Best Natural & Chemical Repellents to Get Rid of Moth

Many of us don’t realize what havoc moths can wreak, until we find our favorite knitted top with numerous tiny holes in it. That is not the only risk involved in indoor moth infestation. Once your house is invaded with moth epidemic, everything, including your furniture, food, bedding, curtains and carpets, is at these buggers’ risk. Clothes moths, carpet beetles (textile pests) and moth larvae, all tend to infest and damage your house. Before you find your favorite pure wool carpet with a lot of missing chunks in it, read on to find the best moth repellents to chuck them out.

Why to Look for Natural Ways of Getting Rid of Moths?

We do not recommend conventional moth repellents because of the harmful chemicals and toxins in them. They must be avoided, especially in the houses with pets or kids. For everyone’s safety, it is essential to look for the safest yet effective ways to get rid of moths and larvae (larvae are more damaging for fabrics). Here we have enlisted the natural ways to get rid of moth invasion in your house. All the items listed below are easily available at natural food stores.

1. Lemon Peel

Lemon fruits with leaves on white. Spiral fruits.

Using lemon peels prevent moth infestation in your closet as well as in kitchen shelves and pantry. Make sure to put them in a small cloth bag before placing in your wardrobe. Otherwise, peels may leave markings on the fabrics. Besides that, lemon peels can be placed at heavily infested areas to combat the moth epidemic. It is advised to keep changing those peels regularly, as they tend to lose their effectiveness with time.

2. Mint Leaves

One of the most effective natural repellents for moths, a handful of mint leaves are good enough to keep them at bay. Mint can be used in any form including—a cotton ball dipped in peppermint oil, dried peppermint in a small sachet or just placing lose leaves of mint in your kitchen cabinets or closet; all ways work effectively to control moth population.

3. Eucalyptus Leaves

Like several other green leaves, eucalyptus too is considered one of the safest moth repellents. Place the dry leaves in the suitcases containing your off season cloths or in your closet. Secondly, you can dry eucalyptus leaves in sunlight and grind them to get eucalyptus powder. Sprinkle the powder in all moth prone areas, holes and cracks. Besides eucalyptus, basil and sage leaves too are natural insect and pest repellents.

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4. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are known for their strong scent that pests and insects (moths, cockroaches, beetles, flies, ants) can’t resist. Be it your kitchen pantry or your wardrobe, bay leaves work effectively on each place. Spread (or stick with tape in a corner) the dry leaves in your wardrobe as well as in other moth prone corners. In pantry, store a few leaves in each canister containing rice, flour, and other bulk foods. It does not affect the natural flavor of these edibles.

Cinnamon sticks on table

5. Cinnamon Sticks

Yet another natural and handy way to get rid of those nasty pests. Cinnamon sticks are safe and effective to use anywhere. Be it your kitchen, pantry or your closet. To avoid its residual aroma in your outfits, it is advised to cover it in some wrapper or a thin layer of tissue paper.

6. Cloves

Repel moths by using cloves, both in your closet as well as in the kitchen. Eugenol is the ingredient that makes it function as a natural and the safest insecticide. Place them near the moth-infested areas like moist and dark places or in holes and crevices in your house. Pour in a few cloves in the pockets of organic fabrics. This natural trick works well against all the clothes-damaging insects. Most of all, cloves are best for protecting your stored or bulk food items (grains, nuts, pasta, rice). Wrap them in tissue or simply spread a few cloves in each container to prevent infestation.

Note: Mixture of cloves with thyme and rosemary in a small cloth pouch, works wonderfully to keep those bugs away.

7. Lavender Buds

Lavender Buds on wooden table

Beautifully fragrant, lavender is one of the most irritating smells for moths and several other pests. To fight the moths, lavender can be used in different ways. Pack dry lavender flower in a sachet to hang in your closet, soak a cotton ball in lavender essential oil and tuck that in the corner of your wardrobe or kitchen cabinets. Cultivating lavender buds at your place too drives away the moths.

8. Indian Lilac Oil

Pour Indian lilac oil on cotton balls and place in the corner of your kitchen shelves or closet. Fresh leaves of Indian lilac can also be used in wardrobe and kitchen pantry. Even it can be sprinkled in the powdered form around the food storage containers or on any moth prone areas.

4 Best Selling Moth Repellents in 2017

If the moth infestation continues in spite of following all the natural ways mentioned above, it is time to opt for the bestselling moth repellents. Here we have enlisted a few that are safe as well as effective products of 2017.

1. Camphora Root Blocks Moth Repellents

  • Camphora root blocks work effectively against household pest problem. These wooden blocks come with strong aroma that tends to irritate the moths, spiders and other indoor insects.
  • These are best protection for all expensive fabrics like silk, wool and cashmere.
  • Camphora blocks help in balancing the moisture level in the closet or anywhere you place it.
  • Its aroma refreshes the overall atmosphere of the house.
  • Its smell might fade with time. To refresh it, polishing the wooden blocks brings back the lost aroma.
  • The wooden blocks, when placed in closet, leave a refreshing smell in your clothes.

2. Red Cedar Moth Repellent

  • Red cedar insect repellent is natural and does not contain any toxins or chemicals in it.
  • It functions to combat all insects, moths and bugs and to control the humidity level and the musty smell caused by moisture.
  • Placing these cedar blocks not just protects your clothes but all the valuable things (food and books).
  • In case, its smell fades, polish the wooden surface.
  • These cedar wood repellents can be placed inside the wardrobe, drawers or kitchen cabinets.
  • Red cedar rings function in the same way. They are best to hook on the hangers in the closet.

Note: Cedar woods can be used in a number of ways to repel insects and bugs. Cedar drawer liners and cedar chips too work effectively on moths.

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3. Richards Herbal Moth Repellent

These small sachets by ‘Richards’ are enough to chuck those hidden moths and insects out. This product is a blend of natural herbs with no chemicals. Put these sealed sachets anywhere like, in the pockets of woolen clothes, inside the closet, in your garment bags or drawers.

4. CedarFresh Cedar Power Spray

This all natural spray is a fusion of pure lavender and cedar oil (mix lavender oil promises freshness). Both of these ingredients are known for driving the moths out. It can be sprayed inside your closet. Besides controlling pest population, it keeps that musty and humid feel away. It is a concentrated solution, so a little amount would be enough for a longer period. If your cedar blocks or cedar rings have lost their natural aroma, sprinkling this power spray helps in restoring the smell. This natural spray is considered the safest alternative of mothballs.

Moth Control Chemicals

If you continue to experience all the moth infestation symptoms even after applying all the natural tricks and hacks, mentioned above, maybe it’s time to use some moth control chemicals to root out the problem.

  • Chemicals for wardrobe and closet

Before applying the chemical, empty the wardrobe of all the clothing and accessories. Clean it well with soapy water and a sponge. Now spray each corner of the closet or wardrobe with Insectrol or Pro-Active-C. leave it till it dries. Do not re-introduce the clothes without cleaning or dry cleaning. You can apply the method of extreme temperature i.e. passing your clothes from too hot or too cold temperature. Blow dry them after washing or pack them in poly bags and place inside cold storage freezer for 3 to 4 days. Process all the clothes that way and then place inside the closet.

  • Chemicals for Carpets

It is really tough to reach to the deepest layer of the rugs or carpets by any herbal trick. Trigger Spray of ProActive-C functions best to kill all the moth eggs and larvae hiding in the deepest layer of the carpet. To get the best result, spray the front as well as the reverse side of the carpet with this chemical. Spray the same chemical under the skirting boards, as these are the spots with heavy larvae infestation.


Getting rid of moths and larvae is not an easy task. You can’t do that in one go. Whatever moth repellent (natural or chemical-based) you are using, do not forget to repeat the trick each month. Repeating the procedure is essential for a long-term solution.

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