Black-tailed Prairie Dog: 10 Questions to Help You Get to Know Them & Prevent Them From Causing Damage

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

The prairie dog is one of the famous North American rodents and it’s undoubtedly one that has a tremendous importance. Even though they are the reason for the creation of characteristic micro habitats which provide actual living conditions for more than 150 different species, they are also the are also the reason for which you might want to be well aware of how to properly get rid of them and prevent them from causing any kind of damage to your property because this is something that they are very good at. With this in mind, we have taken the liberty of providing you with 10 integral and important questions, the answers to which are going to be particularly beneficial when it comes to the understanding as well as the prevention of these animals. So, without any further ado, let’s go right ahead and take a closer look.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of things to be said about this particular species of prairie dogs and these are just some of the basic questions which are going to help you get to know them properly.

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How to Trap a Squirrel: 4 Trapping Tips & 5 Trapping Techniques

A little squirrel is caught in a live trap awaiting relocation.

Squirrels are apparently cute little creatures that occupy the high trees. They seem harmless creatures, but once the population increases in any vicinity they become a real problem for the residents. Their large populations can have negative implications for the natural fields and the human constructions. Their presence is associated with many serious damages both monetary damage and physical health.

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Squirrels location

The presence of the squirrels around the home, or inside the home is not difficult to identify.  Their presence can be felt by a distinctive smell, distinct sounds and the signs of damage.  The several factors that identify the presence of these problematic creatures in the buildings, attic, and lawns include the following:

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What Is The Difference Between Chipmunks and Squirrels (13 Biological Differences & Ways of Control)

A squirrel with chipmunk on white background

In the suburban areas, homes with backyards are full of squirrels and chipmunks running through the trees and often found in the attics. Many of us do not know what the difference between these two creatures is. Both are mammals, having furry bodies and bushy tails, both feed on a nutty diet, and belong to the same biological family. Since most of the things are common, it is tough to distinguish between the two. The apparent features and look of both leave the person watching them baffled. However, with careful observation and study, it becomes clear, that both of them hardly share any common feature except for the biological family.

A squirrel and chipmunk are having fun together

Chipmunks are smaller in size as compared to the squirrels. Unlike the squirrels that stay either on the ground or in the tree trunks, the chipmunks dig holes in the ground or prepare the nests. It is just like comparison and contrast between the mouse and the rat. Chipmunks are mostly found in the North American and the Asian Region. They are distinguished for having small stripes all over their body. These stripes run all over their head, back, and the tail. Their classification is either based on the single genus named Tamias or the three of them. In contrast with the chipmunks, the ground squirrels are usually found in the wooded or the rocky areas. They have stripes all over the body but not on the head, which helps to differentiate them from the chipmunks. Their eyes have a beautiful white ring around them too. Their tails are prominent than the chipmunks because of the comparatively larger size of the tail.

Despite these differences, the standard features that are found in all include the furry bodies and short ears.

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How to Get Rid of Squirrels Outdoors (and Indoors)

No doubt squirrels are one of the most amazing woodland animals. However, a squirrel inside your home can be trouble. The reason is, these creatures carry ticks and fleas along with them that could be transferred to your other pets or human beings very easily.

If you hear sounds like pitter-patter on your walls or under your bed, you should know the squirrels have entered in your home. It’s time you should take some steps to get rid of these tiny creatures. There are various types of squirrels, but the most common kind is the tree squirrels.

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Control squirrels outdoors

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Ground Squirrels Identification, 6 Common Types & 6 Ways to Get Rid of Them

A cute ground squirrel nibbling a nut.

The ground squirrels belong to the family of rodents, Sciuridae, that live on the ground. The term ground squirrel is mostly used for the medium-sized ground squirrels. The ground squirrel is blessed with this unique ability to rise up on his hind legs. Whenever they sense any danger near them or want to see behind the tall grass, they rise up on their hind legs. The tiny creature has a special way of warning other family members about the predators. They curl their paws flat against their chest and make a screeching call to other squirrels.

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Appearance and size

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Effective and Natural Squirrel Repellents

A shocking squirrel

The tiny dwellers of the woodlands and the backyards, the bushy tail squirrels, appear cute and harmless on the first encounter. The picture becomes entirely different in the long run. They are extremely harmful and disastrous. They can be a real menace if they enter into your homes and through attics. These tiny species need …

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10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Chipmunks in Your Property

Get Rid of Chipmunks

Chipmunks are far from being the friendly cute animals depicted in Alvin and the Chipmunks. In fact, they are nothing but regular yet slightly cuter rodents which are capable of causing significant amount of damage to your property – this is without a doubt something that you need to properly take care of. With this in mind, we are here to provide you with quite a few helpful tips and tricks on how to get rid of them conveniently.

Choose the Right Method to Remove Them Out of Your Property

Chipmunk stuffing its cheeks with food

There are quite a lot of different things that you can do in order to conveniently get rid of chipmunks off your property. The choice of the proper way to get rid of the chipmunk problem is without a doubt an important thing that you have to consider.

With this in mind, some of the routes that you can take include:

  • Offensive odors and scents – these are not only appropriate for removal but also for prevention. They are capable of keeping chipmunks away which is naturally the best form of protection.
  • Scare devices – similarly to the previous one, this is one of the best things that you can do. It’s going to scare off the chipmunks which are in your yard already and prevent ones which are about to come. Owl deterrents decoys are a great idea that you can take advantage of.
  • Humane traps that don’t kill chipmunks – this is a regular removal technique. Bait the traps so that you can attract the rodents conveniently.

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4 Best Squirrel Trap Reviews 2019

Best Squirrel Trap

Eastern gray squirrel eating

A very common wildlife problem happens when squirrels enter a home and occupy different places, especially, the attic. It is very convenient to invade a house because so many places in the house make great squirrel habitat. They live in the eaves or soffits or above a ceiling. These dwellings are dry, warm and safe for them just like tree hollows. Thus you’ll need the best squirrel trap to control them.

Even the smallest holes can make their way to enter homes. The eastern gray squirrels are the most common countrywide. Most of the time, the female squirrels make themselves comfortable in your attic to give birth to their babies. An attic is a difficult place for a predator to approach.

Therefore, squirrels develop a feeling of safety for its young ones. They are also found in the household gardens where the tree seeds and bird feeders become a source of their diet. They are mostly active in the morning and cause a big nuisance.

How to Identify a Squirrel Problem?

There are so many indicators showing that you have got a squirrel problem. The noise made by squirrels is the primary indicator. Quick scampering, pounding and scratching sounds coming from attics, walls, or chimneys, is the clear sign of squirrels dwelling in your house. They cause a lot of damage, if you notice any damage to the home such as gnawed holes or urine stains seeping through ceilings, chewed wires, attic insulation damage, marks on the walls, they are squirrels.

An additional indicator is a highly unpleasant smell. Moreover, squirrels make your gardens their target when they are in search of food. Missing birdfeeders, nests in the trees, and eaten plants are the signs you should also take notice of.

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Red Squirrel: Know Thy Enemy (13 Questions) & Measures for Squirrel Control

Red Squirrel

The red squirrel, also known as Sciurus vulgaris, is a type of tree squirrels which are mostly found in the forests of Europe and northern Asia. In the UK it is limited to a couple of locales because the gray squirrels threaten them. However, areas like Scotland, Ireland, England and parts of whales are shared by both the species. The red squirrel is smaller in size than the other species of tree squirrels. As the name defines, it is red in color and can be distinguished by the white ring around its eyes. Red squirrel population is also seen in the eastern part of United States. In Japan, people kept them as pets and sold on the large scale. The species is also hunted and consumed as food.

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Effective Eradication of Ground Squirrels: 6 Trapping Skills & 2 Lethal Ways

Eradication of Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrel on rock.Ground squirrels primarily belong to the long bodied terrestrial rodents. They are active during the day in summers and hibernate during the winter season. Ground squirrels are small in size. Nevertheless, they can be harmful and dangerous as well. They tend to make underground shelters, which requires extensive digging of the soil. The extensive digging may lead to several problems within the properties and in crop fields as well. These ground squirrels can do a lot of damage because they tend to gnaw on the structure of the buildings and properties. The species also leaves extremely dangerous biological waste that can cause many problems if it is not cleaned properly. Moreover, people who love plants should make sure their plants and flowers are kept safe and secure from the ground squirrels.  These tiny creatures tend to damage healthy lawns due to their habit of digging and affecting the growth of your plants.

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