Best 8 Lice Shampoos for You – Guide & Review

Lice on the head- Every parent’s nightmare giving them a dreadful time getting rid of it! If you have a school going child, chances are there shall be instances when your child shall get infected with this lice problem. The constant crawling on their head and rubbing of their hands would not only lead to impatience and irritation but also might spread to others in the house.

Lice are little crawling insects that crawl on human heads and feed on the blood that is available through the scalp. While they don’t have a potential infection or diseases to cause they still remain an irritating problem that everyone wants to get rid of. Since ages, there have been several ways of treating the lice and getting rid of them completely.

When anyone in the family has lice in their head it’s a whole strategy that shall take hard work to remove them. Keeping care of the clothes, removing the lice and getting a good lice shampoo is one of the most crucial things to do. While it can be difficult to rely on just about any product, here is how you can find the perfect lice shampoo!

Choosing the Best Lice Shampoo for You – Things to Consider

Best Lice Shampoo

Before you jump into buying products for the treatment of lice it is important to keep an eye on the things that should be considered to evaluate the best of lice shampoos, oils and more. While there are brands selling products that boast of treating lice in just one use or proclaiming to remove lice completely with their therapy, there is an utter need to understand the qualities of them before investing your money, energy and time into these products.

Moreover, using any product for any treatment on your child or members of the family shall be accompanied with great care and understanding.  With these things to consider you can choose the best lice shampoo for you and family. Let’s know about them!

Natural shampoo

The first and foremost thing to look for in a lice shampoo is its formulation. The formulation of the shampoo should be that of natural ingredients. This is an important factor because if your shampoo is made of chemicals or steroids they are going to undoubtedly kill the lice and get rid of them but the chances of them harming your hair, scalp and most importantly skin is very high too. Natural shampoo is naturally mild and is an effective treatment for lice with its natural properties. While these may take time to completely treat the lice they shall be harmless and soothing to the scalp – which is important!

You are also advised to look into the ingredients, read the instructions and evaluate if its usage is suitable for you or not!

Free from pesticides
top Lice Shampoo

Often beauty products that are meant to be used as a protecting serum or shampoo against some ailment are loaded with pesticides. These pesticides are formulas which kill the insects like lice but can be harmful to the scalp. Pesticides are not to be used on your skin and brands are smart enough to provide for them in limited amounts so that people do not come across harsh effects immediately. One should be smart here and look for the pesticide content in the product details to check on the same. Most of the pesticide-free products label their products as “Pesticide Free” and it is these products that you shall pick for the lice treatment. Choose the shampoo that is labeled pesticide free for safe use.

FDA registered

FDA Registration is compulsory for almost all of the brands that are operating in the area of providing food, drugs or medicines for general consumption. The Food & Drugs Association is a government agency that checks and approves the usage of the products for use by people are examining their potential risks, benefits, the content of drug and medicinal use. If a product is FDA registered and certified it means that it is approved by the laboratory of the FDA agency for usage by people as it is safe. When choosing a shampoo for lice treatment you should make sure that the product is FDA registered and approved for usage. You shall find a label on the product, a certification mark or just citation of the fact on the product packaging.


The lice shampoo should not cost you a fortune. Lice treatment is one of the basic problems which is not involved with any form of the disease and a simple oil, shampoo or serum can help you get rid of that. The product doesn’t need to be overpriced so you should buy something that falls into your budget.

Outstanding Lice Shampoo

Of course, an effective lice shampoo that needs to be purchased! The lice shampoo must have a good reputation and review given by the people in general who have derived benefits from it. For this, you can refer to a close friend for their review, read the reviews on the internet or consult a doctor for their recommendation. Purchase the lice shampoo only if it is effective in removing the lice from your child’s head, nourish the hair and repel the further coming of lice.

Easy to use

Using a lice shampoo is very much like using a regular shampoo except for the fact that this one shall target your problem areas and cure them. The lice shampoo shall be easy to use along with it’s before and after wash routines which makes it easier for the user to work on the treatment. Often there are shampoos which set the lice just blind resulting in them falling off from head throughout the day which is not just embarrassing in different situations but unhealthy & irritating too!


Safety of use is one of the concerns which shall be looked into for every product that you buy for direct use on the skin. When you are looking for the lice shampoo you need to check on the details provided by the brand in regards to the content, usage and especially the allergy details to know if it is a safe product to use. Most of the brands list all the allergy or reaction details on their packaging so that users who might get adverse results are notified beforehand.

Smell and effect

Shampoos, in general, are formulated as such that they provide for a soothing smell. But when it comes to lice shampoo the smell is important too as the natural formulation might not smell good and leave you with a medicinal smelling hair throughout the day. The shampoo should emit a good smell that is soothing while fighting with the lice.

RID Lice Killing Shampoo
  • FEATURESEasy to use
    Requires only 3-4 uses
    Kills the lice and eggs both
LiceLogic natural lice shampoo
  • FEATURES Nontoxic and safe
    Works effectively
    Smells good
Honeydew head lice Shampoo
  • FEATURESMade of natural ingredients
    Good for hair
    Smells great

8 Best Lice Shampoos You Worth Them

Now that you know of the perfect ingredients that work towards killing the lice from the head in a naturally safe way, it is time to introduce some of the products to you which have the best of formulation in helping you treat the lice problems. These products are some of the top products with a good fame and response from customers in getting rid of lice without causing any discomfort. They have all the goodness of a shampoo and are perfect for usage in the regular schedule.

1. RID Lice Killing Shampoo

RID Lice Killing Shampoo

RID lice killing shampoo is one of the most popular lice treatment shampoos in the market today. Using Piperonyl Butoxide and Pyrethrum extract as its main ingredients the shampoo has been known for its effective results and mild usage. It is a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner formula which needs to be used on dry hair for rinsing. After the hair is rinsed well you need to comb with the given nit to get rid of the lice. You can wash the hair after that to get a clean and healthy scalp. A repeated use of this treatment is recommended after a week to get rid of the lice problem with ease.

  • An effective treatment with instant results
  • Easy to use
  • Requires only 3-4 uses
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Kills the lice and eggs both
  • There is no conditioner after the shampoo
  • Does not promise to make your hair healthy
  • Doesn’t suit kids below 2 years


2. LiceLogic natural lice shampoo

LiceLogic natural lice shampoo and treatment

LiceLogic is one of the finest brands available in the market with biodegradable products and vegan ingredients. It is one of the most preferred, effective and exclusive product which promises to not just take care of the family healthy but of the environment too. The LiceLogic natural lice shampoo and treatment made from non-toxic ingredients which work beautifully towards helping get rid of the lice, nits and their eggs. The shampoo has to be applied to the head and rinsed well for about 15 minutes. The LiceLogic natural lice shampoo and treatment come with its own nit comb which has then to run through the hair to take out all the dead lice or nits. This is done when the shampoo is still on the hair. After this, you can wash the hair. Made of concentrated formula loaded with peppermint oil this works effectively from first use and can work almost 16 times.

  • Nontoxic and safe
  • Biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free
  • Works effectively
  • Smells good
  • Takes care of hair
  • Does not have a conditioner along
  • Does not work for the lice eggs


3. Honeydew head lice Shampoo

Honeydew head lice treatment shampoo

Honeydew serves as one of the prime brands which aims at improving the quality of hair while treating the lice problems too. The Honeydew head lice treatment shampoo is formulated with lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, keratin, argan rejuvenating hair oil and tea tree oil which works beautifully in improving the texture of hair and give it the soft supple feel. The shampoo is great at cleaning the scalp and providing for a lice treatment remedy naturally. The natural ingredients present in the shampoo are effective to repel the lice from the hair and as a result, it doesn’t just fight with lice overtime it can also be used as your regular shampoo which takes care of lice problems forever.

  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Good for hair
  • Smells great
  • Repels lice naturally
  • Does not work as a remedy
  • Doesn’t provide instant relief
  • Not suitable for kids


4. Fairy tales rosemary repel kid lice shampoo

Fairy tales rosemary repel kid lice shampoo

Fairytales have come up with their range of shampoos and conditioner where the Fairytales rosemary repel kid lice shampoo is particularly directed towards preventing and curing the lice problems for the kids. This shampoo comes as a duo lice prevention kit of shampoo and conditioner made from a blend of oils like rosemary, geranium, tea tree, citronella, lavender, peppermint etc. The shampoo is enriched with minerals and vitamins that take care of the hair while cleaning off the lice from the hair. It isn’t a remedial measure but works effectively for cleaner scalp and repelling the lice. So if your child hasn’t yet got the lice problems you might just want to use this for them to be always protected.

  • The perfect shampoo for kids
  • Repels the lice from beginning
  • Soothing smell
  • Natural ingredients
  • Doesn’t give instant relief
  • Doesn’t work on existing lice in hair


5. Lice Shield shampoo

Lice Shield shampoo

Lice Shield, one of the widely used lice shampoos, is a prime product relied on by many households for getting rid of lice. This shampoo has been made out of 5 essential oils that is hydrating to the hair, gives it a nice texture while removing lice naturally. The gentle feel of the shampoo qualifies to make it as a good daily use shampoo rather than a remedial measure. The tangle-free formula leaves the hair moisturized and nourished while making it feel lighter and cleaner with absolutely no lice left.

  • Nourishing and hydrating shampoo
  • Natural ingredients
  • Fights lice naturally
  • Daily use shampoo
  • Doesn’t treat instantly
  • Not suitable for kids below 2 years


6. Licefree spray lice treatment

Licefree spray lice treatment

Unlike usual shampoos that are hoarding the lice treatment through their washing formula, this one is a dry shampoo that works effectively in killing the lice in the head itself. The Licefree spray lice treatment is a dry shampoo that has to be sprayed on the hair and let to dry in natural air. Once the drying is done one shall find lice and the eggs killed naturally. The professional nit kit is them to be used to comb it all out and clean the head. Licefree spray lice treatment is a non-toxic formula with effective results and spot treatment aid. It works effectively when you need something to get rid of the lice immediately. Although not high on the soothing smell one can shampoo their hair with their regular shampoo after its use.

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  • Non-toxic formula
  • On the spot treatment
  • Dry shampoo
  • Kills even the lice eggs
  • Not suitable for baby below 6 months
  • Can be harsh on the skin
  • Can result in hair fall


7. ​Nix Ultra 2-in-1 lice treatment

Nix Ultra 2-in-1 lice treatment

Bestselling items on most stores and websites, the Nix Ultra 2-in-1 lice treatment is a unique formulation with 2-in-1 lice treatment. The Nix Ultra 2-in-1 lice treatment is a shampoo and conditioner mixed into one which kills the lice and their eggs by suffocation. Pesticide-free and non-toxic this shampoo is great when you want a hypoallergenic clean without any smell. The Nix Ultra 2-in-1 lice treatment comes in the form of a fluid which gets absorbed in hair and scalp resulting in suffocation of lice and their eggs. Then you have to comb it all out and clean the hair.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Nontoxic and pesticide free
  • Odorless
  • Gives instant relief
  • Doesn’t suit the kids
  • Doesn’t qualify as a shampoo


8. Babo Botanicals lice preventive kids shampoo

Babo Botanicals lice preventive kids shampoo

Specially designed for the school going kids the Babo Botanicals lice preventive kids shampoo is an excellent shampoo for treating the lice in the hair. The Babo Botanicals lice preventive kids shampoo contains tea tree and mint extracts that work beautifully in repealing the lice and formulating a treatment for the everyday use of the kids. Gentle on the skin and certified to be rich in vitamins and minerals, the Babo Botanicals lice preventive kids shampoo is rich in anti-oxidants like watercress, calendula, and chamomile that makes it the healthiest shampoo to use for kids. It has proven results for treating lice.

  • Suitable for sensitive scalp
  • Natural ingredients
  • Mild and gentle shampoo
  • Suitable for kids
  • Organic and rich in minerals
  • Not great for adults
  • Not an instant remedy


These are the best 8 lice shampoos for you. Choose any one and prevent your kids from lice.

Best 8 Lice Shampoos for You – Guide & Review

Lice on the head- Every parent’s nightmare giving them a dreadful time getting rid of it! If you have a school going child, chances are there shall be inst

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