Essential Oils (That Work Magically) as Gnat Repellents

It’s always tough to be protected from infections and rashes when you have a house with a backyard. The garden, trees and often the excreta of the pets attract a lot of gnats around the house. While mostly the gnats stay outside the house sometimes they also get indoors. The worst part about gnats is that they fly in clusters and if bitten by them one can have immediate rashes or redness in skin.

The tiny insects with a dark body and transparent wings are harmful to the kids and adults alike. Therefore one can make use of a variety of ways to keep the gnats away from the house by using the best gnat repellents.

How Do Essential Oils Help in Repelling Gnats?

Essential oils are oils that are extracted from certain flowers, trees, herbs etc. These are concentrated oils which have a strong smell and cast on the skin when used. Mostly the essential oils are used by us in diluted form. The strong smell of essential oils casts an effect on our mood, wellness, and health. And when it comes to insects there are some essential oils in particular which don’t suit their nose, eyes or throat and makes them irritated, blind or sometimes crave for breathing. As a result, the gnats repel these essential oils and stay away from the area where they are spread. This way when you use the essential oils as best gnat repellents they help you keep the gnats away from the house.

What Are Essential Oils Good for Gnat Repellents?

There is a large variety of essential oils available in the market with their own smell and craft. While all of the essential oils have their unique smell, there are some which make for good gnat repellents. They are:

  • Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil

Tea Tree oil is antiseptic and anti-bacterial with a strong smell which makes the gnat succumb to breathe. While its good for the general well being of humans and brings about a pleasant feel, the presence of this oil shall actually repel the insects, bugs and especially the gnats from entering the house.

  • Peppermint essential oil

Slightly minty and a lot peppery the peppermint essential oil is an active ingredient in most of the bug repellents. The strong smell of peppermint is hated by the insects and comes handy in making the use of gnat repellents. The raw peppermint essential oil can be harsh on the skin and hence it is advised to use a diluted version for your own safety while making the gnat repellents.

  • Rosemary essential oil

The soothing smell of rosemary essential oil works wonderfully for us humans but is a horrendous one for the gnats. Rosemary has that certain tinge to it which makes the gnats run away from its smell. Presence of rosemary herb around the house can be a good way to keep gnats at bay too. Rosemary essential oil can be combined with water and sprayed around the garden to repel the gnats from entering the yard too!

  • Geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil

Garanium essential oil is a healer and curer of skin problems. It works equally well at keeping gnats away with its strong smell. It promotes well being, removes stress and has anti-bacterial properties which help fight against the presence of gnats.

  • Cedarwood essential oil

The sweet smell of cedarwood is repelled by most animals and insects. This makes the cedarwood essential oil the most powerful in using in best gnat repellents. The readymade repellents too have cedarwood as their ruling smell to repel the insects and gnats.

  • Neem essential oil

Neem has a lot of anti-bacterial properties which helps it to be the most active way of repelling insects or gnats. Neem essential oil has a fresh smell and a bitterness to it which is a good repellent to the gnats, insects and bugs alike. It makes their body have a burning sensation and succumb to breathe. Hence it is the best oil to use as gnat repellent. Neem essential oil is also a good one to restore the skin rashes, fight against the bacteria and cure skin problems – therefore can be used in body creams to save from gnat bites outdoors.

  • Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil

The strong smell of eucalyptus is repelled by most insects and works equally well with the gnats too. While it shall leave the house smelling great its use will keep the gnats at bay too!

How to Use Essential Oils as Gnat Repellents?

Essential oils can be used in a whole range of ways to make gnat repellents for everyday use. Here are some of the ways to use essential oils to your advantage for gnat repelling.

  • Essential oil diffuser

You can use an oil diffuser that comes with a burner to get the aroma of essential oil around the house. You just have to drop in some of the essential oil in the oil holder and lit the burner below to let the oil heat up and evaporate into the house environment. The strong smell shall give a pleasant feel around the house while acting as the best gnat repellents.

  • Body creams with essential oil

One can always stay safe from bug bites and gnat infections outdoors by applying the body creams that act as gnat repellents. You just need some purified shea butter and mix with it your favorite essential oils. The shea butter shall act as moisturizers for you while the essential oil shall soothe the skin and keep the gnats at bay. The smell of the essential oil infused body cream is strong enough to make your body smell nice and act as a good gnat repellent.

  • Gnat repellent spray

This one’s the easiest way to making gnat repellents with the use of essential oils. Mix a few drops of about 2-3 variants of essential oils that are best gnat repellents. Add in a little-distilled water and vinegar in a spray bottle and mix the essential oils together. Spray this liquid at places you want to avoid the gnats to come. These sprays last for almost a day!

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