How to Get Rid of Possums in 11 Ways

Possums are non-aggressive animals however they are known to create unsanitary conditions, and if these circumstances help in the development of diseases, it can turn aggressive as well. There are various ways to get rid of these creatures. By removing them, we can make the environment more appealing. You can get rid of them by setting traps and capture them immediately. You can remove them by scaring them away. You can let pets like dogs and cats roam around in the lawn. This will scare away the possums. They bite the possums viciously and scare them away in no time. You can also collect the hair of your pet and scatter them where there is a possibility of these possums.

You also have the option of setting up motion-activated lights or sprinklers to startle and scare them off. You can do this along with the perimeter of the house. If the possums dare to cross the sensor, the motion activated devices which are set will be automatically triggered and give off an alarm signal. This may help frighten the possums away from that place on the spot. These devices are more efficient than those that only activate lights. The lights are enough to scare these possums away, but the water sprinklers also work best to frighten them. Water sprinklers are much more effective than light activated devices, but they are a bit complicated to handle.

1. Spread Something that Smells Potent

A possum with leaves

Many ingredients together have an unyielding scent. The ingredients such as Ammonia, mothballs and the garlic are the items that can make these ugly little creatures flee from your residence. You simply need to mix an adequate amount of ammonia in coffee. The coffee should be placed inside a bottle with a lid. After doing this, put a rag in the ammonia and then cut the side of the cap by bringing one end of ammonia. This rag will be the best option to scare the possum. You can also place a clove of garlic that is crushed in the area where possums visit frequently. Crushed garlic works more effectively than whole garlic. By crushing the garlic, the scent is spread in the overall area. There may be female possums as well, but they are harmless just like other possums.

2. Applying a Chemical Repellent

You can apply these chemical repellents in gardens and yards. This repellent can also work on flower beds. You need to follow the instructions and guidelines while using this repellent to apply them correctly. Repellents are usually made up of powder that can be sprinkled all over the area. There are many repellents present, and each repellent can be different from one another. They are a mixture of different ingredients. Predator urine is the most common ingredient in all such repellents to scare off the nasty possums away.

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3. Hotshot Possum Repellent

Hotshot possum repellent is used to utilize the smell as well as the taste of oleoresin if placed near a garbage can. It helps to keep the possums away from your property. It is a hot repellent. It also has a long lasting effect. It is a kind of fun way to avoid these possums.

4. Get Rid of Possums by Removing All the Food Resources

Smelly possum holding a banana

Possums usually get attracted to yards and lawns very quickly. The even get drawn to houses because of the food present there. If you remove all sort of fruits, vegetables and pet foods lying about, then there are chances that you will be able to make your property less appealing for these possums. Always remember not to provide any food to these possums intentionally. If you feed them with the intention of doing well to them, they may lose human fear resulting in becoming more aggressive when not provided by the food. Prevent these dangerous possums from getting or reaching your trash. Always keep a lid on your garbage. Securing the trash cans and dustbins with side handles can also help keeping the possums away as that will prevent the bins from tipping over and over again. Also feed your pets like dogs and cats indoors in the late mornings. Try to do so when you are sure the possums are not around. Keep all food containers in a secure place. Never go for compost structures.

Possums are less likely to get caught in cages or dens outside, but still are sure to cover the outdoors because these possums can find this place appealing and can hide there. They may make a potential possum shelter. Mow the tall and rough grass around the house and other buildings and try to remove the open compost piles of wood in lawns and the grass clippings as well. It is a defensive ploy against the possums.

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5. Get Rid of Possums by Trapping Them

The best way to catch these possums is by trapping them. This is preferred by most people because in this method you do not need to kill these creatures or hurt them. This is the best and fastest method. You can set this trap in the way of possums. Set a trap on the ground or any hard surface. Once the possum gets trapped, it may try to dig its way to get out. As the possum is placed in the hard and clean place, it will not harm the possum. Be aware of its nasty bites. You can also place a playing or colorful ball to lower the frustration of possum inside the cage. You can also follow the guidelines and instruction for the cage trap. You can also bait the possum in the trap with peanut butter or a sweet item to attract the possum. You can easily get the simple raccoon sized trap in the market.

6. Monitor the Trap

You also need to monitor the trap once the possum is in it. Once you see the possum is in the trap, you can place it in a quiet place and cover it further. For your prevention and security, you can also use thick gloves from getting bitten or scratched.

7. Oxgord Live Animal Trap

Trap for catching possums

Oxgord animal trap is the best trap if you are tired of these possums. It also comes with different safety kits to prevent scratches or any harm from the possum. It has a flexible sheet of metal in the trap. It is a live trap. You only need to bait it with a vegetable raw or fruit. If you keep the possum in the trap for a long time, you may see small dead possum as well.

8. Covering Foundation Vent

The most common way through which these possums enter into your house is through the dryer vent. You must block the possums from sneaking into your house. You can also cover these openings by slotted metal vent covers. The covers are also screwed in the vents.

9. Trim Branches

The possum can sneak onto your roof or your house from the top. It is through the branches near the ceiling. You should trim the tree branches to a minimum length of 10ft. The branches must be kept away from the house to prevent the possums from jumping onto your rooftop. Moreover, try not to place the climbing tree near or beside your house. Possums may walk slowly, but they are excellent climbers. They can easily climb the attic in no time. Even though they are harmless, they can create a lot of mess everywhere.

10. Protect Low Decks

Possums actively are very well known to hide under low decks. You should protect the deck with some metal barriers. You need to dig a trench all around the perimeter of the deck. You need to screen the trench properly. If you fill the trench with dirt when the dust settles the high living possums will avoid coming.

11. Seal All the Ppen Spaces

Man holding a baby possum

If your house has any open spaces these act like invitations for the possums. If the attic vents are not covered, you should cover them. You can also use the insect screening all around the vent and the chimney. You can also repair all the holes that are there in deck lattices and windows. If your house is in a small place, you can cover the space with a wire cloth. You must also lock and cover your pet flaps.


It is for sure that at some part of your life you might encounter a possum that may find its way in your shed, garden, yard or even your house. You do not need to be afraid and just simply follow the steps to get rid of them without harming them. Simply follow some steps to get rid of them. These involve steps like trying to use ammonia and mothballs to scare these possums away. They can be frightened by pet fur as well. If you flood the entrance of your house with light, it can scare the possums away. Removing all the sources of food can also be an efficient way to get rid of this smelly nuisance.

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