4 Effective Products to Kill Dust Mites & How to Get Rid of Them in Carpet

Dust mite complaints

Many people are unaware of the fact that a tiny creature dust mites are residing inside their home in almost millions in number and creating serious health issues for them. These dust mites look like a spider and possess eight legs with the body size of only 0.2 to 0.4 mm long. The only diet they feed is a dead material of skin and hair, and this habit creates serious allergies in humans. They produce harmful allergens from their body remains and fecal pellets that cause asthma or other internal allergies in humans.

The complaints of dust mites are not limited to any specific season or period of a year. Unlike other causes of allergies, dust mites continue to create the problem for the whole year. However, the situation for sufferers worsens at the start of summers.

What kills dust mites?

Well, although these tiny creatures create huge problems for you but they also have a good point. That is, unlike other mites they are easy to control. Their number and allergic effects can be reduced substantially by using different types of products available easily in every market. There are different types of products that can kill dust mites. These product types are dust mites fumers and foggers, dust mite powder and dust mite spray. Here we will discuss effective products from each of these types that can kill dust mites effectively.

1. Dust mite fumers and foggers

Pest Experts Formula 'P' Fumer on the white.
Source: http://www.pest-expert.com/

In this method, those devices or products are used that create insecticidal smoke which kills all kinds of insects and dust mites for the longer period. Here we will discuss two products of fumer and fogger method.

Pest Experts Formula ‘P’ Fumer

  • Features

Pest Experts Formula ‘P’ Fumer is an influential smoke bomb that releases insecticidal gasses. These bombs cover the particular area, and if the area of your home is large, then more than one bomb can be used. These bombs contain permethrin 13.5% w/w and release the gas that kills almost all types of hidden bugs and fumigates your home.

  • How to use

To use Pest Experts Formula ‘P’ Fumer, firstly make sure that all eatables and fresh products have been removed or covered adequately inside air tight containers. For good results, also try to make your area smoke tight so that no smoke can escape immediately. After that, take any heat-resistance material and put a bomb on its surface. On lighting the bomb on, leave the area and let it stays this way for two to three hours. After this, clean your area and ventilate it properly. Safety mask and gloves should be used during this process.

  • Major benefits

The main advantage of Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Fumer is it can reach to each and every corner of the house, leaving no dust mites behind. Furthermore, it is inexpensive and highly effective. Besides dust mites, it is also useful for treating all types of bugs hidden in your home.

Hot Shot Bedbug and Flea Fogger

  • Features

Hot Shot Bedbug and Flea Fogger is a fogger used for killing dust mites and other vast variety of bugs and mites. It is a tin that contains Pyrethrins and other such chemicals that fumigate your area kills insects for the longer period. Once unlocked, this tin releases fog of chemicals that kills dust mites.

  • How to use

To use this fogger, firstly remove all pet, humans from the area and cover all eatables properly so that no air can go inside them. After this, hold fogger in a distance of arm length away from you and unlock it through finger pad. The fog will start releasing. Put this tin on stand or table or anything with a height of almost 30 inches. Only place this fogger on large sized areas and open small rooms and cabinets to let fog enter inside. Leave the area for two hours and before re-entering, let your area ventilated properly.

  • Major benefits

Hot Shot Bedbug and Flea Fogger is quite simple to use and reasonable as well.

2. Dust mite powders

Dust Mite & Flea Control isolated on the white.
Source: http://pestkill.org/

This type of treatment involves applying insecticidal powder mixed with water on infected area to kill dust mites and other insects.

Dust Mite & Flea Control

  • Features

Dust Mite and Flea Control product is a powder form stuff that works efficiently to kill dust mites. This treatment remains effective for almost four to six weeks after the treatment initialization. This powder contains borate compound that is specially prepared to provide long lasting results.

  • How to use

To use this product, simply mix one cup of Dust Mite and Flea Control powder with half a gallon of water and apply it on all infested area with the help of water spray. If the area to be covered is large, then pump sprayer can also be used.

  • Major benefits

Dust Mite and Flea Control powder are odorless and colorless; therefore, it does not harm water-safe fabrics. It does not harm any other pet or humans, making it perfectly safe to use. Beside dust mites, it is also effective for cockroaches, termites, and other irritating insects as well.

3. Dust mite spray

DustMitex Ready-To-Use Liquid on the white.
Source: https://www.amazon.com

This type of treatment involves spray bottles that contain chemicals deadly for dust mites and other insects, but safe for humans and other pets.

DustMitex Ready-To-Use Liquid

  • Features

DustMitex Ready-To-Use Liquid is a product used to kill dust mites. It can provide a long lasting effect against mites. The liquid is a hygienic and natural way to kill insects. It contains natural boron compound that is also used in borax, a product for laundry cleaning. It is advisable to spray it twice in a year.

  • How to use

DustMitex Ready-To-Use Liquid is the easiest product to use against dust mites. It is available ready made in spray bottles, and all you have to do is spray this bottle on infected areas.

  • Major benefits

DustMitex Ready-To-Use liquid is completely safe and for pets and humans as well. It is an inexpensive solution of dust bites. The product possesses neutral pH level that makes it safe for light colored fabrics.

How to get rid of dust mites in carpet

1. Dust mite complaints in carpet

Among all other location of your house, dust mites can frequently be found in your carpets or rugs. Carpets provide them best breeding atmosphere, and this is the reason, not only dust but also, pollens, crumbs, and other debris can also be found in the fabric of carpet. All these facts make carpet a great source of different allergies in humans. Therefore, it is important to solve this issue. It is advisable not to use full-sized carpets to stay protected from such mites. However, if it is necessary to apply full sized carpet in your home, then adequate preventive measures should be taken. It will help you to stay healthy and safe from mites.

2. Most efficient products

Besides taking preventive measures, if still house gets infested with dust mites, then there are many effective products available in the market to get rid of them. Using fumers, powders and sprays to eliminate dust mite are probably the best methods. Here we will mention few most efficient products for killing dust mites in a carpet.

  • Allerseach X-Mite dust mite Carpet treatment
  • Acarosan Dust Mite Powder
  • Bambule mites Spray
  • Protector P Dust Mite Killer

3. X-Mite Anti-Allergen Moist Powder Carpet Cleaner

  • Features

X-Mite Anti-Allergen Moist Powder Carpet Cleaner is an amazing product that performs two functions simultaneously. It not only reduces allergen from carpet but also cleans its surface. It does not need water, shampoo or other chemicals to clean carpet. Therefore, it cleans it without making carpet wet or sticky due to residue materials. It removes pet dander, dust mite waste and other such material from carpet surface. This product contains tannic acid that works as environment neutralizer. Furthermore, its sponge-like elements possess water-based solution that makes carpet fabric fresh.

  • Practical performance

To get X-Mite best results, spread this powder consistently on affected area. After this, use some clean brush to spread the powder to make an even surface. Let this powder work on the carpet for two to three hours. After this time, remove the powder from a surface by using the vacuum with a new vacuum bag. Reuse this product after every 90 days to ensure the deactivation of mites.

  • Major benefits

The primary advantage of X-Mite is its dual functionality. It reduces mites’ allergens and also cleans the fabric of carpet.

How to prevent dust mite in advance

Happy family cleans the room. Mother and daughter do the cleaning in the house. A young woman and a little child girl wiped the floor.Once dust mite gets entrance in your home, it becomes difficult to remove them. Therefore, to avoid such problems, one should take preventive actions to prevent dust mites from entering their home. Following things can be performed to keep dust mites away:

1. Clean the house regularly

The first step that needs to be taken to prevent dust mites from entering your home is to keep your home clean thoroughly. This cleaning process should be repeated after the regular period. This cleaning should include detail cleaning of cupboards, cabinets, carpets, rugs and cleaning of every corner of the home.

2. Create an anti-dust mite environment

Anti-dust mite environment should be created inside the home to stay protected from dust mites. For this purpose, adequate fabrics of furniture and bed should be used. A humidity level of the house should be kept low enough to dehydrate the dust mites. House should also be kept dust-free to make your home anti-dust mite.

3. Wash bedding regularly

Bedding should be washed in the hot water of almost 54 C to remove dust mites and their feces. This washing should include all bed, mattress and pillows cover, and it should be performed after every one or two weeks.

4. Get rid of feathers pillow and duvets

Feathers pillow and duvets can also welcome dust mites to stay inside them. Therefore, to make your bedroom unwelcoming for dust mites, pillows made up of natural fibers should be used.

5. Control temperature and humidity

There are a specific temperature and humidity range where dust mites perform very well. Therefore it should be made to the level where dust mites can not survive. Home should be made less humid till less than 50% level to reduce their activities. Dust mites also do well between 65F to 85F temperature. Therefore, try to reduce your home temperature from this level to make their survival difficult.

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