Harris Bed Bugs Killer Review 2019: Does It Really Work?

It’s not an easy task trying to get rid of bed bugs in your home. In bigger places like hotels, lodges, schools, hospitals; professional exterminators will come in and do a job of killing the pests. But sometimes when it’s in your home, you think about methods of trying to do it yourself, as hiring professionals can be pretty expensive too. But when it comes to the health risks of doing the job yourself, many will opt for a professional exterminator. Some people choose the professionals too, because they are desperate and they believe that the job is guaranteed to be successful.

But at P F Harris, a pesticide manufacturing company, they have developed their three part plan, starting from identifying the problem through to elimination. Bed bugs are tiny bugs, and they get into dark crevices, making it very difficult to get rid of them 100%. At the same time, they are able to reproduce very fast. The only nice thing to say about bed bugs is that fortunately they do not transmit any diseases – that’s at least something. But in saying that, they have a horrible habit and that is they are looking for your blood, which is their nutritional source. They are looking out for places where there is heat and also carbon dioxide. When they find what they need, they will bite into your skin, which is not painful, luckily. But while you are sleeping, they are busy feasting on your blood. You will notice your skin shows up with itching red welts which can even become irritated, causing blisters. It is important that you keep the areas where you have been bitten clean, because once you have a break in your skin, it can become infected. Antiseptic creams can help with the itching.

You will know that you have bed bugs in the home because you will see the evidence. Apart from your skin showing the results as mentioned above, you can also look out for:

  • Bed bug skins or shells that have been shed.
  • There will be fecal like stains on your mattress and bedding. It will look similar to like a felt pin tip of black dots that have blended or ‘bled’ into the bedding or mattress.
  • There will be blood stains on your pajamas and sheets.
  • There is a musty odor around where bug bags reside. They release an odor called pheromones. When they get disturbed, you might smell that odor. Odors can also be as a result of their fecal matter.  

P F Harris claim that their Harris Bed Bug Killer spray is one of the best on the market. But before we look at their product, let’s first find out a little bit about the makers of this product – who is standing behind this product?

About P F Harris

It has almost been a century now that the Harris brand came into being. In fact they are of the oldest EPA-registered pest branding companies in the United States. EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency, established way back in 1970 under President Richard Nixon at that time. Their mission is to protect health for humans and the environment. There are more than 55 products produced by P F Harris which are registered. People are able to buy various types of natural pesticides to kill off pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, scorpions, etc.  Harris produces their own products and are extremely well known in the USA. They are ranked in the top tiers when it comes to the control of bed bugs. If you want to buy your Harris Bed Bug Killer spray from them, you can be assured you are buying from a reputable company, a name to be trusted. On their website they state that you need to use a few methods to control bed bugs, that one measure will not be effective enough to do the job completely.

Now let’s look more closely at all that Harris Bed Bug Killer spray features

1.Firstly, it’s a liquid spray.

This means that you can apply it direct on those areas where you believe the bed bugs live. There is a nozzle for spraying. It’s also safe to use on your furniture and mattresses and bedding, etc. You just spray over the areas and in a few minutes the areas are dry again and you can return to the room.

2.It’s an odorless liquid.

And it is safe. These are great features for this product because there are no strong smells that linger around in the home for a long time. There are those that say it does leave a slight chemical smell behind which lingers for a couple of hours after use. But even so, when you compare this product to other products, the smell is not as pungent as some and disappears quickly as well.

3.It doesn’t stain.

Another excellent feature. That means no damage to your furniture and surfaces. Yes, there is a fine film that does remain, but it’s safe. It is mainly there for the residual purpose of the spray, meaning it works not just for the day of spraying, but other days as well.

4.The residual effects last long. 

This is a main feature of this product. After a day of spraying, you can expect this product to continue working and lasting for another 7-10 days after first using. Nice and comforting.

5.You do need to use this product regularly though. 

So you would start off with daily spraying for a while and then you can reduce the times down to 2-3 times in a week. After that you could spray once a week.

6.Can be used for outdoors as well.

Even though it is mainly an indoor spray, it is also effective outdoors if you believe that the infestation could be outdoors as well.

What are the ingredients in the Harris Bed Bug Killer spray?

The active ingredients in this product are:

  • Deltamethrin: 0.3%
  • Inactive Ingredients:  98.07 %

The ingredient Deltamethrin, contained in Harris Bed Bug Killer spray can be quite irritating if you get it in your eyes. It takes a lot of ingested Deltamethrin to cause people to feel nauseous and have abdominal pain with vomiting. It is considered low in toxicity when breathed in or touched, and low to moderate levels of toxicity if eaten.

Unfortunately though, in the past few years, it has become clear that bed bugs are starting to build up a resistance to Deltamethrin. Studies are showing that already, 88% of bed bugs that are exposed to the Deltamethrin when applied at normal doses are not being killed off - they are still surviving. Despite claims that Harris Bed Bug Killer spray does work, studies are also suggest that more and more bugs are just becoming resistant to some of the pesticides. This is why we are hearing of epidemic proportions, because the bed bug just seem to be spreading, especially in the big cities. And in 2015 one university in Kentucky, in a survey, found that 68% of pest eradication professionals considered that the most difficult pests to control were bed bugs.

What are the pros and cons of Harris Bed Bug Killer spray plus opinions from customers?

  • It’s a contact killer and has long residual effects. 
  • It works well as a deterrent; stopping bed bugs from spreading
  • It doesn’t stain.
  • It is relatively safe to use around children and pets.
  • It’s odorless, and if there is a smell, it doesn’t linger long.
  • It’s quite versatile, being able to deal with cockroaches as well.
  • It does not kill eggs effectively, more like a deterrent.
  • Comes in a bulky container and some customers find they use smaller container.
  • Even though claims are that it is an odorless product, it has been reported that      there is a smell which lingers a while.
  • The residual affect does not seem to be as effective as what is claimed from the marketers.
  • Bugs can develop a resistance to this product.

Final thoughts about Harris Bed Bug Killer spray

To begin with, P F Harris has a long history of problem solving and bed bugs are a problem to millions of people across the world. They claim to have the answer with their Harris Bed Bug Killer spray and their other products. It was just two years after opening their doors that this company was selected to tackle the Calvin Coolidge White House. This building had been literally overrun by cockroaches and water bugs for year after year. The Harris product proved to be so successful in destroying the pestilence that the company appeared on the front page of the Washington Times newspaper as the “vermin slayer”.

And today, they are still in demand for their products. It is ideal for using in any homes because it has the ability to kill more than bed bugs. It is able to kill lice as well, and cockroaches. One bottle holds one-gallon of this potent liquid. The Harris Bed Bug killer spray is non-poisonous to children and pets. It means it can be used on chairs, furniture, carpets, wherever. It is so easy to disperse and residual stays behind on surfaces to continue the killing action. It surely ranks as one of the best products in many people’s opinion.  Bed bugs beware!

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