Japanese Beetle Traps: 6 Best Selling Traps in 2017 & 5 DIY Traps

Japanese beetle isolated on the white.

What is a Japanese beetle trap? Japanese beetle traps are pheromone traps containing lure from two different plants geraniols (Rose) and geranium. These pheromones then attract insects especially Japanese beetles, and they die because they cannot resist it. These are efficient methods of catching Japanese beetles and acts at huge distances. Do the Japanese beetle […]

Grasshopper: Basic Facts and Natural Ways to Get Rid of them

An Image of Grasshoppers

Related to katydids and crickets, grasshoppers are medium to large-sized insects. Their Latin name is ‘Suborder Caelifera’. There are more than 10,000 species of grasshoppers. Every single grasshopper comes in different sizes. Their normal size is about 3 to 13 centimeters long. Grasshoppers are divided in two types—long horned grasshoppers(with long antennas) and short horned grasshoppers(with […]

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