12 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards & 7 Commercial Repellents

What are lizards and why do we get scared of them?

Lizards are the reptiles present almost all around the world. These species are a group of squamate reptiles that have more than 6000 species. Lizards usually have four legs while other lizards do not have any legs and the locomotion is carried out with the help of their quadrate bone same as the snakes. These creatures are cold-blooded reptiles with a long tail. Lizards are of different sizes and color. Their size varies from a few centimeters to almost three meters.

They have moving eyelids and external ears which make them the reptiles with a great sense. The species has slimy textured dry skin. Most of the people get scared of the lizard maybe because of their texture and color. In most of the severe cases, people may experience the phobia of lizards that can bring a lot of issues and differences in normal life. The phobia of reptiles is known as Herpetophobia. This is the phobia of all the reptiles including snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. Lizards are harmless creatures for humans except for the two species of Lizards namely, Gila monster and Mexican Beaded Lizard. Both of these lizards have poisonous venom.Flat illustration of 9 lizard vector icons.

Twelve simple ways to get rid of lizards

If you or any of your House members are scared of the lizards and face lizard phobia, then don’t worry. Here are some easy and simple hacks to get rid of Lizards. You can use the following products that are available in your kitchen or home to distract them.

1. Coffee method

One of the very effective and easy methods is mixing the tobacco with the coffee powder. They are the DIY lizard killing balls. Finely mix and amalgamate the coffee powder and tobacco completely and make the balls out of these. Place these balls at the corners of the house or the spots from which lizards may enter your house. As a result, the lizards may run away from your house or may die.

2. Use of naphthalene balls

Naphthalene balls or mothballs are also one of the lizard resistant products. Place the naphthalene balls in your wardrobe, cupboards, in the corners of the house, the entrance of dwelling and in the bathroom or kitchen sinks. Please note that instead of naphthalene balls, mothballs can also be used.

3. Peacock feathers

This is one of the easiest and simplest hacks to make the lizards stay away from your house. You simply need to place the peacock feathers in the areas of your house where the lizards are seen most often or the entrance of your house. This remedy is effective because the peacocks eat the lizards, the peacock feathers may scare the lizards and make them stay away from the house.

4. DIY pepper spray

Lizards are allergic to pepper. Hence the DIY pepper spray may irritate them and make them stay away from the place. This remedy is simple and easy. Mix some crushed black pepper with water and spray the solution all over the house, in the lizards’ hiding places and especially on the ceilings and walls.

5. Ice cold water

Cold water makes the lizard immobile and makes them stiff for a while. They are not able to move for some minutes. Meanwhile, you can catch it and throw away.

6. Using flypapers

Flypapers are widely known because they can capture the flies. Using the flypapers to catch a lizard is also very effective method. Place the fly papers on the tube light corners and entrance areas of the lizard. It makes the lizard stick to the paper, and then you can throw away the paper with the lizard.

7. Tabasco sauce spray

Same as the lizards gets annoyed by the pepper; they also don’t like the smell of Tabasco sauce. Mix two teaspoons of Tabasco sauce in the water and fill the spray bottle. Take the bottle and spray it all over the areas where the lizards are often found or on the ceiling and walls. This will make the lizards stay out from your house.

8. Onion

Lizards cannot tolerate the strong smell of onion. They get irritated with it. Cutting the slices of onion and placing them in the areas where there is a possibility of lizard entrance and on doors and windows will keep the lizards away. Onion contains Sulfur which produces the bad smell and will make the lizards go away. You can also mix some onion juice with water and spray it all over.

9. Using eggshells

Odors of egg shells will make the lizards assume that another organism may be present in the area and will make them go away. Place the egg shells in the corner of your house, on windows and doors.

10. Use of phenyl tablets

Keeping the phenyl tablets in the hiding areas of the lizards and the corners of the house will also make the lizards staying off the house.

11. Garlic

Garlic has the strong pungent smell which the lizards hate and cannot stand. Placing some garlic cloves in the entrance areas or where lizards are present are also effective against the lizards. Instead, garlic juice mixed with water can also be sprayed to make the lizards run away.

12. Using cardboard box

Trapping the lizards in the cardboard box is another way to keep off from the lizards.

Measures of prevention of lizards


  • Cleanliness is the most important thing to make the lizards stay away from the house. Use the anti-bacterial solutions to mop the floors and keep the windows and walls clean.
  • Bright places and lights attract the lizards. Switching off the lights when they are not in use and if you can see a lizard outside your house will also prevent the lizard enter the house as it will be dark.
  • Keeping the house lizard free is also an important thing to be kept in mind. The lizards will eventually leave the place if they discover the place is prey-free and they have nothing to eat."DO'S AND DON'TS" with a loudspeaker besides on yellow background.
  • Having a cat in the house can also help the lizards stay away from the house.
  • Good sanitation can also keep the lizard away from your house.
  • Closing all the small cracks and holes in walls or ceilings can also reduce the lizards’ entrance.
  • Placing furniture at least 5inches away from the walls can also help in reducing lizards.


  • Don is not let the water stand in the area. Drain it as soon as possible.
  • Do not keep doors and windows open for much longer.
  • Avoid spilling food and drinks on the floor.
  • Do not keep the trash can filled for a long time.

Commercial repellents of lizards

1. Pest rid granules

It is a natural organic granule that is used to kill the lizards, pests and other insects. The great thing about this repellent is that it is safe for humans and pets.

2. Pest rid spray

This spray is all-natural pest repellent spray available in the markets that can be sprayed to kill the pests and lizards.

3. Electronic pest repeller

Electronic pest repeller is named to any device that is used to kill the insects and rodents. Some of the insecticides and pesticides are filled in the machine and are sprayed.

4. Home décor ultrasonic electronic pest repeller

Ultrasonic pest repeller uses ultrasonic and infrared technologies that repel the mice, mosquitos, and lizards.

5. Ridsect insect repellent

Ridsect lizard repellent does not kill the lizard but makes them stay away from the area. Spraying the Ridsect insect repellent will help in making the lizard stay away from your house.

6. Obasan organic lizard repellent spray

This is called organic spray because it is made up of all the natural ingredients, which repels the lizard instead of killing them. Spray this product all over the house or in the areas where lizards are present.

7. Bayer advanced complete insect killer

This product kills all the insects and bugs either present in the soil or surface. It is an amazing multi-insect killer who can keep all the insects including lizards away from your site and house.


Lizards are the reptiles that are found almost in every home. There are many home remedies from natural repellents to electronic repellent to kill the lizard or make them stay away from your house. Using natural insect killing balls that are made up of tobacco and coffee can kill or make lizards stay away from you home. Cold water and other natural remedies are also available. Using naphthalene balls, onion, garlic, pepper spray, egg shell and Tabasco sauce can prevent the lizards from entering your house. Now it all depends on you what method you prefer to keep the lizards away from your house.

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