7 Best Fox Repellents to Help You Deter Garden Foxes

Gone are the days when foxes were just found in the forests, hills, deserts and grasslands. With the rapid increase in urbanisation and industrialisation, foxes have moved to cities and towns. Foxes have adapted themselves in the urban settings as if they’ve always belonged amongst humans. They are a common sight during dusk and dawn in sparsely populated suburbs of Northern America, Australia, Europe, and some Asian countries like Japan. Some of you might find this magnificent beast endearing and offer the cubs with food and play with them. Then again, you will not want them to dig a burrow in your finely crafted backyard or make a shelter under your deck because no matter how endearing the cubs are, they are wild animals. Therefore, what you need is the best fox repellents out there. In this article, you will find what relationship these foxes share with humans, their behaviour in an urban setting, and top 7 fox repellents and deterrents that you can use to get rid of garden foxes.

How closely are the foxes and humans linked?

Foxes, for fur and hunting, have always been bred by humans in various parts of the world. Today, with increasing urbanisation, a good chunk of the fox population has moved to the urban areas. They’ve not only moved their homes in the urban and semi-urban areas, they’ve also adapted to the ways of humans. They have become accustomed to their food, their pets and have started to dwell in the wooden decking beneath their homes.

Some humans find the fox cubs endearing but they might not turn out to be the best-suited animals to be petted. Though foxes belong to the same family as dogs, they are devised to live in the wild. Foxes are solitary creatures who have the natural tendency to hunt for their prey and it can be very difficult to hold them in captivity as they grow into adults.

Though foxes cannot be kept as pets, it doesn’t mean that they are invasive and can cause harm to humans. Foxes are solitary creatures and prefer hunting at dusk and dawn to avoid all possible human interaction. Even if they enter a human home unintentionally, the first thing they do after that is to look for an escape. Whenever they find a human or a pet approaching near their shelters or cubs, they try their best to distract the passerby. Unless provoked, foxes prefer to live in harmony with what’s been offered to them in an urban setting.

The foxes, though quiet creatures, can turn out to be unintentionally notorious as they are opportunistic hunters and, therefore, they leave no opportunity to attack unattended dustbins, pet food, or lose chicken and small pets. As they adapt themselves to an urban environment, they learn to consume everything that humans do and this is the reason why they attack dustbins for leftovers.

Before proceeding towards what are the best fox repellents you can use to deter the garden foxes from digging a burrow and take shelter in your house, you might want to know what attracts them towards your garden. So, here’s what’s going on in your garden which makes it attractive for the urban foxes:

Foxes, like other animals, require a constant supply of water. Therefore, if your garden has a pool, tank, or a pond, foxes are more likely to pay frequent visits to your garden. Foxes are good swimmers, therefore, they like to go for a short dip every once in a while too. The uncovered waterbodies in your garden can also make them want to shelter around your house.

To protect your garden from frequent visits by the garden foxes, install covers in these sources of water present in your house.

Foxes like to live in solitude and as far from human interaction as possible. There’s no place better for them than one where they cannot be seen. This is the reason why your overgrown garden which is populated with old furniture, lawn mowers, and other gardening equipment makes a perfect haven for the garden foxes. They can hide themselves here and feast upon the rodents which are attracted to unattended waste too.

To keep your backyard from becoming a home to foxes, you should keep it organised and clean.

If you like to listen to the sweet chirping birds in your garden and for that, you keep the birdfeed filled with granules of fat and nuts, the chances of the foxes coming along are high. This is so because, birds tend to drop the feed on the ground, which, in turn, attracts foxes.

To keep your garden from becoming home of the foxes, use hanging nets to feed the birds with nuts and dangling fat balls.

Whenever you fill up the bowl for your cats and dogs for food, they are more likely to eat some and leave the rest for later. This unattended bowl of dog/cat food has a strong smell and hence, it succeeds in attracting the foxes from far away. While these foxes cause no harm to the pets or humans, their frequent visits might prove troublesome for you.

To save yourself the trouble, always cover the pet food and keep it out of reach of animals till your pets ask for it.

If you like to spend your summers outside your house, in your garden, you probably have a shed, a summer house or a wooden decking in your yard.

These structures are slightly raised above the ground, providing a good space for foxes to establish their shelter in the breeding season. Therefore, make sure that you keep the entrances to the decking and sheds covered most of the times.

If you suspect that a fox has been using the decking as shelter, follow their evacuating process before sealing it. It is illegal and inhumane to cover a burrow which is still in use, therefore, always check for any cubs left behind.

Petting Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Aviaries, Hamsters, and Chickens in fun. Then again, if you have foxes in your area, you might want to create a very secure housing for these pets. Foxes, although, do not attack every possible small animal, but they are always attracted by the smell of fresh prey.

One easy solution is to line the shelter of your pets with doggy hair because foxes are very varied of dogs and their hair will help you repel foxes.

Foxes love to dig well-drained soil for making burrows and if you have freshly watered flower beds in your garden, they can bring their cubs to practice their digging skills. Plus, they get plenty of earthworms and grubs in this soil to feast upon.

You can use some of the best fox repellents including chicken wire, water sprinklers and ultrasonic fox repellents to keep foxes off your flowerbeds.

Using bio-fertilisers in your garden is a great idea, then again, these bio-fertilisers are generally made up of, blood, bone meal or fish waste which attracts the garden foxes. To deter these foxes from getting attracted to the fertilisers, mix the smells which they are appalled by in the soil. It will keep the fox away from your flowerbeds.

When you keep things like shoes, garden equipment, kids’ toys, and such things outside, it becomes an open invitation for the foxes to try them out. The cubs use the toys for chewing practice which will spoil them.

To escape the trouble of losing or getting your stuff spoilt, keep everything in a shed every time.

If you have recently buried the body of your deceased pet in your garden, foxes are likely to get attracted to their smell and dig them out. To stop this unfortunate event from happening, always use the best fox repellents and smells to keep the foxes out of your gardens.

If your garden has a good number of fruit trees, your house is near a railway, golf course, school ground, or a sports centre, you better follow all possible measures to keep the foxes from entering your garden.

Now that you know why these foxes are planning to settle into your garden, or have already established an earth there, here is the list of some of the best fox repellents to help you deal with the problem.

7 Best Fox Repellents Your Garden Needs Today

ZZC Ultrasonic Animal Repellent
  • FEATURESMost effective yard sentinel
    Safe, waterproof & eco-friendly
    Wide effective area
Just Scentsational Wolf Urine
  • FEATURES All natural
    Humane pest control
    Predator scent keeps pests way
Coyote/Fox Urine Granules
  • FEATURESNon-toxic & organic
    Provides an easy way to apply
    Effective in repelling domestic cats

1. Aspectek Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

Aspectek Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

Keep your orchids, farms, garden, and house secure from foxes by installing Aspectek’s Yard Sentinel. Yard Sentinel produces ultrasonic sounds which is not audible to human ears and sonic waves which are audible. The rodents, foxes, racoon dogs, rabbits, and deer are appalled and irritated by these sounds, therefore, this is one easy way to keep them off your property.

You can use the Yard Sentinel in your yard, patio, farm, shed, attic, warehouse, cabin, or lawn without any hassle. It works well in every weather condition whether it is raining, snowfall, fog, or sunny outside. Yard Sentinel is designed for outdoor and therefore, it is equipped with an AC Adapter and a 33 feet extension cord to help you install the device as per your convenience.

This weatherproof Ultrasonic device comes with various advanced settings including Day mode, Night mode, and 24-Hour mode. Apart from that, you can fix the knob of the waves on the frequency which is required to handle the pest, rodent, or animal of your concern. Will all the above features, it is indeed one of the best fox repellents out there.


2. ZZC Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

ZZC Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

Another favourite amongst people who want to deter foxes and other animals off their farms, houses, yards, gardens, sheds, orchids, and every possible place that these notorious creatures can harm, is ZZC’s Ultrasonic Animal Repellent.

It is one harmless option to repel the pests. It is weatherproof and can be easily installed outdoors. As soon as a warm-blooded creature comes into their territory, their intelligent sensors turn on the ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic and sonic waves it produces irritates the pests and animals and, hence, they stay away from its territory. These repellents come with a lifetime warranty and many users have called them a one-time investment when it comes to selecting a product for repelling foxes and other animals.


3. Just Scentsational Wolf Urine

Just Scentsational Wolf Urine

Wolf Urine is a very smart and eco-friendly option to keep the foxes and other animals away from your garden, farm, orchid, and other areas where you want protection.

All predators mark their territory by spraying their scents or urinating. This is to inform its counterparts, enemies, and prey that the area is already occupied. Foxes have a sharp sense of smell and when they sense the presence of a wolf in a region, they prefer to stay away from it. This is how Just Scentsational Wolf urine is one of the best fox repellents available out there.

Though one drawback of using Wolf Urine as deterrents is that you will have to keep replenishing the smell regularly and this can turn out to be an expensive affair in the long run.



4. Coyote/Fox Urine Granules

Coyote/Fox Urine Granules

Apart from going for Wolf Urine, which can be sprayed on the grounds, you can also go for Coyote/Fox urine granules which will last you longer than the liquid and will work the same. They are injected with the urine of predators to keep the pests and foxes away as it makes them think that the territory is already marked by another animal. They are a completely organic and eco-friendly way to stop the foxes from making shelters in your garden.


5. BirdX Coyote 3D Predator Replica

BirdX Coyote 3D Predator Replica

Wondering what’s better than the smell of presence of wolves and coyotes in your garden? Well, their very presence. Yes, you can get coyote replicas to stop the foxes and other small animals entering your garden for the fear of being attacked. The replica is one of the best fox repellents. It looks exactly like a real coyote and is sized like one too. The replica has proven its salt by protecting areas of up to 1 acres from animals. It is indeed one cost-effective way to deter foxes.


6. Whole Solutions Reflective Scare Tape

Whole Solutions Reflective Scare Tape

The Reflective Scare Tape is another excellent solution which will save you from all the troubles caused due to pest infestation. The simple science behind this shiny ribbon is that it reflects light under the sun which disorients the birds and animals. Apart from shimmering and scattering the light to impair the animals visually, the tape produces a metallic sound when it moves with the wind to scare the animals away.

The tape is quite cost effective as you can buy a good length of it at one go and the manufacturers guarantee that it will last you a good two years. With this tape, you will not have to spend on wolf urine granules every now and then. All you have to do is, install the tape in the perimeter on your fencing and forget it for a good couple of years.


7. Hoont Waterjet Blaster Repellent

Hoont Waterjet Blaster Repellent

Hoont Waterjet Blaster Repellent Is another eco-friendly and harmless solution to keep the foxes away from your garden. The Waterjet can be installed outside, in the location you are trying to protect from the predators. The intelligent sensors of the repellent get activated as soon as it senses any motion within its range. The spray of water scares the predators away.

If you are worried about the amount of water which might get wasted through the repellent, it should be the least of your concerns because Waterjet Blaster uses only the amount of water that is required to scare the animal away. If you install the jet near your flowerbeds or areas where you need to water the grass, the water directly falls in the right place.

Installation of Waterjet Repellent is also very easy. All you need to do is, select the spot where the animals are more likely to enter, plant the repellent in the spot through the stake and connect it to the garden hose. Waterjet Repellent is powered by 4 AA batteries and its range is a good 30 feet to keep the predators at bay.

Although waterjet is a great option to install in the garden to protect it from predators and rodents, its one major drawback is that it can get activated even when a human passes by. Therefore, they can be activated and deactivated for when they aren’t in need.


There you have it! The top 7 fox repellents and deterrents that you can use to keep the foxes away from your property.

If you have gone through the above articles, you now know what relationship do foxes share with humans in their newfound urban habitat, how they behave around humans and what is it that happens in your garden that attracts garden foxes. Along with that, you are now aware the best fox repellents you can equip your garden with to fight the fox infestation in your neighbourhood.

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