Springtails: Facts, Identification, and How to Control

Big springtail on the ground

Springtails are the utmost communal creatures and are tiny insects, although they are unobtrusive and are frequently unnoticed. They can produce more insects if they discover the appropriate place to live. One can find millions of springtails in a land of about one hectare. The small species are a cave adopted species and can be annoying and problematic if residing near your house or building.

Springtails are found inside and outside of the homes and can be in large numbers, but these are inoffensive but do not bite people, also, do not harm the food, clothes, and property. You can found in damp soil as well and feed on dead roots, plants, and fungi. Sometimes springtails lived in clusters that are why called Entagonatha because they have internal mouthparts but do not relate to each other that have external mouthparts.

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