Fresh Cab Review – Botanical Rodent Repellent Earth kind

Taking a fresh look at pest repellents with Fresh Cab

Fresh Cab

Rodents can kick up a real storm in our homes – they can be really difficult to contain and even eliminate using the typical and traditional methods. These methods are strong powerful insecticides and chemicals that can help, but they can also do our health and environment some harm. Sometimes even our own furniture and stuff in our home can get damaged using the traditional methods.

Fresh Cab is a product on the market that has been planned to keep mice and other rodents out of your home, up in your cabin in the woods, down in your basement, in your attics, garages and sheds. It even protects your vehicles parked away, your boats, and your farm equipment and storage areas. What it does is simply repel mice from reaching your food stored away for your pets, the birds and dog feed and cattle feed too; simply anywhere where mice can get into. It sure is worth a try.


What is this Fresh Cab?

Fresh Cab is made from botanical ingredients. Even though it sounds like people might scoff at the idea of something botanical or natural being able to scare rodents away, it has been proven to work as a rodent repellent. It is so good enough that it is even registered by the EPA – the Environmental Protection Agency. Their job is to protect the environment and human health. Licensed pest control companies and experts in pest control trust Fresh Cab for its effectiveness and also importantly, its safety. It is superb for using in non-infected areas for preventative use. All you have to do is place a pouch in a 125 square feet area. It has a lovely scent too, so it isn’t offensive while you are waiting for it to work. And the scent lasts for about 3 months. If you have infested areas, then you could use one pouch for every 8 sq. feet. Then you replace it every 30 days.

What are the ingredients in Fresh Cab?

Fresh Cab consists of:

  • Corn cobs (plant cellulose fiber)
  • Essential oils such as balsam-fir, Spanish rosemary oil, orange and lemon oils, cedar oil and lavender oil

The pouches are hung up in areas that you want to keep protected from the rodents.

Why is it so popular?

  • People love that it is safe to use around pets and other humans
  • It has a pleasant ‘safe’ smell, refreshing the air whilst at the same time protecting your home from invasion by rodents
  • It is natural and non-toxic toward these pests, keeping them away, not killing them
  • You can use it anywhere

But see what people say about this product, check out their reviews and see for yourself.


Where does Fresh Cab come from?

This botanical rodent repellent comes from Earth–Kind. Earth-Kind is also an EPA-registered repellent company. It has been designed to be a natural and effective alternative to the typical traps, baits and products that you usually would use. The CEO of Earth-Kind, Kari Warberg, designed Fresh Cab, keeping farmers and their tractor cabs in mind. But it has been tested and used by independent labs, proving to be excellent at keeping rodents from not only tractor cabs, but other indoor areas too. Its areas of use have spread from the tractor cab to garages, attics, basements, you name it, and it is used in all these places for its effectiveness. Rodent damage just doesn’t seem to happen by using Fresh Cab mouse pouches. These pouches have an aroma that mice, on smelling it, want to escape; they want to avoid the smell. It’s because it has a blend of natural plant fibers in it as well as balsam-fir oil, repelling mice and other pests and rodents. Just by keeping them away from the places you don’t want them to be in, there isn’t the need to set down traps with poisonous bait in, and then to have to remove the dead carcasses either – not very pleasant. If it isn’t a trap that the animal is trapped in, but they have eaten toxic repellents; it is anyone’s guess where the dead and decaying carcasses will be.

Fresh Cab is a customer guaranteed satisfaction product

Earth-Kind guarantees that customers will be satisfied with their product for a maximum of 100 days. They also claim that 90% of their customers are repeat-customers, which shows also how effective Fresh Cab has proven to be. Consumers today are increasingly becoming aware of their purchasing decisions too. They are becoming more aware that their buying decisions are affecting the environment. Retailers selling Fresh Cab are confident of the fact that they can say how safe and effective Fresh Cab is; a fantastic alternative to the poisons, traps and pesticides or electronic equipment. It’s the only EPA registered rodent repellent that is plant based and certified for use indoors.

More benefits

  • It’s easy to use and smells fresh and clean
  • Made in the USA with ingredients sourced from USA farms
  • It’s wonderful to know that the product has been assembled proudly by disabled persons who are citizens of MN – in Faribault
  • The new EPA regulations around rodents does not affect a natural product like Fresh Cab
  • You can choose from an 8 -package display tray or choose two 6-package clip-strips, depending on what your display arrangements are.
  • Fresh Cab can be found in more than 15,000 retail stores in the USA.


What is great about Earth-Kind making Fresh Cab?

Remarkable pest repellents

The mission of Earth-Kind is to ‘preserve the good and prevent the rest’. Fantastic. They are the developers of natural solutions for home maintenance indoors and that includes odor and rodent control. They offer safe and effective alternatives to the toxic counterpart products, making use of natural and renewable resources. Their products are third-party checked for safety and effectiveness before they get to the market. For this protection of the environment, they have also received prestigious awards.

Fresh Cab, because it is the only repellent made with botanical products and registered with the EPA, big corporations have noticed it, and only two years after it was launched, it gained distribution nationally through the Tractor Supply Company. Two years later it gained distribution nationally through Ace Hardware. That’s faith in a product.

People do ask if there are cases where Fresh Cab didn’t work – could something with natural ingredients really work. But Earth-Kind knows that their product works and that it comes with satisfaction guaranteed at 100%. They say that one of their Fresh Cab pouches sells practically within every minute with the return rate being less than two percent. They take their products seriously.

If you are having problems with Fresh Cab, here are a few things to consider.

Just remember, the pouches don’t last forever.

  • Check how long the pouches last for: This product has been shown and proven to last for around 3 months or 90 days. Effectiveness can be affected by air flow as well as temperatures. The scent will evaporate quicker in warm weather over cold weather. Where airflow is strong, the scent which is the active thing that keeps mice away won’t last nearly as long or be as effective as those that are in closed rooms.
  • What space do you put the pouches in? Remember that for preventative methods: one pouch per 125 sq. ft. For infested areas: one pouch for every 8 sq. ft. The shelf life of a pouch is around 3 years. Once you unwrap the pouch and start using it, it will be at its end when you can no longer smell it anymore. It is attested that this product lasts 3 times longer than any competitors. Its lasts for up to 100 days but if your infestation is more serious, you should change pouches say every 30 days.
  • You’re asking why the pouches aren’t working for you: You shouldn’t be using other products like the poisons and baits in conjunction with Fresh Cab. It needs to be used on its own. Baits encourage pests to eat and Fresh Cab encourages them to run away. And a hungry rodent might ‘put up’ with the smell of Fresh Cab to frantically get some food.
  • Large infestations might not be able to be handled by Fresh Cab: Fresh Cab really works well for preventative action. It does drive out pests like small rodents. If you do have an area in your home that is overrun, then it might be better to get in professional pest control experts. They will be able to deal with the large infestations and possible the spread of disease because they will exterminate efficiently and effectively in a short amount of time.
  • Remember to take off the plastic bag: It might sound like you want to say, ‘hello!’ but there have been customers who enquire about this. If the pouch is enclosed inside the plastic bag, it won’t allow the scent to escape and get the job completed.



Fresh Cab does help and it can be of much benefit in your home. It feels great for many people that they are dealing effectively with pests from nature in a natural way; preventing them from coming into your home. They are being ‘encouraged’ to stay away from your home, that you are keeping the environment safe and healthy and acting with compassion by using Fresh Cab. The solution is all wrapped up in a neat little pouch with a lovely scent that a person will even buy to use in musty old closets. There are heaps of property owners, landlords and managers who can attest to Fresh Cab effectiveness. It speaks for itself. Try it, for goodness sake.

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