(Great) Black Wasp: Identification, Sting, Facts, and Treatment

The great black wasp on flower

From the tiniest ants to the huge four-legged creatures, from the fascinating airborne birds to the water-dwelling beasts nature has everything for us. We do not just look at them but also appreciate the wonders of nature that make it look unique and fascinating. These animals, insects, and birds can be harmful or beneficial. The …

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Paper Wasp 101: Identification, Sting, Removal and More

Paper wasp on white background

All wasps belong to the Hymenoptera order and also to the suborder referred to as Apocripta. Paper wasps belong to Polistes Genus. Other insects which are similar to wasps do not belong to this order or suborder. There are around 200 paper wasp species out of which 22 are originated from North America. Paper wasps …

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Wasp Sting: Symptoms, Anaphylaxis, Treatments & Complications

Wasp on human's finger.

In what condition will the wasps sting people?

Unless people step on their nest, wasps only sting during the later part of the summer season. During this time of the year, the social structure of these insects is breaking down. The annual cycle of their lives is entering into a new phase. Throughout the year they are raising worker wasps, but during this time they are raising fertile queens. These queens will hibernate over the winter season and after that initiate new colonies in the coming spring season. Because they want to protect their queen, therefore, they are very protective towards their nest.

If any human being goes towards its nest and start moving or shaking it the wasps will attack. Mostly after one wasp attack, a swarm comes in because during their sting they produce a pheromone that signals other wasps to come and join the party. However, keep in mind that wasps will only attack or sting if you threaten them in any way. They do not like sudden movements. If a wasp approaches you, then you better remain calm. It will only inspect your smell and leave very peacefully. If you start screaming and jumping then, you are inviting it to sting you.

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