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Quick and Easy Hacks to Fight Mice Infestation at Your Home

April 28, 2018
Mice infestation

If you have enjoyed your childhood watching cartoons, then you surely know how hard it is to catch a mouse.  The Tom and Jerry show is I suppose the best example.  No matter how hard Tom tried but could never get Jerry the mouse in his hands. But thankfully we are not Tom and have some definite ways of getting rid of mice infestation. If we also had Jerry at our home, then we would have even let it go and enjoyed seeing him play. But when it comes to the mouse running in our house, they are not as sweet and playful as Jerry and have to be driven out of our home if you don’t want your things to be tattered especially your clothes and papers.

Mice infestation

ice multiply quickly and are never found in single and will always find a way to enter your home if even one of them get shelter at your place. As soon as you see signs of mice droppings, it’s time for you to get alert and get ready for the mouse hunt. Those poop pellets on the platforms can leave you with eyes wide opened and worry about as to how and where could there be a mouse about which you are not aware of. You can even see these droppings in your cabinets and gnaw marks on your countertops which can hint you of mice invading your house. Apart from this if you find papers being lying tattered and few holes in your clothes in the laundry bag, you are sure to spot a mouse soon in your house.

Problems that these creatures can cause

Mice infestation

part from the loss that they can bring to your things at home, they can also bring health hazards for you and your family members. If you accidentally consume the food that has been chewed up by them, then you can suffer severe disease. They also cause infections and allergies due to the bacteria and pathogens they carry. Though hard to believe, but they can also create a state of fire in your house, you very well know that mice have sharp teeth and if they chew up the wires of your electrical fittings and wring then it can cause a fire in your house. If you are sighting such similar things, then it is high time that you take some serious steps to stop the mice infestation at your home.

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Here are few undoubted ways to get rid of mice infestation

- Mousetrap

Best Mouse trap

Mouse traps are one of the oldest and traditional ways to get rid of mouse infestation at your home. As soon as you see a mouse running in your home the very first thing that clicks in your mind is where is the mouse trap? If you remember where you kept it the last time after its use, then you can surely save money, or it is alarming call to buy a new one to kill that animal hiding in the bill. If you dare to see four to five mouse creeping in your home here and there then, it is not just about the mouse trap but “mouse traps.” A single will not do in such case, so the next thought will undoubtedly be how many mice traps to purchase to kill these black monsters. Remember you have to start with this as soon as possible otherwise, they will breed and the number will multiply and then the mess they create will be really hardtop handle. Nowadays you get electronic mouse traps which are very effective in catching your prey. It can help to stop mice infestation and are a quick and easy method to catch those irritating mice running in your mansion. Once you buy these mousetraps, then you have to be keen on the location where you are placing these traps and got to have a smart approach in catching the mouse. If you want to get higher chances of success in getting rid of mice infestation, then you have to place those traps in the areas where you can see the mice’s making their way in your home. If you can plot their bill, then try to place it a few steps ahead of their home along the sides of baseboards or a wall so that you have good chances of catching a mouse.

- Poison and Baits

Mouse Poison and Baits

Poison and baits are the second most popular methods of getting free from mice infestation. If you are thinking about how to deal with mice infestation, then these poisons and baits can be a helpful method to get your house free from mice. If you are using poisons as a mousetrap, then you have to have a strong heart since many people feel this method as a cruel act as it leaves the mouse dehydrated.  But the call is yours, and you have to choose whether you want to go in this method for killing those mice invading your home sweet home. It is your choice if you wish to choose the health of your family or have to be soft-hearted and do not think of killing the mice using such a method. We all know that apart from causing harm to our things, these mice can often prove to be deadly as they can serve as a carrier of certain diseases as well. If you have made up your mind of using the poison, then make sure that you use sealed baits and that you are not keeping the bait stations in the open. Another precaution that you need to take is to keep the poisoned bait inside the home and not outside so that there are no chances of any other pet eating up the poisoned food. You also need to take care that you use hand gloves while stuffing the poison so that it doesn’t harm you in anyways. Last but not the least, ensure that you are placing the bait out of reach of children and in a safe location where your children cannot reach in the slightest of your nightmare.  

- Using deterrents

mouse deterrents

You can also use deterrents and spray them in places where you find a regular traffic of the mice at your place. The strong and foul smell of deterrents can help in shoving the mice away from the shelter that they have taken at your home.

- Bringing a Tom to your House

mouse and cat

One of the natural ways that you can use to get rid of mice infestation is to bring a pet cat. You actually know what we mean, having a cat at home can surely drive away the mice playing at your home. The terror of a cat for a rat has been one of the oldest approaches to kill the mouse invading your home.

-Glue Traps

Top Glue Traps

These glue traps are another popular way of catching those unwanted rodents. These are simple traps which have very powerful glue pasted on its top surface, and as soon as a mouse walks past over it, then it brings trouble for those rodents. If a mouse walks over it, then its body gets stuck to the glue trap, and they cannot move out of it. They get entangled in the sticky chemical used in the trap, and there are no chances of escape.  Once the mouse falls prey to the glue trap, you can take the mouse in a packet and dispose them off according to your wish. You can either use hot water and kill the mice before disposing of or dispose of them alive. This glue trap method is best for those people who do not support the idea of poisoning and killing the mice. In this case, you have both the options of disposing of these rats alive or dead.

- Approaching the professionals

Professional rodents exterminater

If catching these unwanted mice is not your cup of tea, then it’s time to reach out the professionals. You can hire an exterminator for doing your job. You may have tried your level best and maybe you must a caught four or five of them. But it can be surprising and astonishing to find the sixth one roaming around free in your house. If you cannot just tolerate such a sight and want to get rid of mice infestation at its earliest then, you can call for a professional to complete this chore from its roots. This process is one of the quickest and easiest ways that you can deploy for hunting out the mice from your home. The professionals are well fledged with equipment’s and safety methods to drive the mice family from your house. One of the significant advantages of hiring a professional at your home is that this aspect can be a time saviour for you. You don’t have to wait and track the path of these mice family the professionals will do their part in locating the track and for bringing an end to the trouble caused by the mice. They will seal up all the unwanted outlets and inlets from where such rodents enter your place and can instruct you further for stopping their entry. They also know how to use the mousetraps and the location where it needs to be placed to aim at the target.

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How to stop new entry of a mouse to your home?

Mouse hole

If you have cleared up your house and there are no more signs of a mouse in your home; this is not the end. Yes, you can surely relax to some extent but have to be alert at the same time as well. You have to keep a check that your house has the np entry signboard for a mouse and in no case can a mouse creep in your house. Otherwise, you have to repeat the long and tedious prices of finding out the mouse and killing it again to have a home free from mice. Here are some precautions that you can take to stop their entry again.

- Find out the entrance point of the deadly devils

You need to find out the path from where these tiny creatures take entry to invade your home. Once you find it, you have to take steps to block their pathway to safeguard your home from witnessing entries of a mouse further in future. It can be the basement, your garage, your washrooms or any other place; you have to block it for them so that you have a mouse-free house.

- Close all the holes

You very well know that a mouse can make their way even through the smallest of a hole. If you have any such holes in your home, then seal it and stock it up so that they don’t carve a way into your home. All the vents and chimneys have to be checked for any such unwanted entries of these mice alley.

- Keep cleanliness in your home

These tiny creatures hardly consume two to three grams of food unit per day and having some food droppings lying here and there can surely attract mice to enter your home. So make sure that you clear your dining tables and kitchen platforms well so that there are no signs of any food matter lying unattended.

- Check on the garbage bins

It is not just your dining tables and kitchens that can attract the mice but also your garbage bins. Make sure that you use garbage bins that have a well-secured lid and that you close your trash bin after every use. If you don’t do so then within few days, there are chances of sighting a mouse jumping in your garbage bins and playing with the food droppings that you have thrown away in the trash.

Mice have a habit of chewing up things that they sight and can incur great losses for you. God forbid if it is some official paper then we all know what the consequences may be, right? So if you see any mouse infestation signs, then you have to be quick on your toes and be ready for the kill the mice drill.

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