Top 6 Lice Repellent Sprays of 2019

Lice are small, but they can still be seen with the naked eye. Signs that a person may have lice are:

  • Nits, or small brown, yellow or tan dots
  • Itchy head
  • Sores
  • Small red bumps

Lice repellent is highly recommended because lice are highly contagious. Lice will rapidly spread from person-to-person, and children are highly susceptible to lice. Group settings, such as sports activities, camps or even school are where most people will get lice.

Head-to-head contact must be made for lice to spread since they cannot fly or jump.

You should use a spray combined with a lice comb to help remedy the problem faster. Lice spray and repellents work wonders for keeping lice at-bay in both children and adults.

Our Top Pick

Fairy Tales Rosemary SprayFairy Tales Rosemary spray is our top pick. Safe to use and free of harsh chemicals, this protect works as a hair conditioner and repels lice with ease. The smell is strong, but the product is effective.

Key Features

  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Soothes lice bites and itching
  • Stops bacteria from forming into an infection



Top 6 Lice Repellent Products in 2019

Fairy Tales Rosemary Spray
  • FEATURESContains non-harmful ingredients
    Soothes bites and itching
    Requires two to three applications per week
Head Hunters Spray
  • FEATURES Great for detangling
    can be sprayed on the entire body
    Professionally tested
SoCozy Boo! Lice Spray
  • FEATURESGentle and safe
    Can use this spray daily

1. Fairy Tales Rosemary Spray

Fairy Tales Rosemary SprayFairy Tales offers a repellent that will work wonders for keeping lice away from kids. Offering in a conditioning spray, this 8-ounce bottle contains ingredients that are friendly for kids to use. This product is clinically proven to work for both kids and adults.

The proven blend of ingredients, include:

  • Rosemary
  • Citronella
  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree
  • Lavender
  • Geranium oil

When used together, these ingredients will prevent lice. Tea tree makes this product unsafe for animals, but it’s also an essential oil that is proven to kill bacteria. A child that is continually scratching his or her head can use this lice spray to keep any scabs from forming into an infection.

Soothing power is offered for the scalp, too.

The soothing power comes from the following key ingredients:

  • Aloe
  • Chamomile
  • Jojoba

Safe and friendly to use, this product is free from harmful ingredients, such as:

  • Parabens
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Toxins
  • Sulfates

Proper prevention requires that you use this spray two to three times per week for best results. It will repel the lice but not kill the lice. You’ll want to use a lice comb to remove all of the eggs and lice from the hair for this product to stop additional lice from forming.

  • Contains non-harmful ingredients
  • Soothes bites and itching
  • Requires two to three applications per week
  • Strong smell

A lot of people love the smell of this product, but there are others that hate it. The smell is strong due to the essential oils found in this spray, but it works as advertised. The spray will repel any lice that a child or adult comes in contact with.

For children, this is a great conditioner that will keep them lice-free through the school year.


2. Head Hunters Spray Hunters offer a lemon spray that is an actual leave-in conditioner. You spray on your hair, and the product keeps lice from crawling into your hair follicles. The repellent comes in an 8-ounce spray bottle, and it is Ph balanced.

Great for detangling, this product can be sprayed on the entire body.

Professionally tested and formulated, Head Hunters should be sprayed on a person or child’s hair before going off to school or a social event. The proprietary scent is key behind this product’s potency, and it works to block the scent receptors of lice.

When applying to the head, you’ll want to use enough so that the hair is slightly damp after application.

Simply leave the product in your hair afterward and allow it to dry. Unlike other products, the drying does not cause the hair to harden.

You will need to reapply after washing your hair. The product should not be washed away for it to be effective.

Two key ingredients found in this lice repellent are:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Geraniol

A person with thin hair or someone that plans to use this spray over the short-term will only need the 8-ounce bottle. If a person with thick hair or multiple people plan on using this product, you will want to purchase the 22-ounce bottle. There are also refills and a gallon bottle which is recommended for summer camps.

The product is a strict repellent, so it will not kill lice.

If you need to kill lice, use another product and use a lice comb to remove lice and eggs from the person’s hair.

  • Can be applied to the head and body
  • Strengthens hair and doesn’t harden
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Some complaints of making hair greasy

Most people love this product, and the few that have complained state that the product either has a leaking bottle or made their hair greasy. Leaking products can happen to any spray company, and the greasy hair complaint can be caused by a variety of other variables.

When it comes to repelling lice, this product works every time.


3. SoCozy Boo! Lice Spray

SoCozy Boo! Lice SpraySoCozy a natural lice repellent that combines multiple natural repellents into one great product. Each bottle contains:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Rosemary extract

You’ll use this spray just like you would the previous two on our list: it’s a conditioner. But this product will not cause the hair to harden or change the look of the hair. It’s a no mess and no fuss spray that works exceptionally well to keep lice away.

Gentle and safe, you can use this spray daily.

The formula is non-toxic and designed to be 100% safe for kids. SoCozy also recommends using their shampoo as part of your lice regimen, so you may want to use all of these products together to keep lice from spreading.

An 8-ounce bottle is offered, and you should be using this spray between washes.

If you do notice that this product causes any form of irritation to the child, you’ll want to cease usage. While the natural ingredients are safe to use on children, there’s always a risk that a person’s body will have an allergic reaction to the product.

There’s never an issue of staining, and you will want to brush it into the hair after application.

When using this product, you’ll notice that is has a nice smell and works very well at keeping kids and adults free of lice.

  • Easy to apply and works well
  • Smells good
  • Allows for around a month of application
  • Causes rashes on some consumers

The ingredients in the product are natural and safe, but there’s always a risk that a rash will form. This product has caused rashes for some consumers, and while this may sound concerning, it’s a risk that you take when using a spray.


4. Lice Clinics of America

Lice Clinics of AmericaLice Clinic’s household spray is not meant for use on your head, but it works exceptionally well at repelling lice in all other areas of the home. When using this product, you’ll want to apply it on all of the following items:

  • Helmets
  • Backpacks
  • Clothing

Any surface that lice may come in contact with should be sprayed to keep lice away. You can also spray furniture, pillow cases and bedding which have been shown to bed perfect for lice to hide away.

If your children have been in your car, spray the interior of the vehicle, too.

The product contains 100% natural mint essential oils, so it’s safe for use on or near your children.

While this lice spray is not a shampoo or conditioner, the company has responded that while not mentioned in the advertisement, the spray can safely be used on a person’s head. Users rave about the effectiveness of this product, so it does work well to keep lice from spreading around the home.

  • Works on furniture and all items in the home
  • Can be sprayed on the head
  • Provides a nice mint smell
  • Mint may be too strong for some users

I couldn’t find many complaints about Lice Clinics, and the one complaint that I did find was that the product simply was too strong smelling for the consumer. It’s a 100% mint product, so if you don’t appreciate the smell of mint, you may want to go with another spray that is not mint-based.

Otherwise, spray bedding, clothing and other areas of the home and you’ll keep any potential lice infestations from forming.


5. Ladibugs Lice Prevention Spray

Ladibugs Lice Prevention SprayLadibugs offers a lice prevention spray that is pesticide-free and 100% natural. Just like the Lice Clinics spray, this product is mint-based, so it will have a strong mint spray. You can spray this product as often as you like, and the non-toxic ingredients will not cause any issues.

The scent is pleasant, and it is derived from spearmint essential oils.

When using this spray, you can use it on furniture, bedding, clothing or on a person’s hair. I highly recommend using this lice spray for all of your children if they attend school, play sports or even go to daycare.

Lice spread rapidly, a lice repellent can stop the spread of lice dead in its tracks.

There is an 8-ounce and 16-ounce bottle available. I recommend the latter if you have a large family or plan on having multiple people stay over at the home.

Rachel and Lisa are the founders of this product, and the duo created this product after their kids’ school had a head lice outbreak. The duo are both registered nurses, so when they made Ladibugs, they created this product with the goal of ensuring that it would be non-toxic to children.

It’s also cruelty-free, sulphate-free and paraben-free, too.

  • Can be applied on humans and around the home
  • Great smelling formula
  • Created by two registered nurses
  • Packaging could be better

One issue that I have with this product is that the shipping packaging could be better. While the product does arrive quickly, there are some consumers that claim that the bottle started leaking during shipment.

It’s a common issue when thousands of products ship, but it’s an issue that I would like to see remedied for consumers.


6. Licefreee Treatment

Licefreee TreatmentOur Licefree spray review is different than our other products listed because this is the one spray that will actually kill lice on contact. You see,  the pleasant light citrus scent allows you to use this product all around the home with no concerns of a strong chemical smell.

A lot of sprays that kill lice smell pungent, and these sprays will make is apparent that you have an infestation of some kind.

When using this spray, you’ll want to use it on:

  • Beds
  • Furniture
  • Sofas
  • Mattresses

But never use it on a person’s head. The product may be harmful to the person and is not designed for human contact. What’s nice about Licefree is that the product is 100% guaranteed, so you can be confident that it will work on your lice or you’ll get your money back.

EPA approved, the main active ingredient in this product is d-limonene. The ingredient is naturally occurring in citrus oils, and while you should not use the product on your head, it’s much safer than the pesticide sprays meant to kill other bugs.

When lice are sprayed directly, they will die.

If you have lice in your home or building, you can use this spray in conjunction with some of the other repellents on our list to offer a robust form of lice protection that you can rely on at all times.

  • 100% guaranteed to kill lice
  • Kills lice on contact
  • Kills nits
  • Cannot be used for head lice

Effective and powerful, you will not be disappointed so long as you understand that this product cannot kill head lice. Lice that fall off of the head can be killed, but you never want to apply this product directly on your head.


How Best to Use Lice Spray

If you want your lice spray to be as effective as possible, you need to know how to use the product properly. I recommend following the manufacturer’s explicit instructions to be able to apply the lice spray as directed.

Proper application is key.

A few tips that will be able to help treat head lice better, include:

  • Repellents. A lot of repellents will be able to be applied to a person’s head. If you or a child plans to go to an event where a lot of people may be present, using a conditioner repellent will offer the best protection.
  • Products that can be used on furniture and bedding should be used when people are sleeping over the home that may have lice. You cannot use a repellent to kill lice, but you can use the repellent to stop the spread of lice in the home.
  • Contract Killers. Contact killers will be able to kill lice, but these products often contain chemicals or ingredients that may not be safe when applied to the scalp or human skin.
  • Dampen. Whether applied to the head or the carpet, you’ll want to use enough product so that the surface that is sprayed is slightly damp. This will ensure that you have used ample product to keep lice from spreading.
  • Reapply. Repellents may last a day or two, but you will need to reapply often. The repellents will not be able to last through a hair washing, so they will need to be put on once a person is out of the shower. The conditioner can also be applied to the skin. A person that has thicker hair will want to use more spray conditioner than a person that has thinner hair.

These are the basics, but if you have head lice, these sprays will not kill them. When you have lice, eggs will be laid in your hair and you’ll want to use a formulated shampoo to kill off the lice. These shampoos are medicated, but they will offer the best method of killing lice.

You will need to use this shampoo or conditioner in conjunction with a lice comb and repellents. Direct spray products that kill on contact should also be used.

If lice are hiding away in the pillow or carpet fibers, you’ll continue to expose yourself to lice.

When using these products on your clothes, it’s highly recommended that you test the spray on an article of clothing that you may no longer want to wear. The vast majority of products are non-staining, and you’ll want to read the company’s instructions to determine if the product may stain your clothes.

Lice are resilient, and they can live up to 48 hours when they fall off of a person’s head.

The good news is that while lice can cause severe itching and may be very uncomfortable and embarrassing, lice will not pose any serious medical risks. Lice are not known to carry disease, and since they can spread so easily, anyone – even the cleanest household – can have a lice infestation to deal with.

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