How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Dryer Sheets?

Having your home infested by bed bugs can be stressful. Your stress and worry is justified since bed bugs can drastically multiply and lead to health risks. These pesky bugs can actually survive about three months without food and up to a year in colder temperatures. This indicates how difficult it can be to eliminate bed bug infestations.

Among the many natural remedies, dyer sheets have been found to be effective in getting rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs and dryer sheets – is it really a lethal combination? Let’s find out.

Bed Bugs And Dryer Sheets

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A popular method that is utilized by many as the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs is using dryer sheets. It has been found by many to be effective in getting rid of bed bugs. Dryer sheets are designed specially to assist in maintaining the soft texture of your laundry after it passes through the high heat of the drying process.

These dryer sheets are heavily scented and provide a pleasant smell to your washed clothes. The main use of dryer sheets is to protect your clothes from heat, keep them soft, and add a pleasant odor to your laundry. However, dryer sheets are also being used as one of the remedies for getting rid of bed bug infestations.

Do Dryer Sheets Keep Bed Bugs Away?

Many people believe that dryer sheets can help in eliminating bed bugs. Users have reported that it is one of the most effective ways to keep bed bugs and other pests away, both outdoors and indoors. While it hasn’t been proven that dryer sheets actually kill bed bugs, it still helps in repelling the pests.

The users have mostly stated that dryer sheets helped in the bed bug treatment process, but there are no reports suggesting how efficient the dryer sheets are in getting rid of bed bugs. Experts have argued that dryer sheets don’t kill them.

The claims of getting rid of bed bugs through dryer sheets might be due to the strong smell of dryer sheets. Dryer sheets usually have powerful scents that mask the carbon dioxide smell, which bed bugs utilize to identify their host. This indicates that dryer sheets can repel bed bugs but can’t eliminate them for good. If you have a severe infestation of bed bugs then dryer sheets can help in reducing the unpleasant smell and might prevent the infestation from getting worse.

Solely relying on fabric softeners and dryer sheets in hopes of getting rid of bed bugs is not recommended as it will only leave them thriving and increasing in population. This will worsen the situation and make it even more difficult to exterminate these bugs.

There aren’t any scientific researches to determine the effectiveness of dryer sheets in repelling bed bugs, but many have still benefited from using them. Experts advise using other bed bug killing and repellant treatments alongside dryer sheets to kill and prevent the bed bug infestations for good.

Dryer Sheet to treat bed bugs

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs With Dryer Sheets

Getting rid of bed bugs with dryer sheets is rather easy. However, you need to keep in mind that dryer sheets don’t kill bed bugs but work well in repelling them. Following are the two main ways of getting rid of bed bugs by using dryer sheets:

Using Dryer Sheets Indoors

Dryer sheets work as a bed bug repellant inside your home, so place them in areas you want to protect from a bed bug infestation, like your bed. This can also include curtains, cabinets, wardrobes and other furniture.

You can also prevent bed bug bites by spreading a dryer sheet underneath the bed sheet and cover, around the mattress’ corners, as well as under and between the pillows.

Using Dryer Sheets Outdoors

Dryer sheets can also be used outdoors to repel bugs. For instance, if you are heading on a hiking or a camping trip, you can use a dryer sheet around your clothing and on the sleeping bags to keep the bugs away.

However, it is important to continue changing the sheets depending on how long your stay is. Wet dryer sheets can also be utilized to remove the remains of bugs and other pests from your outdoor furniture, as well as from your bike and other things after a hiking, camping or picnic trip.

Aside from that, you can also use fabric softener sheets as bed bug repellant on these trips. Line a dry sheet on the base of your picnic basket before you put in your food. Spread it on the ground before setting up a camp, picnic mat, and sleeping bag to repel the bugs. You can even wrap up your clothes in dryer sheets before putting them in the backpack to make sure the bugs stay clear.

Do Bed Bugs Die In Water?

When determining what kills bed bugs instantly, you might have come across the suggestion that water kills bed bugs.

Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. Bud bugs can survive in water, depending on the temperature of water and duration they were in water. Many people assume that bed bugs drown and get killed when washing clothes and bed linen since they are in water for around an hour. While this might be true in some cases, bed bugs can survive if they are floating in water. This means that they had access to air.

A study found that adult bed bugs were killed after being soaked in cold water for 24 hours but their eggs still survived. The results showed that bed bugs have higher chances of survival in cold water, but can be killed in freezing temperature, hot water and dry cleaning the clothes were more successful in killing beg bugs and their eggs.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally

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If you are looking for natural ways of getting rid of bed bugs, then you can try out the following natural remedies:


This is one of the best ways of getting rid of not just fully grown bed begs but also their eggs and larvae. Make sure you vacuum in all corners of the room and under the furniture as these are the favorite hiding places of bed bugs.

Diatomaceous Earth

This powder can be easily found in any home improvement or health food store. This powder instantly kills bed bugs. All you have to do is sprinkle the powder under and around the bed, on the headboard, and other furniture and let it sit for three days. Then vacuum again to get rid of the dead bed bugs and the powder. Wear gloves and a mask when sprinkling the powder, and avoid sleeping in the treated room as this powder can be harmful for your lungs.

Sealing Crevices and Cracks

Find all the crevices and cracks all over your house and properly seal them up. This will prevent new bugs from entering your house from your neighbors’ homes.

Washing Beddings

Make sure all the bed sheets, covers, and pillows are washed and dried at the hottest settings. Bed bugs can’t survive heat so it is best to soak, wash and dry the linen in hot water. You can also add bleach to make it more lethal!

Using Tea Tree Oil

While tea tree oil might not kill bed bugs, it still works as a repellent. Spray this oil around your bed regularly to make sure those pesky bed bugs don’t return.

Once you have successfully gotten rid of the bed bugs from your house, you still need to take preventive measures for future infestations. It is also suggested that you avoid bringing secondhand furniture home without careful pest inspection.

The Verdict

Dryer sheets do not kill bed bugs but is one of the most effective natural bed bug repellents. It is best not to rely only on dryer sheets to get rid of these pests but to adapt other natural ways mentioned above that can actually kill bed bugs. Ensure you vacuum regularly as it is the best way of getting rid of bed bugs. Wash and change all bed linen at least once every two weeks, although once a week can be even more effective.

Bed bugs can cause health issues like allergic reactions, infections, anxiety and insomnia. Therefore, if you are unable to get rid of the bed bug infestations even after trying out these remedies, it is highly recommended that you hire pest control professionals to get rid of the problem.

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