How to Get Skunk Smell off a Dog?

When a skunk smell hits a dog, it is undeniable and we all, of course, agree to that. You may not know what must have had happened or how the incident actually took place but when it comes to dealing with this situation, do not panic. Rather, it is important that you handle these things tactfully. Patience and efforts are two important things that matter the most but for those who have come across such situation for the first time, then do not worry. The tips given here can certainly help you a lot and you will get back your typical smelling dog with no skunk odor at all.

Understanding the Role of the skunk spray

Skunk oil is something that can linger up for long and if you don’t remove it completely from the coat of your dog then it will further stink a lot. At such time, effective cleaning either by some company’s product or by some home remedy is extremely important. Talking of which Skunk spray is widely used when a dog comes with a skunk smell. Ideally, the situation arises when his natural instant takes him to a skunk. Since it is a risky situation, there can be a scenario that you may end up facing a difficult situation. There are some dogs born with extremely delicate skin because of which owners think whether spraying the pet with such shampoo could be a wise choice or not. If you have the similar issue, then it would be a good decision to speak with your vet about the same and determine how severely has the dog got affected by this issue and accordingly take action.

What could be the possible symptoms associated ?

When there comes a skunk scent, which a skunk emits, on your dog, it’s not just the odor but also a physical and emotional setback that can affect your pet. There are so many intense signs associated with such odor. Rather at times, you may not have even the idea of what was the exact reason that caused such problem. In some cases, the spray of the skunk may hit the exact point right on the target and would vanish in less time but if it does not then you would have to keep performing the actions till you note down the results. Once the skunk odor releases there are few symptoms that you are likely to notice such as:

  • Your dog may rub eyes and face frequently
  • He may feel nausea
  • Drooling
  • Squinting
  • Pain in eyes
  • Redness on the coat
  • At times, temporary blindness

Off all other symptoms, Ocular is one such thing that seems to be disappointing. Though these things may seem to be little disappointing, the fact is that such signs don’t stay for long. Of course, for time being your pet may suffer but as you start with the treatment, the symptoms will start lessening down in less time span. Remember, when you apply the skunk spray and if your dog starts barking after the application, it means that your dog is facing its side effects. You need to do this act in the open area so that his skin respiratory does not get affected and he will be able to breathe smoothly. The symptoms may seem to be severe but f you provide your dog with supportive therapy and care then every action can be dealt nicely.

*  Causes of Skunk Spray in Dogs

In spring season or say when the months start getting warmer, there is a high chance for your pet to come across a skunk. That is the main reason you need to make sure you are following every possible precaution. Whether it is the garbage or the smell of the berries inviting skunk, if it is in your house then expect him to be your guest any day. To deal with a dog sprayed by a skunk can, of course, be quite frustrating but your focus is to make sure you understand the root causes and take actions accordingly.

Generally, a skunk project emits his stinky scent to make sure that it affects the person or an animal which he thinks may attack him. His project to emit it extremely accurate since it has 2 anal glands that emit the substance which is odorous. Made from nearly 7 different harmful components, the odor is quite strong and at times, even make it difficult for the living being to even breathe. Its severity entirely depends on how deeply does the skunk actually spray it up on the face of the dog. Failing to take timely actions can lead to the intense effects, which could possibly be difficult to deal.

*  Diagnosing the Skunk Spray in Dogs

It is always better to take immediate action when you notice your dog sprayed by a skunk. Since its symptoms at times can be severe so ignoring it does not make any sense. Furthermore, make sure you immediately visit the vet and discuss with him about the scenario. Be clear about what has happened so that it becomes easy for the vet to take action accordingly.

Soon after the skunk spray if your dog has started showing the discomfort and you think that the odor is never, ending then it could be a possibility that your dog is getting allergic to it.

Sometimes after the skunk odor hits the dog there could be the possibility of secondary injury that may occur as your dog starts scratching the eyes or bite the skin. It is always better to check your dog as there is also a high risk of rabies virus, which a skunk usually carries.

The vet will make sure the area where your dog got affected is well checked and verify that stress around the eye cornea is also well-taken care.

Dealing with the Skunk Smell

Now that you are pretty much clear with what happens when your dog sprayed by the skunk starts showing those intense symptoms, it is high time that you act against it.  It is important to understand the ways on how to get skunk smell off a dog and let your pet leave freely as it was earlier. There are some exceptionally incredible skunk shampoos that may do wonder but the good news is, you can deal with them at home also with some natural remedies. Such remedial options are extremely safe and easy to use. If your pantry is loaded with all the required ingredients, then you can get rid of the smell in less time span.

*  Home Recipes that can do Wonder

Listed are some effective recipes that you can use on your dog to get rid of the skunk odor. By using this solution, you are advised to wear gloves as some people have complained about being allergic to any of the ingredient. Once you create the mixture make, sure you immediately apply it instead of storing it to avoid the exposure

The highly recommended mixture includes:

    Hydrogen peroxide-1 quart of 3%•    Baking soda-1/4 cup

•    Liquid soap-1 teaspoon

These ingredients are advised since Hydrogen peroxide has oxygen that releases the bonds with the sulfur substance present in the pray of the skunk. It naturalizes the stink. You need to wet your dog thoroughly before applying this mixture to its fur. Be careful and make sure it does not goes in the eyes of the dog. Rinse the fur well and then wash it off thoroughly.

If you do not have hydrogen peroxide do not worry, you can replace it with Vinegar. Since it also dissolves the oil. Rather it is much safer than hydrogen peroxide as it does not bleach the fur in any way.

*  Make a Baking Soda Paste

This is another popular way that has been showing great effects. It is safe to be used on the face of the dog and does not come with any negative effects like that of hydrogen peroxide. You need to create the paste of baking soda for which you require 32 parts water and baking soda that needs to be well mixed and then apply it on the fur of the dog. Later, you need to rinse it off well with the shampoo and then dry your pet.

*  Tomato juice is a Trick! Not a solution

One of the traditional concepts that many people still use it thinking it is an effective option is using tomato juice. Well, the fact is it doesn’t really eradicate the skunk odor. Rather, the juice masks the skunk smell and gives you a sense that it is gone. However, the fact is it just god reduced a bit but is still present. So if you want to get rid of such problem permanently with no side effects then above

*  Hygiene product of a feminine

It is one such solution that is effective but not so popular. In this solution the use of Massengill douche is made with the water, It is said to be effective enough to eliminate the odor caused by the skunk spray. It is best suitable for the small and medium pets. Large pets can use it but then you will have to make quite some more of the solution. Talking about the mixture, for small or medium pets, you need to Massengill of two ounces and water of around 1 gallon. Pour it well and apply it on the fur of your dog. Once the fur soaks the mixture, thoroughly wait for few more minutes and then rinse it off completely. In case, you think the odor still needs to be eliminated more then you can create the mixture application again. However, you are advised to speak with the vet on this before you apply it one more time.

*  Sunk-Based shampoo

In the market, you will, of course, get the best options to deal with this problem. While you ask the store expert on how to get skunk smell off a dog, the person will give you variety of brands options that claim to do wonders. It is also safe and clever idea to keep one such product at home so that you can use it in an emergency. If you have all the package of soakers, shampoo, and spray, it shall not be difficult for you to get rid of the problem. However, if you are using shampoo make sure you go through all ingredient present in it and see if there is any ingredient to which your dog is allergic. Speak with the event on the same and then go ahead with your next move.

Tips that may help you:

While you may not have the best possible solution to get rid of skunk spray next time but you can at least take some best possible precautionary measures to help avoid your dog become the victim of it again.

Skunks are nocturnal so make sure you have a light in the yard; a solar light can be a great one to source. Light makes it less desirable for the skunks to visit your place.

There are also automated sprinklers that you can install and keep it on at night since it keeps the skunk quite far from your house.  

Also, don’t let your dog each any outdoor treat that was covered in the trashcan as a possibility could be that the skunk must have left its stink.

Skunk odor is a serious problem and it must be acted upon quickly. Make sure you investigate well on the sprays that are considered pet safe and are highly recommended. Furthermore, speak with the expert vet on the same and be ready with all possible measures to ensure your pet stays safe and healthy. It is always better to keep your dog away from such things. It is also understandable that dealing with this problem can be quite frustrating but if you follow the above herbal remedies against it, you will not face any kind of problem at all and can keep your dog safe from such happenings.

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