Natural Ways to Control Snails in the Garden(2018)

Gardeners have a common enemy and it is not aliens but snails and slugs. Snails and slugs are specialists when it comes to wasting the effort of the gardener because they consume a significant amount of the plants in the garden and that is exactly why there is urgency in the need to evacuate them as soon as possible.

There are various techniques that can be employed to rid your garden of these pests, however, the natural ways that is cost effective and devoid of complications. In case you are interested in natural ways to control snails, here they are:

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Procedure 1 

Utilize a Natural Insect Spray

insects spray

Natural insect sprayers can be effectively utilized to repulse snails and slugs in the lawn. You have to be careful to ensure they have no contact with plants because the plants will be destroyed as well by the spray.

Natural Snail Repellents to the rescue!

1. Make ale traps

ale traps

Traps is one of the most effective ways to get rid of snails from your garden, this is how to go about making one:

The fragrance of yeasts naturally draw snails and that can be capitalized on when trapping them as a trap which is a mixture of both beer and yeasts can be used to trap them. Put out a saucer stacked with the yeast and beer mix. Sink the saucer into the ground enough so the lip of the saucer is at ground level. Snails will get into the mix and choke. Release and refill the saucer each couple of days.

Place saucers, dishes or bowls of humble, level blend in your garden and leave medium-term. In the first place, find a spot in the garden where you can cover a compartment. The compartment should be secured adequately significant so the edge is level with the ground. Next, find some stale, level mix and purge it into the holder. The snails and slugs will be pulled in to the aroma of the ale and drop themselves into the trap.

2. Sprinkle Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Simplicity does not mean ineffectiveness. Diatomaceous earth rare known historically to be a veritable tool in dealing with snails and controlling their population. Just lay their hands on some diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it on domains where the snails and slugs visit and that will be the last you hear of your ‘noisy neighbor’. Diatomaceous earth has minute edges that can pierce the accumulations of snails.

Diatomaceous earth is an unbelievable response for discarding snails. Just make sure to buy the non-hazardous, sustenance survey version. Diatomaceous earth is a sort of powdered shake delivered utilizing the fossils of little sea living creatures. It has fine, sharp edges which are perilous to the snails’ fragile bodies.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the dirt around plants you have to guarantee the effectiveness. Keep in mind that it is less solid when requiring new application after precipitation or plant watering.

Diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled on the soil incorporating plants and sprout beds. In any case, it ends up being significantly less reasonable when wet, so another layer ought to be reapplied resulting to watering your plants or the accompanying precipitation.

3. Plant sage (Salvia officinalis) or mint around your garden plants


This is also a very effective way to keep off snails from your beloved garden. Diverse herbs and plants which may divert snails apart from the sage also includes garlic, fennel, geraniums, hyssop, chives, and foxgloves. You really need to be careful to ensure that you don’t make the mistake of planting Salvia splendens because what will happen is that instead of repelling snails, you have only succeed in handing over an invitation letter to them.

4. Have a go at using copper


It is no news that various experts use copper to spurn snails. You can put copper bunches around your window boxes, characteristic item tree trunks, et cetera to prevent them from crawling up and onto the foliage of your plants. The reason behind this is that research exhibits that snails can’t persist crawling on copper surfaces, which gives them a delicate electrical stagger when they get in touch with it.

Buying the copper tape at a plant nursery and curving it around the edge of your flower bed or vegetable fix or sprinkling copper pennies around the base of the plants is the way to go about it and you are already giving a strong fight to the enemies of progress trying to ruin your precious plants by doing this.

The reason why copper repels snails the way they do is not mystical at all. Copper reacts with the mucous which snails produce while in motion and this reaction sends a shock wave through the system of the snail which ultimately repels it. You can actually set this up without having to employ the assistance of someone else and how to go about this is to lay sheets on the dirt between the plants being struck. Snails will try to run away from the sunshine and resort to hiding under the sheets. By then, you can easily go out and lift up the sheets, get together any snail you find, and off they go away from your garden as you dispose them.

If you are interested in another alternative for reasons best known to you then you can take an old ceramic window box and flip around it over a heap up, relinquishing it propped-up on one side so snails can crawl under the pot to conceal in the midst of the day. You can buy a ready-made trap if you feel you cannot go through the stress of making one by yourself.

Snails get a kick out of the opportunity to stow away in dull, soaked spaces. Find a wet piece of wood or wooden board and place it near a zone where snails and slugs are from time to time spotted. The next morning, check the wooden board and discard any critters associated with it.

5. Pick them off by Hand

pick snails

Not everyone wants to employ this technique, it is however effective in ridding your garden of snails. If you don’t mind, you can simply wait till dawn because that is when snails are the most active and pick as many as you see and discard them off. You can employ the usage of a glove as well as a source of light of course.

Hand picks the snails from your plants. One dreary yet surefire system for ousting snails from your garden is to physically pick them off your plants by hand. The best time to do this is in the early morning or late night, as this is the time when they will be by and large powerful.

There are two distinctive methods for overseeing snails once you’ve picked them. You can either crush them rapidly, or you can place them in a bowl and transport them to another region – somewhere a long way from your plants!

A speedier technique for hand picking the snails is to put upside down dirt pots in your garden and relinquish them medium-term. The snails will gather underneath it, so at a young hour in the day you’ll have the ability to get countless in one go.

6. Sprinkle Crushed Egg Shells

Sprinkling egg shells has also proven to be an effective method to repel snails from your garden. Simply sprinkle pounded eggshells on the earth enveloping the unprotected plants and the snails will never come around again because eggshells have sharp edges which feel upsetting under the snails’ fragile bodies. Moreover called dreadful little creature clean, this normal thing which is okay for human or animal use, fills in as a limit. Much the same as with egg shells it has sharp, fine, edges that are risky to the sensitive arrays snails.

Break egg shells into unassuming pieces after which you go on to scatter on the garden soil. Snails detest egg shells as a result of their sharp edges and will have no choice than to leave your garden for good. This method does not just guarantee the evacuation of snails from your garden but it also ensures your garden is nourished at the same time because egg shells contain a great deal of calcium which nourishes your soil.

7. Feed Them Citrus Peels

Citrus peels

Your orange or grapefruit skins can also serve you well in your quest to defeat these rampaging snails trying to ruin your plants because they love citrus, so don’t dispose of your orange or grapefruit skins. Just come around the start of the day and check your peels to check whether any slugs or snails are on them, and oust these from your garden. Strengthen with new peels as legitimate to continue with your trap assignment.

8. Use Emptied Grapefruit Halves

Just like the peels of oranges, you can also employ grapefruits by cutting them into equivalent amounts from which you scoop out the grapefruit substance. Next, put the depleted grapefruit parts close to the affected plants and forsake them there for a while. You ought to find a ton snails in it t

9. Use Coffee


Studies by the U.S. Division of Agriculture have shown that coffee is to an awesome degree suitable at shocking and butchering snails and this can be do It can be used as a piece of one of two distinctive ways:

You can put cooled coffee in a shower holder and use it to spritz plants, leaves, soil and even the snails themselves. Then again, you can sprinkle coffee beans around the base of the plants you wish to shield from snails. This will moreover propel the soil.

10. Bolster Snail Predators

You may have to invite the natural predators of snails to come around and enjoy some snail meal as this will go a long way in ridding your garden of these pests. Flying animals treasure pecking at snails a lot and you can use this to your advantage by attracting the winged animals to the yard by setting up a water bowl. You can even breed praying Mantis by getting their eggs and they will help eradicate the snails as they grow.

You can also give room for ducks and chickens to wander your garden. Ducks and chickens will feast on the snails but you have to watch them closely because they may end up also feasting on what you want them to help you protect – your plants.

11. Endeavor to Ask Lightning Bugs to Breed in Your Garden

lightning bugs

The larval kind of this dreadful little creature (the glowworm) is a voracious predator and this plays to your advantage because they have snails on their menu. Wind scarabs as well as frogs are also very ruthless predators that will make a mincemeat of your snails.

Distinctive predators that would gladly love to be invited to your garden to enjoy a nice snail meal includes crows, blackbirds, jays, owls, robins, trushes, starlings and seagulls. You don’t have to spend much or utilize a considerable amount of energy when employing these predators. Just get them in and you can be rest assured that they will do what they know how to do best which will be to your profit- feasting on snails.

12. Control Snails With Scratchy Surfaces

Snails like surfaces that are free of rough substances that could affect the smooth surface of their body. Better put, they don’t love to crawl over scratchy surfaces. If you are not really interested in killing the snails but you simply want to keep them at arm’s length to ensure that they have no access whatsoever to your plants then enveloping the stems of your plants with crushed egg shells, a layer of diatomaceous earth or insert a sand-paper neck area around the stem is a very good way of achievi

13. Use Diverse Hindrances

It is almost impossible to list all the methods that are employed by people to either kill or ward off snails. Some other substances also employed apart from the ones mentioned above include: fiery remains from devoured wood or lime, Powdered ginger, shower powder, develop from a pieces of clothing dryer can be used to discourage snails, despite animal hair or cover up. Lift them up and move them. Hence do all you can that you ward off snails to a distance of at least 20 feet (6.1 m) from your garden and you can be sure of a garden free of the menace of snails.

Procedure 2

Changing Your Gardening Routine

Changing Your Gardening Routine

1. Consistently Till the Soil

Consistently practicing tilling the soil as often as possible goes a long way to ensure that the eggs of the snails that are in the soil are removed consistently and that would lead to a a significant reduction of the occurrence of snails in your garden.

2. Clear Any Waste From Under Plants

If you would cultivate the culture of ensuring that you do not offer breeding spaces for snails by allowing wastes to pile up in your garden, then you are on your way to win your prolonged bat

3. Use Masterminding Materials Like Wood Chips and Shake

Certain orchestrating materials, for instance, wood chips, shake, and sand is troublesome for snails to move over and can demoralize them from making a home in your garden.

4. Change Your Watering Design

Snails support soaked earth, as it is less requesting for them to move over and they can move faster. Just by watering your plants toward the start of the day, instead recently night or night, you will ensure that the earth is to some degree dried out when sunsets. This makes it significantly harder for the snails to get around, and can truly decrease their quintessence by up to 80%.

5. Create Plants that Shock Snails

Certain blooms, plants, and herbs are acknowledged to be unappealing to snails, so consider familiarizing them with your garden. These join blossoms, for instance, freesias, daylilies, azaleas, foxglove, tansy and hibiscus, and herbs, for instance, mint, rosemary, fennel, parsley

By And Large

control snails

You don’t have to wait till you can buy chemicals before you can win your battle against snails. You can employ safe and natural ways that are very effective in ridding your garden of snails. Besides, employing chemicals is not very safe because chemicals especially pesticides like metaldehyde for example do not differentiate your pests from your pets. If you are not very careful, you may end up injuring your pets while using the chemicals.

It is therefore safer to go for the natural options rather than exposing your pets, your children and yourself to health and environmental hazards that can come with the usage of chemicals. You have been enlightened on various natural means of ridding your garden of snails and you would do well to explore this options to strengthen your resolve to have your garden to yourself alone rather than share it with snails.

Don’t just learn them, put them to work and start reaping the dividends now!

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