List of Pests That Are Really Harmful

You must have heard about pest control services helping out various people to get rid of different pests from their house. Pest control services are really important and becoming more widespread all over the world. Pest control services deal with the control and elimination of different kinds of insects which attack various properties belonging to the people in different parts of the world. Pest control methods are of various kinds which help people to eliminate different pests that are prevalent in their house or another form of properties. There is an innumerable number of pests that are spread all over the world and affect different regions depending upon the weather, habitation and other external factors. Therefore, pest control services and methods are different in separate regions because of the kind and type of tests that are present there.

However not every insect that you encounter are harmful and causes damage to your property and therefore it becomes important for you to identify and understand which are harmful and which are not. But without proper guide and listing of such insects, it is not possible for you to know about them. Harmful insects are termed as pests because they are a real menace. In this article, we will be listing some of the most popular and widespread pests that can be found in different parts of the world.

List of Harmful Pests You Need to Know

in the list that is coming up, we have jotted down the most common and harmful pests that people encounter with and must call a pest control service on identifying them. Keep an eye on the list and see if you can identify any pest control insects which is present in your property.

American Oil Beetle or Meloe Americanus

American oil beetle

- American oil beetle is a very harmful pest control insect that can be found in different regions. They are also known as the blister Beetle because they tend to emit a harmful chemical when excessive pressure is put on them. The emit a chemical called cantharidin which causes harmful blisters and causes severe irritation of the human skin. The insects are easy to identify because of their dull Black or blue colour skin. They are usually 7 mm to 17 mm in size and are slow movers because they can't fly.

Aphids or Aphis Spp

- these insects are very tiny in size but can cause a lot of potential damage to crops and different plants. They also carry a kind of virus which can kills crops in a huge number. They are of various colours and due to their small size are difficult to identify. They are really fast at reproducing and can spread really quick. Many times fire beetles and wasps can help to eliminate them because they prey on these.

Assassin Bug or Pselliopus Spp

Assassin bug

these pests have a sharp beak in front of their head which can cause very serious damage to the human skin and if they stab it, it causes a lot of pain. They can be found on shrubs and unkempt overgrowth. You can identify them by noticing the beak in front and due to the black and red colour which is sometimes also seen with a tinge of orange. Since they attack with the help of the sharp beak which acts like a knife, they are often termed as “assassins”.


these are mostly found in the continent of Africa and Asia, these worms are really a very dangerous threat to different kinds of crops and other important plants. These worms can attain a size of around 35-40 mm and have brown and black striped body. They go through several stages of development and life cycles which allows them to become successfully develop with the right senses.

Bed Bug or Cimex Lectularius

Bed bug

probably one of the most popular and common pest control insect that you can find anywhere in the world. Bed bugs are very small in size and often seen in large numbers. If human skin comes in to contact with bedbugs then it can cause severe swelling, itchiness and redness of the skin. There are only 4mm to 6mm in size and can be found in bed or mattresses. They can reproduce very quickly and a female bedbug can lay up to 300 eggs at a time.

Black Carpenter Ant

you must have had seen a black carpenter ant roaming around your property at the different point of time. But these are also very harmful because even though they do not eat through your wood or wall, but they build their home in it. They can produce colonies within different woodwork which may lead to the infestation of many more such ants. They are bigger than other ants and are black or dark blue in colour. Their bites can cause serious swelling and irritation.

Black Vine Weevil

Black vine weevil

- these are kinds of Beetle that can be found commonly in various places and they eat up any kind of plants. They are a member of the Curculionidae species which are one of the largest family of insects. They are really small 3mm-7mm in size and thus identifying them is really difficult. If they attack your plants and you do not take some major pest control, they are likely to damage every plant present.

Black-Legged Tick

these harmful pests can carry a dangerous virus often known as the Lyme disease. This is the reason why these ticks must be removed as quickly s as possible or else the bacteria will spread in a wide range. They are arachnids and have eight legs. With a size of 3mm-4mm in size. Ticks can infect different woodworks and spread all over the property within days and months. They can get really hard to get rid of if they are not treated at the right time.

Blister Beetle

Blister beetle

- when in danger or squeezed, these pests can also release a harmful chemical called cantharidin. This chemical can cause severe problems if it comes in contact with the human skin and even results in serious pain. These beetles have a black body and bright red legs which makes them easily identifiable with 7mm-15mm in size. These are generally found near apple trees and other different types of crops.

Boll Weevil

one of the biggest dangers to cotton plants these pests can damage huge amounts of them. They have round bodies with short and grey hairs covering the different parts of the body. Even though they have not been sent to potential harm to humans physically, they can cause widespread damage to cotton plants. But nowadays with the help of genetically induced crops, the impact of these beetles have reduced drastically by a significant margin.

Brown Wheat Mite

These pest control insects can be seen to attack food crops like wheat, rice, maize etc. These are important cash crops and therefore controlling these mites have become really essential. They are oval in shape with 6mm in size and have 8 legs. Their bodies are brown or greenish brown in colour. They suck on the leaves of the plans and cause potential damage. Even though they have not been reported to attack human houses or wooden structures, they can cause severe irritation and itchiness when they bite the skin.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Brown marmorated stink bug

this pest has also been found to cause potential damage to fruits. They poke a hole into the fruit and sucks on the juices present inside. Therefore, they do not cause any damage to the flavour but drastically changes the appearance of the fruit which makes it less attractive. The colour of these bugs helps them to camouflage into leaves and barks of the trees. They have also been observed to release a very fouls smell when they feel threatened or sometimes even casually. These bugs are generally big in size with 15-16 mm and have a pentagonal body shape and structure.

Cottonwood Borer Beetle

these pests are really easy to identify because of their interesting white or ivory coloured and textured skin body. They are some of the largest Beatles and can cause severe for a long time. These insects can eat and infest through hundreds of trees that are present in or around your locality. They have a very beautiful size of 25mm to 45mm when compared to the other infested beetles. Donor neglects their presence because they are quick reproducers and therefore must be eliminated quickly.

Cloth Moths

Cloth moths

as the name suggests this kind of pests affect different items especially the clothes and other fabric materials around your house. These pests can live up to 28 days and can damage a lot of fabric materials whichever the come in contact with. They are white in colour and due to their extremely small size they can be really difficult to identify but you can check the symptoms like small holes in fabrics and clothes to understand your house have been affected by these. These moths can be seen frequently after daylight.


these Pest control insects do not need any introduction and almost every one of us has encountered them once around us. Even though many people neglect the presence of cockroaches in and around their house, it is very important that you must not. Cockroaches are of various kinds and some of them can even live for months. They carry different bacteria and viruses that spread innumerable diseases which strongly affects humans. They are typically 2-2.5 cms in size and have black or brownish body colour. These live in the drains and damp areas of your house which are preferably dark. So, if you see cockroaches roaming around your house frequently then you must surely call for pest control.



these pests are usually found on the body surfaces of different kinds of pets. If you have a pet in the house, then you have high chances of these irritating pests affecting the whole of your living space. Their bites can cause redness and irritation over the skin of both humans and animals. Therefore, if you are pet enthusiast then you must wash your pet frequently with sanitizers to make sure there are no fleas on their body. They can spread real quick because female fleas can lay more than 50 eggs per day and so there are high chances that your living space can be affected by them.


a very common and easy to identify pest that can affect your home and all the people living within it. Mosquitoes are an absolute menace when it comes to spreading diseases and cause other harmful effects on humans or other animals. Mosquitoes can fly at a speed of 1.6-2.4 km but are really delicate. Some areas might be really affected by mosquitoes due to the presence of swamps, stagnant water or unkempt natural growth. Therefore, if you think your living space is affected by mosquitoes to a great extent then, do not hesitate to call the pest control services.

Paper Lice

Paper lice

lives are some of the most common kind of pests that can affect any kind of household. They can affect possibly everything that is present in your house like caps, clothes, headphones etc. Lice can live up to 30 days in any living beings around them. They are really tiny and very difficult to identify. When these pests come in contact with the human body they can cause different kinds of problems like irritation of the skin, swelled up patches, diseases like fever and typhus, they can also affect your hair and cause damage to them. Therefore, it becomes really important to eliminate them if you identify any of the symptoms.


- pest control services often deal with termites, which cause $5 billion in damages to property in the US. Damage by termites is probably the worst kind of damage because they are also not eligible for any kind of insurance and you will have to fix it all by your own. Termites are of different types, depending upon the region and weather but all of them can cause the same intensity of damage. Termites are usually present in very large groups and they can spread within the property in very less amount of time. Termite infestation maybe one of the biggest problem that your property might be facing and therefore you must not neglect it. Termite is identifiable because of its red or brown feet and they also have delicate wings.

Powderpost Beetle

Powderpost beetle

it seems that there are several categories of battles which are really harmful to your house and property. These can infect different kinds of wooden furniture and showpieces. They are 1/5-inch in length and will cause a potential damage to many people by eating up important wooden structures and weakening their structured strength. After they have infested within your woodwork these beetles can reproduce very quickly and affect the other wooden work present in your house as their colony. Since they leave behind fine particles of wood and sawdust, they have been names as Powderpost beetles.

Red-Legged Earth Mite

- these Pest control insects seem to be present in every part of the world. There are so many types of mites that you will not be able to memorize the names. These mites have been named so because they have red legs and a black body. Especially found during Autumn and Spring, they can cause potential damage to both crops and also infest houses which are near swamps or have damp places. They are difficult to eliminate and requires intense chemical treatment. Earth mites are really irritating and they can be difficult to contain if they are not taken seriously in the initial stages of their development and growth.

Final Verdict

If you have read the list that we have made on pest control insects, you will come to know about many new pests that exist and cause potential damage to a lot of things. At the same time, there are several which you are already familiar with. No matter where you live and what conditions you live in, these harmful pests can easily affect your living space. But you must never take the critical risk of neglecting to eliminate these pests. They can cause devastating damage to crops, plants and other substances, also affect human health severely. Many people even die every year due to lack of pest control services that they did not take and due to the diseases and harmful effects which the pests had around their living space or in the property they work in.

Pest control services are available readily at very affordable rates and to control any kind of infestation. They have the right set of tools and equipment which will help them to eliminate different pest outbreaks effectively. The pest agents are professionally trained and knowledgeable on how to treat and eliminate a particular type of pest. Our list will help you identify the real source of an infestation around your house or property and discuss the matter with the pest control service. So have a look at the list and try to identify your source of pest problem for the better quality of pest control.

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