Centipede Bites: 6 Symptoms and 7 Effective Treatments

Centipedes are quite poisonous as well as voracious. At the base of centipedes’ fangs, there is a gland where venom forms. Maxillipeds manage venom which is present on the first segment of their body. When they capture their prey, the venom present in their gland is squeezed up through the muscles which carry it. With the venom, the toxins are also ejected by ducts that look like a needle. In spite of that, the venom is not strong enough to take the life of a human. However, the majority of centipede bites are quite painful, as well as hazardous.

There are many kinds of centipedes present across the world. All species contain venom in their glands. Nonetheless, a bite of each kind has its reactions. According to researchers, it has not been seen that bites of centipede killed people or pets. Bites of each kind can cause severe problems for individuals and pets. Ordinary house centipedes do not pose a threat to humans.

House centipede bite is not as painful as the other ones. Their bite is similar to the typical bug bite. Their venomous glands depend on their sizes. Large plastic centipede is a very aggressive kind of centipedes. People must not try to handle these centipedes. Big brown centipede leaves a prominent bite mark. Giant desert centipede venom looks exactly like a snake bite. Characteristic centipede can inject their entire toxic dose in just one bite.

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These pests’ have maxillipeds which are a pair of front legs that are curved at the back of the mandibles and just about the head. Venom is injected in the prey when the maxillipeds enter in the victims’ tissue through the gland at their base. The maxillipeds of tiny centipedes are quite weak to pass through people’s skin. Their bites cause minor pain. Due to this reason, the discomfort posed by the bites of small centipedes is similar to the bees’ bites.

Centipede bite on human's arm
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Largest centipedes have more venom than the small ones. Because of this reason, their bites are painful. Big centipedes bites can cause too much discomfort still is not deadly to humans. The pain caused by the bite of centipede will end up in some days. The victims will need to cover up their wounds gently and carefully. Following proper wound care principles is imperative.

Humans must not try to tackle these pests as they can bite. Children, as well as people with sensitive issues like allergies, must be identified cautiously whenever a centipede bites them. If there are any medical issues, occur then it is better to consult a doctor immediately. When centipede bites, then suddenly pain is caused yet side effects will occur in a short time.

Why Do they Bite Humans?

A centipede bites whenever it feels insecure and to defend itself it bites. These pests also bite when they capture their prey. These pests are shy due to which they bite when they hunt for food or to defend themselves. There are particular large species of centipedes that are present in the tropics. These giant centipedes front a severe biting danger to people. They grow large because of which they have too, much venom. In some regions of England, there is small centipedes present which is not too much harmful to humans and pets. These pests are too tiny due to which they are unable to penetrate the skin in people and pets. Sometimes, big centipedes which have right sized forcipules will surely bite people. Nasty centipedes can bite people when they are tackled roughly or when they get smashed by the naked skin.

What are the Symptoms?

Centipede bite on arm symptoms
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Centipede infestations are not limited. Different things can happen to various people. If you already have allergy problems than centipede bites can trigger many other allergic reactions. In Fatal bite case, you have to rush to your doctor right away. Minor swelling is one the typical symptoms of Centipede bites. Swelling gets to normal within a few hours. Pain is also caused, but its severity depends on the amount of venom. However, there are sometimes when the infection gets worse around the bitten region. There are different symptoms of centipede bites that are following:

  1. Heartbeat can become abnormal which is known as heart palpitations. The pulse can become too slow or fast, yet the bitten person will be aware of the abnormal heart beat rate.
  2. The bites can also trigger nervousness, tiredness, and vomiting.
  3. The bites can also cause a headache. The harshness of a problem depends largely on the amount of venom.
  4. Swelling of the lymph nodes will occur.
  5. The victim will feel severe itching at the bitten area, and this area will become reddish.
  6. People who have medical issues like allergies or children will have to face severe reactions.

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First Aid Treatment

One should go for first aid treatment at once after identifying the centipede bite. Triple antibiotic ointment is excellent to use on the bitten area to stop the instant pain. Hawaiian rock salt can also work well to cure the wound of centipede bites. You have to apply the Hawaiian rock salt directly on your bitten area but gently. There are diverse things which you can do to prevent immediate pain and heal the wounds. First aid treatment methods are described below which every child or adult can follow easily:

  • You have to clean the bitten area with water and soup immediately. You have to wash the wound at least two times.
  • Dry up the bitten area gently with a clean towel.
  • You have to monitor for the allergic reasons to poison for a few people. Anaphylaxis is not caused in all. If it occurs, then you have to apply pressure on the bitten area.
  • Consult a medical specialist for effectual treatment.

7 Centipede Bite Treatment

The bite of the centipede looks like a bite of the snake. There are two punctured presents on the bitten area. The bites of centipedes can cause become severe painful. Pain is one of the worst parts of the sting. These bites are not too much toxic. Bites are quite irritating, and swelling can be formed on the bitten region. Whenever a centipede bites you, then you have to follow simple yet effective treatment methods. These treatment methods are following:

Treatment and doctor
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  1. Do not panic – The first thing you have to do is not to panic! If you get panic, then you will not be able to do the treatment properly. Always keep in mind that centipede bites are not life taking. These pests are not toxic at all. You have to relax although the sting might hurt you a lot. However, do not panic as the sting is treatable.
  2. Use an antiseptic soap – Whenever you have observed the bite of a centipede than you have to get an antiseptic soap for yourself. With this soap and water, you have to wash the bitten area properly. Remember that you do not have to scratch the bitten area during washing. You have to use a real antiseptic soap otherwise your pain can get worse.
  3. Hot Compress – If you want to reduce instant pain as soon as possible then you have to use a hot compress. Whenever the bitten region gets swelled up, then you can also use an ice pack or cold compress for lessening pain. These treatment methods are quite easy to follow and effective as well.
  4. Take ibuprofen to counter the pain – If you are having severe pain, then you can take ibuprofen to counter the pain as quickly as achievable.
  5. Use hydrocortisone cream for relieving from Itching – the bite of centipede can also trigger itching around the bitten area. Some people take anti allergic medicines, but they will take time. For rapid action, you can use hydrocortisone cream. You have to apply this cream on the bitten area, and it will ease you from itching in just a few minutes.
  6. Take antibiotic capsules after consulting – It is not compulsory to take antibiotics all the time when a centipede bites you. On the other hand, if you get any infection then you can take antibiotic capsules but after consulting your physician. In the event of severe centipede bite, there is a possibility of getting tissue death or necrosis. However, there is no need to worry as it will cure on its own. In a few cases, you have to take Tetanus to cover up secondary infections.
  7. Go to see a doctor – When centipede bites you then it is recommended that you contact a doctor. You must take advice and follow the treatment prescribed by your doctor.


Centipedes are kinds of pests. They bite when they want to defend themselves or when they come across their prey. When they bite they leave actual poison exposure in their victims. When a centipede bites you, then you have to go for first aid. In any severe condition, you must consult your physician.

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