Leech – Amazing Benefits of Leech Therapy and the Treatments

Amazing Benefits of Leech Therapy and the Treatments that Can Be Done Using it

Leeches are thought of as a creepy creature that we may not like to sight, and despite their slippery and oozy body, they are bloodsuckers which gives us another reason to stay at pace with them. Leeches are not something to make you feel happy when you spot them, but these little worms have gained spotlight since yesteryears in the field of medical sciences. Yes, you have heard it right leeches have gained its name for treating various disease using the leech therapy method. Leech therapy is one of the best alternatives that is used for curing different kinds of ailments and diseases. In the fast developing technological world, there have been many new methods of treatment for various diseases, but this leech therapy method remains as one of the ancient and effective means for curing multiple diseases such as balding, diabetes, arthritis, etc. The leech therapy is as old as the Egyptian pyramids and is supposed to be an effective method that has been used for curing various types of disorders for more than 3500 years. These leeches are supposed to be bloodsuckers which is not a good thing for us, but this may be surprising to know that these bloodsucker worms can also prove to be beneficial for us to cure diseases by removing the impure blood.

Though unbelieving but this therapy has marked a good place in the medical science field and still continues to bring laurels in the medical science field. Leech therapy has certain and sure shot healing effects that have the capability of curing various types of illness. Leech therapy mainly helps in three ways, and that is the prevention of formation of blood clots, boosting out a proper flow of blood in your body and by reducing pain. These three effects of a leech therapy can help fight many types of diseases and illness.  You might be surely curious to know as to what is leech therapy and how can these worms help you in fighting your diseases and ailments, right?  So here are few diseases that can be cured using the creepy crawly worms.

Benefits of Leech Therapy

1. Leech therapy for balding

Yes, you have heard it right leech therapy is used for curing baldness. Treatment for balding is one of the amazing therapies that is done using the leech therapy method. Leech therapy is used for increasing the blood circulation in the body. Using leech therapy on the head can help in improving the blood circulation and assist in increasing the hair growth and decreases the balding effect. Apart from using this treatment as a treatment to treat baldness, leech therapy is also used to cure other head related problems such as curing any kind of fungal and bacterial infections. It is also used as a curing method for getting rid of dandruff.

2. Leech therapy for arthritis

Hearing the above line ‘Leech therapy for arthritis’ might surely have made your eyes go wide but yes you have heard it right. Leeches have medicinal properties, and there are about fifteen species of leeches that can be used to cure arthritis. Firstly, the affected area is properly cleaned, and then the leeches are placed in the areas where the arthritis joint is affected. The leeches suck out the blood from the affected area that is infected and also makes the area numb due to the anesthetic secretion that is present in the saliva. The therapeutic compounds that are present in the saliva of the leeches which also helps in reducing the inflammation in the affected part and reduces the pain at the joints.

3. Leech therapy for diabetes


One of the most killer diseases of today is diabetes, and many people fall prey to this disease which stays with the person forever until and unless the person takes proper care and precautions. But the good news is that this leech therapy can also be used for treating diabetes. Hirudin is another substance that is present in the saliva of leeches which helps in inhibiting the process of blood clot. Patients who suffer from diabetes have thick blood, and the Hirudin substance is used as an agent to stop the blood thickening process. This process also reduces the chances of death for high diabetic patients.

4.  ENT issues

Ear, nose, throat are other body parts of a human body which can be cured using the leech therapy method. Problems such as hearing loss, tinnitus, etc. can be resolved using leech therapy. The anesthetic substance that is found in the saliva of leeches which makes the affected part senseless and resolves the blood thickening process. It also improves the circulation of blood and also helps in curing any bacterial and fungal infection in the ears.

5. Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases

The leech therapy method is used for curing various cardiovascular diseases and other blood circulation related disorders. The live leeches are latched on the affected areas, and they perform the task of sucking up the impure and infected blood. This prevents any type of blood clots and also boosts up the blood circulation method. When the leech therapy method is used, there may be wounds in the shape of the alphabet “Y” but this will not leave any sort of scars and will be very effective in the treatment.  Many doctors prescribe leech therapy to those patients who have suffered a cardiac arrest or stroke. The substance Hirudin comes into play and stops the blood from clotting and thickening.

6. Leech therapy for vascular diseases

The saliva of a leech is a very practical thing that is used in treating various ailments and diseases. This may be surprising, but the saliva of leech consists of about hundreds of substances that are helpful in many ways. Out of the various substances, Hirudin is one of the agents that have anticoagulant properties which stops the blood from coagulating and forming clots. Apart from Hirudin, Calin is another one such agent that prevents blood from coagulating. These substances are capable of dissolving thrombocytes which are the main reason for forming blood clots. Hyaluronidase is another agent present in the saliva of leeches which is helpful in enhancing the viscosity of fluids.

7. Leech therapy for endometriosis


For all such women have the problem of endometriosis, leech therapy is an effective method which will dissolve the blood clots and stops blood coagulation. The enzymes that are present in the saliva of leeches help in flushing of the toxins from the uterus after it dissolves all the blood clots and regulates proper flow of blood in the uterus. The anti-inflammatory enzymes that are present in the saliva are also helpful in reducing the inflammation caused and regulates free flow of blood in the blood vessels.

8. Leech therapy for eye diseases

Leech therapy is an effective therapy for eye-related diseases such as eye inflammation and Glaucoma. Glaucoma is the condition when there is excess production and slow reabsorption of vitreous humour. Vitreous humour is an essential substance for the nourishment of eyes. If the production of this substance is high, then it is a problematic factor and can cause compression of the eyes further leading to blurred vision and loss of eyesight. Further progression of this disease can be prevented by undergoing the leech therapy which can cut down on the excess production of vitreous humour and lay less stress and pressure on the eyes. All such patients suffering pf Glaucoma should undergo the leech therapy to lower down the blood pressure and for lessening the production of vitreous humour. Eye inflammation can also be cured by taking up this therapy in which the infected blood is sucked out by the leeches and thus causing a reduction in the inflammatory pain in the eyes. Conjunctivitis, Keratitis, etc. are few other eye disorders that can be cured using the leech therapy.

9. Leech therapy for gum related problems

gum related problems

Improper dental hygiene leads to many gum associated problems and is found in people of all ages especially the senior citizens. The enzymes that are present in a leech’s saliva are effective in curing gum related diseases. This method is not something that crept up all of a sudden but is a practice that has been followed for years and has shown substantial success rates. The anticoagulation substances infuse proper flow of blood in the gums and flushes of all the unwanted toxins and thus allows nutrients to reach the affected area. The inflammatory substances also help in reducing the pain and swelling in the gums and reduces the further growth of bacteria at the infected part.

10. Leech therapy for hepatitis

We all know how important it is for our liver to function properly, the liver is a vital body organ which is useful in eliminating all the toxic substances from a human body. Apart from removing the toxins, the liver is also an essential organ that is responsible for the production of enzymes and acts as a reservoir for nutrients and vitamins and helps in maintaining balance. Leech therapy is used to solve liver-related disorders and is helpful in fighting any inflammation and infection in the liver. The enzymes present in the liver also reduces any kind of swelling that may be a hindrance in the proper functioning of your liver.

11. Blood pressure related problems

Blood pressure

Blood pressure is another problem that is very common after a certain age. Leech therapy is also effective in lowering and bringing your blood pressure to a standard scale. The enzymes that are present in the saliva of a leech is helpful in promoting proper blood flow and thus reducing coagulation of blood. The enzymes also help in the prevention of thickening of blood and formation of any blood clots. This further promotes proper blood circulation on the heart and is used as an effective medication that can be used for controlling blood pressure.

12. Cerebral palsy

Even complicated disorders such as cerebral palsy can also be solved using the leech therapy method. We hear many cases of infant cerebral palsy which may be caused to the infants when they are in the womb and usually results due to improper flow of blood to the brain or any cerebral injuries. Leech therapy is effective for such cases and reduces such complications by enhancing the proper discharge of blood with the help of enzymes in a leech’s saliva. The histamine enzyme that is present in the saliva helps in dilating the blood vessels further fuelling proper flow of blood. Other antibacterial enzymes also cut down on the bacteria count and assist in building a strong immune system.

13. Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases in the world, and it is real good news that this leech therapy can prove to be beneficial for curing such a bog disease. The enzymes present in the saliva of a leech can be used to kill the cancer cells and thus finish this evil known as’ Cancer.’

14. Leech therapy for kidney disorders

kidney disorders

Like liver, the kidney is another important functional unit of our body and leech therapy can be used for maintaining proper kidney health. Many diabetic patients suffer from kidney disorders, and the enzymes present in the saliva of leech helps in curing such disorders and also increases the consistency of blood. The enzymes also help in the reduction of stress that affects the filtering units of the bean-shaped kidneys and prevents any kinds of blood clots. The histamine enzyme helps in this process and also filters the waste materials and other toxins that are present inside our body. This method also helps in fighting any kidney infection and also reduces inflammation that may be really painful for your body.

15. Leech therapy for a migraine

A migraine is another problem that can be really painful and is caused due to improper flow of blood. Nausea, one-sided headache, photophobia are the symptoms of a migraine that may cause inconvenience and can be painful as well. Again when we talk about the improper flow of blood, we know how important leeches are to maintain proper blood flow. The main reason for a migraine is the blood clots that are formed in the primary organ that is your heart. These blood clots pace its way to the brain and cause hindrance in proper flow of blood. Leech therapy does the same task of dissolving such blood clots and helps out in an appropriate flow of blood.

16. Leech therapy for skin diseases

Apart from the ailments mentioned above, leech therapy can also be a good medication for treating skin disorders. Dermis, epidermis, and Hypodermis are the layers that make up your skin and consists of skin cells, hair follicles, sweat glands, etc. Your skin is the very first layer that can be like a defense system against any kind of infection. Usually, skin infections affect the two topmost layers of your skin namely the dermis and epidermis. Ordinary skin diseases can be cured easily and cure up with the passage of time and shedding of skin, but complicated skin diseases require proper treatment and medications. For such complicated skin diseases, leech therapy serves as an effective method for treating such disorders.

Another skin related disorder are boils that usually results out of infection deep below the skin and cause redness on your skin. The boils may even further become firm and tender and consist of an eye at the centre which is filled up with a yellow fluid namely pus which is formed due to dead bacteria, proteins, and white blood cells. The leech therapy is used for treating such boils in which the leeches are directly placed over the boils which sucks out the pus and other leeches are placed at the surrounding areas of the boil so that they can suck out the unwanted blood surrounding the boil. In this way, all the toxic substances and impure blood is removed and gives a sigh of relief to the patient having such problems. Leech therapy is also used for patients who have undergone a skin grafting surgery. Psoriasis and shingles are other skin related disorders that can be cured using this ancient method.

17. Leech therapy for sport injuries

sport injuries

Not just diseases and skin infections, leech therapy, can also be used for treating sports injuries as well. Leech therapy helps in boosting up the healing process of a sports injury. We know that this therapy is a helpful factor in reducing inflammation and also gives relief from pain that is caused out of a sports injury. Flushing out toxins, proper blood circulation helps out in accelerating the healing process. This therapy also ensures that no further infection is caused to the person who is suffering a sports injury and also lessens the healing time taken for the complete cure.

Now you must have understood what is a leech therapy and how it actually works in curing various disorders and disease, right?  Leeches are beneficial worms that can resolve several medical issues by bloodletting. This bloodletting method is nothing but the simple process of removing unwanted and impure blood from your body and further boosts up the healing process.

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