Pigeon: 16 Amasing Facts & 5 Solutions to Get Rid of Them

Basic information about pigeon

1. Appearance and size

According to research, there are about 28 colors of a pigeon. The pigeons are about 32-37 cm in length, and they have colorful necks which are called hackle. The adult male and female pigeons are almost similar in physical appearance. They have orange and red color eyes and entails various sizes.

2. Habitat and sistribution

Pigeon is eating wheat grains.Pigeons are very adaptable to their environment. They are found in various habitats and are seen in the cities of United States. These species make their homes in a different habitat, and they also adapt to live with humans. However, they mostly inhabit in wild live sand forests. Antarctic and Arctic regions are the places where pigeons usually don’t settle and are never found. They are found in urban areas of different countries.

3. Food and eating habits

Pigeons eat a variety of food. They are opportunistic eaters and eat a combination of food such as fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and waste food. When they search for food, they prefer to search that in open areas. They require at least 1 ounce of water on daily basis. It is roughly estimated that they require 40 grams of the dry substance to eat per day.

4. Behavior

Pigeons can fly up to at least 40 or 30 miles in just one hour. They can detect the earth’s magnetic field, and according to this, they can also tell the direction of the sun. Furthermore, they can hear low frequency sounds very easily. Their eyesight is very sharp and excellent.

5. Reproduction and lifespan

Pigeons are said to reproduce throughout the season. They can easily raise up to 5 broods easily. The female pigeon usually lays 2 eggs at a time. Both the parents take the duty to warm the eggs. The male pigeons usually stay on eggs during the daytime and the female remains on eggs during the night time. The process of incubation takes place for about 20 days. In the first two-week, the young ones are fed crop milk.

16 Amazing facts that you might not know

  • Pigeons have lived more than humans for hundreds of year ago. People used to worship the white pigeon in ancient times. They were considered for the roles of gods and goddesses.Human is feeding a white pigeon.
  • In the past, the pigeons were considered the most valuable asset of wars. During the First and the Second World War, the pigeons saved almost thousands of human lives. The pigeons were the one who brought about information about the allies to Germany.
  • In the old centuries, pigeons were also used as messengers. They were a source of communication between cities and societies. After some time, they were not allowed to send messages and were asked to live their rest of lives in peace.
  • There are different religions such as Muslims, Hindus, and Sikh who used to feed these creatures as the religious rituals. Some of them even fed them because they thought that by feeding them they would never go hungry.
  • The normal pigeons which we see in our cities come from rock dove. They are derived from a Latin word called “pipio.”
  • The pigeons have eyes side mounted not like humans. They usually bob their heads to check the depth of perception.
  • The pigeons also mate for their lifetimes and can breed up to 9 times in a year. They bring about two young offspring at a time.
  • The young ones are fed with special pigeon milk called ‘crop milk.’
  • Many people think that pigeons are the unwelcome guests, but to your surprise, they can result in the sum of money.
  • Even if you release a pigeon about 100 miles away from your home, they will still manage to return home.
  • They are considered as one of the most intelligent birds.
  • Among the birds, they are the first one to pass the mirror test. It means that they are able to recognize their reflection in the mirror.
  • Today man is considered the open enemy of pigeons.
  • Before fledging the young ones remain in nests for about two months.
  • Pigeons have one of the most outstanding navigational abilities.
  • The feral pigeons rarely leave their house. Even if they are released, they will return home within hours.

All common pigeon types

1. Domestic pigeons

Domestic pigeons are also known as a breed of ‘Columba Livia.’ They are usually derived from the rock pigeon. For them, humans select their breeding partners. For this type of pigeons, the crop milk is not produced, but they are replaced by an artificial substitute. They are said to be very protective of their eggs. To protect their eggs, they can even go to large lengths.Rear view of a Black King Pigeon isolated on white.

2. King pigeon

The King is known as the breed of all species of pigeon. They were developed back numerous years of selective breeding primarily for the utility breed.  The Kings pigeon along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons are also descendants from the rock pigeon. The breed done by these pigeons is known for their huge size, and they are also suitable for squab reproduction.

3. Racing and homing pigeons

This particular species is the source of breed for many domestic pigeons that has been making the top of selection list for breeding. They are selected for the results of improved homing instinct and efficient speed.  They are fed for racing purposes. Among the local pigeon breed, the particular Racing Homer is recognized as the most recent.

4. Fancy pigeons

Fancy pigeons are the species for domestic pigeons; they are domesticated species of the wild rock dove. These species are bred by the rare pigeon fanciers for different preferences relating to their body sizes, shapes, their color of bodies, and behavior. They often exhibit their bird species for pigeon shows and other livestock. There are several fancy pigeons available.

5. Feral pigeon

These pigeons are also found in urban or suburban areas. They are common in a blue variety of pigeon species. They are usually observed roosting on top of building roofs and look for food in public places. In the town areas, they are seen roosting in barns or natural cliff areas.

6. Band-tailed pigeons

Band-tailed Pigeons are referred as wild pigeons. They are the natives of North America and the Pacific Coast areas. As compared to their names, these species of pigeons have very long and gray banded tail. Furthermore, they have a white band and some iridescent patch on their neck. They are about 18 inches in length. They have a bright yellow beak and webbed feet. Band-Tailed pigeons usually live in forest edges and far away in woodlands. They like spending too much time in trees. Their favorite foods are acorns.

Damage and risks

Pigeon sitting on the balcony of the old house with the orange paint on rusty perylene.There are some common damages caused by pigeons. Try these on for size:

  • Damage to roofs

The damage done to the roofs is mainly due to the pigeon’s droppings. Their dropping contains high acid contents that can harm the humans. If pigeons keep depositing droppings, it will cause very costly damage to your property. As the result of continuous dropping, several roofs get collapsed.

  • Damage to machinery

The dropping of pigeons causes great damage to the machinery kept in open areas. When machinery are damaged in this way, it may be a health risk for various workers.

  • Damage to ceiling

Often domestic pigeons love roosting and nesting in attics; they usually build their nests on the ceiling which results in the collapse of walls because of too much weight. Even in manufacturing plants where there are chemicals kept, the flying pigeons around the area can contaminate the chemicals.

Ways to prevent the pigeon from causing damage to your property

If you are intentionally or unintentionally feeding the common pigeons, then stop doing that at once. You might be leaving the food around which may attract them and force them to come again and again. After eating throw the garbage far away and clean up the meal. If you would like to feed them, let them eat in open areas such as in a nearby park which is far from your home. Limit the residues of food available in your gardens.

If you seal all the potential roosting places, you will easily get rid of them. They are considered serious problems in urban areas.

How to get rid of pesky pigeons

  • Use live pigeon trap

If you are tired of the pigeons and would like to get rid of them, then pigeon trap is the best solution for your problem. You have to place the trap in the areas where the pigeons reside. You only need to set the bait and open the door of the trap for several days. It won’t physically harm the pigeon, but it will make sure that the pigeon is no more causing destruction around your property. Once they get trapped, they will avoid coming in such places.

  • Bird b Gone Pigeon trap

If you are looking to flee with the pigeon problems then here is a way.  This trap is made up of steel wires which are used to trap the pigeon in no time. It can be used for indoor trapping as well as outdoor trapping. The door of the trap is opened, the pigeon can walk in, but it will be difficult for the pigeon to walk out because of the trapping door. You need to bait the trap with something that can easily attract the pigeons. It is the best live pigeon trap.

  • Knees kage all Pigeon Live animal trap

This live trap is available to catch the pigeons live. It is very easy to use and setup. You can get rid of pigeons and flee them away from your property. It is used to trap the pigeon and later relocate them or free them in open areas.  It’s a unique way to catch the pigeons from the top of the roofs or in the gardens. It allows the pigeon to walk in the live trap but not walk out easily. It is one of the best methods to trap the pigeons.

  • Exclusion or pigeon proofing

The pigeons can be sometimes very nuisance creatures. Where ever they stay they leave a very bad odor around them. They are also hosts to numerous other pests. Pigeon proofing can help getting rid of them from damaging your property.

Use pigeon repellent

  • Bird-X Bird Proof Gel Bird Repellent

Bird-X Bird proof is used to control and frighten the birds in no time. This device uses fat beam laser technologies and different interval of color combination. The pigeons would hate this color combination and would find a much calmer and quieter way to live and go for roosting.

It is among the best indoor laser repellent devices. That laser is available in three different alarming colors which are easily detectable by swallow birds. Moreover, these colors continuously change to avoid acclimation. The best part about this device is that it cannot be controlled and accessed via remote and handheld devices. It is the finest way to get rid of these birds.

  • Hoont Bird Repellent And deterrent Reflection Tape

It’s another peaceful method which would not physically harm the bat but let it out easily. It is the combination of mirror and light. This method is expensive as it requires a good amount of finance to supply light to reflect regularly. It prevents the entry of pigeons and avoids them to make a mess on the property and all around. The pigeons get confused by the noise and run away. In addition to that, it controls the pest birds and their mess around and is considered as one of the best bird control methods. They are the best sonic repellent devices.

  • Call professionals

If you have tried all the methods, but wouldn’t attain the expected results. Call an expert to get rid of this pigeon. A professional person will come and help you in no time.

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