Pest Offense Electronic Pest Repeller

——Your best defense against pests is the Pest Offense Electronic Pest Repeller.

You are going to have to go quite far to find such well known products in the pest control and pest-repeller industry as that of Pest Offense. Their electronic products plus all their other products rank as the best. And they’re so popular because their products don’t contain dangerous chemicals. Amongst their top products, you will find one many people have used and recommended; it’s that of the Pest Offense Electronic Pest Repeller. If you are plagued in your home or office by mice, cockroaches, spiders and the like, this is the one. Just look at all the positive reviews (and some negative) comments made and you will soon realize that it does what it says.

This fantastic device works by its electromagnetic fields, sending out high frequency impulses, driving these pests quickly away from your home; in fact being unable to tolerate being within the vibrations. It’s a real nifty gadget and just one little unit will work well in an average sized home. If you have a huge home, naturally you would want to use more than just one unit.

Just what exactly does electronic mean when it comes to repelling pests?

When you buy something like the Pest Offense Electronic Pest Repeller, you are literally using the wiring inside the walls of your home to be the “repeller” of the pests in your home. It makes use of the wiring by sending signals through the wiring which is tuned to the effect that it irritates the pests nervous systems. It’s a fantastic technology really, because it does not affect pets such as cats, dogs and birds or fish, or other electronic things.  Nor does it increase your own house’s electronic energy – all it does is change the frequency to target the rodents. The rodents pick up on the changes in the frequencies, and the pests cannot build up any tolerances against the frequencies. They just need to “escape”. Insects communicate amongst each other via vibrations. The vibrations from the pest-repeller also communicate to them, but not in a nice way, nor natural. Their receptors are disturbed, making them feel as if they are in dangerous undesired places and they have the urge to escape which they rapidly do. They become confused and can’t do what insects would normally do in a suitable environment like fetch food, build nests, breed and so on. Nor can they communicate properly in this, what must be a terrifying unnatural vibration, unlike anything they know amongst their natural selves. They will immediately pick up that something is not right about their environment, causing them to be desperate enough to need to escape – out of your home.

Some people tend to not think so favorably towards the Pest Offense Electronic Pest Repeller, as mentioned above. But this could well be because to them, it does not come with excellent installation techniques. People find this annoying and frustrating. But every house is wired different. This repellent is a device that you plug in and let it work, but it is important to know also where is the best place to plug it in to get the most out of what it is supposed to do. One customer who found the product well worth its weight in gold reported back that each user of the pest repeller needs to also know how many circuits their own house has. One unit for one circuit. You have to determine how many circuits your house has and to install one unit for each circuit. If you have been frustrated about this, read the customers comments and their suggestions and tips which can help many a user.


It’s safe around children and animals, but not your pet rodents

One superb advantage about this ultrasonic pest repeller is that it is safe and a humane kind of way to get rid of any pests. It feels good for users who have small children or who also don’t like to see nature/pests/animals being maimed or hurt, to know that they are using a product that does not contain any dangerous chemicals. No chemicals, no accidents and no health issues either. No traps either.

It’s a highly satisfactory product, and that’s why it has the registered stamp of approval from the EPA- the Environmental Protection Agency. And they don’t just approve products easily. Products need to pass extensive screening processes which assure people that this product is one that is safe to use in the home or office; wherever it is needed.

How to know if this is not the product for you?

It is not suitable for people who have small little animals as pets in the home such as guinea pigs, or hamsters, gerbils, pets also like tarantulas. These pets are also able to detect electromagnetic vibrations that the pest-repeller releases. Rodent pets will also be driven “around the bend” by this. If you have any rodents as pets in your home, it is not recommended that you buy such a pet repeller. There are other traps and baits that you can invest in for getting rid of pests.

Is Pest Offense Ultrasonic Pest Repeller effective?

When performing under the right circumstances, all you can say when using this product is “wow – it works!” OK, so your house does need sufficient wiring to use Pest Offense effectively. And another thing you cannot expect that it is just going to work like a magic wand overnight. It is going to take about a week, maybe even two, before you can say your wows. Some people in the reviews say that this product is not great when it comes to cockroaches – but maybe the unit was plugged into a wrong circuit or the unit was broken. There are other products in any case for cockroaches such as the Riddex Sonic Plus Repeller – try that, it works excellently against cockroaches.

Getting back to rats, mice and spiders too

When it comes to rats, mice and spiders, this is what the Pest Offense Electronic Pest Repeller is all about. It is also important to realize that this product is meant to be housed indoors, even though it might be beautiful calm, weather outside. One reviewer said that she bought her Pest Offense Pest Repeller because she had mice running on top of her closet. But she said she didn’t want to use traps, she just wanted a safe way to get them out of her house. She claimed that she loved it and had no more problems with the mice. She decided, in her review, to include some pros and cons, so for your benefit, here they are:

  • It works!
  • It kept the mice away
  • She felt she didn’t have to worry about animals dying somewhere around in her house
  • It was quiet
  • It took some time to be effective, like 2 weeks before the mice disappeared.
  • She noted that it only worked in outlets that had wires that led to the areas where the mice were.
  • If you have rodents as pets, it can’t be used.


It works!

She ended her review by saying that she felt the pros outweighed the cons. And she loved the fact that the mice were actually keeping away from her house. She claimed that she didn’t want to see animal droppings anywhere in her house but she also didn’t want to worry about them dying somewhere, decomposing and stinking out the place and worse, causing disease Not on your life she said!

She did add that she noticed that before using the product she had a few spiders around in her home, but that she still noticed the spiders afterward. Not many, but a few. That was just her comment. But her final words were “this product worked for me and I loved it”. It’s as simple as that!

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