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Autumn Pest Spotlight – Red Back Spider Extended

April 26, 2018

Redback spiders have a highly venomous bite and are considered one of the most dangerous spiders in Australia, Southeast Asia and New Zealand. If you’re not familiar with the redback spider, we’ve got you covered. The redback spider is found all over Australia commonly in garages, letter boxes, sheds, underneath outdoor furniture. It has also […]


Redback Spiders: Venomous, Master Web Makers with a Deadly Mating Ritual

July 14, 2017

Australia is dangerous. The continent is filled with insects and animals that can kill you. The redback spider practically screams “deadly” and looks suspiciously like black widow spiders. And this spider is known for having highly-effective venom. Let’s learn a few neat facts about these spiders first. Redback Spider Facts Redback spiders are feared, and their […]