26 Most Powerful Bites in the Animal Kingdom (2019)

The maximum force that can be applied by humans while biting is 160 pounds per inch. When someone bites, it causes acute pain for people. Did you ever imagine how one would feel when they are bitten by animals that have 10 to 20 times more powerful bite compared to humans? When an animal bites, there is a way to measure the pain. This is called as PSI, which means, Pounds per Square inch. This is the pressure that takes place when force is put on one square inch of the body. PSI means the body size of the animal which bites. Every animal on the planet has the ability to bite, but the bite-size differs from animal to animal. The bites of a few powerful animals can crush the bones, drink blood and their teeth can eat skull and brain of other animals

Many are still in a misconception that dog having the strongest jaws of all animals in the animal ecosystem. You will certainly dismiss this fact when you complete reading the following article and learn about the strongest and most powerful jaws of different animals in the animal kingdom by knowing about their pounds per inch.

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1. Lion

The bite force of this animal is 650 PSI. This is called as King of the Jungle. However, the bite force of this animal is very less compared to the big cats like tigers and jaguar. This animal would love to live in a group with pride. They would prey on elephants and buffalos. This social animal does not need to have the biggest bite force to hunt for its food.

2. Tiger

The bite force of this animal is 1050 PSI. This is the largest cat among all the other animals in the animal kingdom. This has stronger jaws when compared to lions. The best thing is that it can reach up to 3.3 meters to catch the prey of other animals. Moreover, the bite force of this animal is twice stronger compared to lions. This is not a social animal. It loves to hunt alone when is starving. With its bite-sized, it can grab more meat of animals in one go. This animal catches the throat of other animals while hunting. This wild animal would hunt when starving and feels threatened. The brutality of this animal would cause a lot of pain to other animals.

3. Spotted Hyena

The bite force of this animal is 1100 PSI. This is the scavenger of the African jungle. This animal would prey on the meat of dead animals. This would find its food by hunting in the jungle with its strongest jaws. The bite force of this animal is more powerful when compared to a tiger and a lion. This is a social animal that goes in search of food with its group. This preys on wild animals, including rhino, Cape buffalo, and wildebeest. This can chew the bones of the animals with its powerful jaws. This animal can eat meat and bones of the killed animals. This is not ferocious but would eat the remains of other animals that are hunted by other ferocious animals. The bite of this animal is very painful that it can crush the bones of other animal and get the flesh that is inside it.

4. Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

The bite force of this animal is 1200 PSI. This brown bear is found in the South African Jungle. The weight of this bear is 800 lbs and is about 7 ft. This is the most aggressive bear compared to all the other bear species. This has the ability to sense any kind of smell and possess long claws with powerful jaws. The jaws can even cut the cast iron rods, eat bones and scratch thick trees. This has lots of strength and it is very challenging for humans to attack it. You would need to be wary while going closer to it, as it is ferocious and would definitely attack you leaving you in injuries.

5. Gorilla

The biting force of this animal is 1300 PSI. The height of this animal if 1.73m and the weight would be around 352 lbs. This is the largest primates. Though, it is muscular but is reticent. Besides having great size, it also has the powerful jaws that are as sharp as canine. This would depend on plants for food. This can grind the tough food with the help of its strong jaws. The lengthy canine of this animal would intimidate people from seeing it. This animal has a strong neck and the ability to punch other animals. The strong teeth can chew the tough plants like bamboo.

6. Jaguar

The bite force of this animal is 2000 PSI. This has the strongest jaws than big cats. This is more powerful than a tiger and has strong jaws to hunt and hog on the food. This hunt alone, unlike a lion. This mostly feeds on turtles and caiman. The jaw of the jaguar is so powerful that it pierces the skull of the animal and can also break it into two halves.

7. Hippopotamus

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The bite force of this animal is 1825 PSI. This has the most powerful bite force compared to the other mammals in the Animal Kingdom. The animal has the biggest mouth, which can piece and eat animals in one go. This has terrifying incisors and canines that can grind bones easily. Though the body of this animal is hefty, the legs are too short. This is aggressive and also attacks other animals without provocation. This is considered to be a perilous animal in Africa. This animal is mostly found in Egypt and lives in water.

8. American Alligator

The bite force of this animal is 2125 PSI. This is of 11 feet in length and weighs around 1000lbs. This is the biggest reptile in North American. The bite-size of this animal makes it more powerful. With its powerful jaws, it can make the prey into small pieces. This was around 70 to 80 teeth when each tooth is worn; it gets replaced with a new one. In the lifespan of this animal, it would wear down around 2000 to 3000 teeth. Though the jaws are powerful, the muscles of jaws are weak that you can shut their mouth easily.

9. Saltwater Crocodile

The bite force of this animal is 3690 PSI. This has the most powerful bite. The jaw closing muscles of this crocodile increase its biting power. However, opening muscles are very weak like American Alligator. The length of this reptile is around 20 feet and its weight would be around 2200 lbs. This reptile mostly preys on birds, monkeys, buffalos, and turtles. The strong jaws of this animal make it easy to piece even the hefty water buffalos easily.

10. Nile Crocodile

The bite force of this animal is 5000 PSI. This reptile has the strongest and most powerful jaws compared to other creatures on this planet. Though, it has small teeth and jaw muscles but bites brutally. The jaws of it would make it easy to fetch its prey. No animal can escape from the jaw bite of this animal once is caught. This animal would grab any animal that is closer to it. The length of this crocodile is 20 feet while its weight would be around 1650 lbs. This preys on birds, antelopes, fishes, and zebra. The jaw opening strength of this animal is low compared to its closing strength. As the bite of this animal is painful, therefore no animal would go closer to it.

11. Dog


The bite force of this animal is 325 PSI. When a dog bites, the blood oozes out from the skin and result in serious injury. People even die due to dog bites. The bites of dogs are fatal in nature. The bite strength would vary from one dog species to another. Among all dogs, Mastiff breed is considered to have powerful jaws with the bite force of 500 PSI. When it bites, it causes severe pain to the people. This has lots of strength in its teeth and jaws and weighs more compared to other breed dogs. In addition to this breed, German shepherds, Pit bulls, and Rottweiler also have strongest bites.

12. Great White Shark

The bite force of this sea animal is 625 PSI. The attacks made by sharks are found to be fatal and deadly. The shape and size of the shark teeth would make it dangerous. The teeth of the shark are as sharp as razors. One bite of this animal is enough to damage the entire surroundings. This would cut the prey smoothly. It has many sharp teeth in its mouth. Not just its bite is painful, but its brain can sense the smell that most animals do not have. The ferociousness of this sea animal can be clearly seen in movies.

13. Bull Shark

The bite force of this sea animal is 1350 PSI. This is the shark from the fish class that possesses powerful and strongest bite. This can easily cut the prey of other animals. When compared to great white sharks, the teeth of this animal are sharper. The animal bite of this shark is intimidating and at the same time is very painful. The cut of this shark is painful due to its biggest tooth size to the victimized animals. This creature would give a lot of pain to the victim animals when it pierces for its prey.

14. Tiger Shark

The bite force of this animal is 325 PSI. This is called by another name, i.e. Sea tiger and is mostly seen in the tropical waters. This has the ability to find and fish humans. These are aggressive, violent and intimidating. Even before the baby tiger shark is born, it has sharper teeth in the womb of its mother. These small sharks would kill the siblings with its sharp teeth.

15. African Wild Dog

The bite force of this dog is 340 PSI. This is mostly found in sub-Saharan Africa. This is called by another name, i.e. African Painted dog. These are social animals which hunt for their prey. This is wild and aggressive and can pierce and kill any animal with ease.

16. Leopard

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The bite force of this animal is 300 to 310 PSI. This is one of the five big cats found mostly in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The population of this animal is declining day by day. This looks like like to that of Cheetah due to which many people often get confused with this animal. This would sit on the trees and pray for animals. As soon as it finds an animal wandering in and around the vicinity it is sitting, it would jump and kill it with jaws to hog. The Leopard has lots of strength in its jaws. Its bit causes acute pain.

17. Cougar

The bite force of this animal is 350 PSI. This animal has length canine and stronger jaws that let it cut the meat of animals with ease. The jaws of this animal can even crush the skull and bones of other animals. The walking style of this animal itself would make you scared and when it jumps and kills an animal, it looks even scarier. This is the largest among the small cats that are slender and is quick. It is impossible for animals that are caught by this animal to escape.

18. Gray/Grey Wolf

The bite force of this animal is 406 PSI. The size of the teeth would let you crush the bones of animals on which they are preying easily when compared to other canines. However, these cannot crush the bones as finely as hyenas, but they can open the skull of victim animals and crush its bones. This is the most loved and fascinated animal of many humans. This is a social animal that goes in search of food with its mates. This animal looks beautiful and shows its ferociousness in its eyes. With a single bite, it can crush the bones of the victim animals.

19. Kodiak Bear

The bite force of this animal is 930 PSI. This animal has the strongest teeth with sharp incisors and larger canine teeth. However, this animal feeds on vegetarian food. This is the heftiest animal in the animal kingdom. The size of the teeth would make it bite in-depth and cause a lot of pain. However, there are a few bears that prey on both vegetarian food and meat. This is as big as a polar bear in size.

20. Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger
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The bite force of this animal is 950 PSI. The jaws of this animal are powerful and its teeth are the strongest which can bite in-depth. This is the second largest carnivorous animal. This is mostly found in cold temperature and in Russian areas. This is an endangered animal that is aggressive and is ferocious while hunting. No animal would survive only is bitten by this animal.

21. Alligator Snapping Turtle

The bite force of this animal is 1004 PSI. Though, this turtle does not have teeth but can bite strongly as other animals. This would bite other animals or humans when they are provoked. The jaws of this turtle are so powerful that it could leave you in severe pain. You need to think twice about the pain you end up with, before provoking it. With its jaws, it can cut the fingers of humans.

22. Polar Bear

The bite force of this animal is 1235 PSI. These bears are carnivorous and are endangered species with strong teeth. This white colored bear looks pretty but is wild and brutal. These are good hunters and their prey on any animals for food. The bite of this animal is very painful.

23. Silverback Gorilla

The bite force of this animal is 1300 PSI. The teeth of this animal are bigger but are not sharper. The jaw muscles of this animal are what makes the bite of this animal very painful. This endangered species would cause a lot of pain and shows its wildness on its face.

24. Megalodon

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The bite force of this animal is 40,000 PSI. This sea animal is 50 feet long and weighs 50 tons. This most preys on whales. This has sharper teeth as a razor to pierce animal in one go and gulp it. This is heavy, wild and is brutal.

25. African Lion

The bite force of this animal is 691 PSI. This animal has sharp teeth to prey on other animals for food. This animal is widely found in African jungles.

26. Indian Lions

These lions would hunt during night times and prey on large size animals. The pounds per inch of this animal vary from time to time. This has sharp teeth and powerful jaws to catch hold of the prey.

The above mentioned are the strongest and powerful bites in the animal kingdom. These animals use their strong and powerful jaws and sharp teeth to brutally hunt their foods on other animals.

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