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Mice Infestation In House: How to Control It?

May 18, 2018

As soon as kids hear the word mouse, they might remember their favourite Jerry of the “Tom and Jerry show.” But when it comes to practical life, we all know that Jerry can only look good on the show but not in our house. They may look as cute critters, but in no case, you would like to invite them to be your guests. Despite being tiny creatures, they can make you suffer massive losses. These rodents can prove to be deadly and also are a reason for spreading plague. To be accurate, many people have lost their lives due to the disease that these rats are able to spread. Their droppings are also harmful and can poison your food. To talk about their teeth, they can even let your house to fire.

You might be wondering how and maybe this is kind of a joke. But this is a fact, these rats have a habit of nibbling everything that comes its way, and if it is your electric wires and God forbid this goes noticed, then you can very well imagine what can happen in such case. If the cables are eaten up by these critters, then there are chances of short circuit which can eventually lead to a house fire. On the other hand, they can also spoil your grains and food that is left unattended. You can easily spot biscuit packets and similar such things having marks of teeth and in no case can you consume these otherwise it will be like poison for you. Thus it is mandatory that you shoo off these invaders from your house if you want to live peacefully. Here are some ways in which you can get rid of mice infestation at your home.

Signs of Mice Infestation at Home

Common house mouse gnaws grain

Mice multiply quickly and are never found in single and will always find a way to enter your home if even one of them get shelter at your place. As soon as you see signs of mice droppings, it’s time for you to get alert and get ready for the mouse hunt. Those poop pellets on the platforms can leave you with eyes wide opened and worry about as to how and where could there be a mouse about which you are not aware of. You can even see these droppings in your cabinets and gnaw marks on your countertops which can hint you of mice invading your house. Apart from this if you find papers being lying tattered and few holes in your clothes in the laundry bag, you are sure to spot a mouse soon in your house.

Mice Infestation Causes

Apart from the loss that they can bring to your things at home, they can also bring health hazards for you and your family members. If you accidentally consume the food that has been chewed up by them, then you can suffer severe disease. They also cause infections and allergies due to the bacteria and pathogens they carry. Though hard to believe, but they can also create a state of fire in your house, you very well know that mice have sharp teeth and if they chew up the wires of your electrical fittings and wring then it can cause a fire in your house. If you are sighting such similar things, then it is high time that you take some serious steps to stop the infestation at your home.

10  Ways to Control Mice Infestation at Your Home

1. Snap Traps

The very first thing that comes into the minds of a person whose house is infested with mice is a rat trap. If you are worried about how to catch a mouse, then a snap trap is one of the most popular ways that you can use for cutting down the mice infestation at your home. You can easily get these snap traps in the market and use them in your house to stop the population growth of mice in your place of residence. These type of traps has a trigger system and traps the mouse as soon as it runs over it. This not only traps these rodents but also kills them at that very particular instant. You just need to set up the bait and put some delicious bait that can attract the mouse and place it somewhere where you have seen the mouse making its regular path. Once you bait the snap trap and keep it in their pathway, you have to wait to hear a thud sound to find your home invaders being trapped on the snap trap. As discussed earlier this trap not only traps the mouse but also kills it so this method is not suitable for people who can’t stand a dead mouse. This is one of the most effective ways to kill these pests, and the best part is that you don’t have to throw this trap once you have used it. You just need to wash the trap and bait it again to catch your next prey. The number of mousetraps that you may need depends upon the mice population that you might have seen invading in your home. Another thing to decide the number of mouse traps is the time period in which you want to get rid of these rodents. If you are aiming at catching all these little monsters in one go and within few days as you start your mission, then you can go in for four to five rattraps and install it in your home to kill these rodents.

2. Electric Rat Traps

Electric rat traps are also somewhat similar to the traditional; snap traps with the only difference of being an electrical kit to give a shock to the mice being trapped in it. These electrical rat traps are costlier than the traditional snap traps and can serve the same purpose. These electrical mouse traps can be used when you are strong enough and can stand a dead mouse. These snap traps do not offer any additional advantage over the snap traps as it has the same functionality and the only difference of electrocuting the rats to death. If you have spotted a large crowd of mice running here and there in your home, then you can bait three to four such electric rat traps for killing these deadly mammals. You also need to keep a check on these traps at least twice to thrice a day and remove the dead bodies of the rats as soon as you find one trapped in the electric rat trap. If the dead bodies remain for long on these traps, then it may start decomposing and may spread bacteria and may be a hindrance to your health thus dispose of the mouse as soon as you find them being trapped.

3. Cage Traps

Cage traps are one of the methods that are used since yesteryears for trapping a mouse and getting rid of mice infestation at your home. If you are having a tough time thinking about how to catch a mouse and thinking about ways of how to catch a mouse alive then Cage traps can be your solution. These cage traps do not kill the mouse but keep them alive for you to take your own sort of action on treating your enemies. This kind of rattrap is useful for all such people who cannot stand a dead mouse and are looking out for ways to catch a mouse alive. The cage trap also has a bait system, and you need to bait the cage and wait for a mouse to enter it. As soon as the mouse enters the cage and nibbles on the bait the door of the cage closes down due to a trigger mechanism and traps the mouse insides the cage.  This method of catching a mouse is a sweet and easy way of taking control over the pest infestation at your home without killing them actually. Once you have caught the mouse, then you can take them to a far off place and dispose of them off so that the mouse doesn’t trace back its way to your home. Some people also use hot water and the drowning method and kill the rat before disposing them of. It is totally your call on how you want to dispose of the mouse once trapped in the cage.


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4. Poison

Mouse Poison is another way of killing these pests. If you are not going in for the snap traps and cages, then you can also opt for the poison method to gain control over these pests at your home. In this method, people roll off some bait or food in poison and keep it here and there in their house for the mice to consume. As soon as a mouse consumed the poisoned bait, it gets dehydrated and runs outside for search of water and eventually dies. But this method of catching mouse had a few disadvantages associated with it making it a less popular method of capturing a mouse. Earlier people used to follow this trend of poisoning, but since so many other options are available for catching a muse, people tend to quit this method of killing mice. The poison method s quite an inhumane method of killing a mouse that’s the reason that this method is less popular. Apart from the inhumane death that we may give to the rats, there are chances that the rats may die on the way when they are escaping out and may lie somewhere inside our home. In this case, we might not be aware that there is a dead mouse in our home and if it is somewhere out of our reach, then its corpses may decay and may give out bad odour which may again cause health hazards to the family members. Thus this method is opted out at a very minimal level to control the rat population at home.

4. Peppermint Oil

If you want to keep away mice from infesting your home, then you can also use the peppermint essential oil in your home to keep these demons away. You just need to take some cotton balls and dip it in peppermint oil and lay it strategically at different places. The smell of peppermint may be quite refreshing for us, but mice find them offensive and will not enter a place where they can smell this odour. You can change these cotton ball twice or thrice in a month so that the mice always have a “no entry” board for them at your home.

5. Cloves

Clove is another home remedy that you can try at home to keep these rodents away. Cloves are an important spice that we all must be having in our kitchen, but it is now time to use them for keeping the mice away. Yes, they have a freshening odour, but it is not the same in case of mice. For them, the odour is overwhelming and unappealing, and they try to stay away from places where they spot cloves. Cloves can irritate the rats, and thus you can use the same hack of keeping cotton balls dipped in the mixture of clove to make them stay at pace from your home.

6. Bring a Pet Cat

mouse and cat

Do you remember Tom and Jerry? We are sure that nobody can forget their all-time favourite cartoon, right? So if you find those black Jerry’s crawling here and there at your home, then you can go in for the easiest method, and that is by bringing a Tom in your home. In this way you will be able to achieve two things, one is that you will get a pet for your how with whom you and your children can have a gala good time and secondly you can keep these devil rats away from your home, and your cat can get their favourite food as well. So suddenly if you find your cat behaving in a funny and awkward manner, then don’t worry. It must have definitely sniffed a rat and about to catch its prey. So just relax and let the cat hunt for the rat.

7. Glue Rat Traps

Splendid Sticky mouse trap

Another way of catching mouse sure and fast is by using a glue rat trap. You can easily get these glue rattraps in the market and let your trap await its prey. These glue rattraps have a strong sticky glue material on its top surface, and you just need to keep some bait for the mice on it and leave it for the invaders to get upon it. The glue is also coated with some peanut butter which acts a source of attraction for these monsters.  As soon as a mouse steps on it to eat the bait it gets stuck to the surface of the rat trap and will not be able to move. This is also another feasible method for catching a mouse alive. Once you have caught the rat, then you can find ways of disposing them off. Either you can kill them and then dispose, or you can empty it out in a plastic bag and dispose it off to a far-off place. The best thing about this glue trap is that these traps are disposable and you don’t have to touch the messy corpses at any cost. You just have to throw it off and kill them at your home.

8. Electronic Catch Release Mouse Traps

This is another trap for your prey that kills them at one go. The best part of this trap it is that it gives an electric shock to the rat and as soon as it dies you can open the cage of the trap and throw the mouse in the dustbin.

9. Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices

Super ultrasonic pest control

This device is easy to handle and does not require any labour. You can buy one ultrasonic device form the market and plug it on. As soon as it is switched one, it produces an ultrasonic sound which can’t be taken up by the mice, and thus they keep away from your house.

10. Calling for the Professionals

This method is again one of the most convenient methods that you can opt for bringing an end to the mice population at your home. If you are highly tired of placing baits and traps and yet not achieved complete success to drive off the rats from your house, then you can call for a professional . They can solve all your worries and miseries and be on their toes to do the kill the mice drill. Whether the question is about how to catch a mouse without a trap or how to catch a mouse alive, the professionals have well-fledged tools and ways to achieve your goals. Apart from this calling the professionals from a pest control company is a feasible method as they are experts and have good knowledge about the habits and patterns that the mice follow, this, in turn, helps them to place the baits at places where there are high chances of trapping one. Apart from this they investigate and find places from where the mice are entering. Though this may cost you few bucks, but will give you sure shot results of freeing your house from the unwanted guests. Another thing that you need to note is that mice can breed in a very short time so if you are sighting a couple of mice, then you are sure to sight few small rat kids as well in few days. So before the rats expand their population in your house, it is better that you call the professionals to end the mice population. Many pest control company also provide regular checks at your home to find out if the problem is sorted out from the roots, you can choose such a company which has able professionals and experts to free your house from these demons and make your life normal as before.

Mice infestation

Mice infestation can be dangerous as it can not only enter your granary store and eat up your grains but can haunt you in your nightmares as well. If your home is infested with mice, then it is very necessary to get rid of them otherwise they may cause great losses to you and your home as well.

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