close windows and doors and turn off any air-conditioning you have on. Once spraying, leave the areas you treated, undisturbed, for about 4  hours; thereafter you can start opening windows and doors and turn on the air-conditioning again.

* Proof can be used on different surfaces indoors, materials, suitcases, fabrics, mattresses, curtains, rugs, just anywhere where the bed bugs could be hatching their eggs. Concentrate on surfaces like tufts and folds, cracks, crevices, edges, that type of thing.

Need to hire an exterminator? Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.

* It is possible that Proof can damage or discolor some surfaces and some materials, wallpapers, soft plastic, some varnishes, etc. You will need to test the surfaces with little spot treatments to make sure no damage gets caused before you use the product fully.

* Read about Proof and its instructions and directions of how to use it. You will discover that the results of using Proof as a bed bug deterrent produce the following results:

  • Kills 100% effectively on contact.
  • Kills 100% effectively as a residual.
  • Kills 100% of bed bugs that are proving to be resistant to chemicals such as Pyrethroids.

What are the positives and negatives about the Proof bed bug spray product?

  • It can kill adult bed bugs, the nymphs and the eggs.
  • It is non-poisonous which makes it safe around little children and pets.
  • The protection lasts, which makes it a good product when you are travelling.
  • It’s got a 100% guarantee with a refund if not satisfied (on only one product).
  • The bed bugs might become resistant to Proof.
  • The strong smell of Proof lingers for as much as 12 hours.
  • It’s costly because one bottle doesn’t seem to be enough.
  • People say it repels more than it kills.

Let’s have a look at all that it features:

1.It’s non-toxic

Its ingredients come from the Neem tree so it’s really safe to use where there are pets ad children.

2.Stops a bed bug’s reproduction process

One component in Neem oil is called Axadirachtin and it is an active ingredient that disrupts a bed bug’s hormone levels and mating programs, further disrupting their reproduction process.

3.A good residual time period of around 2 weeks from spraying 

This makes it good for travelers. Some studies prove that natural oils like Neem won’t have a residual period as the oil effects don’t last that long.

Does Proof come from a reliable source?

Terramera is the company who stand behind Proof. It’s a bio-tech company specializing in outdoor and indoor pest control. It manufactures products that are used in looking after agricultural crops, etc. They are online as well and are there to guide their customers through questions they may have about their products.

They are prepared to give refunds that are in place for 30 days after you have bought a product and which is limited to one bottle. So you only get a refund on one bottle.

What ingredients will you find in Proof?

The main ingredient is Neem oil, which comes from the Neem tree. 5.5% of Neem oil is to be found in Proof. It has been mixed with inert ingredients. Inert ingredients are substances that aren’t active ingredients and usually which are intentionally added to pesticide products. Inert ingredients can be solvents or emulsifiers, carriers, fragrances, dyes or aerosol propellants. The inert ingredients in Proof are mixed in so that the right concentration of Neem is maintained. Neem oil consists of natural oils, terpenoids, steroids and fatty acids. The active ingredients in Proof are eaten by the bugs, blocking their hormones from working which results in supposedly killing them.

It’s important to get rid of bed bugs because:

  • They don’t feed on dirt, they feed on blood.
  • They get transported from place to place via luggage or furniture.
  • They are connected to a disease such as hepatitis but no research or conclusions prove that they pass any diseases over to humans.
  • It’s an unclean bug that needs to be eradicated.
  • After feeding on your blood, your skin shows up on your skin with red itching welts, almost the same as being bitten by mosquitos.
  • Bed bugs have got a horrible connotation attached to them – other people think that if you have bedbugs you don’t have clean habits.
  • When you breathe, you exhale carbon dioxide – bed bugs are attracted to it and know where to go to find it
  • They like warm, dark areas where they can lay their eggs

The Final Outcome

Even though it’s not a toxic product, Proof is one product available today that is 100% effective in killing bed bugs as well as their eggs. When you spray it directly onto surfaces, it has a residual effect, working against the bugs for up to 2 weeks supposedly.  There is proof from labs and from university studies that prove that Proof is very effective. It is also wonderful to know that Proof is bee-proof too, which is a big plus in its favor. Extensive testing has proven this.  You can purchase it in household sizes of 16 oz.

Bed bugs are considered to be of the worst pests that you can have in your home. If something like Proof which is at least a natural product cannot help, it is really not worth your while trying other products that contain chemicals in them. It is because they in all probability will be harmful to your health and to your pets that live in the home. You are not always assured of a 100% success rate either. Rather get the professional exterminator team in to get rid of this infestation.  

There are certainly professional exterminators – and they come recommended because of the bed bug scourge being such a difficult pestilence to try and eradicate – and they will do a professional job. But just pretending that there were no professional exterminators around to remove bed bugs – then Proof would certainly be your best bet – for sure.

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