Fruit Bat: Facts & How to Get Rid of Them

Fruit bat identification

This fruit bat comes in the category of the Megabats which are also referred as the Flying Fox. They are of different sizes and shapes, and their habits depend on the location where they exist.

  • Appearance and size

Fruit bat hanging upside down on the branch.There are a variety of bats which are different in sizes and shapes. Research has shown that there are about 900 bat species available from the Malayan flying fox to megabats. The fruit bats are a bit different from the usual bats found because of their long nose and pointed ears. Their big eyes are big as compared to other bats. These bats are mostly found in Africa, Asia, and Middle East areas. They grow up to the size of 5.7 to 9 inches in length. While flying, they can extend their wings and look large. They have an unyielding and sturdy pair of feet. These feet help them to hang upside down on a tree. In the dark, they can locate their prey more accurately as compared to the day time.  If they are surrounded by so many people, they get a sense f security from the objects around them.

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  • Food and eating habits

Fruit bat also known as flying fox is eating.The diet of fruit bat is very different from other mammals.  The fruit bats are fond of eating every kind of fresh fruit. They love eating bananas, dates, and avocados. They also like the slurp of the nectar found in different fruits.  A bunch of banana is said to be the best meal for them. They love sitting on tree top where fresh fruits are there.  When bats are finished eating the sticky yellowish grains are stuck with their furs.  They are also known as nectar-eating bats. These bats are carnivorous and feed on small insects. They keep consuming different insects due to which the environment remains clean. They can easily spot insects and rodents from a great height in no time. They crush their food with the help of their sharp teeth. They live the nectar which is inside the fruits.  They like spending their time either searching for food or sleeping all day long.  They like a clean environment; they are mostly seen grooming their long furs.

  • Habitat and distribution

The fruit bats are available in different kinds of habitat. They usually prefer living in the habitat which is humid as well as tropical. They like the habitat which is adapted to drier places. They also sometimes live in dense foliage and caves.  Fruit bats are highly tailored to their environment. Their habitat keeps changing according to the seasons. They rest during the day time and go for at night. These mammals can sense their prey from a long distance. They also travel very long distances in search of food. However, after feeding they come back to their place.

  • Lifecycle

Bats have the capability to fly about 30 miles in one hour. When they are younger, their mother looks after them. They depend on their mother unless they have not learned to fly and search for their food. Mostly you will found fruit bat in brown or black color, but there are some white fruit bats as well. Approximately a bat can live up to 35 years or less. This living span is the highest in all members. It is also said that they live in large colonies where there are eight females and one male bat. They create very strong bonds. Even while eating fruits if they get sticky, they wash their furs.

Relationship with humans

Bats usually don’t interact with humans too much. They often live in places which have no direct contact with humans. However, bats can enter the houses of human through roofs and chimney. They often tend to destroy the structure of the house. They are often the reason to block water pumps and the stagnant water. They make a sound of chirp which is heard by young people.  Along with the chirping noise, they also make rustling noises. The thing that annoys the human most about these bats is that they deposit their urine and dropping where ever they are flying. In some parts of the world, their dropping is used as fertilizers.  The health threat related with this mammal is called rabies. They also carry disease along with them.  They directly don’t harm humans. They usually fly into their houses through opens doors and windows. They do not harm people but often bite them if they get scared.

Fun facts

Here are some fun facts about Fruit Bats:

  • It is a studied fact that without pollinator services of these fruit bats the economic conditions can likely take a serious hit. They play an essential role in the process of pollination.Fruit bat is flying with the baby.
  • The mothers carry their babies along with them. As they have a habit of traveling from one camp to another, they do not build their permanent nest. Unless the young one does not become independent, they keep clinging to their mother’s belly.
  • The younger ones feel more heat as compared to the elder fruit bats. To beat the heat the keep fanning them while resting. If this does not work, they find a cool and shady place for them and lick themselves to keep cool.
  • Many bats are well known for the high emitting sound frequency. The advantage of this is that they can easily stalk their prey. These are the only mammals who are active at night.
  • There are some fruit bats which are just 2.5 pounds in weight, just the size of a pineapple. They can live for 35 years. This life span is the longest among all the flying creatures.
  • They carry Rabies because of which their bite can be potentially dangerous.
  • Bats have the ability to eat almost 1200 mosquitoes in just one hour. They help to keep the bug population in check.
  • Fruit bats travel to the south in the winter seasons, and some fruit bats hibernate in winters. They have the capability to survive in cold temperatures.
  • The mother bats can the ability to look for their babies among several of other bats. They can do this with the help of their scents and crispy voices.
  • Bats usually produce one pup in one year. The development of this pup is vulnerable to extinction.
  • The largest fruit bat is the flying fox. It can spread its wings up to feet.
  • They can smell the type of fruit they want and look for it. They do not depend on echolocation to communicate to locate food.

Fruit bat control

Close up of fruit bat tongue.There are many exclusive methods to get rid of fruit bats.  Bats are present almost all around the world. They usually prefer night and quite places to survive. They have an acute hearing sense which helps them to make placed in attics. These controls have proved to be very effective.  Following are some DIY and Green solution for the Fruit Bats:

  • Annoying objects

First look for the place where the bats are getting in and out. Once you get to know about the space where the bats are coming and going, you are all done?  If you find a fruit fall on the ground inspects for the place. Look at the fallen fruit, does it have marks of sharp teeth.  Try to pick the fruits a bit early when they become ripen. You can also use bird netting.  The other way to get rid of these fruit bats is that you can place some strange and unusual looking objects near your garden. You can use objects that continuously move and make annoying noise to irritate these fruit birds. These objects can be a strip of aluminum foil, CDs that shine in sunlight, wind chimes or wind socks. All these objects are very effective.

  • Netting is extremely an effective method to get rid of bats

By using the netting, you can protect a large area from the destruction of bats. Select the size of net accordingly to see effective results. The nets which are available in the market are well constructed and help to protect the area against. A strong and powerful net can prevent tearing. They have long lasting effects and good results.

  • Ultrasonic bat repellents devices

You can also use transonic pro bat repellents. It is best for indoor protection. They are extremely silent for the humans; however, they emit such frequencies which navigate with the echolocation of the bats.  This device does not physically harm the bats, but it just annoys and irritates them.  These devices make such noises which encourage them to leave and look for a much quieter place. These devices are very easy and simple to use. They help you to get rid of bats very easily and without working out. This device I also well received by the satisfied customer all around the world. They do not make any fuss, and it is best among the fruit bat control.

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